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Written by: Igor (Reb) Lowicki
E-mail Address: Reb2137@hotmail.com
Last updated: 07/05/2002

V1.1- 130 KB finished on the 07/05/2002
Changed format and layout slightly
Added the ďSkulz disband with out violenceĒ solution
Added the loss of karma with Bob thing
Added Killing Doc Morbid in junk town but lose karma bit
Added the prices and weeks of recovery for operations at the 
Added Information on Drugs, Primary Statistics, Skills, Derived 
Statistics, traits and perks
Added the History it self
Added credits and other things in bits and pieces
Changed and added a few other bits of information
Added a lot of names to the characters in the game
Added a few other small quests and variations
Fixed quite a few spelling mistakes

This Walkthrough is for V1.00 and V1.2 of the game.

First of all, I am NOT affiliated in anyway with either Interplay or 
Black Isle Studios. They do NOT endorse this text in any way, so please 
donít hassle them with questions or suggestions about THIS text. This 
text is Copyright, but maybe pasted on any pages, put on to any CD or 
what ever. This is as long as nothing is changed on it at all and if 
putting it in a public place (eg. On your web site) please E-mail me 
with the details of where it is been posted at. You may not charge for 
or in any way profit from this Text or put it under your name.

I am a player that has played the game a large amount of times, as 
I have really enjoyed the game, so after a while I decided to write a 
walkthrough. Fallout games are games that require people who have 
brains, as they are not games like the Doom clones or the C&C clones or 
even Diablo (which is NOT an RPG as some people claim), where all you 
have to do is kill others and nothing else practically. Fallout, 
Fallout II and Fallout III (Hopefully to be made and released some time 
in THIS millennium) are all intelligent and complex RPG games, so that 
means that you need to think read and do more then just kill.

If E-mailing me please put Fallout as your subject. If you do see any 
mistakes or things you would like me to add then please E-mail me. If 
you would like for me to give you credit then I would be happy to as 
long as you put it down in the E-mail that you would like me to do so. 
If you donít write anything then Iíll assume that you donít want any 
credit. Also the same goes for if you want me to put down your e-mail.

Second, yes, this is a walkthrough and it contains spoilers. Itís 
pretty much full of them.  If you'd rather explore, don't read it.  My 
advice is to play the game at least once before using this walkthrough. 
I have made this walkthrough for people that may want a guild on what 
quests there are or that may want help for a certain quest or to find a 
certain thing. Or have finished the game before and are going through 
wanting to make sure they donít miss anything this time. But if you 
just want to use it for the entire game, be my guest. It your life.

Third, This is an adult game and it deals with Drugs, Violence, Foul 
language etc... So, the walkthrough also deals with this stuff to. If 
you are easily offended or donít like those sorts of things then hereís 
a simple solution: donít read the walkthrough and donít play the game.

Fourth, bear in mind that it's a complex game, and not all quests are 
available to everyone, I will write in what are the minimum 
requirements to do a certain thing, if I know what they are. They can 
depend on your characters level, skills or ST, PE, In points and so on. 
E.g. When you go back in to the vault before you get the water chip if 
you have good speaking skills and good charisma you can get exp for 
talking people of the vault out of leaving.

I may have even missed a few quests my self as usually I stick to 
playing with the same good character I have created and I know that 
there are some quests that I don't know how to finish. But unlike in 
Fallout II it barley makes a difference to which character you make or 

Fifth, most of the quests in the game have absolutely nothing to do 
with finishing the game. If fact most of the quests are just there for 
money and exp which you will need both. At the most they will have a 
small effect on the end animation and most donít even do that.

Oh and download the latest patch. It can be found at: 

   Table of contents

Table of contents
  I. General Stuff to Bear in Mind
  II. A Good Character
  III. The NPCís

The Walkthrough
  The Story so far...
  Out side the vault
  1.1 Shady Sands
  2.1 Vault 15
  1.2 Shady Sands
  1.3 Raiders base
  1.4 Shady Sands
  3.1 Vault-13
  4.1 Junktown
  5.1 The Hub
  6.1 Boneyard
  7.1 Necropolis
  3.2 Vault 13
  1.5 Raiders
  8.1 The Brotherhood
  8.2 The Glow
  8.3 The Brotherhood
  7.2 Necropolis
  6.2 Boneyard
  9.1 The Cathedral
  10.1 The Vats (Military Base)
  8.4 Brotherhood
  10.2 The Vats

  A. Special Encounters
  B. Weapons
  C. Armor
  D. Drugs
  E. Primary Statistics
  F. Skills
  G. Derived Statistics
  H. Traits
  I. Perks
  J. Version History
  K. Bits and pieces
  I. General Stuff to Bear in Mind
First off Save often and make sure that you save EVERY TIME before you 
steal. No matter how high your steal skill is there is always a chance 
of been caught and having a whole town turn against you. Also in this 
game, it is like in real life. You have to steal from behind, as it 
would look stupid stealing from right in front of a person. Also you 
should steal as often as you can. I will mention where there is good 
person to steal from. When you are lockpicking you should also save, as 
there is always a chance of the door getting jammed.

Buying is a bit of a problem with some people as you some times have to 
put in 4 times the value of the thing you want to buy (in V1.0) or your 
stuff will be 3 times as less value then the shop owners stuff will be 
(V1.2). So save before buying to. 

Watch what you and your npcís do. When you get a party, and give them 
ranged weapons, they just love using burst mode and spraying bullets at 
enemyís that are blocked by you. This means they will more often then 
not hit you as well as the enemy. The stupid thing about Fallout is 
that you can never get your people to ware different armor and if you 
want them to use different weapons it is hard to change them around. 
This is only in version 1.0. They fixed it in 1.2 so that when you ask 
them what kind of weapons they can use they tell you and also holster 
their weapon. But you have to steal it of them as for some reason the 
weapon doesnít come up in the barter screen. But they donít care that 
you take their items so itís okay to steal of them.  But I know how to 
at least get them to change their weapons, for version 1.0, so I'll 
write it down so that you will know how to get your party to change to 
better weapons. First, you find a good weapon for them. (I will write 
down what weapons they do best with and where or how to get them for 
them) Second, never ever NEVER get them to use melee weapons as they 
suck and I have no idea how to get them to change the weapons around. 
Third, Trade them the weapon you want them to use (with all the ammo 
inside) and the ammo for it. Unless it is the same ammo that they are 
using for that other weapon, for the ammo of the weapon you don't want 
them to use. (If the gun you are giving them uses the same ammo as the 
one they are using at the moment, then still take there ammo for the 
gun they are using and don't give them any ammo back yet) Then the next 
time you go into a battle and they run out of ammo for that gun, Then 
they will switch it for the other gun that has ammo in side it. When 
you get out of battle you can trade money for the gun they are using 
and then steal the money back off them, as the game wonít let you steal 
the weapon directly of them. If you had to take all the ammo of them to 
switch the weapon, then now you can the ammo for the other weapon. 
(That's another stupid thing (unlike in fallout II) you have to give 
them something of value in order to trade stuff around, even though 
your there leader. At least you can steal off them. It's a good thing 
they fixed this when they made Fallout II) 

AP ammo, Forget about it. Just use the regular ammo. In the end AP ends 
up doing less damage to the enemy then other ammo. Other then the 14mm 

With the skills, I know a sort of stuff up in the game. DO NOT put up 
your Small guns, first aid, outdoorsman, science or your repair skills 
when you level up. The reason why is when you get to the Hub there is a 
woman bookseller who sells books that teach you those skills. When you 
first talk to her and then ask her about buying books then you will see 
that she has 5 of each of the books that put up those skills (Small 
guns, first aid, outdoorsman, science and your repair skills). I will 
tell about how to get lots of books like that off her when I come to it 
in the Walkthrough. With this at the MOST you will be able to raise the 
skills up to 91%, as after that the books don't help. Also whenever 
reading the books raise the difficulty level to hard. This is because 
when your skill is down at say 10% and you read a book you may add 20% 
to the skill. Where as when your skill is at 70% you may only get an 
extra 5%. These arenít the exact figures, but the point is the lower 
the skill, the more percent you will get to it when reading. Not only 
that, when you get the skill past 91% books no longer help. But when 
taking down the skill with the difficulty up then you will be able to 
add points with books after you get to 91%. This is because your skill 
is now under 91%. But later when you change the skill level back, they 
go up again way past 91%.

Another thing that this is useful in is when any of the skills that get 
taken down by this get to 100%. Because from there on it costs two 
points to get just the one point of percentage (unless tagged, but 
itíll still cost you two points to get you the 2% raise). So when the 
difficulty is up those skills go down below 100% and allow you to raise 
the skill only taking on point. But this will only work while the 
difficulty level takes the skill under 100%. But again later on it may 
cost up to 3 points when higher.

So the main thing is, raise the difficulty level when reading books and 
when putting in points to a skill that is over 100%. Then later you can 
lower it back to easy. This is all that the difficulty level does. As 
far as I know it does not affect combat difficulty as that has its own 
difficulty option and it does not affect any quests.

There are also skills that you SHOULD NOT put up as they are USELESS, 
starting with Energy weapons and big guns as you don't really get any 
till later and there are better guns then them. Another skill would be 
Throwing as all you can throw is grenades and throwing knives which 
both don't do much damage. Melee Weapons is another skill that can be 
scratched, as they don't do enough damage either. And one more that 
really isn't to good of a skill is gambling as all it does is raise 
your chances of winning money at gambling. Off course you can ignore 
all this, but remember itís your choice if you do.

Another thing I should mention is that when you get in to the Brother 
hood, in there (for a price, which really isn't a problem) they can 
raise your Strength, Perception, Endurance, Intelligence and Agility by 
1 permanently. But I suggest that you still have you agility at 10 when 
you start, as the more action points the better.

Think in terms of action points when playing. E.g., if you've opened 
your inventory in combat, make sure to do everything you need.  You can 
reload/change weapons and use a lot of stimpaks while in your 
inventory. For that reason, reload your weapons after every combat.  
The rest of the ammo in a weapon is not lost if you reload, and it 
helps if you don't have to waste time reloading in the middle of the 
next fight.

Check out areas obscured by walls. In other words, move close to the 
west and South edges of all rooms and corridors that may be blocked by 
walls or other thing.  There seem to be a few items and containers 
hidden there for some reason.

When I talk about conversation threads and give numbers such as 
2,3,1,2, what this means is, press 2 then 3 then 1 etc... That selects 
the lines that you can say to a person. If you follow the conversation 
threads, then youíll get what ever Iím talking about there. Like 2 
stimpaks from Razlo when you talk to him about Tandi after she is 
kidnapped. This saves me time having to right out all the lines to say 
to get a certain thing.

  II. A Good Character

Here I will write about what sort of a character I usually chose as it 
is a good one. First don't start off by just taking a character. It 
might be harder but you should CREATE A NEW character. Start off with 
the traits. All but one is actually useful and all but one doesn't have 
a down side. The one with out the down side is Bloody Mess. It doesn't 
really do any thing but let you see people die in the sickest way. So 
it is all right compared to all the other traits. Another on is good 
and bad but I still pick it, as it seems more good then bad. It is 
gifted. It raises all you ST, PE and IN Etc. by one. On the down side 
it takes off 10% off all your skills. But since you don't need to raise 
most of them and books can raise some then it is okay considering.

As for skills the three that I pick as Tag skills are doctor, as it 
will come in handy when you don't what to use stimpaks. Another good 
one is the Steal skill as I steal lots of stuff so it is helpful to be 
gifted at that skill. And last but not least is the small guns skill. 
It is good as throughout out the game you are mostly using small guns.

The Age, Male/Female or name doesn't really make too much of a 

On my character I usually do it like this:
       Strength: 08      
     Perception: 06      
      Endurance: 05    
       Charisma: 06    
   Intelligence: 06  
        Agility: 10     
           Luck: 06

The reason is you can never have enough action points and you will need 
St to be up to be able to carry a lot of things. As for IN, sure you 
can raise it at the Brotherhood by one but been more intelligent is 
better for beginning quests. LU and CH should be up by one since you 
cannot raise them up by one later unlike PE, EN and ST.

   III. The NPCís

This is a small list of the NPCís, who they are, what they use etc..... 

Iíll start off with Dogmeat, as heís the best NPC as far as Iím 
concerned. Youíll get Dogmeat in Junktown. Heís a dog of course and 
damn can he pull excellent criticals doing mad damage and sending the 
enemy flying. Other then that thatís about it. But as I said heís the 
best because of the criticals and him been a dog. 

The rest of the three NPCís are pretty much equal in all ways so I 
start in the order that you find them. Ian you find in Shady Sands. All 
the information on how to get the NPCís are written in the walkthrough 
of where you get them. Ian is a good fighter as with small guns he can 
do two shots. Heís best weapon would be a 14mm as he can pull off two 
shots and can do major damage. 

Cassidy you also find in Junktown. Heís sort of a ranger kind of guy. 
He doses best with a combat shotgun as he usually does burst mode 
damage, which can also do major damage. 

Katja is found at Boneyard. Until recently I got her to use the SMG 
with the 10mm ammo. But when I found out that she cold also use the 
14mm I decided to switch her to that. The burst mode on the SMG can do 
some good damage but when others get in the way it can be deadly to 
them to, so I got her an 14mm and she does just as goo with that. 

Well thatís all the NPCís in Fallout and as far as I know you can get 
them all as long as you have a good rep. 

   The Walkthrough

   The Story so far...

Well as you may have figured out from the introduction, World War III 
has taken place. Again the reasons are purely human. Most of the world 
is gone thanks to nuclear weapons. Luckily, great underground vaults 
were built in the US. They sheltered people from all this. Your family 
was lucky enough to get in of-course or there would be no story. Your 
family ended up in Vault 13.

Anyway, several years pass and all is well. Well, a problem was bound 
to arise so that you could venture out into the world. The water 
purification controller burnt out its chip. And for some reason, the 
Vault is now out of these chips, meaning that the Vault will die off 
from drinking bad water. They have a supply for 150 days, but more will 
be needed after. So you are chosen as the savior of the Vault and are 
sent out to find a replacement. Why they didnít send out more then one 
person Iíll never know. They could have given you an npc or two. But 
no. Anyway, so you set out by your self to save your people. Good luck.

