FAQ/Walkthrough by Drakefyre

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Avernum 3 FAQ v. 1.0
Written and compiled by Drakefyre

Avernum 3 is copyright Spiderweb Software (www.spidweb.com).

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mistakes, and any additions you'd like to make. If I've passed over any 
important artifacts, please let me know. However, non-unique or weak 
items aren't useful beyond the Isle of Bigail and Krizsan Province.
  Don't email me about cracking through registration codes. Avernum 3 
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  How to Use: It's better if you used the FAQ as a reference if you get 
stuck in any particular area or dungeon. The hints are grouped by 
dungeon and using "find" can help you navigate through it. Also, 3rd 
level spell locations and recipe locations are located in the FAQ and 
can be utilized if you get stuck.

XP - Experience
C - Coins
Q - Quest (check your quest log)
HP - Hit Points
SP - Spell (magic) Points
PC - Player Character (member of your party)
NPC - Non-Player Character
Rep - Reputation
GIFTS - Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Spider(s)
AP - Action Point, movement point. Normally a character has 4 unless 
they are wearing too much armor, or have magical items, spell effects, 
or special traits.

                TABLE OF CONTENTS:
                (1) Character creation
                (2) Spell Analysis
                (3) Walkthrough
                (4) Spell Locations
                (5) Quick Answers
                (6) Cheating
                (7) Additional Info
                (8) Version History


  When playing with all four PCs, I like to have two warriors, a mage, 
and a priest. This plan works quite well as the fighters can eliminate 
the immediate threats while the magic users focus on the more 
threatening beasties from afar. Typically, the NPCs that you can pick 
up are very powerful and will greatly aid your party. However, none of 
them are available from the very beginning of the game and it's of no 
use to leave a slot empty for them unless you want to get an archer 
levels ahead of everyone else.

  The surface is full of scared and biased humans. It's not hard to 
predict that Slithzerikai will take the average citizen of Valorim by 
surprise. There are several instances on the surface where having a 
Slith in your party will result in more fights. However, the rugged 
lizardmen are worth the extra bloodshed. They receive a bonus when 
using pole weapons and are fire resistant. It's useful to make at least 
one of your fighters (or priests) a Slith.
  The feline Nephilim were persecuted by the Empire, but pockets of 
them still exist on the surface. Some of them will aid you if you have 
a Nephil in your party. Nephilim are extremely agile and will receive a 
bonus when using missile weapons. Your mage or second fighter would 
benefit from the extra dexterity that the Nephilim receive.
  The third race is the average, boring humans. They have no advantages 
or disadvantages and are fine for a priest if you can't afford the 
Slithzerikai experience penalty. Otherwise, you'll want to choose one 
of the first two races.
  Also, Nephilim receive agility and speed bonuses every eight levels. 
Slithzerikai receive pole weapon bonuses every eight levels as well.

Slith pole weapons bonus:
Level 1: +15%
Level 8: +20%
Level 32: +35% etc.
  Always make custom characters unless you're in a real hurry to get 
started. Predefined characters have an unnecessary and inefficient 
distribution of skill points into skills that you'll rarely use.

  Certain skills are to be avoided like the plague. Other skills are 
great at any level and can be a great help wherever you get them. This 
section is a run-through of all the skills available in the beginning 
of game when you're creating your party (of custom type, of course).

  Strength: Controls carrying capacity, bashing percentage, and damage. 
Start out with some of this for everyone, but more for your fighters. 
Once you max out carrying space at 350, bring up your dexterity level. 
Also, Strength adds 1-8 points of damage per level, depending on the 
  Dexterity: This controls your act rate in combat, dodging percentage, 
and many secondary skills. Start out with a little less dexterity than 
strength but bring them closer after you max out your carrying 
capacity. Dexterity does not affect your to hit percentage.
  Intelligence: This is a must for all magic users and affects many 
secondary skills and abilities. Give your fighters a few points later 
on so they get the extra resistance bonuses. Mind control can be 
alleviated with lots of intelligence.
  Endurance: This controls your HP. It's not too important early on, 
but it does boost some physical resistances (like poison). Later on, a 
single point of endurance can increase your HP by over 15 points.

  Melee: You can put a few points in here for your human and nephil 
PCs. Put points into this skill if you want to be able to accurately 
hit your enemies. Melee affects your damage the same way as Strength. 
Most weapons are melee, and the Mithral Broadsword and Demonslayer are 
some of the best weapons in the game.
  Pole: This is important for Sliths because they already get an 
inherent bonus with pole weapons. Build up this skill to increase your 
hit percentage. This skill affects damage like Strength. The Black 
Halberd, a pole weapon, is the best weapon in the game.
  Bows: This skill covers both regular bows and crossbows. This skill 
is okay for Nephilim mages or priests, but it has no use for anyone 
else. I equip my fighters with a bow and no bow skill so when they're 
confused they'll shoot the bow and miss. Mages or priests can use this 
when they're out of SP. Otherwise, it just doesn't do enough damage to 
serve a purpose. This skill affects damage just like Strength.
  Thrown: Razordisks, javelins, and darts. None of the three is good 
enough to serve as more than a backup for a long-distance fight. Again, 
I sometimes equip my fighters with darts for when they're under mind 
  Hardiness: One of the best and cheapest skills in the game. It 
affects the effect of encumbrance on your PCs and adds points to many 
resistances. Towards the end of the game, this skill should be at least 
eight in each PC.
  Defense: You'll take less damage with Defense and be hit less often. 
It's not as good as Hardiness, but buy a few levels.
  Assassination: This skill gets better as you go along. This skill 
will enable you to hit the damage cap around level 15. Assassination 
can add up to 75 damage to your attacks, which is always useful.

  Mage Spells: One person should start with at least six in this skill. 
You may want to give your fighters a level or two later on to distract 
mung demons. Your mage should build this up to 18 as soon as possible. 
After 18, intelligence makes more sense.
  Priest Spells: One person should start with at least six in this 
skill. You may want to give your fighters a level or two later on to 
distract mung demons. Your priest should build this up to 18 as soon as 
possible. After 18, intelligence makes more sense.
  Arcane Lore: This skills enables you to read magical tomes and runes 
that aren't Vahnatai. If you can't read a spellbook, plunk more points 
into this. Put more points into this every once in a while.
  Potion Making: Unless you plan on making lots and lots of Knowledge 
Brews, this skill is useless. Only one person (if any) needs this 
skill, usually the priest.

  Tool Use: One character should have a decent amount in this skill to 
disarm traps or open doors when you're out of spell points. If you want 
to avoid the use of Unlock Doors, you can really pump this skill up and 
open any door.
  First Aid: This skill isn't worth any of your skill points. Healing 
spells are cheap SP-wise and healing herbs can are very accessible 
through the supply caches. First aid will end up doing your characters 
harm, and it can kill them if they're at 0 HP. Also, first aid kits are 
extremely heavy.
  Nature Lore: Spare skill points should go here and into Hardiness. 
Nature Lore will allow you to open all of the caches on the surface. 
With all of the items you get from the caches, you can sell them and 
buy knowledge brews to build up more of this skill. You get a nice 
prize (?) if you open all 70 caches, although it takes a considerable 
  Luck: This expensive skill can save your life when you're at 0 HP and 
also benefits many of your resistances. You should invest in this here 
and there throughout the game. This skill is checked in many places 
throughout the game, but nearly as often as it was in previous 

  These special abilities affect your experience penalty bonus or 
penalty. However, unlike previous games, the experience is calculated 
in a much more consistent manner. Instead of this being a percentage 
for gaining each experience point, you get the experience with this 
penalty or bonus appended to the amount needed to level.
  For example, if you have a 60% experience penalty, you'll need 1600 
XP to gain a level. Likewise, if you have a 20% bonus, you will need 
800 XP to gain each level.

  Great Renown: You start off with more reputation. Although it can 
help you in certain situations, reputation is gained extremely quickly 
in the early game.
  Nimble Fingers: This works like extra Tool Use skill and is an 
invisible bonus when picking locks and disarming traps. It could be 
useful if you decide to play without a mage who can cast Unlock Doors.
  Beastmaster: This character will start out with the ability Summon 
Beast. It can be useful early on, but it's not worth the experience, 
especially since there are spells and scrolls that do the same thing.
  Strong Will: This ability gives the character extra mental strength 
to resist magical effects. This is very useful for avoiding confusion 
at all levels, although this is more useful for fighters, since they 
don't have a lot of intelligence to boost their magic resistance. If 
you have a Slith fighter, consider giving his this skill along with 
Fast on Feet.
  Good Education: Gives a bonus to rune reading and item lore. Rune 
reading should never be a problem for your party, and item lore is also 
very easy to come by. Skip this skill.
  Toughness: You will take less damage from attacks and will be more 
resistant to poison and disease. Consider this for your spellcasters if 
they're not Sliths. Although this was very beneficial in Exile, you're 
only allowed two abilities in Avernum. You should definitely pass over 
this for fighters and all Sliths, regardless of their position.
  Fast on Feet: This is definitely a great special ability for anyone 
in the party. It increases your AP almost every turn and, when paired 
with speed items and hasting spells, will allow you to attack three 
times in one turn easily. Definitely give this skill to your fighters.
  Natural Mage: Enables mages to cast spells while encumbered. This is 
VERY useful. It also delivers a bonus to all spells (mage and priest) 
which increases as you gain levels. Definitely give your mage this 
skill, and it's worthwhile for priests as well. I always give this 
skill to my two spellcasters. An added bonus, this skill gives you the 
special ability Regenerate.
  Elite Warrior: This skill gives bonuses to the damage and accuracy of 
your attacks. It increases based on your level, much like the Slith 
polearm bonus. However, it's not always worth it to give this ability 
to Sliths because the damage cap will come to them early anyway, and, 
unless you want to zoom up to the cap, this skill won't benefit Sliths 
as much as it will benefit human and Nephil fighters. Also, you get the 
special ability Battle Rage, which makes you harder to hit.
  Divinely Touched: This skill, although at a 40% penalty, offers a 
little bit of each of the above. It also grants you three special 
abilities - regenerate, call spirit, and divine aid. At higher 
difficulty levels (torment), this skill can be extremely beneficial, 
but it's not worth it in a party of four PCs or with a singleton.

