Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

                      This FAQ/Walkthrough by Evil Sponge
                          Version 1.0 May 24, 2001

Table of Contents:
  I. Introduction
  II. Version History
  III. Characters
  IV. Walkthrough
  V. Secret Stuff
  VI. Legal Stuff


                "Could you please stop that annoying swinging?"

Ahhh...Monkey Island II...
     What more could you ask for in a sequel?  Well, maybe a cow, but they
usually don't appear in the Caribbean.  Anywho, this game is a worthy bearer of
the Monkey Island name.  And this walkthrough is worthy of the Evil Sponge
     In this document, I will take you through the sections of each chapter,
and will avoid having you pick up items specific for a different part at all
times possible.  Basically, what I'm saying here is that I won't have you pick
stuff up for finding Rapp Scalion's map piece while you're still trying to get
rid of Largo.  The reason is so that you don't have to scan madly backwards
trying to find an item.
     Also, I only have the hard version of the game, so that's what the
walkthrough will be on.  If you want to get through the easy version, there's a
walkthrough at
     With that out of the way, enjoy!!


Version 1.0: first version, added everything.


Coming Soon!!


                     |PART I: THE LARGO EMBARGO|

           "A whole bucket 'o mud...and it's mine, all mine!"

     After your stimulating conversation with the pirates, you automaticaly
leave the beach and travel to Woodtick, this island's local town.  Upon
ariving, try to walk off screen.  You get mugged by Largo LaGrande, the island
bully.  Now all your money is gone!  There's only one thing to do...

     Well, you can wander around Woodtick and talk to everyone.  However, you
need to go to the swamp so leave town when you're ready.  Now that you're at
the overhead view of Scabb Island you need to go to the river delta on the east
     In the Swamp, use the coffin.  Now row all the way to the right and under
the skull thing.  A platform raises out of the water and takes you into the
Voodoo Shop.  Walk to the right and talk to the Voodoo Lady.  Talk to her about
everything, and at some point you get the ingedients to make a Voodoo Doll of
Largo LeGrande.

                     ***Something of the Thread***

     Now, leave the house and the swamp.  Return to Woodtick, and visit Mad
Marty's. Walk over to where the Men of Low Moral Fiber are "performing" and
pick up the bucket by them.  In order to get the bucket, you have to pick the
"Is this your bucket?" option.  Now, go back to the swamp, and use the bucket
with the swamp.  Back to woodtick!
     Go to the bar, but don't enter through the main hatchway.  Instead, go to
the window to the right of it.  Once inside, you can talk to Bernard, but he
isn't very chatty today, what with his vissychois in the works and all.  So
just grab the knife you see there and exit the same way you came in.  Now head
to the Inn.  Use the knife on Pegbitter's (the small, angry lizard) rope, and
he'll scamper off.  The Innkeeper chases after him.   Now open the only other
door in the Inn and enter Largo's room.  Once inside, close the door.  Notice
that it doesn't shut completely.  Those of you with younger brothers or sisters
should know what to do next.
     Use the bucket 'o mud with the door.  Hehe.  Now hide behind the dressing
screen and watch...and point and laugh at the person sitting next to you.  Now
head to Mad Marty's.  Watch the amusing sequence, then return to Largo's room
and go inside.  Close the door and pick up the laundry claim ticket hanging
there.  Go back to Mad Marty's and redeem the ticket.  Once you have the Pearly
White Bra, you've just collected the Thread!

                       ***Something of the Head***

     Very easy.  Just enter Largo's room and pick up the Toupee from the wig

                       ***Something of the Body***

     Also very easy.  Head to Wally's (the cartographer), and pick up some
paper from the stack.  Now enter the bar.  If you've been in here before you
have witnessed Largo spitting on the wall.  If you haven't been here before,
then you will see Largo spitting on the wall.  After there is plenty of phlegm
on the wall, use the paper on it.  You now have something of the body!

                       ***Something of the Dead***

     While you're in Woodtick, head to the entrance of the town.  There's a
sign there with a shovel on it.  Pick up the sign, and you get the shovel. 
Now, leave town and head to the Cemetary.  Once there, go to the gravestones in
the back on top of the hill.  Look at the stones until you find the gravestone
of Largo's grandfather.  Use the shovel on the grave, and get something of the

                       ****Thwarting Largo****

     Go to the swamp and enter the International House of Mojo.  Give the
Voodoo Lady the ingredients, if you haven't already, and she makes the Voodoo
Doll.  Now, head back to Woodtick and enter Largo's room.  Once you confront
Largo, use the pins with the doll, and Largo is beaten.  Unfortunatly, you show
him LeChuck's bead, which he takes so that LeChuck can be resurrected.  D'oh!