   Out side the vault
This area doesn't seem to have any other purpose than to giving you 
some exp, so try to make the most out of it. There is a person that 
when you look at him it says, "You see Ed. Ed's Dead" (some how the 
dead Ed appears in Fallout II, TWICE in fact. He is also in the 
military base on the 2nd or 3rd level. I think that Ed is some producer 
guy of Fallout or something that they put in as a joke.) Anyway, back 
to the dead Ed. Search him as he has 24 10mm AP ammo and a knife. You 
should get you gun ready and load it up with those AP ammo.

There is a terminal there to open the vault door but when you try it, 
it says that there having problems inside. Don't worry you will get in 
there later and see how it looks like and be able to steal some stuff.

Then just search around until you kill all the rats and in total you 
should end up with 500exp points. You will probably get a bit hurt, so 
use your doctor or first aid skills to heal yourself up and get a few 

When you finish head onto the exit grid.


On the world map click to go to vault 15. About half way there you 
should see an unknown town. Stop there.

   1.1 Shady Sands

Before you go in put away your weapons, as this is a friendly town. 
Talk to the guy, Seth, at the front gate. He will tell you about 
Radscorpians that are terrorizing the town. You can ask him to take you 
to there caves but don't go there yet. Talk to the woman, Katrina, on 
the other side. You get 250exp after you ask her about everything you 
can for getting knowledge. Now steal everything you can of those two.

On the left in the first building is a Bookshelf that has an 
outdoorsman book in it. Get it but don't read it yet.

Go further down and you will see another building. Go inside. There is 
a doctor Razlo there for healing, his wife and a sick man in the back 
called Jarvis. Steal of all the standing people and from the bookshelf. 
There is a first aid book there but don't read any of the books yet.

To the right of that building is another that has Aradesh and his 
daughter Tandi. You can steal some stuff of Aradesh and also get some 
information about the town. You can ask him about the scorpians and 
offer to help out. There is another bookshelf there that has a stimpak 
and a knife. It also has some rocks but aren't worth anything.

Go up to the building that is to the right of the entrance and steal 
some .223 ammo and 20BB Bullets from the bookshelf. There is a guy 
called Ian there that you can get to join you. He is the one in the 
Black jacket. First steal his money from him. Then talk until you can 
ask him to join your quest. You either have to pay him or if you have a 
high CH then you can get him to come with you for free. But I suggest 
that you pay him as you can always steal the money back of him and if 
you get him to join for free then you cannot get him to join you again 
if you tell him to leave as he attacks you. But that might just be a 
bug. I say just give him the caps, as I said you can steal them back no 
matter how bad you skill is.

There are four kids or so running around (not in the European version). 
You can steal a BB gun off of one of them. It doesnít really do much, 
but if you want to, then you can.

In the next section of town in the first building you see there is a 
bookshelf with a rope and an outdoorsman book.

There is a well in this section. To the East there are two women. One 
has a gun that you should steal of her.

There is a guy, Curtis, near the cornfields that you can talk to and 
get 500exp for telling him how about Agriculture. But you will need a 
minimum of 6 IN. There is also a building not very far down that has a 
rope inside it and a sledgehammer. 

Now go back to the front of the town and talk to Seth. Ask him to take 
you to the radscorpian caves. Get out your 10mm pistol out and loaded 
as it is probably the best gun you have at the moment. Just go through 
and kill all the radscorpians collecting all their tails along the way.
In the cave there is also 24 rounds of 10mm ammo in the first section 
of the cave to the South, sitting near the rocks and bones. Thereís one 
on the right and another on the left. If you run out of room for the 
tails then barter them to Ian. You can steal them back later.

When you finish there go back out and talk to Aradesh. He will give you 
some money as a reward.

Now go back to Razlo. You can now ask him to take all those rad tails 
and make them into antidotes. The first one you make will give you some 
exp for making a cure. After that you just make them in to antidotes so 
that they weightless, they are also worth more and you can use them if 
you get poisoned. When it hits nighttime you will not be able to ask 
him to make them anymore until morning. So now would be a good time to 
waste on those 3 books that you got from this town instead of resting. 
When you run out of those books just rest until morning. Do that until 
you have all those tails made in to antidotes. When you have done this 
go to the back of the doctorís house to the room with Jarvis, lying on 
the ground and use one of those antidotes on him for some exp. You can 
also ask him some questions. 

Well that's about all you can do here for now. So when you're ready 
leave the same way you came in and head for Vault 15.

   2.1 Vault 15

I will mention here that you will not find a waterchip here except for 
a lot of exp that you will need, some armor, dynamite that you will 
need for Shady Sands when you go back and some other stuff.

When you get there, go down the ladder in the shack. On the first level 
there are some mice and Molerats. Kill them all. As you get into the 
first part of the Vault, there is a locker in the wall on the right 
hand side with some flares in there. Up in the N\W section there is a 
bed a locker on the right with some medic supplies. 

After you killed everything in sight and looted the 1st floor then use 
a rope on the elevator and climb down. (There are also 2 flares near 
the elevator).

On the 2nd floor it's the same business. Kill anything that moves 
(Other than Ian) and then loot the locker, (v1.2), in the 3rd room to 
the right, or the wall locker in the 1st room from the right (v1.0).
In there you will find a Leather jacket (which you should put on for 
now) and another rope. There is also some .233 FMJ ammo in the north 
part. In the south-west room go into the bathroom. In the north-west 
corner there you can find a hunting riffle. Itís hard to see but it is 
there. Go to the north-west most point you can go and itíll be right at 
your feet to your right. When you're finished use another rope on the 
elevator and climb down to the next level. 

On the next level it's the same thing over. Kill every thing first. 
Then be sure that you go down the corridor and turn (to your) right as 
there is a club there on the floor and you get some exp for discovering 
that you wont find the waterchip in there. That needs an IN and PE of 5 
I think, but it could be 6. There is a wall locker in the N\W section 
on the east wall with some ammo. There are also some lockers in the 
first room to your right with a SMG gun. Be warned; don't use burst 
mode yet, as it is not worth it to waste it on the rats down there. 
Just use single shot. There is some 10mm AP ammo in the first room on 
the right too. There is a first aid book in the room right to your left 
as you came in. its on the floor in the north-west corner. Be sure that 
you get the Dynamite from the first locker on the left before you 

When your finished here head back to Shady Sands. 

   1.2 Shady Sands

When you get here the only thing you can really do is talk to Seth. He 
will tell you that Tandi was kidnapped and the raider took her. I 
suggest that you don't ask him what there willing to pay to get her 
back but just take the job as you do get paid something in the end. Now 
you will have the raiders base marked out on the map. It is the one 
just S\E of Shady Sands.  

You can talk to Razlo and end up getting some stimpaks off him. The 
conversation thread is 2,1,2,1. You can also get a spear off of Aradesh 
by talking to him and agreeing to help.

Oh well, off to talk to those raiders.....

   1.3 Raiders base

Put your weapons away when you enter.

Now there are a few ways you can go about getting Tandi out of this 
place. The first is you can come in with you shit ass guns blazing and 
try to kill every thing (other then Tandi) in sight. That would be one 
of the stupid things to do. But hey, it's your game, your life and your 
choice, so go for it if you want to. Iím just say youíll be too 
inexperienced to do such a thing and survive.

Another way is to go and talk to the guy in the building wearing the 
metal armor (Garl). From here you can do 4 different things. You can 
tell him to go Fuck himself and just get into a fight like said above. 
If you have good charisma (around above 5. If you do have 5 or 6 save 
the game as he might tell YOU to go Fuck your self and that gets into a 
fight to) you can tell him that you are ďa bigger threat to him then he 
could understandĒ and he lets her go. But never go back and talk to him 
yet as he starts to fight you. Another thing you could do is fight one 
on one with him for her, but at this point, unless you have been 
putting your unarmed up, you probably couldn't beat him. If all that 
fails you can always trade him some thing of equal value for her.

Apparently if you wear leather armor and have a good IN and CH, you can 
convince Garl that you are his father. This apparently gives you some 
interesting conversation threads. But I never seemed to have enough CH 
and IN. Oh well.

After that leave with Tandi for Shady Sands.

    1.4 Shady Sands

When you get back here you can get the reward of Aradesh. Now for more 
exp. Go talk to Seth and ask him to take you to the rad scorpians cave. 
When you get in there just in front of you where the wall moves in 
towards you, if you click to look there it will say that this part of 
the wall looks weak. Get as close to the wall as you can and set and 
drop the dynamite you got from V-15 up to at least 30 seconds. Then 
stand near the exit and wait till it blows. It will get you another 

Now if you have any more tails get them changed in to antidotes and 
then leave for vault-13. The one you that you started from.

   3.1 Vault-13

When the game gives you the choice then start at the top of the vault. 
There really isn't much you can do hear but ask to go into the storage 
room and take some things. I suggest that you leave the water flasks, 
as they aren't worth much and weight a pound each. Be sure when doing 
things here the time is between 8am and 8pm, as they wonít talk to you 
at other times, because itís too late.

On the 2nd floor there is a woman named Theresa. If you can talk her 
out of thinking about leaving the vault then you will get 750exp. Sheís 
in a north room with red hair. Tell her that your journey is going on 
well and sheíll start to say that the overseer is paranoid. Tell her 
that the Overseer is trying to protect the Vault dwellers and she may 
agree and youíll get the exp for stopping any revolts. But this does 
require some stats. Save before you talk to her because she also 
sometimes agrees with me and other times she doesnít, and this is with 
the same character. Also another way, apparently, is to attend the 
meeting and kill all the rebels. But thatís no good and Iím not sure if 
all there will attack you after, as I have not tried this.

When you get back and talk to the guard on the 3rd floor he will tell 
you that someone is stealing the water rations and once he was hit on 
the head so the thief could get past. Usually when I get here Iím still 
too early and this didnít start happening yet. So do this when you get 
back with the water chip BEFORE you give it to the overseer. So go 
around talking to every one, Cindy and Lyle mainly, and you will find 
out that they to have had water stolen from them. Theyíre both on the 
2nd floor to the south. After that, go to the 2nd floor and rest until 
12 midnight. SAVE, then go down to the 3rd floor and you should see a 
guy wandering around. Watch him and confront him after you see him 
tampering with the water supplies. Tell him your looking for the water 
thief. Threaten him if he doesnít comply. Then you get some exp for 
catching the water thief.

On the third floor, in the west most room you can use the computer just 
to the right as you enter it. Use your science skill on it to gain 
350exp for looking up information. Also the other terminal to the north 
in that room can also be used to gain 350exp. The game for some reason 
doesnít say you got the 350exp, but you do. All in all you end up with 
700exp just for using two computers. Not bad.

To get some more equipment, talk to the overseer twice. Then on the 
third time, tell him ďSorry, havenít been able to track it down yetĒ. 
Then you can ask for more equipment and he gives you two stimpaks and 
some 10mm ammo. To the left of him is an officer that guards the 
weapons room. You can talk to her and get her to open the door. The 
conversation thread is 3,1,1,1,1. Save before you talk to her as she 
also sometimes lets you in and other times does not. You can get a 10mm 
gun, ammo for it, some knives, a shotgun and some shells for it.

Other then getting some flares on the way out there isn't really much 
more you can do here.

On to Junktown......

    4.1 Junktown

As you enter Junktown you will see a guard, Kalnor, at the front gate. 
If you have any weapons out put them away. You can talk him, but when 
you are finished with him be sure to steal all his stuff. He has a nice 
dessert Eagle on him. As you walk in further you will see a sheriff 
Lars who you can talk to. You can find out from him that he is having 
trouble with the Skulz gang and Gizmo. Offer to help out. Then after 
you can steal some shells off him. As you go into the first building 
there are some more guards in there. There isn't really anything you 
can do with them. In that building there is a fridge and a small ice 
chest which are locked. Lockpick them and take all the things from 

There are another 3 buildings in this area. One is a jail, another is a 
guy's house and the other is a hospital. In the hospital when you enter 
there are 2 guys there that you can steal 2 shotguns off, some ammo and 
some money. There is also a doctor, Doc Morbid, and a bookshelf with 3 
grenades. Go down the stairs when the doctor is up top. There's a small 
guy there, Gretch, that you can talk to and find out that the 2nd 
iguana on a stick are all made out of dead humans. Donít bother doing 
anything else with them yet.

When you go into the middle section of the town you will see that the 
only main thing here are the Crash house hotel and the general store. 
When you enter the store talk to Killian. He is he town mayor so be 
nice to him. After you finish talking to him a guy will enter the store 
that has been hired to kill him. Be sure that you have a gun ready in 
the other slot. BUT DO NOT start combat. Wait until he attacks first. 
Then once he attacks kill him by pulling out your weapon. When finished 
change weapon slots so that no one gets upset with you. Then you can 
take his hunting rifle of him, as he will not need it and then talk to 
Killian. He will ask you to record a conversation with Gizmo admitting 
that he hired the guy or plant a bug. Now you can enter the door on the 
left (Sneaking in of course, for once its come in handy, but you donít 
need it to be high, just reload when failed) and steal all Killians 
things in there. You can also lockpick a locker there for exp and for 
the things inside. If you get caught twice then Killian will send you 
to the jail where you can rest for the night. You can read the 
outdoorsman book you got from his locker to save some time. You can 
also go to the tables and buy stuff from Killian.

When you're finished with that, go to the hotel and ask for a room for 
one night. Then go in to the room. When you get inside you get the 
choice of resting for the night. Do that. In the morning the hotel 
owner will say that a guy is holding Sinthia (the hooker next door) 
hostage. You will need around 6 IN points. If you don't have that much 
then use one of the packets Mentats that you should have to raise your 
IN. But save before so that you don't get addicted to the drugs. Also 
save as sometimes you canít get him to leave and other times you can. 
Now talk to the Crazed raider and just talk so that you don't have to 
fight him. Then when you go to talk to him for the 3rd time it should 
say "you tell me, you're in charge". He will ask for $100 just say sure 
and you will get 1000exp for doing it with out killing any one. That is 
the most you can get. If you do it another way then you will get less 
exp. You can take some things from the fridge. In the back area of the 
hotel there is a gang there. Talk to the girl, Sherry, out side. Donít 
upset her. Then talk to her again and ask her about her hobbies. You 
can convince her to think about her future and later she leaves the 
Skulz gang. The correct thread for the 2nd time you talk to her is: 
2,2,2,1,1. Donít bother to do anything else with them for now.

