*** Version 1.1 ***
* now 3.1 compatible
* brand new MAP Editor
* new field types for even more strategies

70's Retro hits the iPhone and iPod Touch! Xtreme Ataxx is the iPhone OS adaptation of the popular 70's arcade game.
Do you like Checkers or Reversi? Then try Xtreme Ataxx to challenge yourself with new gameplay and more aggressive strategies.

The clue is in the name: Xtreme Ataxx is all about attacking and conquering your opponents pieces to establish domination over the board. But be wise as ground is as easily lost at it is won!

_ Quick challenging gameplay ideal for bus, subway and train rides or while waiting
_ Test and adapt your strategies on multiple map layouts
_ Try to gain the upper hand in scenarios, starting as the underdog
_ Battle friends, the AI or learn while watching the AI play

Contact us to let us know how you would like your game to evolve to the next version:

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