The Higher! The more! Challenge the world fortune contest for children’s dreams!

Kick the ball high into the sky, please collect coins.
The savings are accumulating in the Space Dream Bank. The money gathered in the Space Dream Bank may be used for children's dreams. There are a child of Santa town, of the Alps, of Asia, of Africa, of America and of Oceania, etc. in the Space Dream Bank game.
So you can play by selecting your favorite character among those of children of the world Children selected will raise funds by kicking the ball high in the sky to achieve the dreams of children with Rich Rich Ball The game “the Space Dream Bank”, whose operation is simple but you can feel the thrill and fun in the game.
When the Rich Rich Ball passes through the booster item, touch the screen in time. Then the ball will go up continuously.

Even If you do not get the items, do not worry about it. You can use the parachute items and kick the ball again safely.
Kick the Rich Rich Ball higher in the sky to help children in the world achieve their dreams.!

<Game Features>

• Kick the Rich Rich Ball high as possible to keep it in motion.
• Simple but fun, you can feel the thrill and fun by touching the screen repetitively.
• 6 children characters in the world can be selected.
• Background design matched with characters’ characteristic.
• Two kinds of design mode according to your play-time of day and night.
• You will earn coins and flying bills.
• You can acquire and utilize some items like booster and parachute, etc..

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