  Of the disadvantages, sickness prone and brittle bones are the only 
ones worth taking, and only then if you want to experiment or level up 
faster. Completely inept will give you, basically, a pack mule to carry 
your items. Sluggish puts you at a disadvantage, especially against 
mages and disablers like undead. Cursed at birth isn't too bad, but it 
could manifest itself at the wrong time and kill you. Still, it's up to 
you. If you want a challenge, take a disadvantage on torment as a 


  Bolt of Fire: Bolt of fire is useful at the beginning of the game for 
single monsters, but later on it will only be cast when you're low on 
SP and you need to kill a baddie with help from all of your PCs.
  Light: It will always be useful. Try to get level 3 as soon as 
  Call Beast: You may use it to distract the enemy while you spend a 
turn healing, but it never brings in anything that will turn the tide 
in your favor.
  Spray Acid: This spell is new to the Avernum series, but it's not as 
useful to you as it is to enemy spellcasters. Acid doesn't stack on 
NPCs like it does to you, so this spell won't be of much use. Use the 
SP on Bolt of Fire or something a little more damaging.
  Haste: This is an excellent spell throughout the game. Level three is 
excellent and gives your whole party haste. Against enemy spellcasters 
that like to cast slow, you can have your mage (w)ait until the end of 
the combat round and cast haste. Voila! Slow disappears.
  Slow: Although the AI likes to cast this spell, monsters are 
generally resistant to it and it won't do much good unless you want to 
keep your enemy in battle for a long time. Use the SP on another spell.
  Ice Lances: This spell is great if you can get it at the beginning. 
It will be your primary offensive spell, along with Lightning Spray, 
until you get Fireblast. As a bonus, you get this spell at level three 
just by defeating the slimes. Also, very few monsters are resistant to 
ice (only undead and some ice creatures).
  Unlock Doors: A must-have unless you want to spend a whole lot of 
skill points on tool use. Level two isn't much better than level one, 
but level three is easily attained and will open all doors that you 
come across (and don't need a key for).
  Create Illusions: I've never used this spell, nor do I intend to. It 
can be used to distract the AI, even though the monsters will die 
whenever they're hit. However, if you want to distract the AI, 
summoning a host of shades is much better and they'll actually do some 
  Far Sight: A decent spell for finding out whether there is something 
behind that wall. Secret passages are found faster with this spell. You 
can even cast level three outdoors.
  Lightning Spray: This spell will be one of your primary offensive 
spells throughout the entire game. You can use it to great effect 
against most baddies, including Demon Golems. At high levels, this will 
do as much and more damage than Arcane Blow and Fireblast. You will 
find yourself regularly doing over 120 damage to most enemies.
  Capture Soul/Simulacrum: Use Capture Soul to capture the worst 
enemies and then summon them back up again with Simulacrum. Level three 
of both spells are found early on, so you should have no problems. Try 
to get an Ur-Basilisk, Vahnatai Lord, Mung Demon, and a Quickghast in 
your soul crystal. You can save and reload before capturing to make 
sure that the monster goes into your empty slot, instead of writing 
over another monster.
  Dispel Barrier: You will need this spell at level two to get far in 
the game. Fortunately, Mayor Knight in Sharimik will reward you with 
level two after you complete his troglodyte quest.
  Summon Aid: This spell summons a few monsters to aid you. Like all 
summoning spells, it's a waste of time. You will get relatively few 
monsters with spell, but they can be used to distract the enemy while 
you make a quick exit.
  Forcecage: Although this is the AI's new favorite spell, you can't 
attack the enemies in the cage. However, if you're in a combat with 
several powerful baddies, you can trap them and kill one at a time.
  Fireblast: Along with Lightning Spray, this spell will be your major 
offensive mage spell. You can get a lot of damage out of this spell, 
switching to Lightning Spray when you get to enemies resistant to fire. 
You will end up doing close to 150 damage with this spell.
  Arcane Summon: Probably one of the more useless summoning spells, as 
it will only summon 1-3 monsters. Regardless of their strength, 1-3 
monsters don't do a lot of distracting for you. It's not worth the SP.
  Arcane Shield: The best defensive spell in the game. You will get 
martyr's shield at level two and invulnerability at level three.
  Arcane Blow: This spell deals damage of an all or nothing type. 
Personally, I think it's not worth it. Fireblast and Lightning Spray 
will do more damage for less SP.

  Healing: It just gets better. You can heal for hundreds of damage 
with this spell at level three. This is a must for all parties, 
although Mass Healing does replace it (eventually).
  Curing: Use it on disease, poison, and, at level three, acid. Level 
two isn't that useful, and you can easily skip to level three.
  War Blessing: A new spell that blends all of the beneficial spells 
together. At level three it offers haste, bless, shielding, and magic 
resistance.  Couple it with Arcane Shield for the best effects.
  Terror: I thought we'd made it home free when Jeff didn't include any 
fear spells in Avernum and Avernum 2. Unfortunately, they're back. At 
lower levels, the spell will only affect weak enemies that you can kill 
easily. At higher levels, the monsters you want to scare away are all 
immune, while the ones that you can scare away you have no trouble 
  Repel Spirit: This is a must-have spell against undead and, at level 
three, demons. Try to get to level three as soon as possible, although 
it's not so easy in Avernum 3.
  Smite: This is a good offensive spell until you get Divine Fire. 
However, it's severely limited by only allowing you three targets to 
cast it on. Although, at high levels, this spell is as damaging as any 
other. Divine Fire will replace this except against creatures like Fire 
  Summon Shade: Another summoning spell that only adds one ally. 
Utterly worthless, unless you like watching XP and SP go down the 
  Safe Travel: Again, a useless spell. Pathfinder is readily available, 
so this spell is quickly made obsolete. Spend your coins on Pathfinder 
and other skills, not this.
  Unshackle Mind: Useful when you're dumbfounded or some party members 
have been confused by gremlins or other baddies. Try to get a 
spellshard with this too.
  Move Mountains: This is a necessity at all levels. Try to get level 
three as soon as possible -- nice treasures can be found with this 
  Mass Healing: Heals the entire party. It depends on how many PCs 
could use healing -- if it's one or two, just go for healing. 
Otherwise, use this spell.
  Mass Curing: Meh. I never have to use this, so it may just be a waste 
of coins. It's your choice.
  Radiant Shield: This defensive spell will give you magic resistance 
at level one, add shielding at level two, and add sanctuary and 
martyr's shield at level three. Try to get level three as soon as 
  Divine Fire: The best offensive priest spell. You will use it often. 
It does a lot of fire damage.
  Cloud of Blades: The only spell that can generate a field, the blade 
walls will do a lot of damage to the opponents, especially with the 
AI's insistence on walking through almost every field in existence.
  Return Life: I just reload from a previous save file, but you may 
want to resurrect your PCs. Higher levels will resurrect dusted and 
stoned PCs.
  Divine Retribution: Almost as much of a waste as Arcane Blow, but not 
quite. It doesn't do nearly as much damage as it should for its cost, 
but it will work against most fire-resistant monsters, so you may find 
yourself using it when Divine Fire won't work.
  Divine Restoration: Like Revive from Exile, this will heal you for a 
lot, and even over your HP max. It also cures all bad conditions, which 
makes this a great spell for a singleton in trouble.
  Divine Host: Probably the only decent summoning spell. Vengeful 
shades hold their own and do a decent job of distracting the enemy. Go 
for level three so you can summon five shades instead of three or four.

        (3) WALKTHROUGH:

  This walkthrough is how I played through the game for the purpose of 
creating this FAQ. It is recommended that you don't follow this 
walkthrough exactly. Rather, if you get stuck, you can refer to the 
walkthrough to find the exact town and problem that has you scratching 
your head. I went through this game on Hard, so there are certain 
monsters that will pose more of a threat to me than to someone playing 
Normal or Easy. If I say that certain monsters are hard, don't 
automatically think I'm crazy. This game contained absolutely no 
  To get your background information, watch the animation sequence at 
the beginning of the game.

Upper Avernum I:

Q: Go See Anaximander
Q: Go up to the surface
Q: Kill Bandit Leader
Q: Find missing papers

You'll notice that you start out in Fort Emergence, the link between 
Avernum and the surface. Start by getting the scroll on the table and 
looking in both the chest and dresser for items. Give all of the items 
to the people who would be most likely to need them. Often, one party 
member begins the game without pants. Use the ones provided to give 
some decency (and protection) to that PC.

HINT: Look inside all sort of items. Crates, barrels, dressers, desks, 
chests, bookshelves, and more can all hold items. Most items are 
somehow concealed in terrain like this.

