Speed Walkthrough by Whitechocobo666

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Version 1.0
Author: whitechocobo666
ASCII by Angelwingnl!

Ok, this walkthrough shows you how to complete the game as fast as 
possible!  You'll want to be pretty good at fallout, and played it 
before, too.  You should definitely know all the basics and stuff, 
because I'm assuming that you do.  The manual tells you, even.  
Mainly what you do is go straight to the Military Base, then to LA 
Boneyard, then to the Cathedral, to finish the game.  It is pretty 
difficult though, since you don't level up much, and you'll have to 
save/reload a lot, so if your saving and reloading is really slow 
like it is for me in Fallout 2, you'll probably get TOO bored doing 

Anyway, I do this with the unpatched version of Fallout, and I think 
it's the American version, although that won't make much difference, 
I shouldn't think.




Version 1.0, First release and stuff, yay!


Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com) because I like it.

All the people at the Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com) Fallout message 
board, I probably learnt most of my Fallout 1 stuff from there, 
because I didn't play this one until after Fallout 2, oh well.

The Gamefaqs Fallout (1) Board old school founders - Dark07, 
Matarael, Aya, Dark08 and Omega someone, yay!  Too bad Dark08 and 
Omega aren't around anymore, oh well.

And AngelWingnl for the ascii, which I seem to use in all my faqs, 


How you make your character in this way of completing Fallout is very 
important, mainly because you have to be sort of good at fighting, be 
smart to take the robots off line, and lots of other stuff.


Strength: 4.  You don't really need strength at all, pretty much the 
only weapon you use is the 10mm pistol, although you may use the 
rocket launcher, but you're going to be a bad shot with it anyway, 
and there's always Buffout to increase your strength, which you 
should start off with...

Perception: 8.  You need perception, because you have to shoot that 
mutant at the start of the military base, and a few other mutants 
after that.

Endurance: 6.  You don't really need it too much, but you do need 
some good HP, to survive the broken forcefields, and a laser rifle 
blast, sometimes.

Charisma: 1.  You don't get any NPCs, so it doesn't really matter at 

Intelligence: 9.  You need a high intelligence for a few conversation 
and computer options you need at the start of the military base.  And 
since you don't level up much, you'll need all the skill points you 
can get.

Agility: 6.  6 Agility gives you 8 AP, which is pretty good.  If you 
raised it up to 8 for 9 AP, you'd miss out on the other stats, which 
isn't worth it.

Luck: 6.  6 is always a good amount of luck to have, mainly it's just 
here so you don't have to save/reload EVEN MORE.  You need the 
critical hits to cripple mutants, to survive the entrance to the 
military base...


Traits just give you a little bit more of a chance, they only have to 
be short term, so you don't need ones that increase your stats by 
massive amounts or other crazy stuff like that.

Fast Metabolism:  You only get injured in the military base, which 
you have heaps of time to heal from while travelling, and healing 
wastes time, anyway.

Bruiser:  You need the AP, you don't need the extra strength.

Small Frame:  Could be pretty good actually, because you don't really 
need to carry much, but you don't need the extra point, either.  Take 
it if you want.

One Hander:  Because you use the 10mm pistol from the start, this is 
good.  In the one main hard battle you do, you'll need to be able to 
hit, this'll help.  Of course, you do have to blow up two mutants 
with the rocket launcher, which might be a bit difficult...  But 
you'll manage, I did.

Finesse:  I hate finesse usually, but you need the criticals in this 
to cripple, you don't need overall damage.  And if you do, there's 
always the rocket launcher.

Kamikaze:  We've got high perception (and therefore sequence), so we 
don't need it.  Otherwise, I'd take it.  I originally took it when I 
was testing my character with a lower perception, that's why my 
character has the name Kazekami.

Heavy Handed:  You need criticals, so you don't want this.

Fast Shot:  The only way you can play the game this fast is by 
crippling limbs with targeted shots, so no.

Bloody Mess:  Doesn't do anything, and you sort of need these traits 
to do something, so only have it if you don't like my character _.

Jinxed:  Won't do anything good for you, because you only want 
critical hits, not failures.

Good Natured:  You don't want the skills that get good from this at 
all, and you need your combat skills.

Chem Reliant:  You only use drugs twice in the game, and it doesn't 
matter if you get withdrawal, because at that time, you're travelling 

Chem Resistant:  It doesn't matter if you get addicted...  Well, the 
second time you take drugs it doesn't really, but you can just 
save/load, anyway.

