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Multiplayer FAQ for Deus Ex
Version 1.21
Created by Steve Dee a.k.a. Alex Denton
Copyright 2003 Steven Dee

Version History

Version 1.00 - Initial Release of FAQ

Version 1.01 - Fixed information regarding the editing of your User.ini file 
to use multiple augmentations with one button and fixed minor line break 
errors. Added ASCII art to title.

Version 1.11 - Made a few minor corrections and added some content to the 
Deathmatch Strategies section. Added the multiplayer name section.

Version 1.12 - Updated the Legal Information section to include in the 
list of sites this FAQ is authorized to be posted on.

Version 1.13 - Updated the Legal Information section again.

Version 1.2 - Added the Map-Specific Strategies section, cleaned up some 
margin problems, added a few more General Strategies, and updated the section 
on editing your User.ini file to use multiple augmentations.

Version 1.21 - Minor changes throughout, and added the AT0DM section.

Table of Contents
Note: The four-character code in front of each section is for use with the 
Find command (usually CTRL + F). Activate it and type in the code for the 
section you wish to jump to in order to move to different parts of this FAQ.

DX00 - Title and Version info
DX01 - Version History 
DX02 - Table of Contents 
DX03 - Overview 
DX04 - Legal Information 
DX05 - Getting a Good Name
DX06 - Finding a Control Configuration
DX07 - General Strategies
DX08 - Playing With Augmentations
DX09 - Playing Without Augmentations
DX09A - Advanced Team 0-Augs Deathmatch
DX10 - Skills and Skill Points
DX11 - Deathmatch Strategies
DX12 - Team Deathmatch Strategies
DX13 - Map-Specific Strategies
DX14 - Contact the Author
DX15 - Credits


I've had Deus Ex for quite a while, and a few months ago I got into the online  

multiplayer aspect of the game. Since then, I've picked up a few skills and 
become experienced and somewhat well-versed in the art of multiplayer combat 
in this game. I'm writing this FAQ with the goal of imparting upon the reader 
further understanding of multiplayer strategies, which will in turn lead to 
increased skill in online games.

This FAQ assumes that you, the player, already know the basics of Deus Ex when 
you start playing it online. If you are still not used to the game, it is 
recommended that you play through the single player version at least once, 
both to give you a solid skill base and because the single player of Deus Ex 
is definitely worth playing. If you only play Deus Ex online, you're missing 
half of the game's experience.

Legal Information

This is my least favorite part of writing any guide, but it's necessary 
because there are people on the Internet these days who are not exactly 
trustworthy. Because of this, I'm going to make a few statements.

1. All information in this guide, unless stated otherwise, has been picked up 
by my own experience. Therefore, this is an original document, and furthermore 
it is protected by copyright law.

2. You may not reproduce this guide on your site unless you have my express
permission to do so, given in the form of an e-mail or letter.

3. You may NOT, under any circumstances, reproduce this guide in any public 
display without my permission, given to you in the form of a letter or e-mail.

4. You may make copies of this guide for YOUR OWN PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may 
not distribute them publicly in any way.

5. This guide is only authorized by me to appear on,, and If you see it elsewhere, check the version at 
version's legal information first as it is the most up-to-date, and then 
immediately report this to me so that I can take legal action.

That's all I ask. Now, enjoy the rest of this FAQ.

Getting a Good Name

When playing Deus Ex online, you'll be known to all other players by the name 
that appears in the Player Setup part of the Multiplayer menu. Therefore, you 
want to make your name unique, and you may also want to make it harder to 
duplicate. In order to do so, first of all go to your Deus Ex\System folder 
and make a backup of your User.ini file. Next, open your original copy of this 
file. In the very first section, there should be a line of text labeled 
followed by a name, either "Player" or whatever other name you use already 
when playing online. Now, open up your Character Map. Check the "Advanced 
View" option if your version has it, and select "Windows: Western" from the 
Character Set drop-down menu. From there, look for symbols you would like to 
put in your name, and if you're going for one that's hard to duplicate, select 
at least one or two symbols that can't be typed with a standard keyboard (e.g. 
an "n" with a tilde). Once you've gotten all the symbols you want, select the 
text, copy it, and paste it into your User.ini file after the "Name=" text, 
replacing whatever was already there. When you next start Deus Ex and go to 
the Player Setup screen on the multiplayer menu, you should see your new name.