                       ****Leaving Scabb Island****

     You need to leave, but first you need to charter a ship.  To do this, you
first need some money.  If you polished the peg leg of the Man of Low Moral
Fiber, you have 19 pieces 'o eight.  Which is, unfortunatly, 1 piece 'o eight
too little.  Looks like someone needs a job...
     Go to the bar in Woodtick and look at the help wanted sign outside.  Go
inside and talk to the Barkeeper about the sign, and he'll tell you that the
position is filled.  Curses, foiled again...
     Now for some fiendish supplies...Muahahaha!!!  Go to the swamp and enter
the voodoo hut.  get the string beside the skull on the small table.  Now
leave.  Go to the beach and pick up the stick laying on the ground.  Go back to
Woodtick and head to the Inn.  Look at Pegbitter's bowl and then pick up the
Cheese Squiggles.  Now, head to Mad Marty's.  Walk up to the box and open it. 
Now use the stick with the box, then use the string with the stick.  Use the
Cheese Squiggles in the box and walk a short distance away.  If you're far
enough away, the rat will go to the box and nibble on the Squiggles.  Deftly
pull the string and the rat will be captured.  Now open the box and pick up the
rat.  Head into the bar kitchen and plot the rat into the pot.  Now, go out
through the window and enter the bar proper.  Ask about the stew, and Bernard
will soon get fired and you get a job.  Collect your advanced pay and enter the
kitchen.  To get out of doing actual work, just sneek out through the window.
     Now that you have money, you'd think you would be ready for a ship.  But,
there's one more thing you need.  Head to Wally's and wait until he puts his
monocle down.  Grab it, and then skip town.
     Once on the overview, head to the penninsula and then enter the house on
the dock.  Talk to Captain Dread.  Give him the monocle and the money, not
necessarily in that order, and you're all set to leave!

                     |PART II: FOUR MAP PIECES|

              "Look behind you, a three headed monkey!"
               "Really?  I'd better go tell the cook."

     First off, pick up the bag of parrot chow sitting on the deck.  Now enter
the main cabin.

                    ****Rapp Scalion's Map Piece****

     Tell Captain Dread that you want to go to Phatt Island.  Once you arrive
there, you automatically get arrested no matter what you tell the guard.  To
get out of jail, you need the key that Walt the dog is holding.  Pick up your
mattress, then grab the stick underneath it.  Use the stick with the skeleton
(more specifically the leg bone) in the next cell.  Now use the bone with Walt
and grab the key.  Now you can unlock the door and leave the cell.  Before
heading out, grab the Manilla envelope and open it to get your stuff back.
     Head to the library.  Walk to the card catalogue and browse through it. 
Look at the drawer for R and find "RECIPES, VOODOO" and tell Guybrush to
remember "The Joy of Hex."  Now look at any other book you want, and remember
that one too.  Now talk to the Librarian and get a library card (pick any
options) and check out your books.  Now, exit and walk all the way to the left
or right and enter the overhead view.  Walk to the mansion and open the gate. 
Now open the main mansion door and head inside.
     Talk your way past the guard at the steps (three-headed monkey to see the
quote in action) and head on up.  Once in the master sty...uh...bedroom, use
the useless book you checked out with the one on Mayor Phatt's stomach.  You
now have the book on famous pirate quotations!
     Exit out and head to Booty Island.  Go into the antique shop and buy the
saw.  Now head to Scabb Island and go to Mad Marty's.  Use the saw on the guy's
pegleg and leave.  He calls for the Woodsmith, which means that the shop will
be empty.  Head there and pick up the nails and the hammer.  Now head to Booty
     Walk to the right and enter Stan's Previously Owned Coffins."  Talk to
Stan and ask for a really good coffin.  He'll hop in to show you how comfy it
is, so close the lid.  He'll open it back up and give you a hanky and
eventually he'll hop back out.  Ask about the coffin again, and close the lid. 
This time use the nails with the lid, and then Stan gets stuck there.  Now pick
up the Crypt Key above the cash register.
     Back to Scabb Island and head to the Cemetary.  Once there, use the Crypt
Key with the Crypt.  Now look at the famous quotations book you got from the
Phatt belly.  Remember Rapp's quote and look at all the coffins until you see a
matching quote and then open it.  Look at it and then pick up some ashes, then
leave.  Now head on out to da Swamp.  Row to the hut and head in, then look at
the jars on the shelf behind you until you find "Ash-2-Life."
     The Voodoo Lady wants to talk to you then, so oblige.  Give her the book
and then the ashes and you get your sample of "Ash-2-Life."  Now head back to
the Crypt and use the bottle on the ashes in the open coffin.  Rapp comes back
to life and you have a conversation.  Keep informing Rapp that he's dead and
he'll ask you to check on the gas in his Steamin' Weenie Hut.  Agree to do
that, and
     The hut is on the Beach.  Walk up to it and use the key, then head inside.
 Turn off the gas stove and then return to the cemetary and bring Rapp back to
life.  Tell him that you turned off the gas and he rewards you.  You've now
collected Rapp Scalion's Map Piece!