When you go into the next section of town on the right you will see two 
people and a dog blocking the house door. The dog won't let the owner 
in. You can kill the dog, but that a stupid thing to do. Or you can 
give the dog some meat and he will follow you around till you die. 
Dogmeat (the name of the dog) is the next member of your party. Don't 
underestimate the dog. He can cause some good critical hits and he is 
worth taking and keeping alive. Heís all but THE best npc in the game. 
There isn't anything you can get from the house so don't bother with 

Next go into Gizmos Place. You can go to talk to him in the back room. 
You can tell him that his other assassin failed and you would like the 
job so that you get his confession on tape or you can just try to plant 
the bug on his desk. Now go back to Killian and tell him that you got 
the confession or that you planted the bug. You can get some stuff of 
him and he will ask you to help him kill Gizmo. He will tell you to 
talk to Lars, the Sheriff out the front. First if you want another 
member to your party then now is a good time to get him. Rest until 
18:00. Then go into the last section of the town. Go into the Bar 
there. Quickly go behind the bar owner and steal his gun and then 
everything else. Then wait until a fight breaks out and the owner shots 
one of the guys. DON'T DO ANYTHING. Just stand there and watch. When 
this is over, go up to the guy in the Bar to left and talk to him about 
survival. He will teach you some survival skills if you talk to him 
right. The right thread is 2,1,2,2,1,1,1. Then when you are finished 
talk to him again and tell him that Killian asked you to clean up the 
town and will he join you. He does. You can later get him a better gun. 
Now go to the sheriff and before you talk to him get a gun ready. Then 
talk to him and you will go of to fight Gizmo. After you fight Gizmo 
you will go back to the front of the town. You will get a reward. Now 
go back to Gizmos place and go to the back room. Steal off his desk and 
from the bookshelves in his room.

Now that you have finished that, go to the back room of the hotel and 
talk to the Skulz leader, Vinnie, and tell him that you want to join. 
He will give you a quest where you have to steal the bar owner's wife's 
ashes that are in the cup on his desk. After you steal it go back and 
show them that you stole it. They will ask you to help kill the guy. 
Tell them that you have a few other things to do before hand. Then I 
suggest you go back to the bar and return the urn and then talk to 
Sheriff Lars. Tell him that the Skulz are planning to kill the old man. 
He will ask you to help put a stop to this. Go with him, when you get 
their draw you weapons and wait until they attack first. Then kill all 
the gang, take all their things and go back out the front to talk to 
the sheriff for more exp and a reward. If you did not get Tycho (the 
guy in the bar) then you will not be able to get him now as you have 
cleaned up the town.  

You will have noticed that the girl, Trish, in the bar called out a 
name, Soul. You can talk to her to find out it was her boxer boyfriends 
name. You can talk to the boxer about the town and his tough times heís 
having with his girlfriend. You can smooth it out to get 250exp. Heís 
just out side the bar to the north-west.

Before you exit the town give Ian the 14mm gun (as mentioned in the 
general stuff to bear in mind section) that you stole of the bartender, 
as this is the best gun for him. Later you will get more ammo for him 
and his gun.

If you ever come back here and talk to the doctor, he will mention that 
his business is down because of the lower prices of the Children of the 
Cathedral guys that have moved in to the building to the east of his. 
But I talked to every one and thereís nothing you can do about it so I 
donít know any more on that.

A few notes on some other things you can do. You can kill Doc Morbid 
and his crew on the way out if you wish. They have a few goodies if you 
havenít already stolen them. Also down stairs is a locker with a trap 
that has a few things in it. The problem with this is that you lose 
Karma points. So its you choice of what to do. Make sure through that 
the fighting goes on inside the hospital. This is because then no one 
cares. If it spills out, the guards may come running in to kill you. 
The locker can be untapped with a low skill and many reloads, the same 
with lockpicking.

Also on the note of the Skulz, they can be disbanded with out the 
violence. But who wants that? If you do, you need to talk to Sherry. 
This is with the same thing of convincing her to leave by talking to 
her about her hobbies. You need 6 IN for this. Then if you wait a week 
and come back you can get her to turn against them and lock them up by 
talking to Lars about their crimes. But I think you loss out on some 
exp and items.

You can also instead go to Gizmo and accept his quest and kill Killian. 
But means youíll lose karma and all the guards will have to be taken 
out as they attack you on sight. Not a good way to go. You can also 
instead help the Skulz gang, but once again that doesnít do wonders for 
you karma.

When you finish here, go to the Hub.......

   5.1 The Hub

When you arrive at the Hub, be prepared to spend a lot of time here. 
You will probably notice that there are a lot of merchants out the 
front. This is because this is a merchant town.  In the first section 
there is a child to the right that you can talk to about some stuff (in 
the European versions there are no kids in the game). His father is in 
the first building to the West side. He will tell you about the other 
merchants, but he will not hire you himself. As you go further down the 
road, you will run into Deputy Fry. He can give you some information 
about the town and the fact that Sheriff Greene is having problems with 
a guy name Decker. But thatís for later.

Scattered all around the town are guards wearing green combat armor. 
You should steal all that they have on them. Usually a guard will have 
some stimpaks, 5mm JHP ammo and 5mm AP ammo. The 5mm JHP ammo will come 
in handy for a gun you will be able to get soon and the other 5mm ammo 
sells well. The stimpaks will come in handy in battles later so keep 
them. The more stimpaks, the better I say. I should mention now that 
you should not sell the SMG you should have and also not sell any 10mm 
ammo as later when you pick up another member to your team that member 
can use that gun or another 14mm. You can also steal an assault riffle 
from the black guard wearing metal armor. He is just a bit down the 
road from the Deputy. The assault rifle is the gun that uses the 5mm 
ammo and it does some good damage when using burst mode so you should 
keep and use it.

When you get into the middle section of the town you can go for a job 
from the Crimson Caravan, the merchant building to the left. They pay 
600caps for a run, but they only run on the 3rd and the 17th of every 
month. There is a desk in there that you can take some stuff from that 
you can sell. They go to the Brotherhood of Steel, Junktown, Necropolis 
and the Boneyard. Talk to Demetre to get the job. Heíll send you to 
Keri to go out on the run.

You will also notice 4 buildings in a box shape in the middle of this 
section. The one in the NW is a general store where you can buy some 
general stuff from Mitch. The one in the NE is where you can raise the 
5 skills I mentioned in the "General stuff to bear in mind" section. 
What you do is talk to the lady and ask her what she has in the way of 
books. You will see that she has 5 different books and 5 of each one. 
They raise the skills Outdoorsman, first aid, Small guns, Science and 
repair by a few points. At the most, by books, you can raise the skills 
up to 91%. Buy the books of her, read them all, then once you finish 
you can talk to her and she will have a new set of books that you can 
buy and read until your skills (the ones I mentioned) are up to 91%. 
But before you read the books you might want to put your game 
difficulty up to hard. That way a few of those 5 skills go down. Then 
when you get the skills to 91% lower back the difficulty to what you 
had before and the skills will rise as the game difficulty modifies 
some skills. You can also buy a vault location disk from her. The 
building to the SE is Beth's store. You can buy stuff from her but if 
you want to get the things cheaper of her then first go to the building 
that is in the top right corner of that section. Go in and tell them 
you're here for the job. The job is explained down in the old town 
section. Then the guy will tell you to talk to his boss in the back 
room. He will tell you about the job. Tell him you'll do it and on the 
way out talk to both the guys and one will tell you to tell Beth that 
your working for them and she'll give you a discount. You can also get 
hired for caravan runs from them too. They leave on 8th, 18th, and 28th 
of every month and pay 400caps. Talk to Rutger to get the job. Then 
just talk to the caravan driver in the main room to go on the runs.

The building in the SW is a bank. There is nothing you can really do 
there unless you want to attack them and lose some karma points. 
Apparently the other guards in the city do nothing. To the right of the 
SE building is the police station. At the moment there isn't much you 
can do there but steal from them and I suggest you do as they are 
holding 14mm ammo for Ian.

Connected to the 1st merchants building is the Maltese Falcon. But 
don't go there yet, as you will probably be too inexperienced to do the 
quests that are connected to that place for now. So now go down to the 
bottom edge of that section of town and hiding in some ruined buildings 
you will find Irwin. He will ask you (if you are on level 5 or more 
only and have a karma that is on the good side) if you will kill the 
raiders that took over his place. Be sure that you are ready to fight 
as once you go there you will have to kill all the raiders before you 
return, because when you return you cannot find this place ever again 
and there is no way of going back there. Once you get there, kill all 
the raiders, take all there stuff and then rob the house of all the 
things that are in there. Be sure that you get the metal armor and wear 
it, as it is the best armor you have now. Once you finish leave and go 
back and talk to Irwin. He will give you a .233 pistol. It is the best 
hand gun I have encountered in this game so keep it and use it. Don't 
worry about Ian, heís 14mm will do good damage.

Now when you come back, go into the lower section to the town. (The 
entrance is in the Bottom right corner). The building on the left is a 
hospital from the Children of the Cathedral. They are evil. But DO NOT 
kill them. Go in, talk to anyone and try not to piss them off. The top 
room on the left is locked. You will have to sneak lockpick the door, 
enter and steal everything. Be sure to keep the Robes, as you will need 
them later if you want to finish the game much easier. 

Down here you can hire some water merchants to send water to the vault. 
It will cost $2000 to do this. If you buy the water to be taken to your 
Vault, you get an extra 100 days and 1000exp to get the chip, but 100 
less days on finishing the game. Meaning you now only have 400 days to 
finish the game from when you started. If you don't have enough money 
then sell the stuff you got from the hospital for some money. You don't 
have to do this if you don't want to. You can go on caravan runs with 
these guys. They go on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th of 
every month and pay 200caps. They go only to the Boneyard and Junktown. 
To get hired talk to the caravan leader in the Water Merchants 
building. Then just talk to the caravan driver out side next to the 
Brahmin to go out on runs.

When you're finished there, go back into the middle section and from 
there go to old town. The exit grid just above the police station on 
the right. When you get there the first thing you should do is get your 
weapons ready, then go into the building right below you. There are 
some people in there that are holding a guy from the Brotherhood 
captive. When they attack you kill them and set him free (and don't 
forget to rob them). You will find that one of the guys has a Combat 
Shotgun. Give it to Tycho, as this is the best gun for him. Another gun 
that Tycho can use is the sniper riffle. If you want him to burst some 
times, go the combat shotgun, if youíd rather just single shots, then 
go the sniper riffle. As for the other stuff just sell it somewhere.

If you go up the street, the 3rd building on the right from the 
beginning has stairs that go down in it. You will have to go through 
lockpicking 3 doors and passing through 2 rooms that have a booby trap 
in the middle. Once you get to the end, you will come to some people. 
In the back room there is a guy called Loxley. He is the leader. Talk 
to him about joining their Circle of thievesí gang. He will tell you to 
talk to Jasmine about the job. Talk to her. She will tell you that they 
want you to steal a necklace from a Hightower guy. Just say, sure I'll 
do it. Now go back in the middle section of town and from there go to 
the exit grid in the bottom left hand corner. But before you enter rest 
until 18:00 and put any weapons away before you enter. When you do 
enter you will notice there are guards around. Don't kill any, as the 
Circle doesn't want you to really kill them. Go up to the building with 
the guard in front of the door. Tell the guard that you have an 
appointment with him and that you are late. He should let you in. if 
not then try again. When you get in Mr. Hightower should be heading 
towards his bedroom if he hasn't already done so. All you have to do is 
enter the first room to the right of the door you just entered, and 
then open and enter the door to the 1st room to the left from the door 
you just entered. In that room is a footlocker. It has a trap on it so 
use your trap skill first. Then lockpick it. And then steal from it. 
When you finish, just go back to the Circle and give Loxley the 
necklace. Then go and talk to Jasmine. She will give you $3000 and an 
electronic lockpick.

In this section of town when you come in, go up the road and enter the 
2nd building on you characters left you will see a man, Jake, wearing 
metal armor. Talk to him and ask about all that you can. He will tell 
you where to get some Radaways and some Rad-X. That's stuff to get rid 
of Radiation points. You can also buy lost of good stuff from him, like 
combat armor, combat shotgun, a sniper riffle and a lot of other 

The building where you get Radaways and Rad-X from is the building up 
the street that you just came of. It is the one ending the street.  
Vance will sell you the drugs, but you need an invitation from someone 
in order to talk to him. Talking to Jacob is enough. I suggest you go 
up there and buy at least 5 Radaways and 5 Rad-X's if you want to later 
enter the Brotherhood. You can also go to a wandering bum to get the 
invitation, but thatíll cost you 800-1000caps. No worth it considering 
that you can go to see him for free. When talking to Jake, the correct 
thread to get the information on the drugs is: 2,3,2,3,2. Be sure to do 
this first, as later I could never get him to give this information 

The job you get from the Far go Traders is to find missing caravans. 
There are a lot of rumors flying round about what it is thatís killing 
and taking the caravans. There are suggestions of the Deathclaw, 
raiders and a few other possibilities. So go to Beth and ask her 
questions. Then ask about the Deathclaw. Then ask what exactly is a 
Deathclaw. Ask about where they are. Sheíll point you to Harold in the 
old town and if you ask about anyone else sheíll also say Slappy might 
know something. So go to the last building to the right of where you 
enter into the old town. Talk to Harold and let him tell you about his 
story. Then talk to him again and ask him about the Deathclaw. Heíll 
give you some advice. Then go just outside and talk to the guy 
wondering around and talking to him self. Ask him about the Deathclaw 
and get him to take you to their cave. Youíll get 800exp just for 
getting there. There youíll have to fight a lone tough Deathclaw. Sheís 
not that tough but still not too easy. Sheís got 225 hit points so be 
sure that your people and you have good weapons. Then after that go and 
talk to the dying super mutant. He gives you a holodisk and 1000exps. 
The holodisk explains that the mutants where here to capture supplies 
and people for there experiments in their military base. After that go 
back and talk to Butch. Heís not that interested in the disk so give it 
to the guy outside Rutger. Heíll give you like 1000exps and 1000caps. 
And thatís that job done.