Finding a Control Configuration

Okay, now you have a name to go by in multiplayer games. Next, you need a good 
control configuration. In order to play Deus Ex to the fullest, the first 
thing you need is a control configuration that suits you. The defaults for 
this game use the arrows to move and strafe, the mouse to look around, and a 
few other controls scattered across the keyboard for other commands. While 
this may be easier for some beginners and light players of the game, if you're 
playing online, you're not going to have time to look down at the keyboard in 
order to find the "Toggle Scope" command. By the time you find it, press it, 
and look back up, you could very well already have been shot. Therefore, you 
need a configuration that allows you to access all of the controls you'll need 
while playing without searching the keyboard. The problem with the arrow keys 
is that they are isolated from the rest of the keyboard; you have a very 
limited number of keys within your reach. Now, I'll suggest a few sample 

For maximum access to other keys on the keyboard, it is recommended that you 
use the TFGH configuration. This is one that binds "T" to walk forward, "G" to 
walk backward, "F" to strafe right, and "H" to strafe left. You can see that 
on a standard keyboard this is the configuration with the most room for 
additional key bindings, and this is an important feature in Deus Ex. Now, for 
the rest of the commands, you'll want to bind "D" to jump, "C" to crouch, "E" 
to toggle scope, "R" to reload, "S" to send a message to other players, and 
"A" to send a message to your allies. That way, your pointer, middle, and ring 
fingers can stay on the movement buttons for the duration of the game with the 
exception of using your ring finger to reload your weapon, while your pinkie 
is free to jump, crouch, toggle your scope, and send messages to other 
players. Use your mouse to look around and, if you have it, use your mouse 
wheel to switch weapons. If you don't have a mouse wheel, you may have to bind 
"W" to your action button and "right-click" to switch to next weapon, although 
it's strongly recommended that you use a mouse with a wheel for this game.

Another possible configuration and one that allows for its own benefits is the 
WASD configuration. It is similar to the TFGH configuration in that W moves 
forward, S moves backward, etc. On this configuration, you can set "CAPS Lock" 
to jump, "Shift" to crouch, "Tab" to toggle scope, and "Q" to reload. From 
there, use "E" as your message to all players button and "R" as your message 
to team button. This is a particularly good configuration to use if you have a 
mouse without a wheel, as you can use "1", "2", and "3" to access your 
weapons. Alternatively, if you do have a wheel, you should consider using the 
aforementioned numbers to activate and deactivate your three most used 

If you're still a beginner at first-person shooter games, the arrow keys might 
still be for you until you get used to using the rest of the keyboard. With a 
few modifications to the standard configuration, you should be fine. To make 
the configuration work, you'll first have to bind "Shift" to jump, "CTRL" to 
crouch, "Enter" to toggle scope, and "Backslash" to reload. Now, you can 
switch around the bindings on those keys pretty safely, just be aware that 
those four are the most accessible keys on that configuration without taking 
your first three fingers away from the arrows.

General Strategies

Okay, now you've got yourself a configuration and you're ready to get into 
some multiplayer gaming. Just pay attention to these following strategies, as 
they can greatly help you in combat and multiplayer in general.


This is THE most crucial part of playing online. Move all the time. Remain in 
motion at all times, and vary your motion. Strafe, jump, crouch, move forward 
and back in alternating sequences, and generally move at random in order to 
make yourself a harder target to hit; you never know when someone has a scope 
trained on you, ready to score a kill the moment you stop. Summary: KEEP 


The Sniper Rifle is arguably the most valuable weapon you can pick up in Deus 
Ex multiplayer on quite a few maps. It is particularly useful on the maps 
"DXMP_CMD" and "DXMP_Area51Bunker", but still has uses on the other maps. Now, 
in order to be an effective sniper, you have to do a bit more than just pull 
out the gun, activate the scope, and shoot your enemy. First off, go into the 
"Settings" menu from the main menu screen, find the "Options" section, and 
turn off the one that says "Player Bob". This is a bad option for snipers, 
because the bobbing motion made while moving disturbs your scope. And yes, you 
will be moving with your rifle out. In order to do this, pour skill points 
into your "Weapons: Rifle" skill and choose the Targeting augmentation if 
augmentations are available. Once your accuracy is sufficient to eliminate 
scope waver (Master at rifle skill, or Advanced at Rifles with the Targeting 
augmentation), you're ready for serious sniping. Find your target, who should 
be standing sufficiently far away from you that the other rifle weapons will 
be ineffective. Activate your scope, and start moving. Strafe left and right, 
and jump frequently. This will add difficulty to his aiming. Then, when you're 
ready to make your shot, stop jumping but continue to strafe. Aim a little to 
the side of his head (aim to the right a little if he's moving right, to the 
left if he's moving left) to compensate for bullet lag, and fire. This takes a 
bit of practice, getting used to bullet lag in online games and mastering the 
ability to snipe while moving, but if you follow that strategy and keep 
moving, never stopping, not even to fire, you'll be a pro sniper in no time.

