Question from Xman490

How do you go into third-person view on Mac version?

On Windows, it's F5, but how do you do it on the Mac version?

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RDRplayer answered:

on the mac version you hold fn then press F5 and there you go
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KingGoldenshire answered:

You press the "F5" button and then it switches to a view like a small robot is hovering slightly over your head while videotaping you.
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Gaiko answered:

It's F5 on the Mac as well, but a lot of Macs have different functions attached to the keys. (For example my mac book pro uses F5 to dim the lights under the keys). If you go to System Preferences, keyboard and Mouse then there's a check box you tick to take off the tagged function.

Once that's done, then you just hit F5 in the game and you'll be in 3rd person mode behind and above your character's head.
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