The CatchMe is a story of my family.
My family is Kwon (me), 153, Kongchi. (153 is my wife.)
I have a cat allergy, but 153 likes a cat.
Therefore, we breed a small cat called Kongchi.
I avoid Kongchi always.
But Kongchi likes me, and Kongchi follow me around.
153 likes Kongchi.
However, Kongchi hates if 153 embraces.

=== Characteristics ===
- Three mode assistances.
Kwon shall avoid Kongchi.
Kongchi shall avoid 153.
153 shall avoid foods.
- Three difficulty of a game

=== Game instructions ===
- You avoid long an enemy, and a score rises.
- An energy decreases if you bump from enemies.
- An energy increases if you eat heart.

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