Question from scrain12

How to use repeaters and what do the do?

I'm not a noob but i never knew what the repeaters are for HELP.


FizzyFloat answered:

They are used for two things. The first thing they do is not connect to other redstone. Let's say you have this set up: (R = redstone RP = repeater)
R R <-- These would be connected

R R <-- the bottom right redstone would not be connected with the redstone repeater. Also, it extends the length of power through the redstone if you are using a lot.
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ultraner17 answered:

You place the repeater with the active redstone going into the end with the moveable branch. It will extend the redstone and keep the strength and light strong so that you don't need to put pressure plates everywhere.
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ultraner17 answered:

You can also move the movable branch to set the delay time for when the redstone on the other side activates.
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