Finally, a lights puzzle game with character!

Smiled Out is a game where you attempt to make all the faces on the board turn into happy yellow smiley faces. Each smiley face has personality and will taunt you while you play.

To play, click on a smiley face to change its color from red to yellow or vice-versa. But be careful, because changing a face will also change the color of all the ones around it!

This is a classic light toggling game with a new and fun twist. Perfect for playing while in line at the supermarket!

4 Gameplay modes are available:

Levels: Smiled Out includes 35 challenging levels, which ramp up from easy to difficult to get you in the game!

Standard: A random puzzle, as many moves as it takes are available to you. Play to win!

Timed: You have 30 seconds to solve the random puzzle. Only the quick thinker can win this one!

Hardcore: You have a limited number of moves to solve the puzzle. There is guaranteed to be a solution for this number of moves. Here's what separates the sad faces from the happy ones!

Challenge your mind with this family-friendly puzzle game. Can you solve it?

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