Across the hall from your room is a mess hall. There's a little bit of 
food to pick up there if you want. There are lots of kinds of food just 
lying in Avernum, so you'll never have to buy any. Personally, I prefer 
the lighter food like greens or bread. South of the kitchen is a 
training room. To train, just step inside the room and press the train 
button underneath your character portrait. You shouldn't need to train 
now, since you just started the game and have no XP yet.

Read the scroll and go to where the storeroom is indicated. You'll see 
quite a number of supplies much better than what you're currently 
wearing. On the way, be sure to stop in the room two doors down the 
hallway. Cast Unlock Doors or bash down the door and look in the 
dresser. You can steal the energy potion and put it to better use than 
its (former) owner.

HINT: Stealing isn't a crime unless you get caught. Close the door 
behind you when you steal so you can be sure nobody's looking. All 
items with a 'not yours' symbol (NY) in the corner are someone else's 
property. However, you can always make better use of it than they can, 
just like with this energy potion.

In the storeroom, equip what you can and try to distribute the items 
evenly. Remember, Sliths work best with polearms, while Nephilim are 
best working with missile weapons.

HINT: Try to compare weapons and armor to decide which is better. For 
example, a stone dagger is 1-3+1-3/level. An iron dagger is 2-6+1-
3/level. The iron dagger does more damage. Also, an steel dagger is 3-
9+1-3/level, but an iron longsword is 2-10+1-5/level. The 1-5 compared 
to the 1-3 does make a difference, because you can get a whole lot more 
damage with a higher Melee skill with the longsword. With armor, 1-10 
is better than 1-10-1. It's much simpler than weapon comparison.

When you've equipped your party, head up to Anaximander. Listen to him 
and get the quest. If you want, go across the hall and get the bandit 
map. Also, you can visit Levi from time to time to get a little gold a 
reward for ending a plague on the surface. Next, go to the mess hall 
south of Anaximander (it's in another building) and get the mission 
from Commander Johnson. If you meet Thereza wandering around Fort 
Emergence, she has another quest for you.

If you want to brave lava, both the NE and NW corners of Fort Emergence 
have treasure caches with 420c and a Bolt of Fire spellshard, and a 
crossbow with bolts, respectively. There's a secret passage in the SW 
with Bolt of Fire and Spray Acid scrolls. When you feel ready, head out 
south into Upper Avernum.


Always talk to the guards. It becomes worthwhile later on. Never pay 
brigands unless you're woefully damaged. Try hanging around for some 
wandering goblins to fight. They'll build up your XP until you level, 
so you can get enough skill points to be able to take on the bandits. 
The goblin lair is easier than the bandit lair and will be more 
rewarding for a level one party.

Early on, items dropped in combat can be sold for quite a profit. 
Silver rings are dropped often and fetch a decent price. Gems are also 
light and expensive. Even some weapons, like swords and spears, or 
armor can fetch a tidy profit.

To get the package for Theresa, go slightly NW from the bridge after 
Fort Emergence. There should be a stalagmite area with a body inside. 
Search for a secret passage and examine the body. When you give Thereza 
the package, you'll get some reputation (2) and coins.


You can kill monsters while still in town mode. They should give you no 
trouble if you take them on one or two at a time. Your priest can heal 
whomever needs it for two SP. Use your automap to make sure that you've 
cleared out the entire dungeon. There is a Crafted Chain Mail in the NW 
corner (you'll need a boat to get there). There is a staircase down to 
another dungeon level at the center of the western wall.


In here, the monsters are slightly tougher but shouldn't pose a threat. 
In the first animal pen, there's a secret passage leading to a chest 
with a healing and curing potion. In the north are Pants of Power, but 
you need Move Mountains to get them. Remember where they are. Go to the 
center of the northern wall and search it for secret passages. Go up 
the staircase and get the statuette. Now you can move on to the 
bandit's hideout through the stairway in the northwest.


From where you came in, go east. Try to stay in town mode - the mage's 
sleep ray will have no effect. To take care of the leader, make your 
way to the northeast. If you're starting to get low on SP, you can go 
outside through the exit to south (through a secret passage), rest, and 
come back in. The treasure from the leader is decent, and thugs will 
drop decent armor and boots. Try to fill every one of the twelve 
wielded items with some item, just so you can carry more.


Go back to Fort Emergence and speak with Commander Johnson. You'll get 
reputation (1) and some coins. You should be at least level four by 
now, and you should have some skill points to spend. Train in Fort 
Emergence and you can head up to Ghikra to return the statuette. If you 
haven't already, you should kill the group of bandits on the road to 

Q: Return Koriba's Statue
Q: Info on Slimes for Rentar-Ihrno

You can deliver the statuette to Koriba and get a soul crystal as a 
reward. For a price, Tekora-Tel will teach you Capture Soul and 
Simulacrum. Speak with Rentar-Ihrno and ask her to let you speak with 
the crystal souls. She'll also give you a quest to find information 
about the slimes on the surface (and kill them) if you've seen them 
(Rentar Charm (+1 Melee Damage), 250xp). You can purchase Vahnatai Lore 
from Glantris-Bok. Later on, if you buy the boat from Gointz in New 
Cotra, you can enter from the water and learn Capture Soul and 
Simulacrum level three if you have Dispel Barrier or Piercing Crystals.

Q: Kill a slime
Q: Find Hmurr's cows

If you have enough coins you can buy weapons, but you should save 500 
for Gointz' boat. Go to the mayor and talk to him about any missions. 
Ask Hmurr too.


Both quests are easily solved to the southwest. Bump into all cows you 
see, and the ice slime is in the passageway with the frozen water. To 
the north of the ice slime is a greater shade with a ring, also no 
problem. NW of New Cotra is an encounter with a group of Nephilim. They 
have pretty good treasure. To the south of New Cotra, there's a group 
of escaped giant lizards with a cache of missile weapons if you defeat 

After you get your rewards (1 rep, 300c;food) from the quests, hop in 
your boat and go north up the river. When you reach the end, hop out to 
the west. If you go down the passage, there's the Radiant Slith Spear, 
although you have to fight an extremely tough Shambler to get it. Save 
before the fight - and the spear is definitely worth it. Give it to 
your first character and watch him dominate without even going into 
combat mode. Now you can leave the boat somewhere useful, like near 
Ghikra, and head up to the surface.

Surface I:


After all of your years in Avernum, you finally come to the surface. 
However, all is not well with the world. Explore around a little bit 
and kill the unicorns and slimes you come across. To the south is the 
first big city on Valorim, Krizsan.

Q: Find Dominique
Q: Destroy the Slimes
Q: Find Fellows' Gold Ring

The city of Krizsan and all of Krizsan province has been dealing with 
the slimes, which are not too tough. But first, a little exploration. 
Jinx sells weapons and has decent prices to sell to. Benedict sells 
armor and has a quest for you to find Dominique (200xp, 1 rep, healing 
potion, haste potion, knowledge brew), who is in New Formello in Upper 
Avernum. Fellows, the apprentice mage who sells luck charms, will also 
identify your items. He'll also ask for his gold ring (100xp, lucky 
charm(+1 luck)). Any gold ring will do, but his is along the western 
wall, through a secret passage on the outside of town.

In the very southeast corner of town, there's a secret passage with 
some lockpicks. On the same wall, just south of the east exit, is a 
room where a mysterious wizard occasionally appears. If he's there, you 
can purchase the location of the Ring of Endless Magery, one of the 
five major artifacts. Just to the west of that, in town hall, Captain 
Agrod promises you 10 gold for each unicorn horn you bring him. Next to 
his office is Valoda, the jobs dispatcher. Be warned: if you don't 
fulfill a job on time, it could be 50 days before you get another one.

The mayor gives you a quest to eliminate the slimes. To get more 
information on them, speak with Dawn in the inn. To west of Krizsan, 
there are several other towns that can boost your level and get you 
some nice equipment before you take on the slimes.


This is your average cookie-cutter dungeon. You shouldn't even need to 
move into combat mode. There's a body with decent items in the NW 
corner, through a secret passage. There are some herbs through a mossy 
boulder-blocked passage in the center of the north wall.


Delan has a fletcher and horses to buy. Feral, in the inn, sells horses 
for 500 gold.


If you've saved the Empire troops to the east of here, speak to Glydden 
in the inn (1 rep). Otherwise, this town only serves to house Paolo's 
package, which is in a room in the inn.

Q: Return Paolo's Package

The only thing of interest here is Paolo, in a room in the inn. He'll 
teach you priest spells at level two and give you a quest to retrieve a 
package from Delis. There is no reputation hit for doing the quest. 
When you return the package, Paolo gives you your reward (Mage's 
Bracelet, 200xp). Also, in one of the iron mines to the north of here, 
you can buy cheap metals. After that, you should be ready to explore 
your lead on the slimes.


As soon as you enter, go to the west. Kill the four archers and the 
slimes, and then attack the barracks. You can always leave and re-enter 
the dungeon if you get weakened. You should find yourself dumped into 
the second level right after that.

