Snag Wars is a next generation land-grab game which is simple and addictive.

Compete against friends and strangers to snag as much land as possible. You snag real land simply by visiting it with your iPhone and snagging it (using the iPhone's built-in GPS). All for no cost!

If you like the thought of owning the Eifel Tower, then be the first to go there and snag it. If you want control of your house, snag it before your brother does. Snag your school, college, work place, entire bus route or commute. Snag anywhere you go and start to control more and more land.

Once you have snagged a piece of land, you own it and have control of that square until your time runs out. You can upload photos and enter a quote or tagline (Snippet) for all to see. Beware though -- once your time has run out, it's anyone's square on a first-come first-snagged basis.

This is our first release and we value your feedback and will use it to enhance the product offering. Happy Snagging!

Visit the web site at: for more information.

Full game rules appear here:

Feedback gratefully accepted here:

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