The Combat (Melee) Snipe

This is a different tactic used for the Sniper Rifle, and is somewhat more 
advanced than normal sniping. See, for this tactic, the enemy is going to be 
within range of other close and mid-range weapons and will probably be 
shooting at you. Have your rifle out, as you should at all times if you plan 
on using this advanced skill, and immediately focus on the person's torso. 
Toggle the scope and the second you do, fire a round at him. It has a good 
chance of hitting, and if it does it'll bring his torso health down to below 
50% if you do it on Master rifles level. Not to mention the added bonus of a 
possible headshot, which is always a good thing. Now, after you've fired this 
shot, IMMEDIATELY switch over to either your Assault Shotgun or Assault Rifle 
and start firing at the guy, aiming at his head while you do so. If used 
properly, this will give you an edge in combat. As I said earlier, however, 
it's only recommended for advanced users who've already mastered the basics of 
multiplayer in this game. If used improperly, it's a great way to raise your 
Deaths score.

Running Away

This is an often-overlooked skill, but this does not detract at all from its 
importance. There are a few instances in which it will be to your advantage to 
run away instead of staying to fight. First of all, if you're out of medkits 
and come up against a player who you don't think you can handle without 
healing your wounds. Second, if you run out of ammo in a fight. Third, if you 
come up against a player who is significantly more skilled than you. Believe 
it or not, there are actually a few methods of running away that can make your 
escape more effective. First of all, you'll want to use corners to your 
advantage. If you can gain some ground on your enemy and then turn the corner, 
you might have time to turn around, pull out your sniper rifle, and plant a 
bullet in his head as soon as he rounds the corner. Another method is to open 
a door, run through, and close it on your way past. Then, you'd naturally turn 
around, sniper drawn, and hope to score a shot in his head. Basically, use 
maps to your advantage and take note of any areas that you think could aid in 
an escape.


Headshots are an important part of this game; a shot that hits an enemy in the 
head will do twice the damage of a shot that hits anywhere else. Keep this in 
mind, and aim accordingly. Basically, treat every weapon like a sniper rifle. 
You'll find that this increase in damage will be very important in most 
fights; while it takes nearly a whole second to kill someone with an assault 
rifle (assuming all of the bullets hit) aimed at the chest, that very same 
assault rifle can kill someone in under a half-second if aimed at the head. 
Additionally, a pistol aimed at the head can take out any enemy in two 
successful shots.
Weapon Ranges and Strategies

Your choice of weapons, not only at the start of the level but in each 
individual fight, is especially important in online games. Choose a lousy 
weapons combination or pull the wrong gun in a fight and you'll probably find 
yourself face-down on the ground in many fights.

First of all, let's go over the range of weapons. I'll list all of the weapons 
in a table and tell whether they're close-range (melee), mid-range, long-
range, or some mixture.

+WEAPON                      RANGE+
+Assault Shotgun    +  Close-range+
+Assault Rifle      +  Close-range+
+Pistol             +    Mid-range+
+Sniper Rifle       +  Long-range*+
+Stealth Pistol     +    Mid-range+
+Bladed Weapons*    +  Close-range+
+Flamethrower       +  Close-range+
+Plasma Rifle       +    Mid-range+
+GEP Gun            +      Multi**+
+Throwing Knives    +    Mid-range+
+Sawed-off Shotgun  +  Close-range+
+Minicrossbow       +    Mid-range+
*The Sniper Rifle, although mainly long-range, can also be a melee weapon if 
used in the right hands. This technique is discussed in another section of the 
**This weapon can be used at any range by a sufficiently experienced player, 
but for general purposes is considered mid- to long-ranged.