Make your way north to a room with a few guards and archers. Kill them, 
and move into the next room. Kill those soldiers too, and move south. 
There are decent items in the two locked supply rooms. Loot them and 
take the locked door out. Get in the boat and row south to the slime 
pool. Kill it from a distance with firebolt, and go through the door. 
Make your way to the slime encounter and use the secret passage in the 

Bojar is right through here, and he drops a Robe of Magery (protects 1-
3+2, +1 intelligence, 10% less chance to be hit) when he's killed. His 
library has the information you need, along with a ruby. If you want to 
explore the rest of the level, there's a strength potion, 220 coins, 
and Forcecage  level 3 in a secret chamber at the webbed corner of 
Bojar's lab. Also, there are tons of goblins and a guard worm, which 
will give a low level party problems.

If you go back to level one by way of the stairway next to the slime 
pool, pull the lever and clear out the rest of the level. After you 
leave, make your way to the east of Krizsan.


Kilborn offers several spells that Paolo does not, but beyond that, 
this town is ordinary.


This town has been taken over by slimes. Talk to the ghost in the 
southeast. The pillar slightly to the north and the anvil in the center 
of town have a basic charm (+40% acid resistance) and a wyrmskin helmet 
(1-2+2; 10% illness protection), respectively. If you can't get the 
helmet, increase your strength and try again. To the southeast of 
Colchis is the Slime Pit.


As soon as you walk in, you'll be beset by slimes. Kill them all and 
proceed to the center of the level. There's a pedestal with buttons 
here. Each button corresponds to ramp on the level, with the position 
of the button on the pedestal mapping to the location of the ramp. It's 
easiest to start with the two ramps above the pedestal. Press one of 
the buttons and go to that ramp.

When you descend it, kill the slime pool in that section and go back to 
the pedestal. Repeat this for all of them. If you're having trouble 
with the section with the statues and mauve slimes, look for a secret 
passage in the east wall. If you're having trouble with the section 
with the boat, try and focus on the mauve slimes, mostly ignoring the 
other slimes.

When you're done with all five of them, there should be a rune behind 
the slime pool. It leads to the Alien Slime. If you stay just out of 
range, you can pepper it with spells and bring it down easily. Also, 
you can cast War Blessing on a fighter and send him/her in against the 
Alien Slime. After killing it, find the secret passage to north. Go to 
the end and note the rune.

Back on the upper level, there are some goodies for the taking. In the 
NW corner are a crossbow and some bolts. In the center of the north 
wall, past the barrier, are a healing potion, energy potion, and haste 
potion. Slightly to the east of that, through a secret passage, is a 
plot coupon about the slime's creators. There's a healing pool slightly 
to the southwest of the pedestal, through two secret passages.

To the west of the pedestal, there's a ruby guarded by three poison 
fungi. To the far west, past a mossy boulder, is a small supply cache 
with a healing potion and a lightning spray scroll. Also, in the 
southeast, you'll find a fetid zombie and a wight guarding a Radiant 
Robe (1-8;+30 protection from melee;+20% resist magic;+20% resist 
acid). Also there are Lightning Spray L2 and Summon Aid L2. Just north 
of there is a secret passage leading to the body of a member of the 
first Avernum exploration party, which Anaximander will tell you about.

Now it's off to claim your rewards!


Talk with Mayor Arbuckle for your official reward (1500c, 500xp, 4 
rep). Now that you've beaten the slimes, Falko, in the northwest 
corner, will join your party if you let him. However, you need to have 
an empty slot. You can store party members in Fort Emergence, Hawke's 
Manse, or the House on a Hill.

Upper Avernum II:


Go to the mage's area in the southeast and talk to Mazudmar. She should 
teach you a motion or signal to get by barriers in a secret passage 
nearby. Go there and learn Move Mountains (level 2) and Far Sight 
(level 2). To the north of Mazudmar is Berra. Get him to identify the 
rune you found in the Slime Pit. He'll tell you that it's Erika the 
Archmage's rune, a surprising twist. Go to speak with Anaximander. 
He'll get you in to see Erika, and enable your rewards from Levy 
(Invulnerability Elixer) and Solberg (in the Tower of Magi). He'll also 
tell you about the first Avernite expedition on the surface. Head out 
to Upper Avernum again. Speak with the traveling guards and give them 
information (1 rep).


To the north of Ghikra, along the east wall, there's a long winding 
passage down. In it are many groups of Giant Lizards and a group of 
Poison Fungi guarding a Wand of Ice at its end. Just to the west of the 
sign pointing to Erika's Tower are a series of encounters with ogres, 
sliths, and undead. You may want to attempt this later, at a higher 
level. At the end of the fights, you'll find a serendipity knife (4-
20+1/5; +6 luck).


Erika is to the north of Ghikra, across a small bridge. Erika will 
teach you Magery, a great special skill, if your reputation is high 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPECIAL SKILL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Magery:  A great skill that increases the power of all your spells. 
It's a great skill for mages and priests too. Unfortunately, you can't 
train in magery.
Erika will also teach a lot of mage spells at levels one and two. 
Accept Erika's boon, which will aid you tremendously in the endgame. 
Pick up the amulet, but don't forget to go back to Erika and have her 
activate it. On the table next to Erika is a spellbook for Haste L3.

If you do choose to explore the rest of Erika's Tower, prepare for a 
wide variety of magical and monster traps. The room to the north of the 
amulet room contains a diamond dagger (6-30+1/5), but it springs an Ur-
Basilisk trap with it.

On the right side, in the last room, there are chests with 350 gold, 
mushrooms, a nimble band (+1 AP), a ring of idiocy, a cursed 
greatsword, and a fire orb necklace (+10% Fire Resist).

Q: Help out Sliths

You can find Dominique here, if you haven't already. Go to the bottom 
room in the inn and speak with the Sliths. Hsska will join your party 
if you get Commander Ace to improve the living conditions of the 
Sliths. Ahsoth will give you the actual mission. He'll grant your 
request if you eliminate a chitrach nest to the south of New Formello. 
You'll have to attack the nest several times before it's eliminated. 
Beyond the nest is an Amber Shield (1-6+2; +1 luck). Go back to Ace and 
then Ahsoth (300xp, 3 rep). Hsska is a great addition to your party, 
and his strong priest spells are great at such an early level.

Q: Get Research Books
Q: Find Denise's Amulet

Above the east entrance, there's an Unspecified Services building. In 
the SE of this building is an item enhancing platform. There are many 
of these located throughout Avernum 3. They are used by putting an item 
on the pad and pulling the lever. That will give a stat bonus to the 
item on the pad. This one will give +10% cold resistance. To use it 
again, talk to Kelner. He will reset it for you.

The library has an interesting scroll on one of the bookshelves. Walner 
will tell you how to decipher it. You can also buy identification and 
alchemical recipes from Walner. Walner will also take your research 
tomes from you for a fair price (40 gold and 20xp). This is one of 
several item quests throughout the game.

In the NW, Denise will give you a quest to find her amulet in the Tower 
of Magi. You will get (200xp and a Forcecage Scroll) for returning it. 
Across the hall is Carol, who will heal you and sell you first aid 
skill for 150c a pop. You will now be able to use the teleporter in the 
SW, which takes you to the Tower of Magi.

Q: Recover Lab Notes
Q: Read Vahnatai Notes

Soon after you enter the Tower of Magi, you should come across Mahdavi, 
a Triad Mage. She'll give you a quest to read Erika's notes on the 
Vahnatai (). In the NE, you can buy recipes, potions, information, and 
priest spells. Wandering around the NE is Carrie, and apprentice who 
lost her lab notes. If you recover them for her (the wight is in the NW 
cell in the secondary lab), she'll tell you where to find an archer's 
cloak (1-4;+1 Dex;+3 Missile Damage;+15% Missile Hit Chance) and you'll 
get 200xp. In the south, through a secret passage, is a tome with 
Arcane Summon lvl 2 (-250xp) and an Energy Pulse mind crystal. Energy 
Pulse crystals only dumbfound the user, and should be sold.

Denise's amulet is in her quarters in the southern part of the tower. 
Solberg is in the room next to hers. He will teach you Ice Lances lvl 3 
for killing the Alien Slime. In the SE there is another item enhancer. 
It will give +10% fire resistance, then four negative abilities, and 
then +10% Protection from Melee. In the room before it, the desk 
contains the Xian Tome, which gives you a different book each time you 
read/use it.

Now it's back to the surface to deal with the second plague. To start, 
we'll head out by going through a mountain pass a little to the east of 
Fort Emergence and the Unicorn Cave.

Surface II:

Q: Show Dryad Something Beautiful

WNW of the pass is a series of rocks with a serendipity knife (4-
20+1/5;+6 luck). To the south of that is the Distant Hut, a 
teleportation center. West, south, and east of that are two encounters 
that result in a hoard of coins and a fire orb necklace, along with a 
Health Charm (+20% Illness Resist;+10 protection from all damage). 
North of the distant hut are a group of refugees that need to be told 
that you've ended the slime plague (1 rep). Also, right there's a 
dryad's grove with a sad dryad who needs a perfect flower (north of 
Libras or in the Tower of Zkal). In return, you'll get the location of 
the Dryad's Blessed Charm.

There's a bronze greatsword to the far west, on a body. NW of the pass, 
if you have the Orb of Thralni, there's an island with a cache on it. 
You can fly to the island to the north of it and get into a fight with 
some tough vengeful shades and spectres for a Pirate's Blade (). East 
of the pass is conflict with some ogres herding Nephil slaves. If you 
help the Nephilim, they'll give you an energy potion. North of there, 
on a small island reached by walking on rocks, there's a stash of iron 
and silver bars. Selling them will net you a lot of gold. A little to 
the east of the mountain pass is a secret passage that leads to a stone 

Across Valorim you will find mysterious stone circles, similar to 
Stonehenge in size and appearance. You have the option to pray in them. 
If you pray in four or five, you will be forced to fight Haakai and 
mung demons in the endgame, but each stone circle gives you a spell at 
level three. The first stone circle will give you Curing L3. Finally, 
Farport is across the bridge to the northeast of the circle.

