* Online version of Word Poker is coming *
* very soon! You'll be playing against *
* your friends in no time so brush up on *
* your vocabulary with the free solo version*
* now! *

It's back! Word Poker is the original word gamble game that combines all the fun of games like Scrabble and Boggle with the strategy of Texas Hold Em poker! Try to make the best 5 letter word from a personal deal and a combination of letters dealt to the table. Place bets if you like your word's value and build your vocabulary along the way.


- Built-in word table with over 19,000 words from 2 - 5 letters, conforms to international tournament play.
- 2 skins: Poker and Word. In case you get bored of one, switch to the other.
- Continuous play: Interrupted by a phone call? Your hand and round are saved for you when you come back.
- Quick game play allows for lots of new words to discover.
- A "cheater" mode allows you to view the validity of your word before you play so you can help build your vocabulary quickly.
- New 'kicker' mode allows a rule change, breaking a tie by using your hole cards as kickers.
- Built in help to explain the rules of the game.
- High quality full screen graphics
- 3 difficulty settings for your computer opponents

Enjoy Word Poker!

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