Now, picking from that table it's a good idea to choose one close-range, one 
mid-range, and one long-range weapon for you arsenal. Which weapons you choose 
depends on your playing style and personal preference. I won't tell you which 
weapons to go with; I'll let you choose a set that best compliments your 

That's it for general skills in this version of the FAQ. If anyone has any 
more strategies, e-mail them to me and I'll post them here, giving credit to 
the sender, of course.

Playing With Augmentations

Augmentations play a big part in the single player game of Deus Ex, and in 
multiplayer this is no different. In most multiplayer games, you start with a 
set number of augmentations and gain more for each consecutive kill you score. 
Some may differ in this respect, giving the user access to all augmentations 
right from the start, and others allow only a set number with no further 
augmentations gained for each kill. Still others forego augmentations 
completely, but that will be covered in another section of this FAQ.

Setting up your Augmentations

In multiplayer games, augmentations can be edited from the "Multiplayer -> 
Augmentations" menu. When this menu is opened, you will see a list of 
augmentations in two columns. Each row represents a choice between two 
augmentations, the one on the left and the one on the right. Choose these 
augmentations as you see fit, and you'll be ready for play. Just to get you 
started, though, here are a few sample augmentation combinations, presented in 
the order you should put them in the right side of the window and with 
descriptions of what you'll be using each augmentation for.


Cloak - Hiding, of course. Using this in combination with the Power 
Recirculator, you can remain hidden from organic enemies (other players) very 
effectively and for extended periods of time.

Power Recirculator - Use this to keep the drain from your other augmentations 
down, extending the amount of time for which you can fight effectively.

Radar Transparency - This is great for sneaking past AutoTurrets and Cameras, 
and is very useful in levels like "DXMP_Cathedral", in which there are 
numerous turrets and cameras with back doors to all of them. Occasionally, 
someone will have their vision focused on the back doors, allowing the turrets 
out front to pick off enemies from that direction. With this augmentation, you 
can simply waltz in through the front door and plant a bullet (or GEP rocket) 
in the enemy's head. It's also effective for subverting enemy security on 
numerous other maps in which it is hard to get to computers without getting 
fired on by turrets.

Targeting - If you're playing stealthy, you're probably not too much of a 
combat person, so you'll want to make each shot count. Sneak up behind your 
enemy, pull out your weapon of choice, and kill him.

Aggressive Defense System - The main disadvantage to cloaking is that you 
cannot use weapons while that augmentation is active. You can, however, use 
this augmentation to deal damage to enemies. Nothing's more satisfying than 
seeing an enemy with Vision Enhancement fire a rocket at you from medium 
range, only to be killed by his own foolishness.

Run Silent - This is useful to the stealthy player, allowing you to move at 
full speed and not make noise, which can be heard by other people, especially 
if you're sneaking up on them while they're standing still.

Aqualung - This is a moderately valuable augmentation for a stealthy player, 
allowing you to swim faster than other people and remain underwater longer. In 
combination with a MiniCrossbow or Dragon's Tooth Sword, this can be lethal to 
an enemy who is not prepared for underwater combat.

EMP Shield - This is last on your list, but it's still better than 
Environmental Protection, its alternative, purely because it's more useful. If 
an enemy throws an EMP grenade at you, you occasionally have the chance to 
turn this augmentation on before it detonates, sparing your bioelectric 


Speed Enhancement - This is a very valuable augmentation for you to have, 
allowing you to run faster than your enemies, making yourself a harder target 
to hit at any range. If there's any task impossible for a skilled sniper, it's 
hitting someone who's dodging them with this augmentation turned on.

Regeneration - This is another very important augmentation. When turned on 
during combat, it can extend your life by maybe a second or two, which can 
often mean the difference between life and death.

Vision Enhancement - This is another valuable one. Lots of cloaked people 
think that they can just walk up to anyone without being noticed. Use this to 
put them in their place. With their cloak activated, they can't use weapons, 
so they're essentially sitting ducks. Shoot them with a RIFLE or PISTOL 
weapon, NOT a rocket. Rockets are bad when used against a stealth player who 
knows what he's doing. Three words: Aggressive Defense System.

