Five interesting & addictive reflex games in one pack, best value for money.
All games have great graphics with support for online leader boards and other social gaming features.

Play in five different scenarios to check your reflex and concentration.
It is widely believed that you can improve your reflexes by playing these reflex based games.

Games Inside :
- Simple Test ( Color Change reflex)
- Duck Hunt ( Horizontal Motion reflex & Hand-Eye Coordination)
- Sheep Catch ( Vertical Motion reflex & Hand-Eye Coordination)
- Base Ball ( Visual Change reflex)
- Brake Test ( Sudden Visual reflex)

- Addictive gameplay & Cool graphics.
- Games based on Realistic themes.
- Cool Characters & Sounds.
- Accurate time scoring system.
- 9 Rank Categories to find where you fit in.
- Ranking is based on your best scores.
- Online Leader boards for each game.
- Connect with facebook/twitter and share your scores.

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