Q: Kill Roaches for Nell

The town has a weaponsmith, an inn, food, and a sage. The sage will 
also sell scrolls and identify items. She tells you about the Isle of 
Bigail, which has been infested by giant cockroaches and is run by 
priests called the Anama. Nell, will also give you a quest to clean the 
roaches out of her home. Doing so will get you 200xp and a point of 
Arcane Lore. Hop on the ferry and go over.


The only person of real interest to you in Port Townsend is Father 
Rice. He will speak to you about the Anama's beliefs and ideas. If you 
want to join them, you will get free priest spells, but you will lose 
all of your mage spells. (Note: to cheat this, stash your mage in Fort 
Emergence before joining. Your mage will have all of his/her old 
spells, but won't be able to buy new ones.) Agree with Father Rice if 
you want to join the Anama. To the west of Port Townsend is Bavner, and 
your first contact with the cockroaches.

Q: Visit Point Contemplation

There's a trainer here, and an Anama Acolyte, Seela, who will tell you 
about the talking spiders to the north of here. There's also a small 
inn in the NW corner of town. Mother Loomis will tell you her views on 
magic, much like Father Rice, and she will give you a quest to visit 
Point Contemplation (250xp, 2rep), a roach-infested town SW of Port 
Townsend. In the SE part of town, there's a stash of coins and another 
Health Charm.


In the keeper's quarters (NW corner) there is a healing potion. There 
are healing, strength, and curing potions in the northern part of the 
contemplation area. Through a secret passage, there are 200c and a 
pilgrim's cloak (1-1;+2 pathfinder;+20% resist magic effects).

Q: Help Some Spiders

The GIFTS have quite a bit to do with the plot, but first let's grab 
some goodies. There's a secret passage just east of the entrance. Fight 
the spirits and take any iron bars that you want. At the end of the 
room is an item-enhancing platform. It gives +10% mental resistance and 
is usable twice. You should probably give the enchanted items to your 
fighters, since they will be most at risk for mental harm.

In the NW part of town is a room with an evil altar in it. Kill the 
temple guards for some experience. There's a gold ring on the altar. 
North of there is a passage with the chief of the spiders, Spider. 
He'll give you a quest to help the spiders fight some evil roaches so 
he'll divulge the location of the friendly roaches. East of here, still 
in the town, are some roaches you can kill.


In here, either talk to Filth Spreader or find the map on the wall (NW 
corner) that shows you where the Filth Factory is. Scattered throughout 
the town are herbs, some behind secret passages (SW corner).

Q: Retrieve Charm for Nephil

There are drakeskin boots (1-2+2) east of the spider cave. There's a 
Wand of Slowing on a body southwest of the boots. Back east of Bavner 
is a Nephil who was robbed of his necklace by the innkeeper in Bavner. 
He's looking for a chieftain charm (+1 str, +1 dex, -2 int, +1 melee), 
and any one will do. When you talk to the innkeeper, if you're not 
careful, the town and the entire Isle of Bigail will turn hostile. Make 
sure that you have enough reputation (35+) before pressuring him, or 
that you've defeated the roaches. Upon returning the charm, you'll 
receive 200xp and a Blessed Bow (4-20+1/5).

North of Kuper, the next town to the east, is another stone circle. The 
second stone circle teaches War Blessing L3. Just north of the stone 
circle is Vanvor, who will sell you some of his scrolls. Just north of 
him is the Spiral Crypt.


Make your way to the throne room by going south and east. Speak to the 
riddle ghast and either answer his riddle (fang) or provoke him into 
fighting you. Behind him is a lever that you can pull. Continue down 
the passageway and cast move mountains on the wall if you want. In the 
room is a wight, a ruby skeleton, and iron plate mail.

Through a secret passage are Gorfival, two ghasts, and two spirits. 
Gorfival has a lot of treasure scattered around, including humanskin 
gloves (1-2+4; +1 assasination, +2 damage to humanoids), a prismatic 
torc (1-3; +10% fire, cold, acid, and illness resist), a healing 
potion, a strength potion, a cursed shield, an ash crossbow, stone 
bolts, a cursed greatsworsd, and an energy potion.

Continue on your road, battling skeletons and zombies. When you come 
across a room with crypts in it, one of them contains a dexterity charm 
(+1 dex). Make your way forward and pull the lever. Go around again and 
pull the lever in the room with crypts. That will enable the exit, near 
where you came in.

Q: Find Mundt

In the south end of town is Olga, who sells tickets to Kneece. Later on 
in the game, this will be important. If you provoke him, Zog will 
attack you. He carries fairly good equipment. You can rest in the NE 
corner of town, and there's the regular shtick about Anama beliefs. 
Mother Melamed will give you a quest to find Mundt, who is Lorelei, and 
requires real or fake Anama rings to see. As a reward you'll get the 
Xian Coins and ().


Father Gavlax has the normal Anama spiel and tells you that Kurtz has 
some illegal business. Kurtz sells recipes and the location of herbs 
(for 100 gold). He will also identify your items. There's a generic 
weaponsmith and the innkeeper will tell you about joining the Anama and 
certain courier jobs from Shayder. Volb will sell you cheap tickets to 

Q: Find Zik

The mayor in the NW will give you a quest to find Zik, who is in 
Dorngas (). He'll also tell you to search his bookshelves and to take 
whatever you want. You should find a healing potion, a spray acid 
scroll, and an arcane blow scroll. Nydia, in the temple, will heal you. 
There is also an armorsmith. Tucker, in the inn, is also from the first 
surface expedition. If you send him back to Avernum, you'll get 25xp. 
Buy some tickets from Terry and return to Fenris Port. Head north.


The lighthouse keeper here has animated undead to do the menial tasks. 
Don't attack them when you first see them. In the NW corner is a 
spectre. He'll attack you after you talk to him, and he'll drop a Call 
Spirit mind crystal. Don't use it just yet, since there's a quest 
involving it later on.


There's nothing special here. There's a fletcher and a tailor.

Q: Find Curing Potion

Outdoors you should find a group of priests asking for a curing potion. 
Give one to them for 200xp, 50c, and 1 rep. There are a lot of 
alchemical herbs around here, and there is a battle with gremlins in 
the NW. There's a steel longsword south of Hectar.

Q: Graymold Salve For Jed
Q: Deliver Package to Lorelei
Q: Eliminate the Cockroach Infestation
Q: Find Grunders' Ring

In the NE corner of town is the Sisters of Mercy Hospital. Inside, Jed 
has information and needs a graymold salve to save more lives. If you 
deliver it to him, you'll get 250xp, 2 rep, and Meena will train you in 
Pathfinder. Meena is in the main Anama temple, which is across the road 
to the west.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPECIAL SKILL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Pathfinder: This is like the Safe Travel spell, but it's inherent. You 
will be able to navigate through swamps and lava without damage or 
poison. Get a few levels for each person, and it will be valuable later 
Also in this room is Ahonar, the high priest of the Anama. He will 
remove Dread Curse, sell priest spells (nothing that Clarisse, in the 
Tower of Magi, doesn't have), and let you join the Anama. If you choose 
to join the Anama, you may want to leave your mage(s) in a character 
storage room like the one in Fort Emergence.

If you join, you will be able to enter the Anama Inner Sanctum. You 
will be able to learn a lot of spells up here. You learn the first ten 
priest spells at level two, Divine Fire L3, and Divine Restoration L3. 
Also, you can purchase magical substitutes in the form of potions and 
crystals from Danza. 

Should you choose to rob the Anama, there are a lot of Black Shades and 
two Ur-Basilisks guarding the treasure. However, you will get 3000c, a 
Blessed Large Shield, a Blessed Longsword, a Blessed Steel Helmet, two 
piercing crystals, an unshackling crystal, a recall crystal, a haste 
potion, an energy potion, a curing potion, a strength potion, and a 
healing potion. Unfortunately, the entire Isle of Bigail will hate you 

Also on the ground floor, in the passage north of the library, is a 
room with a desk and chair in it. The desk teaches Curing L3. South of 
the Anama Temple is the Wild Gaff Inn, in which an important quest 
arises. Buy the innkeeper's drinks and her "secret". Talk to Irvine as 
she says, and pick up his package. Break down the door to the room to 
the right of Irvine's room. Fight the warriors and mages and pick up 
their chain mail if you want.

Bohman, wandering around town, sells potions. In the bazaar, Begbie 
sells weapons and Renton sells armor, while Rippel sells food. Sick 
Boy, wandering around, will tell you about Judith's artifact and how to 
find her. This is the Fury Crossbow. If you pay her 1000 gold, she'll 
tell you where it's hidden.

Sara, in the southeast section of town, will sell you mage spells, but 
nothing that Erika didn't have. Across the path is Nell's house. The 
room to the west has the roaches that need to be cleared out. Grunders, 
north of Nell's house, will give out jobs and buy your items. If you're 
Anama, he'll give you a quest to find his Anama ring (200xp, 500c, 1 
rep), which is in the sewers.