Targeting - This is a great one to have, as it effectively raises your skill 
in each weapons skill by a full level when turned on. You can shoot more 
accurately, deal more damage, and generally wield your weapons more 
effectively than most other people without this augmentation, as it 
potentially allows you to surpass Level 3 weapons skill.

Aggressive Defense System - Turn it on and watch the rocket launching people 
die. It's here for the same reason that it's in the Stealth players' section.

Combat Strength - This one, alongside Speed Enhancement, Throwing Knives or 
the Dragon's Tooth, and a good skill in low-tech weaponry will make you a 
formidable foe. Only one or two throwing knives will be sufficient to drop 
most enemies, and you can clear out a room of them if you fight properly.

EMP Shield - Same reason as for Stealth players.

Aqualung - You want to be able to outswim underwater adversaries who think 
they can kill you by hiding underwater with a Dragon's Tooth. Outrun them, get 
to the surface, whip out your gun, and get them before they can get back to 
their cover.

Run Silent - Same as for the Stealth player.

Once you've chosen your own individual set of augmentations, The next step is 
adding them to your configuration. The original bindings of the F3-F12 keys 
won't work well for this purpose, as they're out of the way of most 
configurations. Instead, try binding augmentations you most frequently use to 
the bottom row of keys on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can make it so 
that one push of a button activates ALL of your most frequently used 
augmentations, but this will require editing your User.ini file in your Deus 
Ex\System folder. If you would like to do this, read below:
Editing your User.ini File to Use Multiple Augmentations

1. Before making any changes to ANY of your system files, create a backup of 
the files to be edited and place it somewhere to be copied back to your folder 
if something goes wrong. This is a low-risk edit, but you never know and 
better safe than sorry.

2. Open your User.ini file.

3. Scroll down to the section titled [Engine.Input].

4. Scroll down a bit, and you should see a list of keyboard keys followed by 

5. Choose a key that you haven't bound to something in your configuration, in 
this example the "Space" key.

6. After the text "Space=", type in the names of the augmentations you want 
activated when it is pressed, separated by |'s (vertical lines, not I's). When 
entering the augmentation name, use this key to determine what to put after 

     Augmentation Slot     Text to put in the User.ini File
         Slot F3           ActicateAugmentation 0
         Slot F4           ActivateAugmentation 1
         Slot F5           ActivateAugmentation 2
         Slot F6           ActivateAugmentation 3
         Slot F7           ActivateAugmentation 4
         Slot F8           ActivateAugmentation 5
         Slot F9           ActivateAugmentation 6
         Slot F10          ActivateAugmentation 7
         Slot F11          ActivateAugmentation 8
         Slot F12          ActivateAugmentation 9 

So, using that key, if you wanted to bind the augmentations in slots F6, F7, 
and F8 to the Spacebar, this is what the "Space=" section of your User.ini 
file would look like when you were finished:

Space=ActivateAugmentation 3 | ActivateAugmentation 4 | ActivateAugmentation 5

When you've gotten the augmentations set to your command, save your User.ini 
file and test your new settings.

Once you've gotten everything bound to your satisfaction, you're ready to play 
a game of Deus Ex online with augmentations.

NOTE: You may have noticed that this method of binding multiple augmentations 
to a key isn't working for you if you're using one of the letter keys for this 
purpose. It's been brought to my attention recently that there are actually 
two instances of every key in your User.ini file. Scroll down a bit from the 
first list to see the second one. It turns out that you'll actually have to 
change BOTH of these instances in order to get your custom bindings to work. 
Credit goes to {0}Moop for pointing this out.

Playing Without Augmentations

When looking for an online game, you'll find that some servers do not have any 
augmentations, either to start with or after each kill. These games can be as 
fun as or even more fun than games played with augmentations, as they give 
each player essentially the same abilities so that games become more of a 
contest of skill and less a contest of who has the best augmentation combo or 
who can get the most augmentations fastest. Often, these servers will give you 
maximum level at all skills, further equalizing gameplay. These servers are 
great for both beginners trying to learn the basics and for veterans who want 
a straight and competitive game. In order to do well in these games, simply 
pay attention to the strategies given in all other sections of this guide and 
above all, practice, practice, practice. You can read and reread everything in 
this and any other guides as often as you want, but the only way to true 
mastery of this game is through practicing.

