Defend the USA against the Blob Invasion! Aliens have invaded post-war America and are bouncing their way across the country, laying waste to everything they touch! It’s up to you to stop them before it’s too late and the world is assimilated into the Blob hive mind!

Dualshockers: It is going to take a creative mind to defeat this threat as the player must create unique weaponry and defend against multiplying blobs that spawn in a seemingly endless manner from strategic angles.

Protect four different regions with machine gun nests, tanks, howitzers, and snipers. Build Secret Weapons that stop the aliens in their tracks! Defend against multiple spawn points in challenging scenarios. The alien menace will try to bounce through your defenses, splitting into multiple small, but just as deadly, alien Blobs. Stop them at all cost by building elaborate mazes and utilizing the full force of the US Army!

-Four maps in locations across the USA with extensive replay value!
-Enemies that split as they are killed into as many as 9 smaller enemies!
-Variety of defensive units such as machine gun nests and howitzers!
-Obstacles to slow enemy movements!
-Movable units such as tanks and snipers that can be repositioned between turns!
-New "Secret Weapon" that dissolves enemies instantly!

Last Front: Blob Invasion is an advanced tower defense game that gives the player a new kind of challenge as they build unique units to defend against relentless, multiplying enemies. Download it now for your iPhone or iPod Touch!

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