                     ****Young Lindy's Map Piece****

     Tell Captain Dread that you want to go to Phatt Island.  Head right to the
card catalogue, since you already have a library card.  Under "D" for
"Disasters", find the book "Great Shipwrecks of our Century" and check it out. 
Now go to Scabb Island and head into the bar.  Order a drink, and use the
library card as ID.  You need to order "Yellow Beard's Baby" and "Blue Whale"
and then mix them together.  Now head to Booty Island.
     Head into the Antique shop and buy the ship's horn.  Exit the shop and
talk to the old geezer by the cannon for a while, and you'll find out that he
fires off the cannon when a ship arrives.  Now walk to the right until you
enter the Spitting Contest area.  Use the ship horn and wait for the guy to
leave, then pick up one of the flags and Guybrush will automatically move them
all forward.  Use the crazy straw with the green concoction you have from
mixing the drinks, then enter the Spitting Contest.
     Hwk, then Chwww, then wait.  When you see the lady's scarf she's got as a
belt wave in the breeze, spit.  You'll easily win (since the place markers were
mysteriously moved) and get your prize.  Naturally, you need to head to the
antique shop and sell your new plaque.  This will take some doing, though,
since it's a piece of wood with bronze spit.  Tell the guy that "It's worth a
mint," "Not just any spit," "The spit of the person who killed LeChuck," and
you collect money for it.
     Once outside the shop, talk to Captain Kate Capsize (lady with the flyers)
and charter a ship.  If you don't remember the coordinates from "Great
Shipwreks of the Century" then say that you don't want to leave yet.  When
you're ready, let her know and you're off.  When the ship arrives at the spot
you've selected, you automatically leap in and sink to the bottom.  Assuming
you picked the right coordinates, you'll see a ship with a monkey head figure
head.  Pick it up and pull the anchor line and you'll surface.
     Once on the shores, head to the antique shop and give the Monkey Head to
the shop owner.  You get to trade it for the map piece.  You now have Young
Lindy's Map Piece.

