Who killed Benjamin Franklin? Booth? No that's Lincoln, did someone even kill Franklin?

Note: This is version has ads, the Pro version of Trivia Hut has no ads.

Trivia Hut is a trivia application that lets you decide what you want to be tested on. Using the application you'll be able to instantly take Trivia on many different subjects/categories, all in a bite sized package of course.

Do you think somebody's quiz is lacking? Comment on it, or even better add your own on any subject and share it with our other users, your friends, family, etc.

Upload your quizzes/trivia on the application and and then any iPhone user will be able to search and find your quiz with ease. If you take a quiz and learn something you didn't know before then write a quiz about something you do know, share the knowledge.

Special thanks to those who have submitted quizzes. There are tons of different quizzes to take and hundreds of questions with more being added constantly!


- Limitless possibilities for trivia types.
- Limitless questions possible.
- Two different modes of play, rated and unrated.(as in not timed and untimed, not as in adult, I know, I know, shame).
- Ability to comment/rate/share a quiz.
- Ability to see your quiz scores and top scores per quiz.
- Share your quiz and quiz results by email, facebook, or twitter.

Things to note:
The application depends on a network
Thanks for your time and we hope you enjoy our application.

All images/trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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