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                             The Journeyman Project 
                                    By, L621 
                    Last Updated 7/20/02 (Version 6.0 Final)
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                               Table of Contents: 

                              I. E-Mail Guidelines
                              II. Version History/Updates 
                              III. Note 
                              IV. 2318 Caldoria North America (1) 
                              V. 2318 Temporal Security Annex 
                              VI. 199 BC Prehistoric 
                              VII. 2185 Morimoto Mars Colony 
                              VIII. World Science Center 
                              IX. Norad VI 
                              X. 2318 Caldoria North America (2) 
                              XI. FAQ's 
                              XII. Copyright Information 
                              I. E-Mail Guidelines 
If you would like to e-mail me about this game go ahead. Put Journeyman  
Project or something similar as the subject or I will probably delete it 
without checking to see what it is, nothing personal. If you see something that 
needs to be corrected please let me know. Don't send me chain letters, don't 
send me spam mail and don't send me links. If you do I will block you. Pretty 
much everything I know about this game is in the Walkthrough but if you have a 
question that isn't in here send it to me and I'll try to answer it. If I can't 
I'll add it to the FAQ's and someone else might be able to. 
                              II. Version History 
Version 6.0 7/20/02 - Updated the sites that have my permission to use this.

Version 5.0 7/16/02  Minor things here and there.

Version 4.0 2/23/02  Found all answers to the questions in the FAQ section. 
Minor changes.