By now you should be at a good enough level to kill Decker of the 
Maltese Falcon. A bad thing to do would be to bust in and kill everyone 
in sight. First go in the building. Then talk to Kane down the bottom 
guarding the door. Tell him that you want to see Decker. He will take 
you to talk to him. Tell him that you're there for the job. When your 
done you will be sent back up. Talk to Kane to get $500 for opening the 
job. Now you can go and kill the guy you stole the necklace of. But I 
suggest you don't. You will get more money and exp for going to the 
police. But before you talk to him, get your weapons ready. Then tell 
him that Decker tried to hire you to kill some one. The sheriff will 
ask you to help him kill Decker. Say yes and you will be able to kill 
Decker with the help of the cops. When you're finished talk to the 
sheriff and get the rest of your money. Now go back to the Falcon and 
go in the back room that Kane was guarding before. Then go down the 
stairs and rob everything you can.

The last thing you can do in this town is in the middle section. There 
is a guy called Bob who sells Iguana sticks. What you can do is bribe 
him. In the earlier version you can do this over and over. In the 
patched, itís only every few days. But in the end you loss karma points 
every time you do it. I say just leave it. If you want to do it, then 
just talk to him and ask him about Doc Morbid and the deal they have. 
Then you can get some caps off him to keep quiet.

If you did Deckerís first job youíll get a second one. The second job 
it to dispose of Jain. This is a woman at the Children of the Cathedral 
Hospital in the south side of town. Get the kid that sells flowers to 
leave. If you donít then he may attack of be shot down. Thatíll mean a 
loss of karma and the brand child killer on you ass. Or if you have a 
European version of the game, then there wonít be any kid there. The 
rest is simple, kill em all and go back to Deck to get you caps.

Before you leave this town be sure you have one rope, 5 Radaways, an 
SMG with lots of 10mm ammo and 5 Rad-X's.

When your finished here leave for The Boneyard........

   6.1 Boneyard

You shouldn't really do anything here as you are probably to 
Inexperienced to survive. So the reason you came here was to pick up 
Katja. In the section you entered in go north and from there go west. 
Go into the library and straight ahead you will see a female punk. Talk 
to her. When you get a chance ask her about the Adytum. And then tell 
her that you don't plan on staying much longer either. She will offer 
to join so take her. Until recently I'd suggest to take all her knives 
and give her the SMG with ammo. I still say take her knives but when I 
found out that she can use a 14mm I gave that to her. The SMG is a good 
weapon, but Katja uses burst modes at the wrong time. She usually kills 
some other member in my team with that so now I give her 14mm ammo for 
her 14mm gun. But it's your choice. Now that's all you should do for 
now, leave for Necropolis.......

   7.1 Necropolis

If you donít have Necropolis located on your map then get 1 run with 
the caravan traders in the middle section of the Hub. The ones right to 
the left as you come in as they do runs to Necropolis.

When you enter here the ghouls on the out side of the buildings will 
try to kill you. So kill all of them first. But don't go killing any 
ghouls inside the buildings. When you finish killing, go inside the 
building and talk to the ghouls. Don't steal from any of the shelves, 
as the ghouls will start attacking you. You can take some flares and 
dynamite from a Desk in the building. 

When your done up top open one of the sewers and climb down it. In this 
first section of the tunnels you can kill 4 Molerats and pick up a 
cattle prod and a knife from some dead ghouls. Then go into the next 
section to the north. When you get there you will see some ghouls. 
Don't kill them. They're the good guys. Go and talk to their leader. 
Ask him about a waterchip. Then he will ask you are you going to take 
it. Ask why. He will say that their water pump broke and they need the 
water chip. So ask him if it can be fixed. He will tell you that the 
parts are in a sewer with to many rats for them to handle. So tell him 
you'll find the parts for him.

Now go towards the right tunnel and then turn right as you go down it. 
The follow the short path and climb the ladder at the end. You will 
come up to a building with Bookshelves and ghouls. Don't bother with 
them. Now leave this building and enter the one just north. As you go 
there kill the ghouls that are standing out side that attack you. Go to 
the back and talk to the leader. Make sure he thinks that you bow down 
to him and then ask him for a job. He will ask you to kill some super 
mutants that he doesn't like. Just tell him Sure. Now go back down the 
manhole you came out of. Now go back the way you came but instead of 
turning towards the underground ghouls go up the other way. There are 
some rats there you can kill for exp and you can pick up a laser from a 
dead ghoul. When you finish go north to the exit grid. All you can do 
is go up the ladder. You will come out in a building. Exit it and go up 
to the top building. Enter it. You can talk to the super mutant in 
charge.  You can get him to take you to his master but don't go there 
as there is a 100% chance that you will die real quickly. Just chat 
with him until he decides to kill you, so kill him and all the other 
super mutants first. Once you have done this go down the manhole out 
side, just south, near where the out side mutant stood. Down there just 
go around killing anything that moves. To get the parts for the 
waterchip go down and turn right from your view. Then go as far back as 
you can and near the back they will be lying on the ground.

Now go back up the manhole you came in and go into the building that 
the talking Supermutant was in. Then go through the building until you 
come to a room with a machine in the top right corner. Get the parts 
ready in your inventory like you do with weapons and use the parts on 
the machine until you fix it. You should have by now 91% repair skill 
points so it should work the first time. You will get 1000exp just for 
fixing the water pump.

When you finish that, go south from there in the building. When you get 
to the bottom there is a ghoul locked up in the middle right cell. 
Unlock the door and talk to him. You can ask him about a waterchip. He 
will tell you to go into the room to his right and you should go down a 
manhole and then straight down another one. You will get 500exp for 
setting that guy free. Now go into the room next door, then down the 
manhole and the next one. You will have to kill the first two ghouls 
just around the corner but other then that don't kill anyone else. Be 
careful as they can radiate you when hitting you. Go down. It doesn't 
say there but the vault you are entering is vault 12. I have worked 
this out from Beth's vault location disk. The main thing to do here is 
to go down to the third floor and go to where the overseer would be and 
go up and fiddle around with the only functional computer. You will get 
1000exp just for finding the waterchip. Before you do go, on level two 
there is a locker with a few items such as rad-X. But there are also 3 
ghouls standing near it that will attack. Then leave for your Vault 13. 
Now you can go back to get the reward from Set for killing the Super 
mutes. As far as I know, when you go back in V1.0 all he gives you is 
50 caps, but in V1.2 when I went back I got a shotgun with shells, 
flares, 200caps and some other stuff. Maybe it had something to do with 
me going in a night as in V1.2 he wouldnít talk to me till then and in 
V1.0 he let me talk to him at night. I donít know any more about that.

Now a good thing to do is to go to the Hub. There you should stay and 
get hired for caravan runs until you have around 20 days to get the 
waterchip back. What you do is rest until the nearest day that one of 
the people are hiring (your not really doing this for money, it is much 
more for exp) then go to them. Before you talk to them, save. Then talk 
to them. As you are doing the run you are more than likely to get 
stopped by some raiders or something. What you want to do is to get 
stopped by great Mantis. Why? Because usually when you finish with them 
you will get around 1500exp. Then when you get to where you were going, 
tell the caravan guy that you still want to look around the town. Then 
save and talk top him to head out. When I kept doing this, in the end I 
had leveled up around 4 to 5 levels. So it is worth doing. Another 
thing that can be done is to go to the Boneyard and kill the Deathclaw 
for exp, then move to another section and rest. Then come back to kill 
more Deathclaw that came into the area again. But here you donít get 
the extra $$$ you would normally get from the caravan runs.

So anyway, when you're finished doing anything else here, leave for 
Vault 13.........

   3.2 Vault 13

If you didnít catch the water thief before, now is a good time.

When you enter here be sure to enter on the 3rd floor and just go and 
talk to the Overseer. You will get many exp. He will send you to a 
computer to right a report. When you finish go back and talk to him. He 
will say that he wants you to kill all the mutant places, as they are a 
threat to the vault. So what can you do? Exit and leave for the raiders 
base near Shady Sands.........

   1.5 Raiders

What you do here is simple. Kill all the raiders, take everything you 
can and when you run out of room barter it to one of your teammates. 
When you need it back to buy something, steal it back from them. Be 
sure not to kill the two women slaves that aren't wearing any armor as 
if they are alive when you finish combat you will get 200exp for them 
each for rescuing them. 

From here you can go to the Hub to barter all those goodies off for 
money to make it lighter for you and then go to the Brotherhood......

   8.1 The Brotherhood

There isn't really anything you can do here for now, but ask how to 
join and some other questions about the Brotherhood. The guy there, 
Cabbot, will say that you have to go to the glow and bring back 
something that proves you were there. Well off to the glow we 

If you have the electronic lockpicks, you can brake into the compound 
and no one will care. Once inside, theyíll just treat you as if you did 
the quest. But it is still a good idea to go to the glow, for exp and 

   8.2 The Glow

As soon as you arrive here you will have probably received some 
radiation. So quickly go into you inventory and use 1 radaway and about 
2 Rad-X. The Rad-X gives you +50% to your radiation resistance. Donít 
read any books, play chess with the computer as that takes up 2 hours 
or rest while here. If you do you may lose the radiation resistance and 
either have to take more pills (if you have any) or youíll just die. As 
for the npcís, donít worry about them.  

Anyway, now go over to the crater and on the left you will see a ledge 
sticking out. Use a rope on that ledge (if you don't have one then your 
screwed. I said keep at least 1 rope!). Now climb down that rope. Now 
you will have to move quickly as there is always radiation around this 
place and the rad-Xs don't last forever. In the third room the right of 
you character you can pick up 1 Radaway packet of a dead person. Also 
in this room is a smaller one with two lockers. One has a stimpak in 
it. There is an elevator near by but you can't open it yet. Going to 
your right is a room with another dead man with 1 Radaway and 1 rad-X 
on him. Keep going right and you will come to a corridor. Enter it and 
go up to the last rooms on both the right and left side. In the one to 
the right are some lockers with things inside them. The one in the left 
has a dead Brotherhood guy in it with a holodisk on him that you were 
sent to retrieve. He also has a yellow key card. Be sure to take both, 
as you will need them both. You can use the holodisk and read it on you 
pipboy. The reason why you can take the Brotherhood guys armor is 
because it is broken. There are another 2 corpses in the room. One has 
a 14mm gun and the other an assault rifle. You can use the ammo. And 
later sell the guns. There is also a computer in that room but it does 
nothing for now. Now just go up to the elevator and use the yellow 
keycard on it to go down a level.

On the 2nd floor there is another of those computers. Leave it and go 
up into the only door in that room. In this room there are security 
robots. Kill them now when they are not functional, as later when you 
turn on the power these robots will attack. Youíll end up getting the 
same exp as when they are functional and at this time theyíll not fight 
back. So kill all the off line robots you come across. Off of the brain 
bots you can take an assault rifle when you finished. In the next room 
there are some locker with some stuff for you. Then after that go out 
the door, go down the corridor and into the next door. Then just go 
through the rest of the rooms here looking at what the corpses have on 
them. Be sure not to miss the corpse in the top right room with a red 
keycard on him. When you are finished, use the yellow keycard on the 
elevator and go down another level.

Down here at first do the same thing. Look at the computer, then go 
into the next room and destroy the robots whilst they are non-
functional. The robots down here will have a shotgun and a hunting 
rifle. Go into the next room and then go up into a corridor that turns 
off to the left and then just after right. Go up that way. Up at the 
end there is a door that goes off to the left that has 2 other rooms 
with lockers in then. Go there first and rob the lockers. Then come 
back and go into the door on the right. There is an elevator there use 
the red card on it and go down 1 level.

The 4th floor. Go into the only room you can and kill all the robots 
there. In the next room is a wall locker at the top. Once you get into 
the main hallway, to your left is an elevator and a room with 3 
lockers. Go into that room and steal from the lockers. Now go back to 
the door you came out of and go down the hallway. There is a room there 
with a big functional computer, Zax. Go in that room. Access the 
computer and go and download everything from its computers to your 
pipboy. In the very bottom left room there is a dead guy with a blue 
card on him. Get it. Not connected to this room is another one with 3 
wall lockers in it. The way to get into it is as you are leaving this 
room by the door, follow the bottom wall till you reach another door. 
Enter that room and just below is another door leading to that room 
with the lockers. You can use the blue card on the other elevator on 
this floor. But there isn't enough power to run it. So go back to the 
elevator you came from and go down to level 6.

Down here if you follow the top wall you will come to the blue card 
elevator on its bottom floor. There are some robots there. So disable 
them. The way to fix the power is to use the repair skill on the big 
machine next to the only functional computer on this level. That is in 
the bottom right room. Once it is fixed, use the computer to turn on 
the power, as well as activate the robots. But you should have been 
killing them all, meaning that youíll only have the ones on level 5 to 
worry about. Then go up to that elevator and use the blue card on it to 
get to the 5th level. But before you do that be sure to get all the 
goodies of the dead people.

When you come down here you will have to go through the two rooms with 
the now FUNCTIONAL robots. When you come into the main hall enter the 
room opposite to the one you just came out of. There are two lockers in 
there. Then go all the way down the hall and enter the same looking 
room and go through the locker in there. (There are a lot of holodisks 
in the glow. I suggest you download then all to your pipboy as just 
doing that is worth 100exp and then later read through them at least 
once). Then go back up and enter the 2nd door from were you first 
entered the hallway from. In that room there are a lot of wall lockers 
and lockers. Go through them all and get everything from them. There is 
a mini gun in one of the lockers. It takes the same ammo as the assault 
riffle. You will also find a stealthboy. It is a device that turns you 
half-invisible. (Just as a reminder: if you canít carry anymore, then 
give some of your stuff to some of your team members). When you finish 
up, leave for the Brotherhood via the hub as you'll probably want to 
sell off a lot of those things.........

