All the 493 pokemon cries!*****

Plus you also get a bonus game:

Who's that Pokemon? as seen on TV.

For instructions on how playing, please read the about info!

Try to guess the 493!! If you get them right you'll be the pokemon master!

*Cries are from the Pokemon games

Added 3 new levels:


- You get 3 lifes
- Table shows all the pokemon images
- Sound hint
- Shadow Hint


- You get 4 lifes
- Sound hint
- Shadow hint

Prof. Oak

- You get 5 lifes
- Sound hint

All the levels save different scores, and now there's a Reset score button on the about info.

Please go to about for any suggestion or complain about the app.

I hope you enjoy it! Try to bear the Oak's level to be the pokemon master!

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