Do you know that most advanced mobile computer today iPad still uses 141 years old keyboard?

For 141 years people were trying to find solution for better letters/data input into typewriters, computers and similar devices and all of them failed. Best shots were Dvorak 1936 (hands movement improvement - vowels and most used letters in middle row), Kinesis keyboard 1992 (ergonomic improvement - keys separated for left and right hand) and Fitaly 1996 (memorizing improvement - 16 letters formed 3 words)

With our keyboard layout we have tried to incorporate the best of the above three in one keyboard and results are above our best expectations. Tap Tap KEYBOARD allows you touch typing in only one day and 3X faster average typing in only one week. Best of all Tap Tap KEYBOARD is universal keyboard for computers and mobiles.

Create with us new revolutionary keyboard and change the history:

1) Download Tap Tap KEYBOARD
2) Test it
3) Send us suggestion what to change!

Tap Tap KEYBOARD allows you 3X faster average typing in only ONE week!

Do you really want to use 141 years old QWERTY keyboard on your new iPad ?

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