    8.3 The Brotherhood

When you get here talk to the guy out the front that you got something 
for him. You will give him the holodisk and get 2000exp for getting 
into the Brotherhood. Now go in the elevator and go down to the 1st 
level. You can talk to the Paladin woman and ask here a few questions. 
She is right out the front of the elevator door. The room to the left 
doesn't have anything of interest. The room to the right is a storage 
room. You cannot enter there but you can get permission from certain 
people to get some things from there. If you go down the hall and then 
take the first right at the end is a guy in combat armor. He is 
Michael, the one to talk to when you have permission to get something 
from the storage room. 

Go into the room to the right. Talk to Talus. He will thank you for 
rescuing that guy from the Hub. He will also offer to give you 
something from the storage room. If you are playing V1.0 then you will 
lose out in a way. He will only offer to give you a rocket launcher, a 
laser pistol or a sledgehammer. But if you are playing V1.2 he will 
also offer to give you Power Armor. (I read somewhere else that he only 
offers you the power armor if you have a high karma. But all I know is 
that in fallout v1.0 he never offered it to me and in fallout v1.2 he 
did. Considering I always have a good and high karma leaves me to 
believe that in 1.0 you canít get it from him. But it has been a while 
since I played 1.0. And I doubt that I will ever again.) This is the 
best armor you can get in Fallout. But if you are playing V1.0 don't 
worry. You can still get power armor a bit later and even if you are 
playing V1.2 then I suggest you get then both the power armors as it is 
worth quite a lot so you can sell it later. So tell him that you want 
the power armor (or the rocket launcher in V1.0 as it is the most 
Expensive item) and when you want to get it, go and talk to Michael. 
The power armor Weighs 85 pounds and later 100 pounds after you turn it 
into hardened power armor, so it will be taking up a lot of you 
inventory space. Talk to Talus again and ask him how to get better 
equipment and more ammo. He will give permission to get Brotherhood 
combat armor and some orders of ammo. So go talk to Michael to get 
those. You can also ask Talus about the Brotherhood people. 

If you asked the Paladin woman about training and she gave you a 
suggestion of watching Thomas at work, then go to the room that the 
guys in combat amour are fighting. Now just stand around watching and 
you will get some points added to your unarmed skill and later some 
points to your melee weapons. In the end when they finish, you will get 
500exp for learning that stuff. It's not really necessary but WTH.

When you've done whatever you can do here, go down to the next floor. 
There are 3 Bedrooms in the East part of this level. The top one is 
where your living quarters are. The others are locked and there's 
nothing inside them so don't bother with them. There are another two 
rooms to the west of them. The one down the bottom is a classroom. The 
one above is where the doctor is. This is where you can raise your ST, 
IN, PE, EN and AG for a price and some time. You should have plenty of 
money from selling all that stuff that you sold at the Hub. (I had 
around $85000!). When you finish up here, go down to the next level. 

A few notes on the Procedures:
Strength: 2000caps and 3 weeks recovery.
Perception: 4000caps and 1 week recovery.
Endurance: 3000caps and 1 week recovery.
Intelligence: 6000caps and 3 weeks recovery. 3000caps if less then 3 IN 
Agility: 5000caps and 3 weeks recovery.

Once on the 3rd floor, go in to the closest room with all those people 
wearing Maroon robes. Go and talk to the ones not at the computers at 
the end of the room. Talk to the one on the right, Sophia, and ask her 
about the Brotherhoods history. Sheíll give you a holodisk that you can 
download and read. Then talk to the woman, Vree, on the left. You can 
ask her a few things but also ask her about mutants and eventually you 
will get a holodisk of her. She can also point out a computer that will 
teach you some more computer skills. Going to the bottom right room is 
where you can get your 1st or 2nd power armor. Talk to Kyle in there 
about how to get power armor. He will tell you that if you can get a 
part he will let you fix the one in front of him on the desk and he 
will also let you keep it. For now don't worry about the power armor 
and go down to the next level. 

4th level. When you come to the first door go through it and enter the 
door adjacent to it. Talk to the guy in the blue robes, General Maxson. 
You can ask him about super mutants and get a job to scout up north. 
Then you can ask him how to get better weapons. He will say talk to his 
assistant and you can pick up something to sell. When you finish with 
him, go up to the top right room, where there are 4 blue robed figures. 
Talk to the one in charge. He will also ask you to scout up north. 

Now go back up to the 1st floor. Go and talk to Michael to get the 
part. (I think you will need around 6 and above IN to get the part.) 
Tell him your there to get the part. He will ask if you have proper 
authorization. Tell him yes. He will say that the computers do say so. 
So tell him the line that says, "You don't? Ordinance was suppose to 
send.......". You get the idea. He will give you the part and tell you 
not to tell anyone. The correct thread is: 3,1,4,1. Now go back down to 
the guy with the power armor and talk to him. Tell him you got the 
part. He will install the part and give you a manual. You shouldn't 
need it but you can always sell it later. Now just use your repair 
skill on the armor and you will fix it. When you finish it will be 
lying on the ground for you to pick it up. If you can't carry that much 
the give the other armor to Ian or some one. This is all you can do in 
the Brotherhood for now. If you want to Explore around some more then 
do so but there really isnít much more to do there other then look and 
wander around. When you are finished leave for Necropolis. 

    7.2 Necropolis

When you arrive here no matter what all the ghouls are now dead except 
for one that I will write about later. A whole lot of new super mutants 
have arrived and where angry about what you did to there friends. So 
start clearing them from the hotel area first. 

When you finish there go down the sewers and go to the place to where 
the guy hired you to kill the mutants. When you climb up the ladder 
there is a ghoul in the next room that is still alive. Talk to him and 
ask him what happened. He is the one that tells you that they all came 
because of you. Now you can rob all of the dead ghouls and the shelves 
and stuff in this area. Of course after you kill the super mutants in 
the hall. 

Then when you are finished. Go to the 3rd section of Necropolis. Just 
kill all the mutants. Other then that there isn't any other thing you 
can do in Necropolis. So when you finish leave for Boneyard.

   6.2 Boneyard

Enter in the Adytum. Put your weapons away and talk to the front guard. 
Tell him you want to enter and he will say Jon Zimmerman (who is the 
leader of this town) might have some use for you. There is a shed to 
the left with a manhole leading down to a shop. He doesn't have much 
but you can check it out for your self. Now go down the street and 
enter the 2nd building to your left. Zimmerman is in there. Talk to him 
about the job. He will say that some gang has killed his son and he 
would like you to kill them for him. Take the job.

There is another shed below this building with another manhole. There's 
nothing you can use down there but talk to the scientist guy standing 
in front of it. After talking with him you can get a job to get some 
parts for the towns water system. He will tell you to go and talk to 
Samuel. He is in the tent just to the right. Talk to him and ask him 
questions. You can get a lot of information of him. There's another guy 
called Smitty in this area. He can give you some information, as well 
as been able to upgrade a Plasma Rifle to a Turbo Plasma Rifle. If you 
are using energy weapons the Alien Blaster is a better weapon, but good 
luck getting it.

Thereís a guy named Chuck in the south-east. Keep talking to him about 
the future and you should get an extra LU point. Just talk to him 2 or 
3 times and youíll see that your LU went up by one. Not bad for not 
having to really do anything.

Now go north into the next part of this city. There at the north there 
is the gang that you have to kill for Zimmerman. But don't, as they 
didn't kill the boy. Go and talk to their leader. As you enter the 
building she is the one in the room to the right in the Black outfit. 
Ask her if she is the leader and tell her that Zimmerman sent you. Then 
tell her you have come to avenge his son's death. She will shout out 
something and ask her who is she going to send to hell. She will say 
that the Regulators are the ones who killed his son (the ones in the 
metal armor protecting the Adytum). Then say why would they kill him. 
She will say something, then answer her and then again then ask her why 
doesn't she just get a large group together and storm the Adytum. She 
will say that they don't have good enough weapons and they can't get to 
the Gunrunners. Ask why and she will say that there is a Deathclaw nest 
between them and the gunrunners. Ask her where the gunrunners are and 
tell her that you will go there and see what you can find out. The 
correct thread is: 1,1,2,2,2,1,1,2,1,1,1. You can also tell her that 
you will take a holodisk to Zimmerman that proves that the Regulators 
killed his son. If you do just download it and read it but don't go 
showing it to Zimmerman. If you do then the Regulators will attack you. 
But there is another way to get some of the Blades to help you kill the 
Regulators. But it's your choice. 

Now go to the west section where you got Katja. There in the library 
steal from what you can and talk to all the people you can. If you have 
lost the robe that you should have, then you can pick up 3 on the 
ground in the room behind from where you got Katja. There is a ghoul 
down stairs, Talius, that you can talk to about this and that. You can 
find out that he was from Vault 13 and was sent out to find the Chip 
before you. But he was taken captive by the super mutants at 
Necropolis. Talk to him and offer to kill the Master for him to get a 
flame-thrower and some ammo for it. Correct thread is: 1,1,1,2,2,1,1,1. 
There is a quest you can get off him to find the spy in the followers. 
But for a reason that I think was time, this quest was left and 
therefore canít be finished as there is no finish to it. When you are 
done here go back to the gang section and from there head east onto 
another exit grid.

In this section there are Deathclaws here. Kill all the ones on top. 
More will come later. The only way to stop them is to kill the mother 
Deathclaw down the stairs. But don't do that yet. Collect the parts for 
the guy in the Adytum from the dead guy there and keep going east to 
the next exit grid. What you can also do to level up a bit. When you 
kill the Deathclaw, go into the gang section and rest for an hour. Then 
when you come back there will be more Deathclaws. All you have to do is 
keep going back into this section after an hour's rest and there will 
be more Deathclaws. At this section head east until you come to a guy 
blocking a bridge. Tell him you want to buy some weapons. He'll say 
O.K. and will move out of the way for you. When you enter the building 
you can talk to the small guy to get weapons. If you ask him for a 
discount he will say okay. Later when you kill the mother Deathclaw he 
will agree to a better discount. You will only get the discount after 
you talk to the guy close to him wearing the combat armor. He will say 
to you that they don't get many visitors there because of the 
Deathclaw. So agree to help him and for your pay tell him that the 
Blades gang could use their help. He will agree to give you help but 
only after you kill the mother Deathclaw. 

When you get back to the Deathclaw section, go down the stairs. I will 
warn you. Don't think that mother Deathclaw will be easy to kill. Be 
sure to save as she is one though bitch. So go down and do your best to 
kill her. If you fail then next time use more stimpaks. By now I had 
over 150 of them. So kill the mother Deathclaw and the eggs that are on 
the ground. Then when you finish DO NOT go back to the Gunrunners. 
First you will need to make your power armor into hardened power armor. 
So go back and give the scientist his parts (the one in Adytum). He 
will tell you to take them to Smitty. If you still haven't gone to him 
then you will find him in the building right above the tent with the 
Samuel in it. Ask him to fix the parts and he will. When he finishes, 
take the parts back to the scientist guy. He will give you some 
stimpaks, caps and offer to fix up certain types of armor for you if 
you ever come back. Talk to him again when you finish. If you are 
wearing power armor he will tell you to go to the hub and get a book of 
the lady bookseller. He will say when you get back with it he will be 
able to upgrade your armor. So tell him you'll do it. 

Now just quickly go to the Hub and get the book of the lady. She will 
want $750 for it. So pay her and go back and give it to the scientist. 
It will take him a day to do it but hey, what's one day?

Now go back to the gunrunners. Talk to the leader in the building. Tell 
him that you cleared out the Deathclaw. He will offer you weapons. Tell 
him that you have some friends that could use the weapons and he will 
tell you to tell them that the weapons are theirs. 

Now go back to the Blades. Before you talk to her ready your weapons 
and then talk to her. She will tell you that they are going to invade 
the Adytum. So tell her sure you'll help her. Zimmerman is going to die 
no matter what you do. What you have to do is kill all of the guys 
wearing metal armor (the Regulators). You will be backed up by the town 
people and by around 5 Blade members at the top of the town. Plus 
another 3 Blade members at the bottom of the town. They will be wearing 
Combat armor and will have plasma rifles and assault rifles. Be sure 
not to shot them. When you are finished collect all the stuff you can. 

The only thing you can do here is go back up to the blades base and ask 
the guy out the front, MacRae, to teach you some fighting skills. Not 
if your skill is above 91% through.

From here you can go two ways. You can either do the Vats first or the 
cathedral.  Either ways you have to do both if you want to finish the 
game and it doesn't really matter which one you do first. So you can 

I will write about the cathedral first as I usually do that first. 
First head to the library in the Boneyard if you want some help.

Go into the library. Talk to Nicole. She is the leader of the 
Followers. She is standing just a little Northeast from the spot you 
got Katja from. Ask her about the Children of the Cathedral and then if 
you can ask some other things about them. Ask her if she can help you 
destroy the Children. She will say no, but will also say to go to the 
cathedral talk to a person, Laura, and tell her the catchphrase. She 
will also give you 2 men and 2 women to create a distraction. They will 
meet you at the cathedral and will leave you once you leave the 
cathedral. That is all you can do here. So go to the Cathedral......

   9.1 The Cathedral

I am not going to write about how to get to the master with out the 
Followers help as it is pretty much the same as with them because if 
you have Dogmeat, the only way of sneaking in is to kill him. That's a 
bad thing and you would also have to leave your team behind, so you 
would have to face the master yourself or set off the bomb.

When you enter the cathedral 4 people in metal armor will approach you. 
They will use weapons like spears knives and sledgehammers. 2 will have 
30 Hit points, 1 will have 60Hps and 1 will have 25Hps. So look out for 
them. You can talk to anyone you want but they pretty much say the same 

Enter the Church. Enter the 4th room on the left with the two people in 
the brown robes in it. Talk to Laura. She is the Followers inside 
person. Ask if she is Laura and then give her the password. Follow her 
to another room where she can talk freely. You can ask her some 
questions and eventually she will take you to a door that leads you to 
the master. But before that, be sure to ask her everything else and 
find out what you can. 

