Enjoy our gift for you! 2 in 1 pack today!!!

You can have Paper War and Fighter XIII in the same app!


------ Paper War -------

Paper War turn up the level of the tower defense games!

Add towers, turrets, missile launchers and radar stations to kill the enemy creeps!

Definitely this game will stay in your IPhone and IPod Touch for a long time.

Making the path for the creeps harder to move is the best strategy to keep you alive in this challenging and fun game!

Try to play the hard mode and see how long you can survive!

The creeps are stronger but you have and advantage: more score and money for each creep you kill! It`s hardcore man!

And here is a tip: be careful with the airplanes! They don`t respect your path and fly over the towers!

------ Fighter XIII - The Terrorist Threat -------

******* THIS IS TOP SECRET *******

We don`t want to create panic on the civilians soldier, we need you ready, and we need you ready now!

In the Middle East, Abdu Assad is gathering a huge force to take control of all armies in the world.

His ground units are too strong for us, so we need to do that using the army`s newest plane:

The Fighter X-III !

This Fighter can shoot 5 missiles at once, and release the SS-5 Bombs, that can transform everything in miles of range into dust.

We don`t have all the informations right now about this threat, so that`s your first mission:


Prepare yourself to eliminate a big terrorist threat using the Fighter X-III.

Have fun!


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