Night Person:  You get to the military base at day time, so no.

Skilled:  Would be good, as the perks are pretty useless.  Oh well.

Gifted:  You don't need the stats, and you need the skills.

Good traits:
One Handed
Small Frame

Ok traits:
Fast Metabolism
Bloody Mess
Chem Reliant
Chem Resistant

Bad traits:
Heavy Handed
Fast Shot
Good Natured
Night Person

I took Finesse and One Handed.


You get to tag three skills, and that's about how many you use in the 

Small Guns:  You don't need to increase it, but you should tag it at 
the start for the extra 20% on your skill, which you'll need to take 
out the mutant guard.

Big Guns:  You won't really use it much, but you'll increase it once.  
You do get a rocket launcher near the start which is pretty good, 
though, but you don't need to kill many people at all...

Energy weapons:  Same as big guns, but you get a laser rifle at the 
start instead of a rocket launcher...  The rocket launcher's better 
though, I think.

Unarmed:  You may use this at the end, when you fight the two mutants 
in the Cathedral, as it's dark in there, and you can't use the rocket 
launcher or laser rifle very well.

Melee:  You aren't going to use it.

Throwing:  You aren't going to use it.

First Aid:  You aren't going to use it.

Doctor:  You aren't going to use it.

Sneak:  You are going to use sneak a little bit in the military base, 
although I'm not sure if it really makes a difference at all, but tag 
it, for the extra starting skill.

Steal:  You'll use it once, but you can just save/reload.

Lockpick:  You need this at the end, to increase to 80% or so, but 
you'll have enough skill points sitting around to increase it enough, 

Traps:  You aren't going to use it.

Science:  You need this in the Military Base to hack the robot 
control computer, and you need it in the Cathedral to blow it up, so 
it's a good tag.

Repair:  You aren't going to use it.

Speech:  Don't need this one really, you only talk once, and 
intelligence is good enough for that.

Barter:  You aren't going to use it.

Gambling:  You aren't going to use it.

Outdoorsman:  You can pretty much run away from all random 

I tagged Small Guns, Sneak, and Speech.


Ok, this is what your character should be like...

                         VAULT-13 PERSONNEL RECORD
                        05 December 2161  0721 hours

  Name: Kazekami           Age: 25               Gender: Male
 Level: 01                 Exp: 0            Next Level: 1,000

 ::: Statistics :::
       Strength: 04         Hit Points: 031/031         Sequence: 04
     Perception: 08        Armor Class: 006         Healing Rate: 02
      Endurance: 06      Action Points: 08      Critical Chance: 016%
       Charisma: 01       Melee Damage: 01     Carry Weight: 125 lbs.
   Intelligence: 09        Damage Res.: 000%
        Agility: 06     Radiation Res.: 012%
           Luck: 06        Poison Res.: 030%

 ::: Traits :::           ::: Perks :::      ::: Karma :::
  One Hander                                  Reputation (General) 0

 ::: Skills :::                ::: Kills :::
  Small Guns ..... 061%
  Big Guns ....... 016%
  Energy Weapons . 016%
  Unarmed ........ 070%
  Melee Weapons .. 060%
  Throwing ....... 046%
  First aid ...... 038%
  Doctor ......... 023%
  Sneak .......... 051%
  Lockpick ....... 027%
  Steal .......... 026%
  Traps .......... 027%
  Science ........ 063%
  Repair ......... 029%
  Speech ......... 027%
  Barter ......... 022%
  Gambling ....... 038%
  Outdoorsman .... 012%

 ::: Inventory :::
  1x Knife                 1x 10mm Pistol           3x 10mm JHP            
  4x Stimpak               2x Flare                 2x Mentats             
  2x Buffout             

                                      Total Weight: 10 lbs.


You get like two perks, on in the military base, where you can choose 
whatever you want.  When you get up to level 6, you've pretty much 
finished the game anyway, but Sharpshooter is good, to shoot the 
Overseer better.