Getting back to that door she led you to. There are 3 ways you can open 
it. Lockpicking it is one. But unless you have a lockpicking skill of 
around 200% then don't even try. Another ways is to set some Explosives 
in front of it, then waiting for it to blow up. Or you can go up the 
stairs to the east of the door and work your way up to a guy at the 
top, Morpheus (who sounds strangely like Irenicus from Baldurís Gate 
II?) who has key to the door. Another way you can get to the master is 
to get rid of your party (Dogmeat to) and got up to Morpheus. Not one 
will attack you if you wear the robes and are alone. You can get 
Morpheus to take you to the master.

There will be some Nightkin protecting Morpheus. (Half-invisible Super 
mutants) they will have chain, laser and flame-thrower guns. So it can 
be a bit hard. I just use Explosives on the door. There are a few items 
that you may want to go up for like the Tesla Armor. That Armor is very 
good against lasers, so it may come in handy. 

In that room, past the last locked door, is a Nightkin you will have to 
kill. When you go to fight him all the others there on the main floor 
will also try to kill you. So it's a good thing that those followers 
are there to help you (not really, they can become annoying if they do 
just get rid of them by leaving and stooping somewhere outside of the 
cathedral). When you are done killing everyone, go down the stairs that 
are in the room that you had to blow the door of to get in. (Or opened 
it with the key.) Go down as far as you can. Use your trap skill on the 
lowest bookshelf until you find a hidden latch. Then just click on the 
bookshelf to open the hidden door. When you go through the door you 
will have to kill a few Centories and Flooters. When you get up to the 
vault entry there will be 2 super mutants and a guy in robes to kill 
too. So kill everything down here. When you finish I suggest you leave 
the cathedral just go out into the desert near by so that the Followers 
will leave you, as if you take them down with you they are more than 
likely to be killed.

There are a few things you can do now. Go down the elevator to level 
two. All you can do here is kill everyone and use the science skill on 
the computer to get 1250exp for finding a military base (you can only 
get the exp if you have not yet gone to the Vats). What you can also do 
is free some prisoners from misery. They die when you release them but 
it is freeing them. You will get 2000exp for doing this. If you intend 
to fight the master then talk to the prisoner named Gideon to get a 
Psychic Nullifier, as when you go to fight the master, you lose hit 
points from the psychic attacks. If you canít talk him into giving it 
to you, then kill them and take it. It on the 2nd floor to the north-

Then down to level 3. The best way to destroy the base is to first kill 
all the robots in the room to the right. No one else will come to try 
to kill you. When you finish go back up to level 1. There heal yourself 
and your crew. The go back down to level 3 and go and kill all the 
mutants in the room to the left. Some Children technicians will come to 
try to kill you but the are easy to kill. Then when you finish go and 
heal your self again. Then go to the door in the Northwest corner. 
Lockpick it open with a set of electronic lockpicks. When you open it, 
lockpick the elevator (with out the picks) and go down. There you will 
have to lockpick another door, and behind that kill the two super 
mutants. Then use you science skills on the computer to set the atom 
bomb on for a 240second count down. Or you can use the Lieutenant's key 
to set off the bomb (from the Vats). That is all you will have to run 
out either after you kill the master or just set off the bomb. Once you 
have done that one way or another, run the hell out of there.

If you want to, instead of going down the elevator, you can just kill 
the master himself. That is a bad idea as when you head up a corridor 
to face him, you and your teammates will be hit for some points from 
the goo on the walls suffocating you. But if you have the nullifier 
from the second floor, then you should be okay. Also a super mutant 
will appear in the corridor every few seconds to try to kill you. That 
will also set of the bomb. What you do is go down the corridor from 
when you exit the elevator. It is still a good idea to kill everything 
else first. Then at the end of the corridor turn right and keep heading 
that direction until you go into a corridor-heading north. Go up there 
and you can talk to the master and then kill him.

Another thing you can do if you have Vree's Autopsy Disk, is make the 
mutant leader see that heís race canít reproduce. What this does is 
make him hit the self-destruct button, but take an IN of 8 or so and a 
good speech skill. There are (or were) a few people in the rooms on the 
main floor that you could talk to, but none really have much or nothing 
important to say. 

I'd just thought I'd mention as a closing note on the cathedral, that 
the Siberian husky named Sasha out the back of the cathedral cannot 
join your team or cannot be killed. You can't do anything with that 
dog. She is the producer's dog.  Sasha is often around somewhere in 
Interplay games.

Now for the vats. If you decide to do the Vats first you will find the 
base on the world map in the Northwest section. The Vats are on the 2nd 
row of Squares from the top and in the 4th row from the left. If you do 
the cathedral first then if you went down to level two you should have 
found the base on the computer. 

   10.1 The Vats (Military Base)

When you enter here put away your weapons away and put on your robe. 
Save and then head Northeast. The guard at the gate will ask you what 
you are doing there. Tell him that you are from the cathedral and to 
let you through. Around 6 CH will usually get you through. 5 CH might 
take a few more goes. Go behind the guy in front of the main door. 
Steal his holodisk from him. The holodisk has the combination code to 
the door. Now from here there are three ways you can go. Try to go in 
and shoot everything that moves. I never did that so I'm not going to 
write about that. You can sneak in and blow up the place. Or you can go 
back to the Brotherhood and come back with some better firepower and 
some help. 

What you can also do is, if you have a radio you can make 3 of the 4 
guards leave. Just put the radio and click to use it. Talk to the guy 
and say that your under attack. You can give him some coordinates and 
the 3 mutants leave, leaving you the one just outside the door. You get 
1500exp for doing this. But I doubt it real matters now.
When you enter the building tell all your of the people in your group 
that they can leave now. (If you are playing v1.0 take Tycho with you 
as when you tell him he can leave he disappears). Don't worry as on 
your way up you can ask them to join you again. Take the first right. 
Keep going until you come to another super mutant. Just tell him you 
are from the cathedral. To the right are 5 computers. Go up to the one 
at the top. Use you science skills on it until you discover an unlocked 
file. Then just use the computer until you beat the game and get 
800exp. Then go back to the front and enter through the only door with 
out any thing blocking it. Head north until and turn left into a room 
with 3 computers in it. Use your science skill on the one in the 
middle. You can fiddle around with the computer if you want. Now go up 
north through the left door. You will come to an elevator with a force 
field in front. Put on the power armor, go through the force field and 
us the elevator to go to the 3rd floor. Step through the force field 
and put the robes back on. Heal Dogmeat before you keep going. Go down 
the hallway to the right. You will come to a big open room. From there 
go into the nearest hallway. Pass the two Super mutants. One will talk 
to you. Don't piss him off and go to the elevator that works. Go down 
the elevator to level 4. You will get 2000exp for not getting caught 
yet. Go up north to the room with all the robed figures in it. Go up to 
there top. There is a guy standing in front of a computer. Steal a 
keycard from him then use it on the computer. Get the computer to 
display the security codes. Execute the command 31914-1041-1251514.
It will set the base to self-destruct. Now all the have to do is run 
out of there and be sure to pick up your teammates on the way out. 

If you want to come back here with some Brotherhood guys. Then still 
steal the holodisk of that mutant. Then instead of going in side go 
back to the Brotherhood.

    8.4 Brotherhood

Go down to the bottom level. Go and talk to the elders of the 
Brotherhood. Tell them that you scouted the area and they will send you 
to Madison. Go and talk to Madison. Tell him about the mutants and that 
you have a plan of attack. He will send you back to the elders. Talk to 
the elders about the base. Tell then your plan of attack. They will 
give you 3 Paladins to help you enter the base. They will meet up when 
you get there. So go back to the military base. 

   10.2 The Vats

When you enter here go up and kill all of the outside guards with the 
help of the paladins. Pick up a radio from one of the dead super 
mutants. Now you can put your robes on and sneak in and destroy the 
place. Or you can go in and kill everything that moves. Just be warned. 
The Paladins don't join you once you enter the base. They only help and 
patrol on the outside. Which as far as I am concerned their not worth 
going back for. When you get up top before you leave use the radio to 
talk to one of the people that are inside the Vats. Tell the person on 
the other end that everything is okay. He will ask you who are you and 
what your purpose is. Tell him that you are Fred, that your propose is 
to patrol and so on. You will get 1500exp for tricking the guards. Then 
run the hell out of there before the place blows up. 

Well once you run out of there or the cathedral that's it, you've saved 
the world.  Wow. Arenít you a HERO? I quote Homer in saying, ďCaptain 
of the football team, Donít wait up Marge!Ē 


   A. Special Encounters

Here is a list of the ďspecial EncountersĒ that you may encounter along 
your travels. To find them just ride around the wastes. Having high 
luck helps, and so do a few perks like Explorer or Ranger, but raising 
luck or picking those perks just is not worth it.

1. Giant Footprint- Here you will see a giant foot print (duh!). in the 
middle is a Stealth Boy you can pick up.

2. Nuke Cola Truck- there is a Nuke cola truck tipped over with a crate 
or so around it that is carrying around 10000 caps.

3. Crashed Saucer- Once again just a crashed UFO. But again a thing or 
two to pick up. Thereís a nice Alien Blaster lying around. Itís pretty 
much the best laser in the game and it uses Small Energy Cells. 
Apparently there is also a picture of Elvis too. But I must have missed 
it and havenít gotten this encounter yet again.

4. Patrick- an old traveler wondering the wastes. He can point out a 
few locations for you and raise your CH by one. If he mentions a Celtic 
song, then you may get the option to name one. You sing with him and 
that ends up getting you +1 to you CH.

5. Tardis- Out of Doctor Who. You go up to him and he disappears. But 
you get to keep that motion detector that he left behind.

6. Bob's Used Cars- just some bob guy in the middle of the dessert 
selling cars. But inside his shack you can go in and find a Red Ryder 
LE BB Gun (Limited Edition). WOW! Well that is a wow. While not a burst 
mode gun, it is the best single shotgun in the game.

7. Talking Brahmins- Just some talking Brahmins. Canít remember what 
this was supposed to be from. They just wander around saying ďmooĒ and 
ďmoo I sayĒ.

   B. Weapons

A few stats on weapons. Dmg = Damage, Rng = Range, Ammo = Ammo (duh), 
Min = has a minimum requirement of something. Usually strength.

Melee Weapons

Brass Knuckles
Dmg: 2-6

Dmg: 1-7

Dmg: 1-7

Combat Knife
Dmg: 3-11

Spiked Knuckles
Dmg: 4-11

Dmg: 3-11

Dmg: 4-10 Rng: 2

Dmg: 3-11 Rng: 2

Cattle Prod
Dmg: 12-21 Ammo: 20 x Small Energy Cells

Power Fist
Dmg: 12-25 Ammo: 25 x Small Energy Cells

Dmg: 15-33 Ammo: 30 x Small Energy Cells

Throwing Weapons

Throwing Knife
Dmg: 3-6 Rng: 16

Dmg: 3-11 Rng: 8

Molotov Cocktail
Dmg: 8-20 Rng: 12

Grenade (Frag)
Dmg: 20-35 Rng: 15

Grenade (Plasma)
Dmg: 40-90 Rng: 15

Grenade (Pulse) - Useful only on mechanical (robots)
Dmg: 100-150 Rng: 15

Small Guns

Red Ryder BB Gun
Dmg: 1-3 Rng: 22 Ammo: 100 x BB's 9mm

Dmg: 5-10 Rng: 22 Ammo: 7 x 9mm Ball

10mm Pistol
Dmg: 5-12 Rng: 25 Ammo: 12 x 10mm

Hunting Rifle
Dmg: 8-20 Rng: 40 Ammo: 10 x .223mm FMJ

Desert Eagle .44
Dmg: 10-16 Rng: 25 Ammo: 8 x .44

Magnum Shotgun
Dmg: 12-22 Rng: 14 Ammo: 2 x 12 ga. Shot

14mm Pistol
Dmg: 12-22 Rng: 24 Ammo: 6 x 14mm

.223 Pistol
Dmg: 20-30 Rng: 30 Ammo: 5 x .223 FMJ

Sniper Rifle
Dmg: 14-34 Rng: 50 Ammo: 6 x .223 FMJ

10mm SMG
Dmg: 5-12 Rng: 25 Ammo: 30 x 10mm

Combat Shotgun
Dmg: 15-25 Rng: 22 Ammo: 12 x 12 ga. Shot

Assault Rifle
Dmg: 8-16 Rng: 45 Ammo: 24 x 5mm

Red Ryder LE BB Gun
Dmg: 25-25 Rng: 32 Ammo: 100 x BB's

Big Guns

Dmg: 45-90 Rng: 5 Ammo: 5 x Flame-thrower Fuel

Rocket Launcher
Dmg: 35-100 Rng: 40 Ammo: 1 x Rocket

Dmg: 7-11 Rng: 35 Ammo: 120 x 5mm Min. ST 7

Energy Weapons

Laser Pistol
Dmg: 10-22 Rng: 35 Ammo: 12 x Small Energy Cells

Plasma Pistol
Dmg: 15-35 Rng: 20 Ammo: 16 x Small Energy Cells

Laser Rifle
Dmg: 25-50 Rng: 45 Ammo: 12 x Micro Fusion Cells

Plasma Rifle
Dmg: 30-65 Rng: 25 Ammo: 10 x Micro Fusion Cells

Turbo Plasma Rifle
Dmg: 35-70 Rng: 35 Ammo: 10 x Micro Fusion Cells

Alien Blaster
Dmg: 30-90 Rng: 10 Ammo: 30 x Small Energy Cells

Gatling Laser
Dmg: 20-40 Rng: 40 Ammo: 30 x Micro Fusion Cells

   C. Armor

Leather Jacket
AC: 8 Normal 0/20% Laser 0/20% Fire 0/20% Plasma 0/10% Explode 0/20% 

Leather Armor
AC: 15 Normal 2/25% Laser 0/20% Fire 0/20% Plasma 0/10% Explode 0/20% 

Metal Armor
AC: 10 Normal 4/30% Laser 6/75% Fire 4/10% Plasma 4/20% Explode 4/25% 

Tesla Armor
AC: 15 Normal 7/20% Laser 19/90% Fire 4/10% Plasma 9/80% Explode 3/20% 

Combat Armor
AC: 20 Normal 5/40% Laser 8/60% Fire 4/30% Plasma 4/50% Explode 6/40% 

Brotherhood Armor
AC: 20 Normal 8/40% Laser 8/70% Fire 7/50% Plasma 7/60% Explode 8/40% 

Power Armor
AC: 25 Normal 12/40% Laser 18/80% Fire 12/60% Plasma 10/40% 
Explode 20/50%

Hardened Power Armor
AC: 25 Normal 16/50% Laser 19/90% Fire 14/70% Plasma 12/50%
Explode 19/60%

   D. Drugs

Heals 10-20hpís

Super stimpaks
Heals up to 75hpís, after a bit or so you lose 9hpís

Removes 25 points or poison damage

Rad resistance +50%, -25% after a day, -25% after another day

Removes radiation poisoning by 25rems

ST+2, EN+3 for 6 hours, withdrawal ST-4 EN-4 AG-4 for 12hours

IN+2 PE+2 CH+1 for a day, withdrawal PE-4 IN-4 CH-3 for 4days

DMG Res +50% In-3, withdrawal IN+1 DMG Res Ė25% after 6hours IN+2 DMG 
Res Ė25% after another 6hours

   E. Primary Statistics

These are the strength, perception etc...