North of Grunders is Mayor Berthany, who will give you a quest to end 
the roach plague. There is a bolt of fire scroll in the mayor's 
archives. At the west end of town is a ferry to Marish, which you'll 
come to later. In the NE corner of town is the library, with Arkley the 
librarian. He'll tell you about Purgatos, who is on Kneece, and has the 
next link to ending the cockroach plague. Just west of the library is a 
locked door that leads down to the sewers.


Head south, and fight the roaches to the east. There's a secret passage 
at the north end of the roach room with 100c, a skribbane herb (an 
addictive drug that boosts HP and SP), maps, and some iron javelins. 
Continue south and fight the fungi and roaches. In the room with three 
bodies, each body carries Poor Chain Mail. In the center of the level 
is a crumbling wall revealing a dead mage. On the body is a Bolt of 
Fire L3 spellbook.

In the NW corner is a boat with a Wand of Lightning on the ground 
beside it. There are herbs on the island with swamp east of where you 
found the spellbook. If you row to the northeast and go south, you'll 
come across a trash room with a Wand of Fire (Fireblast). To get 
Grunders' ring, you need a point of luck in your party, and you need to 
walk back and forth of the ledge to the north that's only reachable by 
boat. We'll visit the last town on the isle before going to Kneece.

Q: Find Elspeth's Crystal

Elspeth will sell you crystal and give you a quest to find her Call 
Spirit Mind Crystal, which was in Northpoint Lighthouse. If you decide 
to give it to her, you'll get 250xp, 1 rep, and an assortment of 


Your objective is Purgatos, who lives in the center of the town. 
However, the town is littered with giant lizards, fire lizards, 
salamanders, and even a drake. The drake is at the south of town, and 
around him are steel bolts, bronze plate mail, an energy potion, and a 
healing potion.

Enter Purgatos' walls at the SW and go north. One of the barriers is a 
force barrier, which you can walk through. Continue around and enter 
the center wall and make your way to Purgatos' door. Bash it and speak 
with him. If you talk enough, he'll eventually give you the Phoenix 
Egg. Now it's off to the Filth Factory (north of Shayder)!


Walk through the wall and look around. To the south are a bunch of 
monsters and miscellaneous filth machinery. This part of the dungeon is 
entirely optional. If you make your way all the way to the southeast, 
there are 150c, a basilisk, and two mirrors. The mirrors can be used to 
redirect beams north of there to allow access to a chest with fine 
razordisks, fine leather armor, and an energy elixir. Go north to the 
second filth creation room, where you will meet up with the other way 
to go.

If you chose to go to the north at the start, you will find yourself in 
a filth creation room. In its NW corner is a room with a healing potion 
and a first aid kit. Go east and fight the roaches. You will come to 
the second filth creation room.

Now go to the control room on the west wall. Only one person may enter. 
They should either have high tool use, a piercing crystal, or Unlock 
Doors. They should also be able to fight a bunch of roaches and undead. 
Once the person has gone through the locked door, they should head for 
the control panel to the north. Fight the guardian roach and take the 
curing potion on the table if necessary. Press the button "Deactivate 
L1->L2 Power Conduit" and hurry back to your party.

Make your way to the south and pass the deactivated beams. On the 
ground in the next room is Elsner, of the first surface exploration 
team. He is carrying plate mail. Go down the trapdoor.


Head down to the room with the barrels and lever. Pull the lever and go 
up the hallway to the other room with levers. Pull the middle lever. Go 
back to the barrel room and use the teleporter. Head west and go down 
the passage. When you reach the inner filth factory, go northwest and 
head around the circle. There's a staircase at the west end. Make note 
of it and head inside the filth circle. It's shorter to go to the 
north. Go into the inner inner circle and pass the entrance to the 
center ring. Go down to the broken power projector and get the scales. 
Then go to the center and use the Phoenix Egg (500xp). Head up the 
staircase and go out to Shayder. Get your reward from Mayor Berthany 
(Firewalker Band (+40% all resistances), 300xp, 4 rep) and head back to 
Fort Emergence.

Upper Avernum III:

Q: Investigate New Formello Murders
Q: Recover the Orb of Thralni

Show Berra the scales and he will identify them as dragon scales. Then 
go to Anaximander. You will get 200xp for each member of the first 
surface exploration party you found. Also, you'll learn of murders near 
New Formello and the theft of the Orb of Thralni. Anaximander should 
also give you the Jewel of Return. Now go to Levy to get your reward, a 
Ring of Skill (+10% Chance to Hit in Melee), allowance, and information 
about the theft of the Orb of Thralni.


Erika should now teach you magery. Also, if you ask her enough, she'll 
let you look at her Vahnatai notes, which can be accessed by entering 
the tower from behind and going through a secret passage to the SW. You 
will find the notes in the dresser (+1 Vahnatai Lore), and the book has 
Safe Travel L3. There are also three crystals, amber, an emerald, and a 

Now, to solve the New Formello murders, go to a cave north of New 


You'll run into some chitrachs and the bodies quickly. However, there 
is a secret passage leading deeper into the cave. Make your way through 
the stalagmite "maze" and go into combat mode. There will be a chitrach 
and null bug ambush when a character leaves the next room. Defeat the 
chitrachs at the end and pick up the key. That's all you can do here.


Speak to Seles and use the portal.


There's nothing special in the dungeon, aside from the healing and 
strength potion to the east. Sometimes a fletcher's ring or shield ring 
will be dropped. The soldiers do have decent equipment.

After leaving the dungeon, head west, south, and east. If you have a 
high enough reputation, you should be able to get through with only one 


Kill everyone and take a boat. Sail to the tower on the lake. It's 
easier to enter from behind.


Finally, you've arrived. Kill the two guards and head inwards. If you 
head SW, there's a room of just crates and barrels. That room contains 
a strength charm, bolts, and arrows. In the two rooms south of there 
are leaders with keys. The priest's bookshelves contain helpful 
adventuring information, too.

Back up the hallway to the north, the first two doors to the west lead 
to the courtyard. There are just some soldiers and archers in there. 
The next three doors to the west lead to the north exit, where there 
are several guards. There's a wand of bolts on the table. At the end of 
the hallway are some mundane items. The horn will come in handy much 
later in the game, but you can get more horns elsewhere.

Go across the courtyard to the door in the NW corner that is unlocked 
by the key. In here are some useful minor items. There are the Iridium 
Pants (1-6; +10% Acid Resist) and more Research Tomes. To the north is 
the portal room, which you'll leave by once you have the Orb of 
Thralni. Now go back to the courtyard and through the door to the SW.

Touch the water at each point and continue through the passage. In the 
item room, you'll find a Repel Spirit spellshard, the Orb of Thralni 
(allows flying outdoors) and 500xp, a Uranium Bar (diseases party), and 
Cursed Plate Mail. Go back to the portal room and walk into the portal. 
Guards will ambush you, and you'll need to reactivate the portal. When 
you walk through, you'll be in the Bandit Hideout.


You can hand off any Research Tomes you have to Walner and go back to 
the Tower of Magi for your reward for the roach plague.


After telling Mahdavi about reading Erika's notes, you'll receive 200xp 
and +1 Vahnatai Lore. Solberg will now teach you Lightning Spray L3.


Bolt of Fire: Spellbook in Shayder Sewers.
Light: Portal Fortress, encoded in library
Call Beast: Lair of the Ursagi
Spray Acid: Spellbook in Zkal's Tower
Haste: Book in Erika's Tower, next to Erika
Slow: Return Mithral to Arion; Hawke's Manse
Ice Lances: Reward for killing Alien Slime, Solberg
Unlock Doors: House on the Hill, requires Dispel Barrier
Create Illusions: Spellbook in Erox
Far Sight: Library in Sharimik, finish Hunt Down Zang first
Lightning Spray: Reward for destroying Filth Factory, Solberg; Hawke's 
Capture Soul: Secret Chamber of Ghikra, requires Dispel Barrier; 
Hawke's Manse
Simulacrum: Secret Chamber of Ghikra, requires Dispel Barrier
Dispel Barrier: Spellbook stolen from Ernest
Summon Aid: Tower of Zkal, read three times, first two drain you
Forcecage: Below Agate Tower, in SW secret room
Fireblast: Reward for lowering Troglo/Giant Barrier, X
Arcane Summon: Khoth's Library, after gaining entry to Footracer
Arcane Shield: Inner Lair of Drakos
Arcane Blow: Reward for defeating Golems, X

Healing: House in Storm Port, finish Destroy Undead for Storm Port 
Curing: Anama building in Shayder
War Blessing: The second stone circle you visit
Terror: Tomb of Vahkohs
Repel Spirit: Library under Remote Cavern
Smite: Torria
Summon Shade: Chasm of Screams
Safe Travel: Secret back room of Erika's Tower
Unshackle Mind: Monastery of Madness (L2)
Move Mountains: Gale Library
Mass Healing: NE corner of the Lower Giant Caves
Mass Curing: Pit of the Wyrm
Radiant Shield: Defiled Crypt, requires Dispel Barrier and Move 
Divine Fire: Squiggus - second look in the chest in the Gremlin room; 
Anama Temple
Control Foes: Elhioc's Home, Under Castle Troglo
Cloud of Blades: Blackcrag Fortress, requires Unlock Doors or Move 
Return Life: Lorelei Library, after destroying Troglo/Giant barrier
Divine Retribution: Secret room in center of Spiral Crypt
Divine Restoration: Far Northeastern Valorim, two large battles to 
obtain (carry a horn)
Divine Host: Moon Library, finish Find Grimoire of Thren first, 
requires Vahnatai Lore


How do I get into the building in New Cotra with no doors?

