Pop bubbles in this entertaining and relaxing game. Listen to the music and enjoy yourself. Use touch and movement to keep the bubbles on screen and avoid obstacles. Calming fun for everyone!

-Regular Mode-
Keep the bubbles on screen to grow them and increase their value. Pop them, before they collide with each other or the walls, to earn points and reach the target score.

-Single Bubble Mode-
Keep the bubble from popping for as long as possible. Earn points as long as the bubble remains in tact.

-Pop-It Mode-
Pop as many bubbles as possible before they reach the top of the screen. Miss 3 bubbles and the game is over.

**Bonus Endless Pop-It Mode**
Like Pop-It Mode, but without the penalty for missing bubbles. Pop at your leisure until you're ready to quit.

High score tracking for each mode!

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