Simple and elegant, Poker Panic is a fine blend between two of the most popular games of all time - Tetris and Poker. Clear rows of falling cards by making Poker hands. Keep columns of cards from reaching the top of the screen. Panic, as the background slowly turns red signaling an impending end. Survive as long as possible, gain as many points as you can, and try to beat your own highscore!

- Puzzle game that combines Tetris and Poker.
- Made in full 3D. Interact with cards that flip, spin, and fly.
- Motion controls. Send matched cards flying with a flick of your wrist.
- Has a tutorial, complete with a list of possible Poker hands for beginners.
- Dynamic difficulty. Game speeds up or slows down depending on how you are doing.
- Make stronger Poker hands to gain more points.
- Brought to life with stylish sound effects and background music.

You do not earn actual money within this game. The $$$ you earn is only for entertainment and stylistic purposes.

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