First, register. Then go to either Sharamik or Lorelei and speak with 
the blond female agent of Avernum (Sandra) who wanders the streets. 
Talk with her, and she'll tell you to speak with Commander Johnson. Do 
so, and he'll tell you what you need to do to enter the building.

What do I do in the Remote Cave?

First, buy drinks and rumors at the Inn in Sharamik. You'll be told to 
speak with a soldier in Angel's rest. Do so, and be friendly- buy his 
map. The map is your guide to this level. The first thing you should do 
is go up to the yellow-white mushrooms and head straight down.

How do I join the thieves guild?

Go to Shayder, and buy some drinks in the inn. You'll get advice on a 
job. Talk with the man in the inn, and offer to take the job. Carefully 
deliver the package to Kendra in Lorelei, and you'll be allowed in.

What are those weird stone circles I've come across?

Across Valorim you will find mysterious stone circles, similar to 
Stonehenge in size and appearance. You have the option to pray in them. 
If you pray in four or five, you will be forced to fight Haakai and 
mung demons in the endgame, but each stone circle gives you a spell at 
level three:

1st stone circle: Curing
2nd stone circle: War Blessing
3rd stone circle: Move Mountains + Dexterity
4th stone circle: Divine Fire
5th stone circle: Divine Host

There are stone circles north of the Inn of Blades, north of Storm 
Port, north of Kuper, on the road from Malloc to Moon, and in NE 

Help! I'm being attacked by a vampire and I don't know what to do.

Go back into Vahkhos's lair, and search the western wall. Go through a 
series of secret doors, and smash the crystal (guarded by two demons).

What does the Dryad want?

A perfect flower. There are two- one can be found near the ursagi on a 
long path loaded with gremlins, the other can be found in Zkal's lair. 
It's your choice which one you want to get first.

How do you get into Blackcrag Fortress?

Join the thieves guild. Buy passage from Geoffrey for 3000 gold and set 
out to Blackcrag. Go to east of Blackcrag and go down the path. Talk to 
the innkeeper and press the button. If you don't mind angering the 
town, there are good items to the east. Cross the bridge and make your 
way to the portcullis. Kill one doomguard and go through the passage. 

How do you kill Rentar-Irhno?

You don't. You have to find the found ladders down to the lower level 
and direct all 10 beams into the center of the level by pushing 

Where can I buy Mage Spells?

Sara - Shayder
Spragins - Sharimik
Tekora-Tel - Ghikra
Erika - Erika's Tower
Velnas - Gale
Petrie - Blackcrag
Moon Library
Khoth - Khoth's Library

How do I get into Linda's chambers?

Wait till day 160.

How do I get into the room behind Erika or the Dragons?

You don't. There's nothing there, anyway.

What are those strange platforms that zap lightning?

Item modifiers. Place an item on one, and pull the lever. The item will 
now have a bonus and will make the item slightly better. There are 
several found throughout the game:

Portal Fortress - +10% Cold resistance, usable twice (ask the wizard to 
reset it)
Tower of the Magi - +10 fire resistance, usable once,-20% resistances 
four times, +10% melee damage protection
Spider Cave - Mental resistance +10%, usable twice
Concealed tunnel - defense +1, usable twice
Greendale - melee damage +1, usable once
Upper Golem factory - parry +1, usable twice
Upper Golem factory - 10% Magic resistance, usable twice
Sharamik - Random effect (+1 missile damage, +5% missile to hit, +5% 
melee to hit, +1 to melee damage ), 1000 gold
Blackcrag - Random effect, 5000 gold

 - Most of the information was compiled by Schrodinger.

Where is Zik?


Where is Zang?


Why can't I hit hill giant chiefs?

They have invulnerablity elixers and drink them at the first sign of 
adventurers. Either get to them before they drink it, or wait a few 
turns before attacking.

What do I do with the slimes or roaches?

There are adequate guides in the help file provided with the game. 
Follow them.

Is there a hidden dungeon?

Yes. Bring pants to the final dungeon. In the SW corner are two runes. 
Put pants on one and walk on the other. Enjoy!

 - Schrodinger and I have worked on this together.


The character editor is the best way to cheat. Right now, here is a 
list of items and special item numbers that can be added by the editor:


