• Cheat Codes

    To use cheat codes, open up Aliens vs Predatorô Cheat, and go to the console during gameplay. There, type these in:

    Adjust blue amount in skySKY_BLUE <#>
    Adjust green value in skySKY_GREEN <#>
    Adjust red value in skySKY_RED <#>
    Adjust sound levelCDVOLUME <# between 0 -127>
    Adjusts amount of screen tilt when side-steppingLEANSCALE <#>
    Broadcast messageSAY
    Broadcast message to your speciesSAY_SPECIES
    Change game speedTIMESCALE <# between 0.0 - 1.0>
    Change motion tracker speedMOTIONTRACKERSPEED <# between 0 -16>
    Change motion tracker volumeMOTIONTRACKERVOLUME <# between 0.00 - 1.00>
    Clear all key buildingsUNBIND-ALL
    Create Alien botALIENBOT
    Create light auraLIGHT
    Create Marine botMARINEBOT
    Create Praetorian Alien botPRAETORIANBOT
    Create Predator botPREDOBOT
    Create Predator-Alien botPREDALIENBOT
    Create Xenoborg botXENOBORG
    Decreases detail levelDETAIL_LEVEL_MIN
    Display kill countSHOW_SCORE
    Get name of player closest to center of screenID_PLAYER
    Gives all weapons and ammoGIVEALLWEAPONS
    God Mode (Predator)SKULLCOLLECTOR
    Increases detail levelDETAIL_LEVEL_MAX
    Invisible to enemiesOBSERVER
    Kill all AliensNUKEALIENS
    Kill all MarinesNUKEMARINES
    Kill all PredatorsNUKEPREDS
    List all key buildingsLISTBIND
    List all text expansionsLISTEXP
    List cheat commandsLISTCMD
    List in-game helpLISTVAR
    More detailed text expansion reportsEXPV
    Restores field energyGIMME_CHARGE
    Select music trackCDPLAY
    Select music track to be loopedCDPLAYLOOP
    Show # of rendered polygonsSHOWPOLYCOUNT
    Show coordinatesSHOWCOORDS
    Show frame rateSHOWFPS
    Stop playing current music trackCDSTOP
    Take screen shotSCREENSHOT
    Toggle crouchingCROUCHMODE <1 or 0>
    Toggle doppler shift on soundsDOPPLERSHIFT <1 or 0>
    Toggle opponent movementEXTRAPOLATE_MOVEMENT
    Toggle wire frame modeWIREFRAMEMODE <1 or 0>

    Contributed By: CRigflo and Starky27.

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