This is a funny little game.

You can type in two names to fight. The fighting course is humorous and romantic, ending with a very interesting result.

You can send the result to your friends via email or message. If your name wins your boss’s, your partner’s, and even your competitors’, do send the result to them. Let them know you ever defeated them, at least via names.

Send the defeated result to your lover, the one you are dreaming to date, and your boss who are discussing a promotion or salary increase with you. Make them happy, and you know you will get something back.

If your name wins more than 100 battles with different names, CONGRATULATIONS! You are among the most blessed one! Please do tell me your name. I will post it; you are the hero in this world!

But if your name is defeated in most of the battles, in particular, those battles with your boss or your competitors, never mind. You are lucky to have a choice. BUY SOME POINTS FOR YOUR NAME, MAKE IT STRONGER! It will change the destiny of your name in this world, and might even change the one in reality, who knows? Have fun!

Language: English, Chinese

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