                   *****Mister Rogers' Map Piece*****

     Tell Captain Dread that you want to go to Booty Island.  Once there, talk
to the woman waveing the fliers around.  You don't have enough money to charter
her ship yet, but you can get one of her flyers.  While your here, head into
the antique shop to the left of where you are.  Pick up the "Beware of Parrot"
sign to the right of the parrot to buy it, then put the parrot food bag in its
place.  Now you can buy the mirror.
     After buying the mirror, head to the Big Tree.  Use the oar with the hole
right beside the plank, then get onto the plank via the root.  Now step onto
the oar.  Ouch...but you get to see a cool dream sequence.  Get the oar back,
and head to Scabb Island, and visit the Woodsmith.  Give the oar up for a sec,
then take the repaired one back to the Big Tree.  Use the same method for
getting of the oar.  Now pick up the plank, and put it in the next sequential
hole.  Step on the plank and get the oar, repeat as necessary until Guybrush
figures it out and does it automatically.  Once at the top, walk to the small
hut in the upper left where you can see a nifty telescope to grab.  Do so, then
head to Phatt Island.  Use the flyer with the wanted poster, then head into
another area somewhere.  Kate gets arested.  Now you need to return and set her
free.  She thanks you, then leaves.  Pick up the Gorrilla and Vanilla
envelopes, then open them.
     Head back to Woodtick and enter the bar.  Put the banana (from the Gorilla
envelope) on the metronome, then pick up Jojo and leave.  Back to Phatt
     Head to the left-ish area and go to the waterfall.  Once there, head
upwards along the path and you'll find the fall's source: a pump.  Use Jojo
with the pump to turn it off, then head back down and enter the "newly
discovered gaping hole."  Walk through the tunnels and up to the cottage.  Open
the door and head in.  Use any response with Rumm Rogers Jr. but if you use the
"I'm Guybrush Threepwood, prepare to die!" you'll skip to him challenging you
to a drinking contest for the map piece.  Take the challenge.
     While he's talking, just wait.  Eventually, he comes out with a mug of
grog.  You can lose here, cause you're reaction to the grog is quite funny, or
you can win.  To win, just pick up the mug and then use it with the plant in
the corner.  Now fill it up with the bottle of near-grog that you got from the
Vanilla envelope.  Then, when Rumm comes back in the contest begins and you
win.  Now for the map piece.
     Put your mirror in the mirror frame on the wall.  Now head outside and
open the left hand window on the house.  Use the telescope with the hand on the
grotesque statue.  Now just go back inside and push the brick marked by the
light, then grab the map and leave through the lower exit.  You now have Mister
Rogers' Map Piece!

                    ****Captain Marley's Map Piece****

     Inform Captian Dread that you'd like to go to Phatt Island.  Once there,
walk to the right and find an alley before the library.  Head inside and watch
the game of chance.  Looks easy, right?  Well, give it a shot...and pick any
spot, it doesn't matter. Cause you LOSE!!!  But the other guy shows up again
and wins, then leaves.  Follow him out of the alley and into another one. 
Watch the pattern as he gets "past" the door man.  Now, knock on the door and
give it a shot.  The answer is simply the first number of fingers.
     Once you get the winning number, head back to the game and give it a whirl
(pun intended).  This time you win, tah-dah!  You need the Party Invitation to
progress through the game, but you can grab the other stuff if you want to. 
Now that you can get into the party, head off to Booty Island.
     Once there, enter the first building on your right, which is the costume
shop.  Give the Invitation to the clerk, and he shows you to your costume. 
Leave the shop and this area and get to the overhead view.  Head to the mansion
in the upper left corner.  On the way you get stopped at a guard house.  Show
the invitation and the costume, then you automatically change and enter.
     Follow the path to the main mansion, and enter the door.  Quite a
happenin' party, and if you hang around the guests you'll hear some amusing
dialoge.  Meanwhile, grab the map piece above the mantle and head out the door.
 You've collected the...ah, crap.  Stupid dog...
     Talk to the gardener, and you'll be escorted up to the governor's room. 
You need to really kiss some behind here, so choose the nicest/mushiest options
you get.  Eventually, you'll nearly win Elaine over, but blow it in a
Guybrush-esque style.  She throws the map out the window, leaving you no option
but to retrieve it.
     Back out on the mansion grounds, follow the map piece until it finally
gets blown away.  Watch the scene as the map flies through the air and alights
near a cliff.  Unfortunatly, you need a fishing pole to get it.  Before heading
out to find one, walk around the back of the mansion.  Push the garbage can you
see beside the door, and the chef will come out and start yelling at you.  Run
around the side of the mansion, then again to make a complete circuit, and
enter the door.  Grab a fish from the bucket and then leave again.  Now, leave
the island and head to Phatt Island
     Look to the right, and you'll see a pier stretching out into the water
with a fisherman sitting on the end.  Walk to the fishing guy.  Talk to him,
then start insulting him, then take the bet.  You should already have the fish,
so just give it to him.  Hehehe.  You now have the fishing rod!  Head back to
Booty Island and go to the cliff.  Use the rod with the cliff face and you'll
get the...crikey!  The blasted seagull flies to the big tree, but you need to
go to the mansion first.  Head up to Elaine's room and pick up the oar.  Now
head outside, and pick up the dog.
     To the Big Tree!  If you haven't done so already, use the oar with the
hole right beside the plank, then get onto the plank via the root.  Now step
onto the oar.  Ouch...but you get to see a cool dream sequence.  Get the oar
back, and head to Scabb Island, and visit the Woodsmith.  Give the oar up for a
sec, then take the repaired one back to the Big Tree.  Use the same method for
getting of the oar.  Now pick up the plank, and put it in the next sequential
hole.  Step on the plank and get the oar, repeat as necessary until Guybrush
figures it out and does it automatically.
     At the top, head into the big hut and use the dog with the pile of maps. 
He retrieves the map, then Guybrush gives it to Guybrush.  You now have Captain
Marley's Map Piece!