Version 3.0 8/1/01 - Fixed a spelling error. Little changes. Added a FAQ's 
section for questions I get that I can't answer. 
Version 2.0 2/22/01 - Tried to make this look nicer. Added some little things 
here and there and made some changes. There won't be many updates for this 
Walkthrough unless I get some corrections or new information. 
Version 1.0 2/14/01 - First 
                                   III. Note 
You really should save often. There are a lot of ways to be killed in this game 
and if you don't save your game you will either have to start over or do some 
missions (or parts) over again. You save with the Interface Biochip, which you 
have when the game starts. There is more than one way to beat the "levels" I 
have only added the ways I have beaten them. If you find another way that works 
better for you use it, just be sure you still get all the items you need. Also, 
if you do find other ways to get through levels and get all the items that I 
don't have listed, please send them to me and I'll give you full credit. 
                        IV. 2318 Caldoria North America: 
                        Caldoria Heights Apartments (1) 
After you get up turn left and head forward to your desk. A message will appear 
at the left telling you to report to the Temporal Security Annex which is where 
you work. See the card sitting on top of the desk? It's the Transport Card you 
need to get to work. Pick it up by dragging it into your items box. Turn left 
again and you'll see two doors. The door on the left leads to your living room 
area, the door on you right leads to the bathroom. Click on doors to open them. 
You'll get another message telling you to report to work but don't worry about 
it. Look around some, turn on the lamp on your desk, turn on the sink, flush 
the toilet, and look in the mirror if you want. One thing you really should 
check out is the Hi Rez 4D Environ System in the living area. Walk into the 
purple chairs and choose from Mountain, Seascape, or Cosmos to be surrounded by 
a virtual environment. When you're done take the door leading out of your 
apartment into the hallway. You can walk around your floor to find out where 
your neighbors are by clicking the intercoms next to their doors or you can 
just go right and head to the elevator. Click the black box next to the doors 
to call the elevator. You'll hear it coming towards you then pass by to the 
roof before coming back. When it gets there step inside and turn around to pick 
your floor. If you go to the roof you'll find a locked door and a message 
telling you why the Rooftop Observatory is closed. You can't go to floors two 
or three but that's okay you're going to floor one. When you get off the 
elevator go right to reach the lobby. Another message telling you to get your 
butt to work, oh well. If you turn left you'll see the Global Transporter. You 
can walk around some more if you want. You get a nice view from the lobby 
window and you can learn more about Caldoria Heights by clicking the question 
mark on the Kiosk across from the Global Transporter. When you've finished 
exploring click on the Global Transporter then get in. You'll get a message 
telling you you're late for work. There is no way to get to work on time so 
don't beat yourself up about it. Put your Transport Card into the slot on the 
right when told to by dragging it over. You'll have four options, Hard Rock 
Tokyo, Flagstaff Beach AZ, Temporal Security Annex or Other. If you choose 
anywhere but the Temporal Security Annex you die, literally.  
                        V. 2318 Temporal Security Annex
After you get out of the Global Transporter walk down to the door and press 
6894895 when asked for the code. Once the scanning is finished the door will 
open. Go down the hall and enter the Command Center on your left. There will be 
a red light flashing above the door to let you know which room to go to. Go 
over to the chair facing the screens and click the left monitor. Enter 0524133 
when asked for the code. Click on Background to hear about the Time Machine, 
click on Theory to hear about how it works then click on Procedure to learn 
what you need to do. When you've listened to them all click RTN and an alarm 
will go off. Get up and go back out into the hall. See that flashing light on 
the door at the end? That's the Ready Room. Go down and into the room. Walk 
into the Biosupport Suit Generator on the far left. Next you need to get the 
Journeyman Key from behind the blue glass and the Biochips from the compartment 
under the blue glass. Click on the glass and compartment (with the handle) to 
open them then drag the items into your inventory. Don't forget anything 
because you can't get back in once you leave the room. Leave the room; do you 
see that hallway on the right? Go down there to the door at the end. Click the 
black square to open the door. Get in the Time Machine, click the date (199 BC) 
on the left then activate. 
                             VI. 199 BC Prehistoric 
Welcome to the past. If you walk forward you'll fall off a cliff and die so 
don't do that. Instead, turn around and follow the path. You'll see some 
dinosaur shadows but don't worry they can't get to you. When you get to the end 
click the Journeyman symbol then use the Journeyman Key to get the Log Disk. 
Once you have it use the Pegasus Biochip to return to the Temporal Security 
Annex. Head back to the Command Center and place the Log Disk into the drive on 
the right. Enter 0291384 when asked for the code. Watch all of the reports then 
click RTN when you're done. Things are quite different eh? Now it's time to put 
things back the way they should be. Go back to the Time Machine. You have a 
choice of 3 time periods, 2112 Norad VI, 2185 Morimoto Mars Colony or 2310 
World Science Center. You need to go to Mars first, click it then click 
                         VII. 2185 Morimoto Mars Colony 
Turn around and go forward until you see the robot pass by. You will soon learn 
this robot is Ares and it is NOT your friend. Follow Ares to the left. There 
are blue screens on either side of the hall you just came out of where you can 
learn more about Mars and the Mars Colony by clicking on them. Go through the 
door on the right at the end of the (left) hall and you will find a cart. Step 
into it and turn left to get the Wire Cutters and the Maintenance Key then turn 
around and flip the switch to get to the other end of the tunnel. If you try to 
go back you will be killed. Exit the cart to your left and go through the door. 
Walk forward and drag the Oxygen Mask up to the groove at the top to fill it. 
It should now be in your inventory. Go back to the door you just came through 
but don't open it. QUICKLY go (press) right, right, forward immediately or Ares 
will kill you when you first turn. After you get out of his way he will pass by 
you so it's safe to go back. Go right to see what Ares was doing to in the 
Shield Generator. Go to the purple screen and Return to Last Position. When you 
get there lower the diagnostic screen and use the Maintenance Key to open the 
Access Panel Cover. Choose Run Diagnostics and you'll discover a bomb which you 
need to disarm by clicking Attempt Circuit Link to Detonator.

A puzzle! Your job is to figure out which colors go in which of the three 
places. There are three Levels. At Level 1 there will be Red, Yellow and Green. 
At Level 2 there will be Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. At Level 3 there will be 
Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. You have 5 tries to get the correct order 
at each level and you have 7  
minutes to do this so it's a good idea to save before you start.