- You're going to have to save and reload a fair bit.
- Don't rest to heal yourself, ever.  Reload instead.
- If you get an encounter near the start where you waste time looking 
for water, reload until you don't.
- When you get random encounters, keep hitting 'a' so that you get 
the first round in them.
- Put the combat descriptions on brief instead of verbose in the 
options, it's easier to tell the enemies (well, the one enemy that 
you cripple) are crippled that way.
- When you use stimpaks, keep reloading until you gain 16+ hit points 
back from each one.
- When you go through the orange barriers, make sure you don't get 
more than 14 points of damage each time, otherwise, reload.
- It doesn't matter too much, but try not to get addicted to buffout, 
else you can't shoot the overseer at the end as well...  Guess what 
you have to do, if you do get addicted?
- Make sure you have at least one rocket left for your rocket 
launcher at the end of the game.


I'm playing on medium difficulty, with medium combat.  Do whatever 
you want.

Ok, you start off with the Overseer telling you what you are supposed 
to do.  Don't listen to what he says, you aren't going to do it.  You 
can kill him later, anyway.  

VAULT 13 (0721 - 5th December)

You'll end up outside your Vault, in the cavern.  Search the dead 
body and take the 10mm AP ammo, dump your knife and flares on the 
body, and put the ammo in your 10mm pistol.  Now kill those rats 
running around.  There's like 19 of them, and it'll give you some 
experience, shoot them from close so your ammo lasts to kill all of 
them.  If you run out of ammo, go unarmed.  Remember to reload the 
JHP into your gun when you've finished the AP ammo.  It doesn't 
matter if you get damaged, because you'll be travelling a bit anyway, 
and you'll heal.  Head out of the cave to the west.

You're on the world map, head directly west.  Try to go in a straight 
line, after going over the mountains, you'll be on flatland, and save 
straight away.  Keep going west until you get to the Military Base, 
which is four squares from the edge of the map, and 13 from Vault 13.  
Hmm... 13.  If you get a bad encounter, run away.  If you get an 
encounter where you got thirsty and had to search for water for x 
hours, then reload and try again until you don't.

MILITARY BASE (0934 - 20th December)

Ok, now you're about to take on a Military Base, armed with your 10mm 
pistol.  Yippee.  Good thing the Fallout series is such a good game, 
and you're able to sneak in without anyone noticing.

You can see the mutant guard to the right, so go and hide behind the 
rock.  Now, after a few seconds, he'll walk over to the guardhouse, 
so now's your chance to run in.  Run to the bottom side of the gate, 
and once you get through, stay close to the fence, and continue left.  
As you run in the gate, there's another mutant walking down from 
north of the guardhouse, so you have to do that bit quickly.

Now, save your game.  Keep going right until you reach where the 
fence connects to the front of the military base.  To the north a bit 
should be a mutant standing guard to the door.  Put on your sneak 
mode, hug the base wall, and start walking towards the door.  If he 
notices, reload until you get to the door.  If you make it, save your 
game again.  Try and sneak up to two hexes away from him, if you can.

Sometimes there, he notices you and talks to you, and offers to take 
you to the lieutenant straight from there.  Don't do it.  Try and say 
you're on a special mission, and if he believes it, walk up to him, 
start combat, and save.  If not, just reload and try to get close to 
him again.  You need the weapon and the experience to get out of the 
base, so you can't let him take you in.

Now for the toughest fight of the game, but you've saved.  Get out 
your 10mm pistol, run one hex toward him and start combat.  Shoot 
your gun at the mutant's left or right arm, it doesn't matter which.  
If you don't cripple his arm, reload until you do.  Then save the 
game.  Next round, he'll get out his Pulse Grenades and throw them at 
you, doing no damage.  He only has two of them though, so get ready 
after that...  This round, you have to cripple one of his legs, so 
keep saving and reloading until you do.  Make sure you're two hexes 
away though, because that's how far he can move after one of his legs 
are crippled.  For the remaining rounds, shoot him (reload if you 
miss), walk away two steps, he'll follow you, then repeat until he's 
dead.  You should only take a round or two to do that, because you 
should do pretty good damage while crippling his arms and legs.  
Anyway, try and go south while you're taking your two steps back, so 
you don't get in range of the other mutants (there's one north of the 
one you just fought).  Or, you can always try for shots that make him 
lose his next turn.

*** level up - save your skill points for now, you'll level up in a 
second.  Any other level ups you get, save your points until I say.

When he's dead, search his body and take all his stuff, and save your 
game, just in case.  Now use the radio, you should have three options 
with your intelligence, choose the bottom one (the one about being 
attacked), and you get experience for tricking the mutants to leave.  
Now look at the holodisc you just got, and use it, and in the little 
status window it should say that 'KODE xxxxxx' is written on the 
holodisc.  Now go to the door to the Base, and then unlock it, and go 

The alarm should NOT be on, if you chose the third option on the 
radio to send the mutants away earlier.  You're pretty stuffed if it 
is, because you don't have a good repair skill to take down the 
barriers... yet.

