Tired of the continuously clicks on screen when you are playing gun games? Want a more realistic gun simulation app? This is the ideal game you're looking for.

Thanks to our customer feedbacks from our previous game Perfect Guns, we developed this game to provide you more exciting experiences. We’re consistently updating the armory.

This is an extremely realistic gun simulation app. Its simple and smooth operation makes it ideal for gun game fans. All you have to do is reloading, feeding and shooting by shaking your Iphone from side-to-side or just simply touch the screen. The scenes such as changing bullet, chambering and shooting is so vividly portrayed that you feels as if you are participating. You won’t feel boring with this game. Just take out your iphone or itouch, you can enjoy this game anytime, anywhere, and share the fun with your friends.

Please control the game sound and your motion when you are playing this game in the public place. Because others may be confused by the realistic sounds and they may think you're carrying a real gun!

---------14 weapons and gun options
--------- use G-Sensor to simulate realistic motion
---------recoil effect (you can even feel the shaking of guns)
---------awesome animation and graphics
---------excellent original sound (you can even hear the bullet shell dropping)
---------smoke-filled effect while shooting

------------AK 47
------------Submachine Gun MP5K
------------AWP SSG3000
------------ RX4STORM
------------ Rifle M1
------------ Anti-riot gun
------------ AWP M82A1
------------ Flame gun
------------- Revolver TRACKEB .17HMR
------------- Shaying
------------ Revolver
------------ Grenade
------------ Electric saw

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