1. Copper Coins
2. Silver Coins
3. Gold Coins
4. Bread
5. Mushrooms
6. Grens
7. Steak
8. Dried Meat
9. Weird Meat
10. Lizard Haunch
11. Fish
12. Deli Sandwich
13. White Tunic
14. Red Tunic
15. Green Tunic
16. Cloak
17. Cloak
18. Pants
19. Pants
20. Shirt
21. Shirt
22. Robe
23. Dress
24. Cursed Leather Armor
25. Poor Leather Armor
26. Leather Armor
27. Fine Leather Armor
28. Drakeskin Armor
29. Cursed Studded Armor
30. Poor Studded Armor
31. Iron Studded Armor
32. Steel Studded Armor
33. Blessed Studded Armor
34. Cursed Chain Mail
35. Poor Chain Mail
36. Iron Chain Mail
37. Steel Chain Mail
38. Mithril Chain Mail
39. Cursed Plate Mail
40. Bronze Plate Mail
41. Iron Plate Mail
42. Steel Plate Mail
43. Blessed Plate Mail
44. Cursed Dagger
45. Stone Dagger
46. Iron Dagger
47. Steel Dagger
48. Blessed Dagger
49. Cursed Short Sword
50. Stone Short Sword
51. Iron Short Sword
52. Steel Short Sword
53. Blessed Short Sword
54. Cursed Longsword
55. Bronze Longsword
56. Iron Longsword
57. Steel Longsword
58. Blessed Longsword
59. Cursed Greatsword
60. Bronze Greatsword
61. Iron Greatsword
62. Steel Greatsword
63. Blessed Greatsword
64. Cursed Spear
65. Stone Spear
66. Iron Spear
67. Steel Spear
68. Blessed Spear
69. Cursed Pike
70. Stone Pike
71. Iron Pike
72. Steel Pike
73. Blessed Pike
74. Cursed Halberd
75. Bronze Halberd
76. Iron Halberd
77. Steel Halberd
78. Blessed Halberd
79. Stick
80. Ceremonial Dagger
81. Kitchen Knife
82. Staff
83. Hammer
84. Cursed Javelin
85. Stone Javelin
86. Iron Javelin
87. Steel Javelin
88. Blessed Javelin
89. Cursed Bow
90. Cavewood Bow
91. Ash Bow
92. Yew Bow
93. Blessed Bow
94. Cursed Crossbow
95. Cavewood Crossbow
96. Ash Crossbow
97. Yew Crossbow
98. Blessed Crossbow
99. Cursed Arrows
100. Stone Arrows
101. Iron Arrows
102. Steel Arrows
103. Blessed Arrows
104. Cursed Bolts
105. Stone Bolts
106. Iron Bolts
107. Steel Bolts
108. Blessed Bolts
109. Rock
110. Drakeskin Sandals
111. Sandals
112. Blessed Sandals
113. Cursed Boots
114. Boots
115. Drakeskin Boots
116. Cursed Cloak
117. Blessed Cloak
118. Cursed Robe
119. Blessed Robe
120. Cursed Buckler
121. Wooden Buckler
122. Iron Buckler
123. Steel Buckler
124. Blessed Buckler
125. Cursed Small Shield
126. Wooden Small Shield
127. Iron Small Shield
128. Steel Small Shield
129. Blessed Small Shield
130. Cursed Large Shield
131. Wooden Large Shield
132. Iron Large Shield
133. Steel Large Shield
134. Blessed Large Shield
135. Cursed Leather Helmet
136. Poor Leather Helmet
137. Leather Helmet
138. Fine Leather Helmet
139. Wyrmskin Helmet
140. Cursed Bronze Helmet
141. Bronze Helmet
142. Iron Helmet
143. Steel Helmet
144. Blessed Steel Helmet
145. Cursed Gloves
146. Gloves
147. Drakeskin Gloves
148. Sack of Meal
149. Bowl
150. Bowl
151. Pitchr
152. Pot
153. Pot
154. Bolt of Cloth
155. Bolt of Cloth
156. Bolt of Cloth
157. Cloak Clasp
158. Pincers
159. Tongs
160. Spearhead
161. Bucket
162. Bucket of Water
163. Flgon
164. Horn
165. Jug
166. Jug of Cheap Wine
167. Golden Goblet
168. Plate
169. Plate
170. Candle
171. Torch
172. Lamp
173. Spoon
174. Lockpicks
175. Fine Lockpicks
176. Magic Lockpicks
177. First Aid Kit
178. Fine First Aid Kit
179. Poor Fur
180. Nice Fur
181. Beautiful Skin
182. Pillow
183. Silver Drinking Cup
184. Mortar and Pestle
185. Papyrus Sheet
186. Dice
187. Scalpel
188. Needle
189. Thread
190. Trowel
191. Skull
192. Bones
193. Whip
194. Pen and Ink
195. Earrings
196. Trash
197. Trash
198. Trash
199. Bar of Tin
200. Bar of Lead
201. Bar of Iron
202. Bar of Silver
203. Amber
204. Emerald
205. Ruby
206. Silver Ring
207. Gold Ring
208. Jeweled Ring
209. Silver Bracelet
210. Gold Bracelet
211. Silver Necklace
212. Gold Necklace
213. Torc
214. Healing Herbs
215. Spiritual Herbs
216. Energetic Herbs
217. Graymold
218. Toadstools
219. Mandrake
220. Healing Potion
221. Curing Potion
222. Strength Potion
223. Energy Potion
224. Poison Potion
225. Haste Potion
226. Invulnerability Potion
227. Resistance Potion
228. Healing Elixir
229. Curing Elixir
230. Strength Elixir
231. Energy Elixir
232. Poison Elixir
233. Haste Elixir
234. Invulnerability Elixir
235. Resistance Elixir
236. Knowledge Brew
237. Restoration Brew
238. Protection Brew
239. Heroic Brew
240. Graymold Salve
241. Balm of Life
242. Searing Balm
243. Draining Brew
244. Scroll - Bolt of Fire
245. Scroll - Call Beast
246. Scroll - Arcane Blow
247. Scroll - Slow
248. Scroll - Ice Lances
249. Scroll - Create Illusions
250. Scroll - Far Sight
251. Scroll - Lightning Spray
252. Scroll - Dispel Barrier
253. Scroll - Summon Aid
254. Scroll - Fireblast
255. Scroll - Repel Spirit
256. Scroll - Summon Shade
257. Scroll - Control Foes
258. Scroll - Spray Acid
259. Scroll - Force Cage
260. Scroll - Spray Acid
261. Scroll - Divine Host
262. Scroll - Bitter Loss
263. Scroll - WitheringScroll
264. Ring of Vulnerability
265. Ring of Idiocy
266. Clumsy Ring
267. Ring of Exposure
268. Ring of Grief
269. Magnetic Ring
270. Shield Ring
271. Ring of Health
272. Ring of Skill
273. Resistance Ring
274. Assassin's Band
275. Fletcher's Ring
276. Armor Ring
277. Nimble Band
278. Warrior's Ring
279. Firewalker Band
280. Quicksilver Ring
281. Archer's Ring
282. Wand of Bolts
283. Wand of Ice
284. Wand of Slowing
285. Wand of Lightning
286. Wand of Fire
287. Wand of Acid
288. Wand of Forcecage
289. Wand of Absorbtion
290. Rod of Arcana
291. Rod of Beast Call
292. Rod of Major Call
293. Rod of Illusions
294. Strength Bracelet
295. Dexterity Bracelet
296. Intelligence Bracelet
297. Mage's Bracelet
298. Priest's Bracelet
299. Warrior's Bracelet
300. Lucky Bracelet
301. Monkey Bracelet
302. Chill Charm
303. Warmth Charm
304. Health Charm
305. Shielding Charm
306. Basic Charm
307. War Charm
308. Freedom Charm
309. Crystal Charm
310. Knowledge Char
311. Sticky Charm
312. Harm Charm
313. Mind Crystal - Beastcall
314. Mind Crystal - Spiritcall
315. Mind Crystal - Regenerates
316. Mind Crystal - Curinge
317. Mind Crystal - Battle Frenzy
318. Mind Crystal - Divine Aid
319. Mind Crystal - Restore Energy
320. Thirsting Blade
321. Crystal Imbued Shield
322. Mind Crystal - Gymnastics
323. Mind Crystal - Pathfinder
324. Mind Crystal - Magery
325. Mind Crystal - Resistance
326. Mind Crystal - Energy Pulse
327. Empire Records
328. Mushroom Merlot '91
329. Shard of Release
330. Mithril Woven Robe
331. Archer's Cloak
332. Dragonskin Cloak
333. Pants of Power
334. Pants of Sorrow
335. Robe of the Magi
336. Radiant Robe
337. Rogue's Leather
338. Mauling Leather
339. Shadow Leather
340. Icy Chain Mail
341. Polished Plate Mail
342. Assassin's Dagger
343. Diamond Dagger
344. Flaming Sword
345. Icy Longsword
346. Demonslayer
347. Ghoulbane
348. Giantslayer
349. Jade Halberd
350. Obsidian Spear
351. Alien Blade
352. Acid Arrows
353. Bolts of Life
354. Arrows of Light
355. Acid Bolts
356. Boots of Speed
357. Nimble Boots
358. Bloodthirst Spear
359. Crystal Shield
360. Serendipity Knife
361. Nimble Gloves
362. Gauntlets of Might
363. Piercing Crystal
364. Unshackling Crystal
365. Recall Crystal
366. Searing Crystal
367. Shielding Spike
368. Spidersilk Shirt
369. Stoneshatter Crystal
370. Slith Spear
371. Fine Slith Spear
372. Bag of Sugar
373. Aranea Fangs
374. Ore
375. Historical Scroll
376. Fine Meal
377. Cheap Wine
378. Orb of Thralni
379. Cursed Waveblade
380. Waveblade
381. Fine Waveblade
382. Cursed Razordisk
383. Razordisk
384. Fine Razordisk
385. Vahnatai Cloak
386. Crystal
387. Fine Crystal
388. Gold Ore
389. Rough Diamond
390. Silver Ore
391. Dagger of Hate
392. Fury Crossbow
393. Ring of Pure Focus
394. Fungoid Spine
395. Rope
396. Bar of Uranium
397. Pyrrhic Gauntlets
398. Justice Lance
399. Thinking Cap
400. Anaximander Note
401. Bandit Map Note
402. Map of Krizsan Province
403. Map of Upper Avernum
404. Map of Bigail
405. Map of Karnold
406. Map of Midori
407. Map of Monoroe
408. Black Halberd
409. Spell Tome
410. Book
411. Book
412. Research Tome
413. Curing Potion
414. Xian Skull
415. Xian Coins
416. Xian Vest
417. Xian Slacks
418. Xian Rock
419. Xian Ale
420. Xian Shrub
421. Xian Tome
422. Xian Chainmaill
423. Xian Pouch
424. Spellshard *
425. Charm
426. Ring of Endless Magery
427. Bliss Elixir
428. Rogue's Elixir
429. Amber Shield
430. Wyrmslayer
431. Rentar Charm
432. Spidersilk Tunic
433. Radiant Slith Spear
434. Lucky Charm
435. Wilderness Boots
436. Fire Orb Charm
437. Piercing the Lost Portals
438. Robe of Magery
439. Chieftain Charm
440. Fungal Armor
441. Lab Notes
442. Pirate's Blade
443. Map of Footracer
444. Red Scale Armor
445. Pears
446. Apples
447. Cake
448. Meat on Spit
449. Crafted Chain Mail
450. Basket
451. Clay Pot
452. Teapot
453. Mug
454. Tecup
455. Boardgame
456. Potted Plant
457. Hourglass
458. Carved Stone Spiral
459. Lovely Stone Spiral
460. Saw
461. Plank
462. Stone Blocks
463. Bottle of Ale
464. Bottle of Wine
465. Unicorn Horn
466. Perfect Flower
467. Humanskin Gloves
468. Incense
469. Skribbane Herb
470. Pilgrim's Cloak
471. Gremlin Wine
472. Mung Bracelet
473. Prismatic Torc
474. Savory Herbs
475. Fine Clothes
476. Iridium Pants
477. Troglo Cap
478. Mithril Blade
479. Giant's Shield
480. Ursagi Skin Armor
481. Sack of Fine Meal
482. Tremor Boots
483. Damp Papers
484. Beastslayer
485. Barrier Tunnel Map
486. Troglo History
487. Vothkaro Message
488. Dryad's Blessed Charm
489. Field Plate Mail
490. Jewel of Return
491. Ring of Bone
492. Golem Diadem
493. Wyrmskin Boots
494. Naturewalker's Torc
495. Prismatic Mail
496. Ruby Helmetl Helmet
497. Passage Stone
498. Black Halberd
499. Pachtar's Plate Mail
     (courtesy of Jec'aisoa)
 * - This item cannot be added through the editor.

Special Items:

1. Unused
2. Unused
3. Unused
4. Unused
5. Unused
6. Unused
7. Unused
8. Unused
9. Unused
10. Unused
11. Twisted Steel Key
12. Giant's Key
13. Stone Key
14. Lost Papers
15. Reward Slip
16. Key to Hawke's Manse
17. Silver Key
18. Large Iron Key
19. Vahnatai Crypt Key
20. Electrum Key
21. Twisted Gold Key
22. Stolen Package
23. Dirty Anama Ring
24. Scroll From Prazac
25. Scroll From Anaximander
26. Soul Crystal
27. Drawing of Rune
28. Withered Scales
29. Crystal Shards
30. Hot Crystal Shards
31. Silver Runed Amulet
32. Crystal Statue
33. Cooling Amulets
34. Thought Crystal
35. Book on Teleportation
36. Blessed Athame
37. Erika's Amulet
38. Metal Lumps
39. Egg of the Phoenix
40. Anama Rings
41. Suspicious Package
42. Scroll of Passage
43. Sharimik Ring
44. Troglodyte Message
45. Silver Ring
46. Love Letter
47. Good Luck Charm
48. Embroidered Favor
49. Locket With Painting
50. General Baziron Message
51. Unused
52. Blue Crystal Key
53. Guardian Key
54. Key
55. Grimoire of Thren

(courtesy of Tycho Maudd)


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Version .5 - The first two plagues and the orb quest are completed. 
Expect the rest soon.