Play while your phone is IN YOUR POCKET!

No one will know! No other apps like it! (iPhones only... vibration required)

Are you ever bored waiting in line, sitting in class, at a wedding, etc.? You don't want to look like a goober playing on your phone, but there's nothing else to do. Now you can play Pocket Tap - and no one will even know you're playing!

Have the high score at the end of April and you'll get a sweet trophy! (see for more info)


Pocket Tap will buzz or pause a total of eight times. Tap the rhythm back anywhere on the screen.

Get it right and another pattern will begin. Get it wrong and you'll feel an immediate buzz. The game automatically starts over after a few seconds.

So say the phone buzzes 5 times, pauses 1 time, then buzzes 2 times. You should tap (at the same speed) 5 times, pause 1 time, then tap 2 times.

Play a few games while watching the screen. Once you get the hang of it, stick it in your pocket and get your game on!


Make sure you tap the screen directly with your finger - the iPhone cannot detect a tap through cloth. So put your hands in your pockets!

You can also choose 'black out mode' under settings. When the game starts the screen will turn black. This lets you hold the phone to your side while playing... no one will even know your phone is on!


The harder the rhythm, the more points you get!

You can also get bonus points for choosing a 'failure sound' (under settings). Why get points for a sound? Because if your phone's in your pocket and it makes a frog sound when your game is over, people will look at you funny. And we think that's hilarious. Now that's what we call a game with consequences! (You don't get points if your sound is off)


- Two Modes: Easy & Difficult
- Tapping anywhere makes it easy to tap while in your pocket
- Compare scores with people all over the world using OpenFeint
- Get bonus points for using sound effects (when you miss a beat)
- A brief tutorial explains how to play
- Shake it to replay a pattern!


Pocket Deluxe - 2 games in one, Pocket Tap & Pocket Potato!
Pocket Potato - where you play hot potato with people all over the world!


For more information, see

If you need help or have suggestions, then we'd love to hear from you! Just email and we'll get back with you ASAP!

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