Advanced Team 0-augs Deathmatch

Advanced Team 0-augs Deathmatch (or AT0DM for short) is a new type of game 
originally conceptualized by [AK]Destroyerzero. Its goal is to fuse augmented 
with non-augmented gameplay in order to create a new experience and also in 
order to give non-augs players a "stepping stone" between non-augmented and 
ATDM (augmented games). It uses a new set of rules, detailed as follows.

- There are no augmentations
- Jumping speed and scale is increased
- Air control is added (you can influence your trajectory while in mid-air)
- Ground speed is increased
- Skills are incorporated
- All weapons are available except for GEP guns and HE 20mm ammo

These games require fast reflexes, the ability to think on the fly, and 
tactics. You must decide on which skills to invest in and choose your weapons 
accordingly. They are definitely more demanding, but they can also be more fun 
than regular ATDM or no-augs games. The increased speed means that combat will 
take place in more areas, and additionally that scenery will play a bigger 
part in close and mid-range fights. With higher speed, you may be able to put 
an obstacle between yourself and your enemy while you're reloading or healing 
yourself, and so you should pay greater attention to the scenery around you.

Skills and Skill Points

Skills play a part in multiplayer games as well as single player, so it's 
important to have a good overview of what each skill does and what type of 
player it's good for.

Weapons: Heavy - This one is good for stealthy players and those who use 
rockets, flamethrowers, and plasma rifles a lot. Its use with a stealthy 
player is simple; get to a good position while cloaked, find an enemy, pull 
out your GEP Gun (decloaking in the process), fire a rocket at him, and 
immediately recloak. This is a skill that can serve you well.

Weapons: Pistol - This is one for advanced players. If you're really good with 
your mouse, good enough to focus the crosshairs on an opponent's head while 
remaining in motion, a simple pistol can serve you well in mid-range fights, 
taking enemies out with only two or three shots to the head. It's also a 
worthwhile skill in games incorporating active skill point management; with 
only one level invested in this skill, the regular pistol is already able to 
take an enemy out in two quick shots. Consider picking a pistol up and 
investing in this skill, using it as a platform to make an early kill and 
start skilling up in other areas.

Weapons: Rifle - This skill is recommended for combat players and for use in 
games without augmentations. In a straight gunfight, no weapon class is more 
versatile than rifles. The Assault Shotgun at close ranges, the Assault Rifle 
at mid-range, and the Sniper for distances. Rifles are arguably the best of 
the weapons classes in Deus Ex online.

Weapons: Low-Tech - These are especially useful for combat players in games 
that use augmentations, allowing for fast kills when used in combination with 
Throwing Knives or the Dragon's Tooth and Speed Enhancement. Otherwise, this 
skill isn't too important. UPDATE: The Dragon's Tooth Sword and other melee 
weapons are starting to gain fringe popularity in Deus Ex online, and there 
are a few players who can use these weapons successfully (i.e. coming out with 
more kills than deaths) and consistently. Try the Dragon's Tooth on for size, 
and decide whether or not you may want to start using it.

Medicine - This relates to how much health is restored by medkits, and it is a 
worthwhile skill as medkits will often be hard to come by in online games. For 
a combat player, this should be upgraded immediately after your weapons skill 
of choice has been maxed. If you are a stealth player, you should still 
consider investing points in this skill.

Environmental Training - This skill reduces the length of toxic poisoning and 
increases the benefits of wearable armors. Since wearable armor is all but 
nonexistent in Deus Ex multiplayer and you'll rarely have to deal with toxic 
poisoning, this skill shouldn't be bothered with unless you have an abundance 
of skill points and have already maxed out your other more useful skills.

Lockpicking - This skill increases the speed at which you pick locks while 
playing Deus Ex. If you're after special items, you might consider investing 
in this skill. Otherwise, don't bother.

Electronics - This deals with multitools in the same way that lockpicking 
deals with lockpicks. In Deus Ex online, multitools are used almost 
exclusively to access repair bots to replenish lost bioelectric energy, so if 
you use your augmentations a lot, you might invest some points here.

Computers - This allows you to hack security computer terminals while playing 
online. It should be high on a stealth player's priority list, perhaps even 
the first skill upgraded, as the faster you can hack computers (which you 
can't normally log into online; hacking is the only way), the sooner you can 
get back to sneaking around. One of a stealth player's main goals should be 
subverting turrets in order to give the enemies a hard time and perhaps draw 
foes back to the terminal that was hacked, where a quick kill can be scored 
while the player is busily hacking away.