Anyway, head north in the base, and then enter a room to the left 
with computers in it.  Use science on the middle computer until you 
hack into it.  Go into the commands, and then set pest control to 
large sized creatures, set the robot sensors and movement to minimal, 
so the robots don't walk around everywhere (although they probably 
won't anyway _).

Head right out of that room, and head right further, going around the 
passage to the north when you do.  There should be a room with three 
dead mutants on the ground, behind an orange forcefield.

I suppose this next bit is optional, but do it anyway.

Ok, these orange forcefield are annoying.  Save before you go through 
it, and if you take more than 14 damage, keep reloading until you 
don't.  Take a rocket launcher and the rockets off one of the mutant 
bodies, and then keep using science on the top computer until you get 
something about the only hidden directory to be the card game, then 
keep on clicking on the computer until you break it in a game of 21, 
then save.  Now use science on that computer.  If it gets a message 
that you managed to power down half of the forcefields, that's good, 
if you don't, then reload until you do (This should make it easier to 
escape, although it doesn't seem to work _).  Now exit through the 
orange barrier (make sure you don't get too much damage, etc., I 
don't need to say that anymore).  Now, you'll probably need to use a 
stimpak.  Save, then use it.  If you don't get more than 16 points 
healed, then reload and try again until you do.  (Use stimpaks from 
now on, whenever you're lower than 16 below your maximum hit points.)

*** You level up in the section above, save your skill points.

Ok, now go back to the first computer room, then head north from 
there, and go through the orange forcefield, enter the lift, and go 
to the third level.

Ok, now head through that orange forcefield, and go right, and wait 
in the passage, and save.  A big mutant wearing black should walk up 
to you soon, and talk to you.  Agree to let him take you to the 

Now the lieutenant speaks to you, choose the second option and the 
first one, and then he leaves the speech screen, and tries to hit 
you.  Now, you have to run north and then up the left passage a bit 
as fast as you can, so he doesn't follow you.  Save if he isn't.  
Now, this bit's a bit hard.  You have to steal his 5 stimpaks off him 
(try to steal the holodisc as well).  You can get him to move by 
going in his field of vision, and then he'll follow you, and then run 
far enough away from him, that he stops.  You have to do this until 
he's back is facing you (which he does a lot), and he has stopped, 
then save your game.  Now, you have to click '3', and then click on 
him, so you run up behind him and steal from him.  Steal the 
stimpaks, and that's all you need.  Try and run away from him after 
that, but if you get hit, just say you won't tell him, and you'll 
have another chance to run away.

You'll be running through the passage to the west (you have to go 
through an orange forcefield).  Near the end of it, head up the north 
passage, where the guys wearing purple robes are.  Use the computer 
that you can actually access (a guy is standing in front of it, he's 
facing north).  Use science on it, then just use it normally after 
you 'manage to get an interface screen'.  Go into the security 
options, and pick the fourth one, which sets the base to a silent, 
300 second ('3 minute', har har) self destruct sequence.

Run out of that room, to the south then right, and enter the elevator 
and go up to level three.  Head to the left a bit, and a bit to the 
north, but don't get in view of the mutant around the corner, and 
then save.  Use enough skill points to get your big gun skill up to 
45% or so.  Use some buffout as well, you need strength to use the 
rocket launcher.  Get out your rocket launcher, turn the bend, and 
shoot him dead.  A mutant in black with a plasma rifle will start 
coming from the room near the lift that you're heading to.  Go north 
a bit through the passage, before the forcefield activates on the 
door that mutant you just killed was guarding.  

Now save your game before the mutant trying to attack you gets 
anywhere near you.  DO NOT save over this one.  There's a bug in my 
game that takes away all the traps in the next room if you save it 
after the mutant walks through, and the mutant ends up back before 
the trap room as well.  Now keep waiting for a while until the mutant 
in black has gone through the trapped floor area (and hopefully taken 
some damage) and is in your sights.  Then hit him with the rocket 
launcher.  You've gotta pretty much kill him in one hit, else he gets 
too close to you and you'll blow yourself up.  So if you don't kill 
him, reload.  Save now.

