Qinguan is a chinese-style casual eliminating game. It’s developed by a Chinese Team PUMAN.
QinGuan used a lot of Chinese monochromes style of primitive simplicity and set by the miracle wonder-- the Great Wall ,bringing gamers a strong chinese style.
In order to build the great wonder--Great Wall, players need to eliminate all kinds of stones.
With the increaseing in clearance times, the game will be more and more difficult.
Who will be the one get the most scores in tne least time? It has yet to be seen


-Chinese ancient ink painting style
-So that three or more blocks of the same type of stones in the horizontal, vertical or
arranged in a straight line, these stones can be elimination
-8 types of stones
-All 25 Levels
-3 hint in game

Hangzhou Pumanwuli Networks Co.,Ltd

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