Welcome to Twister World in iPhone !

This is the traditional "Twister" game by your fingers.

"Twister Game" becomes a design of "Football"!

You would feel thrill if you tangle your fingers and another fingers!
(in the party, with your girl friend, in watching sports etc)
Let's enjoy!

<How to Play>
This game needs two players.
Please put iPhone between 1st player and 2nd player.(face to face)
After pushing "Play Game", you look 4 red circles in the screen.
Please touch 2 circles together.
After touched 4 circles, the game is starting.
If blinking a gray circle and a red circle, please move a finger from
gray to red.
Continuously, this action is repeated.
After your fingers away from the circle or you touch a wrong circle,the game is over.

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