Strength- This skill determines how much you can carry, how much extra 
melee damage you do, it adds to your hit points, some of your weapons 
skills and you weapon handling. 6 is a good minimum.

Perception- This skill modifies some skills and also determines your 
accuracy for long range shooting. Good to have for snipers. 6 is a good 

Endurance- This skill also modifies a few skills, but is mainly for 
hitpoints (it determines how much you will get per level) and you 
resistances to a few things like poison and radiation. 5 is a good 

Charisma- Doesnít really affect much in this Fallout. It modifies your 
speech and barter skills as well as reactions from npcís. 5 is a good 

Intelligence- This skill gives you more dialogue options, as well as 
determining how many skill points you will get per level. It raises the 
science skill as well as a bit of speech, which determines how 
convincing you are. 6 is the absolute minimum. Having 7 or more is 
good. But you can leave it at 6 and get it raised later to 7 from the 
Brotherhood. In this Fallout 6 is OK to have, but indeed is a minimum.

Agility- A good skill to have high, it raised you AC (armor class) and 
give you APís (action points) as well as raising many skills. 9 is a 
good minimum. Later you can raise it to 10 using the Brotherhood.

Luck- Modifies a few skills, critical chance and a few other things. A 
minimum of 5 is good to have. 

   F. Skills

These are other skill that you use playing the game, lick lock picking, 
or firing a weapon. You get to tag 3 giving them a 20% bonus as well as 
increasing the skill by 2% instead of 1%. Later you can get the perk 
Tag to tag another skill it you want. Here is the information on them:

Small Guns- This is for the use of riffles, pistols and a few other 
small guns. Raising it will add to the determination on accurate, as 
well as helping you to use the gun better (not braking it or losing all 
the ammo). These guns are like the main weapons in Fallout. Tagging it 
is a good idea. It can be raised by reading a ďGuns and Ammo bookĒ, so 
do raise it too high at first till you used a few of these books.

Big Guns: The use of such weapons as miniguns, rocket launchers, or 
flamethrowers. Raising it will add to the determination on accurate, as 
well as helping you to use the gun better (not braking it or losing all 
the ammo) This really isnít a good skill to bother with. There arenít 
really any good big guns. Small ones end up been better to use. 

Energy weapons- The use of weapons that are powered by power cells 
Raising it will add to the determination on accurate, as well as 
helping you to use the gun better (not braking it or losing all the 
ammo). While a few other people say raise this skill, I say that once 
again this is quite useless, as there are as good small guns in the 
game. Fallout II has better Big guns and Energy weapons. But it may be 
useful when fighting the mutants. But its your choice. At least donít 
tag it. Raise it like other un-tagged skills, or later tag it with the 
tag perk.

Unarmed- Quite useless. Later in the game even with things such as 
power fists you wonít end up doing much damage compared to guns.

Melee Weapons- Is the use of weapons such as knives, sledgehammers, 
spears etc... Like unarmed, this is useless. Instead of power fists you 
can get a super sledgehammer. But this weapon is more useful in fallout 
II for Sulik then for you here.

Throwing- The use of Throwing weapons and grenades. Waste of a skill. 
Grenades are hard to come by if you going to be using them every 
second, and knives really wont do much damage. Youíll also need +75% or 
so to actually Throw good and not suffer penalties.

First Aid- Determines if you will be successful at all in healing the 
target in a few hit points. Donít tag it or raise it. Just use the 
first aid books to get it up. 

Doctor- Determines if you will be successful at all in healing the 
target in a few hit points. This skill will heal more then first aid 
and will allow you to get rid of such things as blind, or crippled. 
This is a good skill to have high, around 100%.

Sneak- Use it to move around un-noticed. THE most useless secondary 
skill. There arenít real any uses for this. Never bother with it I say.

Steal- Determines wether you will successfully steal objects off of 
people. This is worthy of tagging. 

Lockpick- Determines whether you will unlock an object, fail to unlock 
it, or even jam it. Another skill worthy of tagging. Also use lockpicks 
when picking lock to raise the skill.

Traps- Determines wether youíll arm explosives properly or disarm other 
traps with out setting them off. Good to get around 50-70%.

Science- Using computers, figuring things out to do certain quests such 
as chemistry, physics, biology, etc... ďThe Big Book of ScienceĒ will 
allow you to raise the skill. A few other places will also increase it 
for you. Getting it high to round 100% will allow you to do the Vats 
and cathedral Silently.

Repair- Allows you to repair the target properly. Is useful to have 
high for some quests. Raise it using books to 91% or so. Using a tool 
with this skill raises it a bit.

Speech- A good skill to raise to 100%. It helps in dialogues in quests 
and bullshiting people to make them believe certain things. Very useful 
and tag worthy.

Barter- Determines any discounts youíll get when battering. Worth 
getting to 60-70%.

Gambling- The seconds most useless skill. Money is all over the place 
and there are only two places to gamble at. Donít gamble or bother with 
this skill at ALL.

Outdoors- Determines if youíll get stoped at encounters. You can read 
books to raise it. Donít bother. In Fallout II you can chose if you 
want to stop at random encounters. In Fallout it just by-passes them. I 
say its worth stopping for exp and items. But itís your choice.

   G. Derived Statistics

These are other statistics that are mainly determined by the main 
skills. These are written straight from the manual.

Hit Points- The number of "life" points. If it goes to zero, so will 
you. Formula: HP = 15 + (2 x EN) + ST. Average is 30.

Armor Class- The higher it is, the harder it is for the enemy to hit 
Formula: AC = AG + Armor worn. Average is 5.

Action Points- Determines what you can do during combat. They are 
displayed by the green lights in combat.
Formula: AP = 0.5 x AG + 5. Average is 7.

Carry Weight- Mass of how much equipment you can carry, rated in 
pounds. You can barter for more equipment than you can carry.
Formula: 25 + (25 x ST). Average is 150 pounds.

Melee Damage- How much extra damage your character does in melee or 
unarmed attacks.
Formula: ST - 5, min.1. Average is 1.

Damage Threshold: How much damage your armor can withstand when you are 
Formula: DR = 0 + Armor

Damage Resistance: How much damage your armor can resist when you are 
hit. The value given in the character screen pertains to normal 
attacks, while the value given in the inventory screen pertains to 
different types of attacks, including normal but also fire, laser, and 
plasma to name some.
Formula: DR = 0% + Armor (Combat Armor has 40% DR)

Poison Resistance: How much poison damage that you can resist.
Formula: PR = 5 x EN. Average is 25%.

Radiation Resistance: How much radiation damage that you can Radiation 
can affect any character, and the way to get maximum resistance is 
using Rad-X.
Formula: RR = 2 x EN + Armor Resistance (Combat Armor has 30% 
resistance). Average is 10%.

Sequence: Determines who will attack first in combat. Higher is better.
Formula: SQ = 2 x PE. Average is 10.

Healing Rate: How much you can heal in three hours of rest.
Formula: HR = 0.5 x EN, min.1. Average is 1.

Critical Chance: Chance of scoring a critical hit on the 
Formula: CC = LK. Average is 5%.

   H. Traits

You can pick two traits at the beginning of the game. They all have a 
good and bad side other then bloody mess. So be careful in what you 

Fast Metabolism- ďYour metabolic rate is twice as normal. This means 
that you are much less resistant to radiation and poison, but you body 
heals faster.Ē - Not worth it, having that bit of resistance is a help 
and rest, use stimpaks and/or your healing skills you get back 

Bruiser- ďA little slower, but a little bigger. You may not hit as 
often, but they will feel it when you do. Your total action points are 
lowered, but your strength is increased.Ē Ė Not worth it again, 
strength can be raised later by power armor, also to sacrifice action 
points for a bit of strength. HA.

Small Frame- ďYou are not quite as big as the other Vault-Dwellers, but 
that never slowed you down. You canít carry as much, but are more 
agile.Ē Ė Kind of worth it. Depends on if you want to carry a lot of 
things around, not just to sell but to use. +1 to AG and a loss to 
carry weight Ė depends on how much ST you have to how much you will 

One Hander- ďOne of your hands is very dominant. You excel with single-
handed weapons, but two-handed weapons cause a problem.Ē Basically NO. 
You canít use ANY rifles, big guns or Energy weapons that are two 
handed. Well you can, but you get penalties. 

Finesse- ďYour attacks show a lot of finesse. You donít do as much 
damage, but cause more critical hits.Ē - You do 30% less damage, but 
your chance to cause a critical hit goes up by 10%. Not too bad but no 
too worth it either.

Kamikaze- ďBy not paying any attention to threats, you can act faster 
in turn. This lowers your armor class to just what you are wearing, but 
you sequence much faster in combat turn.Ē Ė this raises the sequence by 
5%. To really too good of a trade off.

Heavy Handed- ďYou swing harder, not better. Your attacks are very 
brutal, but lack finesse. You rarely cause a good critical, but you 
always do more melee damage.Ē Ė Melee damage is given a +4 and you do 
-30% less damage when you pull a critical. Since fighting melee is 
crap, then so is this trait. For melee people this is good at the 
beginning and crap at the end when fighting mutants and other such 

Fast Shot- ďYou donít have time to aim for a targeted attack, because 
you attack faster then normal people. It costs you one less action 
point to use a weapon.Ē Ė not a bad trade off If you have a high 
critical chance. Also goes good with the ďBonus Ranged AttackĒ perk. 
But I say it isnít worth it. Anyway, your choice.

Bloody Mess- ďBy some strange twist of fate, people around you die 
violently. You always see the worst way a person can die.Ē Ė No Bad 
with this perk. Take it if you want. In the end a different out come 
will be had with the overseer, but itís for the better.

Jinxed- ďThe good thing is that everyone around you has more critical 
failures, the bad thing is so do you!Ē Ė Not bad with a luck of 9-10. 
But even then you have your party to think about.

Good Natured- ďYou studied less-combative skills as you grew up. Your 
combat skills start off at a lower level, but First Aid, Doctor, Speech 
and Barter are substantially improved.Ē Ė Combat skills Ė10%. Speech, 
doctor, barter and first aid +15%. Not too bad, a bit tough at the 
beginning, I say skip this through.

Chem Reliant- ďYou crave chems more easily. Your chance to crave chems 
is twice normal, but you recover faster from their ill effects.Ē Ė 
Addiction rate is +200% and recovery is halved. Not worth taking as 
drugs really arenít needed much and should not be used much.

Chem Resistant- ďChems only affect you half as normal, but your chance 
to crave them is also only 50% of normal.Ē Ė Eh, not bad, but not 
really necessary.

Night Person- ďAs a night-time person you are more awake when the sun 
goes down. Your intelligence and perception are improved at night, but 
dulled during the day.Ē Ė from 1800 to 0600 you get +1 to PE and IN, 
and the reverse during the day. Since most things happen during the 
day, this is not too good.

Skilled- ďSince you spent more time improving your skills then a normal 
person, you start with better skill levels. The trade-off is you do not 
gain as many extra abilities. You will gain a perk every four levels.Ē 
- +10% to all skills and perk rate is now 4. This is not a good trade 
off. At level 12 you will end up with 3 perks compared to the normal 44 
perks you could have.

Gifted- ďYou have more innate abilities then most, so you have not 
spent as much time honing your skills. Your primary statistics are each 
+1 but you lose -10% on all skills to start, and receive 5 less skill 
points per level.Ē Ė kind of harsh but this is an all but must have. 
Gaining more primary stats is worth the loss as not all your skills 
have to end up been 100% and there are books to help 5 of them to 91%. 
This is a tag indeed.

   I. Perks

When you get to the third level (forth if you have the skilled trait) 
you get these thing that you can add called perks. These are like 
traits adding things to your character with one exception. They have no 
bad side. Thatís why they are called perks. You will continue to get 
them every 3rd or 4th level. Here is a list of perks that you can get and 
their minimum requirements:

There are some that you can get more then once. They have ďRankĒ 
written next to them with how many you can take.

Action Boy (insert Girl where needed) - Each rank of this perk gets you 
can extra action point.
Ranks: 2
Requirements: AG 5 or +
Min level: 12
Specís: Yes this is a must have perk, extra action points are always 
good. With 12 APís and the ďBonus Rate of FireĒ perk you can burst 
twice and reload each turn.

Animal Friend Ė Animals wonít attack you unless they are threatened or 
attacked first.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: IN 5 or +, 25% outdoorsman skill or +
Min level: 9
Specís: Not worth wasting the perk on this.

Awareness Ė This perk gives you information about the target that you 
examine. Stuff like their HPís and what weapon they are carrying, if 
Ranks: 1
Requirements: PE 5 or +
Min level: 3
Specís: A great first perk to take, it really can come in handy.