Take the Access Card Bomb and return to the hallway. Put on the Oxygen Mask by 
clicking it in your inventory then clicking Use in the message box. Go into the 
door (?) Ares went in, click Pressurize and wait for it to finish then click 
Spin. When it stops turn around and you'll see a red hallway. You might want to 
save again here. Use your Mapping Biochip before you walk out because this is a 
maze and the Biochip will show you where you've been if you get lost. I will 
tell you the way you need to go but if you follow my directions you have to 
watch the screen and not the Mapping Biochip or it will probably confuse you. 
Also note when I say turn left (or right) it means to go that way when there is 
an opening for you to go through NOT when there is nothing but wall to your 
left (or right) get it? Anyway here's where to go... 
Start out by walking down the hall and turning left, take the first right, then 
take another right when you can, then go left, then left again, you'll see an 
opening on your right but keep going past it until you get to the next opening 
on the right, take it then go left, then left again, then right, then right 
again, then right yet again, then left, then right one last time and you should 
see some crates (?) moving up on a conveyer belt. 
It might be easier for some of you if I write it like this... 
Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, 2nd Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, 
Left, Right. Did it help? 
Okay, now that you are at the end you have to walk on top of one of the  
crates. Walk forward as soon as you see the floor coming down or you will fall 
off and die. Well, now that that's over with go forward, Pressurize then Spin. 
Turn around and follow Ares when you see him. You can still check out the blue 
information screens if you missed them before. Go down to shuttle dock 3 (this 
is where you started) and click the door to get in. Sit back and watch until 
you get out into space. The Graviton Cannon is on your left; the Energy Beam, 
Tractor Beam and Close Remote Transporter are all on the right. The Red Gage in 
the top left corner shows you how much energy Ares's shuttle has left. If you 
hit it with the Energy Beam once and the Graviton Cannon twice (i.e. Cannon, 
Beam, Cannon OR Cannon, Cannon, Beam OR Beam, Cannon, Cannon) you will do 
enough damage to use the Tractor Beam. Be careful because if you do too much 
damage the shuttle and Ares will explode. You really DON'T want that to happen, 
you'll see why. As I was saying, that should do enough damage to keep Ares from 
being able to break away from the Tractor Beam. Wait for Ares to fly into the 
center of the screen then click the shuttle to pull it closer to you. When it 
stops use the Close Remote Transporter to beam to the shuttle. Click Ares's 
head and QUICKLY drag the Trace and Optical Memory Biochips into your 
inventory, you need them. Aren't you glad you didn't blow Ares up? Back in the 
Time Machine check out the Optical Memory Biochip. So now you know why the 
timeline is screwed up. Ah well, time to go on our next mission. Go to 2310 
Word Science Center. 
               VIII. 2310 World Science Center Sydney, Australia  
What another robot? Yep, this one is Mercury and it's not happy to see you. 
After Mercury transforms into a scientist and leaves a message will appear 
asking you if you'd like to remove the dart. Click yes then turn around, click 
the monitor and put the dart into the analyzer. When it's finished turn back 
around take a step forward then turn right and click the blue screen. Another 
puzzle! This one is a type of memory game. To make an Antidote you have to drag 
all 6 of the molecules on the right onto the big mass of molecules on the left 
in the correct order. You will do this three times but they go on in the same 
order each time which is... 
1 - The O looking molecule. 
2 - The J looking molecule. 
3 - The } looking molecule. 
4 - The /_\ looking molecule. 
5 - The C looking molecule. 
6 - The Y looking molecule. 
When you put one on you will hear a ding if it's correct. If it's incorrect you 
will hear a buzz and have to start over. When you finish turn around and get 
the Antidote. Now you can look around if you'd like. There is a hologram of 
Ares, Dr. Elliot's video journal and a quite disgusting dissection video (click 
the machine next to Dr. Elliot's journal). When you're finished exit into the 
hall through the green door. Have your Wire Cutters ready and either equip the 
Trace Biochip or follow my directions below. If you are using the Trace Biochip 
just follow Mercury's footprints, if not go left down the hall then take the 
hall to the right then take the next hall to the left. Walk down until you see 
a gray door on your left. Make sure your Wire Cutters are showing in your 
inventory box because you need to use them fast. Open the door and enter the 
room. Either cut the cable on your right then touch the wires to the grating 
Mercury is standing on OR cut the lock off the box to your left, click the 
green screen then click TEST. Either way Mercury will come towards you and 
collapse at your feet. QUICKLY take the Optical Memory, Shield and Retinal 
Biochips from its head. After it disappears take the Stun Gun as well. Whew, 
two down one to go. Once again check out the Optical  
Memory Biochip then head to 2112 Norad VI. 
                         IX. 2112 Norad VI, SE. PAC RIM 