Deathmatch Strategies

One type of game played online is the standard deathmatch, in which every 
player is on his own. These can be fun games, but it is crucial that a player 
be skilled in numerous areas in order to succeed at deathmatches; there isn't 
any team to rely on for certain tasks. Keep moving at all times and remain 
alert. Make sure you watch your back too, as you have no teammates to watch it 
for you. Keep that in mind, and read on for some strategies and tips for 
deathmatch play.

_Take Over Turrets_

This can be very useful in deathmatch games, owing to the added chaos that 
these types of games usually have. Often, your enemy will be too busy running 
from another person to notice the turret you've subverted until it's too late, 
and then you'll have scored a kill. Remember, too, that the reverse could also 
happen; you could be killed by your enemy's turret as you attempt to run from 
someone else. With that in mind, always watch out for turrets.

_Watch your Back_

This may seem obvious, but many a novice player at Deus Ex online has been 
killed for not obeying this simple rule. In order to prevent this from 
happening to you, check your back often. You can do this by spinning around 
and using the strafe and walk backwards keys to keep yourself moving forward 
(relatively) the whole time. Often, an enemy's footsteps will be the first 
indication that you are being followed; for maximum vigilance, you could turn 
off the music and turn the sound effects all the way up in order to more 
easily hear these footsteps. This is not necessary, but it can give you an 
extra edge.

_Be Courteous_

During deathmatch games, it is a good idea to leave the spawnroom (the room in 
which you originally appear, or the room in which you are "spawned") as soon 
as possible, as there will often not be enough spawn points to keep everybody 
apart. If you are in a spawnroom when another player appears, do NOT shoot 
them. Killing someone after they appear, before they have a chance to fight 
back, is called "spawnkilling" and is frowned upon by the majority of Deus Ex 
online players. If you're in a spawnroom when someone else spawns near you, 
quietly leave the room and go elsewhere on the map.

That's it for the deathmatch section at the moment. If anyone has any 
strategies for this, by all means e-mail them to me!

Team Deathmatch Strategies

Team deathmatches are the most common type of game you'll find on the Deus Ex 
online servers, and they're also usually the most fun. These games require 
teamwork, coordination, and strategy in order to form an effective team. 
Fortunately, Deus Ex comes with the ability to send a message only to your 
teammates and not to the members of the other team, allowing for coordination 
without letting the enemy know what you're planning. There are numerous 
strategies for team games, and I will explain some of them here.

Rush the Enemy

This strategy involves having your team move as a group, staying close 
together and fighting off opponents as a group. Using this strategy, your team 
can cut through enemy lines and mow them down before they can counteract it. 
This is good for scoring kills as a group while keeping deaths to a minimum, 
as it takes an equally coordinated effort on the enemy's part to stop this 
assault. If, however, members of your team are killed in the rush, the 
remaining people will be left alone in the middle of enemy lines with almost 
no chance of making it out alive, so this should be considered when using this 
strategy. A good idea for using this tactic is to plan a quick escape route 
and a point at which your teammates can you can regroup to continue the rush. 
With proper coordination, this relatively simple strategy can be lethal.

Team Sniping

This strategy will involve at least one team member to flush out the enemy, 
and at least one other who is skilled at sniping. The first team member will 
draw the enemy to an area, where the enemy will most likely rush in after him 
and try to take him down with close and mid-range weapons, only minimally 
dodging. At this point, the sniper will line up the shot and take down the 
enemy. This should only be used by people who are skilled at sniping, as the 
risk of a misfire hitting your ally is high if you are not yet good at 

Pincer Sniping

Arrange three team members in a pincer formation around an enemy path to your 
base with one in the middle and two off to the side. This is a hard-to-combat 
formation for stopping enemy rushes, but make sure that you have other people 
armed with close and mid-range weapons in case the enemy gets too close.

Map-Specific Strategies

The Game of the Year Edition of Deus Ex comes packaged with five pre-made 
multiplayer maps, but there are many more that have been created by players 
and fans of the game and more are being made constantly. This section will 
start out with the five pre-made maps, and later on I'll do strategies for as 
many player-made ones as I can. In the list below, in no particular order, are 
the maps described in this section. Just like with the Table of Contents, hit 
CTRL+F and type in the tag designated to that map to find it in the FAQ.