Ok, so now go north through the trapped room, and you shouldn't get 
hit by any traps, because that mutant just set them off.  Ok, at the 
end of this corridor is that mutant in black that took you to the 
lieutenant.  He won't actually fight you here, but the other ones in 
the corridor south from the lift will.  So, sneak along the north 
wall, until you're one hex diagonally right north from the black 
mutie, then save.  Look at this hopeless diagram to show where you 
should be.
   |  L   |
-----| |------------         Yay, my first ascii.
          1                  Anyway, 1 is you, 2 is the black mutie,
           2                 and 3 are the other two mutants. L is
                             where the lift is.
--|       |---------
  |       |
  |       |
  |    3  |
  |  3    |

Or anyway, something stupid like that.  Make it hexes, turn that 
anti-clockwise a little bit and make it isometric view, and that's 
how it is.

Anyway, since you took that buffout earlier, you'll have 8 agility 
and therefore 9 AP.  That gives you just enough to enter combat mode, 
run into the lift room, and go one hex to the right to be out of view 
of those mutants at 3.  So do that.  Remember not to get too much 
damage from the orange forcefield.  Go up to level 1 again, and save.

You have to do this bit pretty quickly.  Because the alarms are on, 
those stupid robots start to move (if the game was made properly 
though, they shouldn't because you set the computer for them not to 
_) run quickly to the right, until you get to the forcefield.  You 
have to continually repair it (press 8, then click on the forcefield 
emitter) until it goes down, then run through it.

Head south from there, towards the entrance, and save.  The 
forcefield on the left that you came through is up now, and there's 
three mutants in the entrance.  Put sneak on, and keep 'repairing' 
the forcefield emitter until it goes down, then sneak through it, 
hugging the left wall.  The mutant doesn't notice you.  Hug the left 
wall around until you get to the orange forcefield, then go south and 
hug that wall until you get to the exit passageway, and then exit the 
military base.

Now run to the exit grid, (watch out for the mutie in black, one 
might be out the front still, for some reason) and watch the FMV, 
yay!  Ok, now this trip is important, it will be the deciding factor 
in how quick you go...

*** You level up twice, here...  Save your points for a bit.

Ok, firstly, you have to go six squares S-E from the S-E corner of 
the military base square.  Then, you have to go 2 squares south and 1 
square east, five times.  You'll be on the NW corner of the LA 
Boneyard square now.  I'll draw a stupid little map here, although I 
hope you can understand that, because I don't know if you'll be able 
to understand this.

M = Military Base, L = LA Boneyard.

It's pretty much like that _.  But you should be able to work it 
out yourself, just try and get the same, or a better, time than what 
I did.

LA BONEYARD (0052 - 2nd January)

The guards'll say something to you, it doesn't matter.  Leave the 
screen to the north, then leave that screen to the west, and you'll 
be at the Followers of the Apocalypse building.

Enter the building to the north.  The room with an ice chest, locker 
and a desk has purple robes lying on the ground, take one of them, 
and put them on.  Leave the building, and leave the screen to the 
west, again.  Travel straight south two squares on the map, and enter 
the Cathedral.

CATHEDRAL (2112 (or around that) - 02 January)

Ok, walk north from the entrance and enter the cathedral.  Head up 
the passageway and enter the worship room, go behind the girl in the 
leather jacket, and save.  Steal her red CoC badge, and use it on the 
door behind her and go through it.  Go up the stairs a few times, 
until you're at the top.  

Enter the right room, the one with Morpheus in (the robed guy).  Go 
behind him and save, and steal the black CoC badge off him.  Go into 
the main room on this level, search the bookcase for some electronic 
lockpicks.  Put your lockpick skill up to about 80%, and put the rest 
in science (which you tagged).  You should have 80% lockpick and like 
87% science now, because you should be on level 5 or higher.  Go and 
pick the lock to the footlocker in the room, and take the power fist.  
Now go back down to the first level.