                    ****Putting the Pieces Together****

     Head to Phatt Island and enter the Library.  Open up the model light house
and pick up the lens.  Now head to Scabb Island and go to Wally's.  Give him
the Light House Lens and then one of the map pieces.  He'll decipher the map,
but sends you on an errand to pick up his love potion from the Voodoo Lady. 
Head on out to the Swamp.
     Go up to the lady of Voodoo and ask her about Wally's potion.  She gives
it to you, then has a vision of Wally being kidnapped.  Head outside and OPEN
THE JUJU BAG.  Now look at the crate on the shore, then open it and climb on

                     |PART III: LECHUCK'S FORTRESS|

                    "He didn't say anything about me."
                        "I'm thinking...hassock."

     Once you're out of the crate, walk all the way to the right and out the
door.  Keep walking to the right and eventually you'll find the cell that poor
Wally is being held in.  Talk to him and eventually you'll learn that the key
to his cell is being held in another part of the Fortress.  Time to go find
that key!
     To find the key, you need to head left again until you see a room with
three "Ugly Bone Things" along the wall.  You need to look at the spit
encrusted paper that Guybrush cleverly wrote the skeleton dance steps on.  Now
you need to follow the steps according to the ugly bone things.  For instance,
if the first verse is:

      "The Head Bone's connected to the Leg Bone,
       The Leg Bone's connected to the Hip Bone,
       The Hip Bone's connected to the Arm Bone"

...then you need to look for the ugly bone thing that has a Skull, then a pair
of feet, then a hip bone and push it.  You'll go through into another similar
room.  Find the bone thing that matches the second verse, and repeat until
you've reached the end.
     Finally, you'll come to a room with a big door.  Open the door, then head
into the smaller one.  At this point, if you haven't already done so, make sure
you OPEN THE JUJU BAG.  Go and pick up the key!  Naturally, you get captured
and are about to be tortured.
     To escape from this...ingenious...torture device, you need to put that
candle out.  Use the crazy straw with the green drink that thickens your spit. 
Now spit at the shield to your right on the right side-ish area.  If you aimed
right, it'll bounce around and put the candle out.
     *Note: If you wait long enough, the candle will burn through the rope and
you die.  However, since you're telling this story to Elaine she'll know that
you didn't die and you get another shot at escaping.*
     Once the candle's out, you and Wally automatically escape.  You find
yourselves in a darkened room.  To see where you are, light the matches that
were IN THE JUJU BAG.  If you haven't looked in the Juju bag yet, you have to
go back to a previously saved game.  Why?  Well, it's dark so you can't see
what's in the Juju bag, now can you?  Anywho, using the match will blast you
free and onto Dinky Island.

                        |PART IV: DINKY ISLAND|

      "It was supposed to send you to a dimension of Infinate Pain, not
       the next room!"

                      ****Finding Big Whoop****

     Pick up the bottle you see nearby and use it on a nearby rock.  Now pick
up the martini glass underneath the large water still.  Use the glass with the
ocean, then again with the still.  You now have a glass of clean water.  Pick
up the crowbar near the still, then open up the barrel.  Inside the barrel is a
cracker.  When you give the cracker to the parrot, he'll tell you one step of
how to get to Big Whoop.
     At this point you can talk to Herman Toothrot.  He won't help you out any
with finding Big Whoop, but he'll try to broaden you're philosophical mind.  If
you pick colors for long enough, you'll get the correct choice of "All colors"
and he'll have nothing more to teach you.
     When you're ready, head left and enter the jungle.  Head left again and up
and you'll see a bag hanging from a tree.  Use the broken bottle with the bag
and a box of crackers will fall out.  Use the martini glass with the box and
get more crackers.  Go back and feed those to the parrot to get the rest of the
     Now head back into the jungle, but head to the right this time.  You'll
come across a pond and a box with some rope on it.  Pick up the rope and use
the crowbar on the box.  Get the dynamite that's in it and follow the parrot's

                     East of the pond to the big dinosaur
                     North of the dinosaur to the pile of rocks
                     Due east of the rocks to the X

     Once you get to the X, use your shovel on it.  Once you have a hole, use
your last match with the dynamite and chuck it in.  After the explosion, you
find yourself on a small pillar facing the treasure...on another pillar.  Use
the rope with the crowbar, then use that combination with the twisted metal
rods at the top of the hole.  Guybrush swings over and grabs the chest...only
to have the pillar fall and be stuck hanging there until Elaine shows up. 
After the conversation is finished, you fall into the abyss.