Better Criticals- you get a +20% extra damage when you make a critical. 
This does not effect the percentage of the chance to cause a critical 
Ranks: 1
Requirements: PE and LU 6 or +, AG 4 or +
Min level: 9
Specís: Not bad but not really good either.

Bonus HtH Attacks- all hand to hand attacks cost 1 less action point.
Ranks: 1 
Requirements: AG 6 or +
Min level: 6
Specís: Only good for Hand to Hand people.

Bonus HtH Damage- All HtH attacks made deal out 2 extra points of 
Ranks: 3
Requirements: ST and AG 6 or +
Min level: 3
Specís: Again only good for Hand to Hand people.

Bonus Move- You get two extra action points, but there only for 
Ranks: 2
Requirements: Ag 5 or +
Min level: 6
Specís: Not too bad, but leave them till after you got all the better 

Bonus Ranged Damage- like HtH you get 2 extra points for ranged damage.
Ranks: 2
Requirements: AG and LU 6 or +
Min level: 6
Specís: good perk to get, but get thing like action boy first and Bonus 
Rate of Fire before getting this.

Bonus Rate of Fire- like the Bonus HtH Attacks perk but for firearms 
this time you get the 1 less action point to use.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: AG 7 or +, IN 6 or +, PE 4 or +
Min level: 9
Specís: Like action boy this is a must have. Unless you are a melee or 
HtH person.

Cult of Personality- your reputation always stays positive.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: CH 10
Min level: 12
Specís: I doubt anyone really wants this, needed this or can get this.

Dodger- you get +5% to you AC when armor is worn.
Ranks: 2
Requirements: AG 4 or +
Min level: 9
Specís: Not too great, there are better perks out there.

Earlier Sequence- +2 to the Sequence.
Ranks: 3
Requirements: PE 6 or +
Min level: 3
Specís: Another not to bad but there are better.

Educated- +2 skill points when leveling up.
Ranks: 2
Requirements: IN 6 or +
Min level: 6
Specís: Good to get asap at level 6. This is quite good if youíve taken 
the gifted trait.

Empathy- Helps you in dialogue. Blue text for good choices, green for 
normal and red are bad choices. 
Ranks: 1
Requirements: PE 7 or +, IN 5 or +
Min level: 6
Specís: good to have, but you may not get with bad PE.

Explorer- gets you more random encounters and a better chance at 
special encounters.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: N/A
Min level: 9
Specís: Not worth it at all.

Faster Healing- You heal faster.
Ranks: 3
Requirements: EN 6 or +
Min level: 3
Specís: once again not worth it, your really in not that much of a 

Flower Child- your chance to get addicted and withdrawal time both 
Ranks: 1
Requirements: EN 5 or +
Min level: 9
Specís: Not worth the taking.

Fortune Finder- youíll find more caps in random encounters.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: LU 8 or +
Min level: 6
Specís: I doubt may have 8 luck or more, and just a perk that gets you 
a few extra caps in random encounters. Eh. Really not worth it. Caps 
are plentiful all around.

Friendly Foe- Your allies in combat will be highlighted in green now.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: PE 4 or +
Min level: 6
Specís: worth taking but a gib considering this is default in Fallout 

Ghost- You get a +20% to the sneak skill.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: Sneak 60% or +
Min level: 6
Specís: Not a good perk considering that the sneak skill is useless.

Healer- You heal and extra 2 to 5 HPís when using the doctor and first 
aid skill.
Ranks: 3
Requirements: PE 7 or +, AG 6 or +, IN 5 or +
Min level: 3
Specís: Good to have for healing but you may not have the PE or 7 or + 
to get this perk.

Heave-Ho! - This perk will increase your strength by two for 
determining range with thrown weapons. This does not raise you ST for 
anything else like carry weight.
Ranks: 3
Requirements: N/A
Min level: 6
Specís: Since throwing is crap then the same goes for this perk.

Lifegiver- +4 HPís when leveling up
Ranks: 3 
Requirements: EN 4 or +
Min level: 12
Specís: useful, but more so for Fallout II as you can get to higher 
levels in that.

Master Thief- 10% added to lockpicks, steal, traps and sneak skills.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: N/A
Min level: 12
Specís: Good other then the sneak, but still good. But by level 12 you 
should have a decent percentage in most of those skills.

Master Trader- A 25% discount when you buy things from people.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: CH 7 or +, Barter 70% or +
Min level: 9
Specís: Nice but with money not really a problem then this perk becomes 
a waste.

Medic- +20% to the doctor and first aid skills.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: N/A
Min level: 12
Specís: good for the doctor but with the first aid by level 12 you 
should have at least 91% from the manuals.

Mental Block- The ability to tune out any out side mental attacks. Such 
as the masters attacks
Ranks: 1
Requirements: N/A
Min level: 15
Specís: Not really useful anywhere else as far as I can see, and 
besides that, you can get a nullifier that has the same effect.

More Criticals- You gain a +5% to critical chance.
Ranks: 3
Requirements: LU 6 or +
Min level: 6
Specís: Good but donít take if there are better perks out there.

Mr. Fixit- Gives a +20 to repair and science.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: N/A
Min level: 12
Specís: good, but again may not really be useful by 12th level.

Mutate! - Changes one of your traits to something else.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: N/A
Min level: 9
Specís: Not really good. I think that if you have no traits you can 
take one at that point using this perk. Iím not sure as I always have 
some trait. This works in Tactics (I and others found that out with 
other npcís). But if you can do that then take gifted. This is good, as 
your skills wonít god down that much later in the game.

Mysterious Stranger- A stranger come out of know where and helps you in 
random encounters.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: LU 7 or +
Min level: 6
Specís: Not really useful as you should have enough npcís of your own. 
Plus to only show up at random encounters; well that really isnít 
useful. And the stranger doesnít really have that good a weapon. Hunter 
riffle or something like that.

Night Vision- Reduces overall darkness by 10%
Ranks: 3
Requirements: PE 6 or +
Min level: 3
Specís: damn, just raise you brightness. I think that there may be a 
bit of extra accuracy as there is a penalty in the night, but Iím not 
sure about that. Really still in the end itís not that worth it.

Pathfinder- reduces travel time by 25% and gives a bit of an extra 
chance to come across special encounters.
Ranks: 2
Requirements: EN 6 or +, outdoorsman by 40%
Min level: 6
Specís: not worth it, no real good things about this perk.

Pickpocket- this perk allows you to ignore size and facing modifiers 
when stealing objects making it easier too steal.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: AG 8 or +, Steal 80% or +
Min level: 9
Specís: not really that useful. With steal at 50%, just save and keep 
reloading till you succeed. 

Presence- this improves NPCís reaction by 10%.
Ranks: 3
Requirements: CH 3 or +
Min level: 3
Specís: Not really that useful.

Quick Pockets- This allows you to access your inventory using one less 
action point.
Ranks: 3 
Requirements: AG 5 or +
Min level: 3
Specís: Not that useful. How many times to you go into your inventory 
during combat? In the end a bit of a waste of a perk.

Rad Resistance- +10% to your radiation resistance.
Ranks: 2
Requirements: EN 6 or +, IN 4 or +
Min level: 6
Specís: Not that useful. It only raises the resistance, so you will get 
radiated anyway. youíll end up needing to use drugs anyway, plus, there 
are not that many places where you can get radiated.

Ranger- Chances of getting ďbadĒ encounters are lowered and getting 
special ones are increased.
Ranks: 3
Requirements: PE 6 or +
Min level: 6
Specís: Bad, as in encounters where you can get exp and items. Thatís 
not bad. And in the end you pretty much stand as good of a chance 
getting the special encounters as much as with out this perk.

Scout- Chances of getting special encounters are increased as well as 
now you can see an extra square in each direction.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: PE 8 or +
Min level: 9
Specís: Not great, and also the high PE means not many can get it. 

Scrounger- Doubles the amount of ammunition found at random encounters
Ranks: 1
Requirements: LU 8 or +
Min level: 9
Specís: Refer to Fortune Finder and replace ďcapsĒ with ďAmmoĒ.

Sharpshooter- Just like ďHeave Ho!Ē but for guns this time.
Ranks: 2
Requirements: PE 7 or +, IN 6 or +
Min level: 6
Specís: itís OK, but with a PE of 7 I doubt you really needed it.

Silent Death- This perk doubles the damage you do to an opponent when 
you standing behind them, are in sneak and then attack them with HtH.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: AG 10 or +, Sneak 80%
Min level: 18
Specís: By the time I hit level 18 Iím usually about to step onto the 
out side map and finish the game. Plus at level 18 youíll be near the 
end and wonít really have that much use for it. And I doubt that many 
went through the game honing their HtH skill.

Silent Running- Allows you to run when in sneak.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: 50% sneak, AG 6 or +
Min level: 6
Specís: totally useless, just like the sneak skill.

Slayer- A 10-sided dice is rolled. If the number is equal to or below 
your luck, you'll get a critical hit with unarmed or melee weapons.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: ST 8 or +, PE 8 or +, Unarmed 80%
Min level: 18
Specís: sounds good, but who went through the game using melee skills? 
And by the time you do get this, the game is all but over.

Smooth Talker- You IN is given a +1 for talking purposes only.
Ranks: 3
Requirements: IN 4 or +
Min level: 3
Specís: this is good for people with low IN. if you have 5 IN or so it 
will come in handy. By 6 you donít really need it.

Snakeater- You gain a 25% to poison resistance.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: EH 3 or +
Min level: 6
Specís: Like rad resistance this is pretty much just as useless.

Sniper- this is like slayer in a way but with guns.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: PE 8 or +, AG 8 or +, 80% in smallguns or +
Min level: 18
Specís: again once you get here it wonít do much use.

Speaker- +20% to your speech and barter skills.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: N/A
Min level: 12
Specís: Not bad, but better out there.

Strong Back- This allows you to carry 50 pounds more.
Ranks: 3
Requirements: EN 6 or +, ST 6 or +
Min level: 3
Specís: Good to have, but a ST 6 you can carry a bit and also there is 
your npcís that donít have a limit rendering this useless.

Survivalist: you gain a 20% to outdoorsman for survival only.
Requirements: En 6 or +, IN 6 or +, outdoorsman 60% or +
Min level: 3
Specís: I donít know, just donít bother with it.]

Swift Learner- you gain an extra 5% exp with this perk.
Ranks: 3
Requirements: IN 4 or +
Min level: 3
Specís: with 50,000 exp you gain only an extra 2500 exp. Is it really 
worth wasting one or more perks on this when youíll only get at the 
most to level 21 or so.

Tag- Allows you to tag a skill.
Ranks: 1
Requirements: N/A
Min level: 12
Specís: a good perk allowing you to tag a skill. Well duh!

Toughness- you gain a 10% to general damage resistance.
Ranks: 3
Requirements: EN 6 or +, LU 6 or +
Min level: 3
Specís: Itís good, but if there are better, get them first.

   J. Version History

V1.1- 130 KB finished on the 07/05/2002
Changed format and layout slightly
Added the ďSkulz disband with out violenceĒ solution
Added the loss of karma with Bob thing
Added Killing Doc Morbid in junk town but lose karma bit
Added the prices and weeks of recovery for operations at the 
Added Information on Drugs, Primary Statistics, Skills, Derived 
Statistics, traits and perks
Added the History it self
Added credits and other things in bits and pieces
Changed and added a few other bits of information
Added a lot of names to the characters in the game
Added a few other small quests and variations
Fixed quite a few spelling mistakes

V1.00- 89.4 KB finished on the 4/27/02.

   K. Bits and pieces

This is just a section with a few bugs that are in the game and a few 
credits and so on...

A thing in version 1.0 that can crash your computer (or at least it did 
for me) is when you go into the middle section of the hub with Katja in 
your party. So youíll have to leave Katja in the first section. Never 
go straight to any other sections as the only way out is through the 
middle section. So then you would lose Katja forever. So always start 
at the first section and leave Katja. When your leaving then just talk 
to her and take her with you again.

When the game starts you get straight away a 500 day limit to finish 
all the main quests. (Get the water chip and destroy the mutant threat)
But if you destroy the mutants before 150 days, the game ends with out 
you having to get the chip. If you buy the water to be taken to your 
vault, you get an extra 100 days to get the chip, but 100 less days on 
finishing the game. Meaning you now only have 400 days to finish the 
game from when you started.

Taking aimed shots at enemies can be useful. If you get a critical hit 
you may manage to cripple them. Getting there eyes, legs and arms means 
you can lower their perception, or disable them from running and taking 
more points to moving, or stop them from using two handed weapons. It 
can so be worth it with harder enemies. Shooting them in the eyes can 
also end up doing lots of damage. But be sure that they are standing 
right near you to manage to hit them.  

Drugs. They are BAD. If you get addicted then your stats will be down 
until you use the drugs again. Also it can take a month or so before 
you get un-addicted. Even if you donít get addicted the drugs will 
leave you with downed stats for a few days after they wear off. But 
they can be useful for a few things. When getting perks, you can use 
drugs to raise your stats to get those perks that are just out of 
reach. But make sure to save so as not to get addicted. But these donít 
include drugs such as Stimpaks or Antidotes. Stats for drugs are in the 
drugs section.

Iíd like to thank a few people that helped with this walkthrough mainly 
by giving me a few extra quests to do and write down. First Chris Smith 
for his FAQ that I got a 3-4 quests out of and Steve Metzler for his 
walkthrough that also helped with a quest or 3.

Glenn Duncan and Daniel Hannah are another two that helped with a few 
things (quests, tips and cheats) and made this walkthrough possible.

The reason why I wrote this is because I never found a good walkthrough 
out there that had all these thing in it. There are a few things that I 
still have missed and I will update every time I discover something 
new. I will never tyre of this game that is one thing for sure, and 
itís also another reason why I wrote this walkthrough. Iím sure that 
all the Fallouts will be long remembered.

Walkthroughs I have written:
Fallout II


Tuesday the 7th of May the 5th of 2002
This Document is Copyright 2002 by Igor Lowicki
It is currently available at:
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