Go up to the back room (the one behind the worship room), and use the 
black CoC badge on the door to open it.  Go into the room, and go 
down the stairs.  Now you're in the basement, run southeast until you 
get to a dead end.  Use your trap skills on the right bookcase a few 
times until it says something about the hidden door, then 'use' the 
bookcase to open it.  Run through this cavern, ignore the monsters, 
and head to the north.  Save before you walk up to the mutants.  Tell 
them that they have no right to question you, then walk through.  Run 
past the robed figure, to the left, enter the lift, and go to level 

Head down the passage, then go west, and enter the room with all the 
mutants in it.  Head to the back of the room, get out your electronic 
lockpicks.  Save, pick the lock to that door, then pick the lock to 
the elevator and go down.  Head right, put your weapons away if 
you're holding them in your active slot, then pick the lock to that 

Walk into the room, behind the top mutant.  Get out your power fist, 
and they'll ask you why you're armed, and say you've come with 
permission from the lieutenant.  Save now, take some buffout as well.  
Now, enter combat, and kill that mutant near you, you have to do it 
in one round.  He only has 50 hit points though, so it shouldn't be 
that hard.  The other one'll run up to you, so you only need to move 
one square, and then kill him, too.  Then use science on the computer 
to start a four minute countdown.  Yay.  Put your power fist away.  
Now leave the place, the same way you got in.!  The muties at the 
entrance'll ask you the same question again, so reply the same way.  
You'll have to 'use' the secret door to open it.  Save your game just 
before the exit panel.  Put your rocket launcher into your active 
item slot.  Then step on it.

The end...  You still get endings for Shady Sands, Junktown, the BoS, 
and the Raiders.  Then the overseer talks to you.  Straight away when 
he finishes talking and your character is on the screen with him, 
press the 'a' button to attack.  Now save.  Put all your skill points 
on big guns.  Shoot the overseer with the rocket launcher.  Keep 
reloading until you hit him.  Then watch him die, yay.  Now listen to 
'Maybe', by the Inkspots.  It's ok.  

Now look at my character.  I had 43 skill points left I think, and I 
just took sharpshooter to try and hit the overseer at the end.  And 
at this point, I was suffering buffout addiction, as well _  This 
is taken just before I attempt to shoot the overseer.  It was 2125 on 
the 02 January when I left the screen at the Cathedral.

                         VAULT-13 PERSONNEL RECORD
                        21 January 2162  1937 hours

  Name: Kazekami           Age: 25               Gender: Male
 Level: 07                 Exp: 25,290       Next Level: 28,000

 ::: Statistics :::
       Strength: 02         Hit Points: 056/061         Sequence: 02
     Perception: 08        Armor Class: 008         Healing Rate: 01
      Endurance: 04      Action Points: 06      Critical Chance: 016%
       Charisma: 01       Melee Damage: 01     Carry Weight: 075 lbs.
   Intelligence: 09        Damage Res.: 020%
        Agility: 03     Radiation Res.: 008%
           Luck: 06        Poison Res.: 020%

 ::: Traits :::           ::: Perks :::      ::: Karma :::
  One Hander               Awareness          Reputation (General) 21
  Finesse                  Sharpshooter       Buffout addiction

 ::: Skills :::                ::: Kills :::
  Small Guns ..... 058%        Super Mutants .. 005
  Big Guns ....... 040%        Rats ........... 019
  Energy Weapons . 013%
  Unarmed ........ 067%
  Melee Weapons .. 057%
  Throwing ....... 043%
  First aid ...... 038%
  Doctor ......... 023%
  Sneak .......... 048%
  Lockpick ....... 078%
  Steal .......... 023%
  Traps .......... 025%
  Science ........ 087%
  Repair ......... 029%
  Speech ......... 027%
  Barter ......... 022%
  Gambling ....... 038%
  Outdoorsman .... 011%

 ::: Inventory :::
  3x 10mm JHP              7x Stimpak             2x Mentats             
  2x Micro Fusion Cell     1x Laser Rifle         6x Explosive Rocket    
  1x Tape                  1x 10mm Pistol         1x COC Badge           
  1x COC Badge             1x Power Fist          1x Rocket Launcher     
  1x Electronic Lock Pick  1x Robes               

                                      Total Weight: 98 lbs.

Start: 05 December, 0721
Finish: 02 January, 2125
Official Finish: 21 January, 1937

28 days, 14 hours, 4 minutes game time to finish, yay.


Well, that was on medium difficulty I did that.  It shouldn't be too 
much harder on hard, you'll just have to reload more, and use some 
skill points earlier.

Well, that's the end.  If you can find out a way to get out of the 
Military Base without the alarm going off, please e-mail me and I'll 
give you credit, or if there's any better ways to do this, email me 
as well...

Bye bye.

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as the content isn't edited.  I don't care if you convert it to html 
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though.  I just like looking where it is.