                ****Getting the LeChuck Voodoo Doll****

     After you regain control, you are once again in the dark.  The light
switch in this room is slightly to the right of the center of the screen
(roughly, you may still have to search a little bit).  Once it's on you
confront the Zombie Pirate LeChuck!  Just pick any response you want, but
eventually he'll reveal that you two are brothers and that he will use a voodoo
doll to send you to a dimension of infinite pain.  However, the doll seems to
be defective and only sends you from room to room throughout the tunnel system.
 In order to defeat LeChuck, you need a voodoo doll of your own, so it's time
to set out and make one.  The room letters are references to the cheesy map
that I made, which you can find at my web site (see the Legal section) or at

                     ***Something of the Thread***

    To get this you need to get into room F, which has a Broken Grog Machine in
it.  Use the coin return on the machine (the same machine that ate your coins
in MI1?  Ironic...) and a coin will be spit out.  Leave it on the floor and
hang out in the room until LeChuck shows up.  When he does, he'll bend over to
pick up the coin.  While he's doing that, pull his exposed underwear waistband
(gross!).  You've just collected the Thread.

                      ****Something of the Head****

     Head to the First Aid room, which is room H.  Walk to the trash can in the
back and look inside to find a pair of gloves.  Now exit and head to room G
which has a bunch of boxes in it.  Find the box with the baloons in it and grab
one.  Now you need to go back to room F.  Find the helium tank beside the Grog
machine and fill up the baloon and gloves (if you inhale these, Guybrush sings
the BeeGees and other funny songs).  Now get into room B and push the button
for the elevator.  Climb inside and wait by the lever.  When LeChuck shows up,
pull the lever and the door will cut some of his beard off.  Pick up the Crispy
Beard Bits and you have the Head ingredient.  If you leave the elevator, you
come out in the alley on Melee Island.

                       ***Something of the Body***

    Wait anywhere for LeChuck shows up.  When he does, give the clean, white
hanky that you got from Stan to LeChuck.  He blows his nose into it and
"kindly" gives it back.  But, now you have something of the Body...

                      ***Something of the Dead***

    Go to room H: First Aid.  Walk up to the LOST PARENTS and grab the dad's
remains to get the skull.  Since LeChuck is your bro, you've collected
Something of the Dead.

                       ***The Doll and the Pin***

    While in First Aid, open the desk drawer and look inside to find a syringe.
 That, grasshopper, shall be your needle.  Snatch the pebble from my...whoa,
good job!  Anywho, leave that room and go to room G and find the Kewpie doll
box.  Grab on, dude.

                          ****Finish Him!****

     Put the underwear, wet hanky, beard bits, skull, and the doll into the
Juju bag and Guybrush will shake it up and make a powerful Voodoo Doll!  Find
LeChuck and use the hypodermic syringe with the doll.  LeChuck will run away,
so find him and Guybrush automatically uses the doll.  At this point, you can
pick any option you want but at some point you need to tear the leg off the
doll.  Now, choose any of the following options and view the ending you've
worked so hard to get to!


Nearly Kill Guybrush:
     Wait for quite awhile when Guybrush and Wally are hanging over the acid
pit.  Eventually, they fall in and die.  Since Guybrush is telling this story,
Elaine realizes that he didn't die, so you get another shot.

     After picking up the Monkey Head from under water, wait for 10 minutes and
Guybrush will eventually drop it and surface.

Win the Game:
     Defeat LeChuck!  Heh...or press CTRL + ALT + W at any point in the game,
and then say yes to win!


     This is usually the section where I thank all the people who helped me out
with the game.  However, I got through all by my self so I can't really thank
anyone for that.  However, a big thank you goes out to LucasArts and Ron
Gilbert for creating this game.  Also, thanks to GameFAQs for posting all my

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