Yep, another robot, Posiedon. Put on the Oxygen Mask as soon as you can. Check 
out the security if you'd like by clicking the screen to the left of the door. 
Don't click anything else in the room or you will be blown up. When you're 
ready to go use your Retinal Biochip then go through the door. Turn RIGHT and 
walk BACKWARDS up the hall as far as you can. You want to know why you did that 
right? Well, if you just walk right up the hall Posiedon will shoot you. Of 
course if you want to just go for it and get shot use the Shield Biochip first. 
If you walked backwards turn around and go through the door, if you decided to 
get shot just go through the door at the end of the hall where Posiedon was 
standing. (You can also go left of the door to see what Posiedon is up to if 
you'd like.) To get through this door you have to click and hold the down arrow 
until the pressure is even. The pressure gage is the red bars. Now go forward 
and through the door to the Control Room, remember how to get back here. Go 
left and through the doors until you reach a hallway leading to the left. If 
you used the Shield Biochip be sure to change to your Retinal Biochip then 
click on the door. After getting scanned you may want to save because this next 
part might take a few tries to get right. Go up to the globe and click the 
right monitor twice. It's another game! This one can be hard if you don't know 
much about the world. If you have an old Geography book or world map around the 
house you might want to find it and look for the places I list before trying 
this. Posiedon is going to send missiles to ten different places around the 
world and you have to override the command before it reaches each place. To 
make this even harder you have to use the white track ball on the desk to move 
a black cursor around the globe to each place and click the override button on 
the blue screen. To make this even harder still you have a time limit to find 
each place which goes down as you get closer to the end. To move the cursor 
around click on the track ball where you want the cursor to be on the globe. 
That probably confused you but I can't explain it any better. You'll get the 
hang of it pretty quickly after some trial and error. Here are the locations 
and the times you have to find them... 
1  - Honolulu, Hawaii        2 minutes 
2  - Dublin, Ireland         1 minute 50 seconds 
3  - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia   1 minute 40 seconds 
4  - San Antonio, Texas      1 minute 30 seconds 
5  - Bangkok, Thailand       1 minute 20 seconds 
6  - Bonn, Germany           1 minute 10 seconds 
7  - Seoul, South Korea      1 minute 
8  - Reykjavik, Iceland      50 seconds 
9  - Svortalsk, Siberia      40 seconds 
10 - Madrid, Spain           30 seconds 
After you're finally done with that Posiedon will be quite pissed and come 
after you. Head back to the Control Room and do one of two things to kill 
Posiedon. Either go to the Control Room door and raise the pressure all the way 
to crush him OR go over to the computers, click the right screen and use the 
loading arm (click Program then Activate) to squeeze him. Quickly take the 
Optical Memory Biochip from his head. Watch it when you exit the Time Machine. 
Now that things are back to normal you have to stop Dr. Elliot. Leave the 
Temporal Security Annex and get inside the Global Transporter. Put your 
Transport Card into the slot when asked and go back to Caldoria Heights 
                        X. 2318 Caldoria North America: 
                        Caldoria Heights Apartments (2) 
Remember when you were waiting for the elevator way back at the beginning of 
the game? Remember how it went up to the Rooftop Observatory before coming back 
to pick you up? Good. Go up to the roof and use the Access Card Bomb you 
disarmed at the Mars Colony to blow open the door to the Rooftop Observatory. 
You'll find Dr. Elliot getting ready to kill the alien ambassador. You better 
stop him! Use the Stun Gun you picked up from Mercury to stun him. 
Congratulations, you just beat the game. 
                                   XI. FAQ's 
Q: Where can I get a copy of the book that comes with the game?
Q: I'm having problems saving or using saves I've made, what should I do? 
A: Use this link http://www.presto.com/v4/help/jturbo.asp to go to the main 
site. There are links to the information that should help and a copy of the 
user manual. 

Q: Why is there a space for another Biochip? 
A: Presto says: There is an extra biochip slot because we planned to put 
another chip in there (I think it was going to be the "video" chip). But, we 
ran out of time and space on the cd-rom. Instead of re-designing the entire 
interface they left it that way. Sorry for all the confusion. You have all the 
biochips available to you. 
                           XII. Copyright Information 
This FAQ is for personal use only. You can print it or parts of it for that 
reason only. Do not copy any part of this document and claim it as your own or 
you will be guilty of plagiarism, which is punishable by law. If you post it on 
your site, publish it, use it in any kind of promotional way or use it in any 
way for personal gain, civil and/or criminal charges can and will be pressed 
against you. This FAQ/Walkthrough is only to appear at: www.GameFAQs.com 
http://dlh.net/english.html gamenemesis.com This document is  L621; 2001-2002