DXMP01 - Area51Bunker
DXMP02 - Cathedral
DXMP04 - Silo
DXMP05 - Smuggler


This map is set in a multiplayer version of one of the last single-player 
levels in Deus Ex. It has three spawn rooms; one in a warehouse, one in a 
small building, and one in a tower. There is a fourth room with weapon racks 
in it across from the tower, but it is not a spawn room. The four rooms are in 
the four corners of the map, with the warehouse in the top-right, the building 
in the top-left, the tower in the bottom-left, and the fourth room in the 

There are quite a few strategies that work well on this map and a few things 
to keep in mind. First of all, let's assume that you've spawned from the tower 
or command building spawnpoint area. From there, it should be your priority to 
keep the enemy boxed into the warehouse area; they are relatively easy to pick 
off from there. Snipers are your best friend in this scenario and you'll want 
to use them on any enemies that attempt to leave the warehouse.

From the command building spawnpoint area, your main threat will be an enemy 
coming across the "bridge" in the middle, the one that goes across the actual 
bunker. Keep a lookout for enemies trying to sneak across, as if one of them 
gets behind the command building and comes at you from the other side it'll be 
fairly easy for him to pick off snipers who aren't taking any evasive action 
to prevent him from hitting them.

From the tower area, you should avoid the actual tower; it's fairly easy for 
experienced enemies to snipe people there, and even easier to set up an ambush 
and come up through the tower if you're not careful. A better alternative to 
the tower is the ledge that circles the map. This ledge is accessible by 
jumping from the external stairs that lead up to the tower. From here, not 
only do you have a good vantage point on the enemy but you can circle the 
entire map from that ledge to come at the enemy from the back, too.

From the warehouse spawnpoint area, your first priority should be to close the 
big warehouse doors to prevent the enemy from sniping you and your teammates 
soon after you've spawned. After you've done this, head for the small side 
door of the warehouse (the one on your right if you stand with your back 
facing the back of the warehouse). On the other side of this door, you'll 
notice a shadowed area. If you stand in the right area, you'll be almost 
completely invisible to your enemy. You'll know you've found the right spot 
when your gun turns completely black; this means that you now blend perfectly 
with the shadows. It is extremely hard for most people to snipe you here.

While the aforementioned spot is nice to start out from, the enemy will soon 
catch on and start concentrating more on that area. When this happens, you'll 
want to circle around back and go to the other side of the warehouse. From 
here, you can do two things. First of all, you can snipe an enemy who is 
headed for the warehouse (or that small dark alleyway where you started 
sniping from). Secondly, you can cross that "bridge" over the bunker there, 
circle around behind the command building, and pick off unsuspecting enemies 
from that position.

Another viable option for the player who starts at the warehouse is the roof. 
You can actually get on the roof of the warehouse if you know what you're 
doing. First of all, you'll need a couple of grenades (the EMP grenades you 
see at the edge of the outside back of the warehouse will do nicely). Now, 
exit the warehouse and go to the back. You'll see a stack of crates there, 
some moveable, some not. Move the crates around a bit, so that you're able to 
climb them by jumping from one to another. Once you've reached the top, crouch 
and plant a grenade. Then, jump onto that grenade. You can do this with just a 
little bit of practice and a small amount of luck. Once you're perched on that 
grenade, plant another. Jump onto it. Now, jump onto the roof. From here, you 
have an excellent vantage point to attack the enemy from. You'll also be 
hidden by shadows here in a similar way to that little alley to the side of 
the warehouse, and as an added bonus the slant of the roof will throw off the 
sniper scopes of your enemies.


Contact the Author

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something I missed in this FAQ, please e-mail me at 
I like receiving e-mail and will try to respond to anything except flames, 
death threats, disruptive messages (ALL CAPS, hard to read, etc.), and the 
like. If you send me a strategy, I will give you credit for it and add your 
name to the credits section.


Ion Storm - for making this incredible game.

GameFAQs - for having some of the best message boards on the Internet today 
and providing information on any game when I need it.

{0}Moop - for training me and helping me become as skilled as I am today at 
this game.

Void - for being an awesome clan and adding to my experience in Deus Ex