Glowdot presents the first of a series of cyberpunk minigames EXCLUSIVELY available on the iPhone and iPod touch, introducing the "Year of the Dragon" game universe.

You have been hired by the megacorp GLOWDOT CORPORATION to defend against a barrage of cyber-attacks. Various anarchist organizations have launched a full scale assault on GLOWDOT's systems, and we need YOU, armed with your mobile device running our top secret ICE BREAKING software to eliminate these threats before they compromise our system.

Your task is deceptively simple. Drag a box around groups of blocks. If the corner block colors match, the group will be removed, including any infected blocks contained within. Remove all of the infected blocks from the system, and you'll progress to the next threat level.

Sounds easy? Try it. You've got a time limit, and as you progress, the systems get larger (more blocks) and more complex (more colors). Locating removable groups before time runs out is no easy task.

And that's why we've chosen you. Good luck.

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