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PC Nominations12/09/13
GameSpot's 2013 Game of the Year Nominee Reveal Live Stream on 12/9 3pm PST12/06/13
Erik Johnson on Valve Philosophy, Future of Dota 2 and eSports08/15/13
Greg Kasavin on Competitive Gaming, Game Design, His Roots and Dota 208/13/13
Travis tries to Bridge the Gap between LoL and Dota 2 at Ti308/13/13
LD talks Best Dota 2 Game of All Time at The Internationals08/12/13
Walk and Talk with Dendi after The International Dota 2 Finals08/12/13
S4 talks Overcoming Na'Vi and becoming the Best Dota 2 Team08/12/13
Draskyl talks Casting The International and Future of Dota 208/12/13
Luminous talks Casting and League of Legends vs Dota 2 Structure08/11/13
Maelk talks being an Analyst, Dota 2 Infrastructure, and EG08/11/13
Kelby talks Scouting for CLG Dota and Prep for LCS Super Week08/11/13
Nazgul talks Team Liquids run at The International and Future Plans08/11/13
SyndereN talks International Format, Valve's Support, and More08/11/13
IceIceIce on Zenith's Performance and the 1v1 All Star Match08/11/13
Aui 2000 talks Dignitas Run, Prize Pool, and Future08/11/13
Akke talks Na'Vi's Wisp, Strength of EGM's Naga and Grand Finals08/10/13
1437 Explains why Chinese Teams are Struggling against the West08/10/13
Akke talks being Undefeated Against Chinese Teams and Prep for Na'Vi08/09/13
Dendi's Hook to Fountain Compilation Dota 2 International08/09/13
BDiz talks Dota 2 International, NA Woes, and iNcontroL Curse08/09/13
Team Liquid Wins one for America at The International08/09/13
Slasher takes you through The International Dota 2 Venue08/08/13
Bruno talks Dota 2 International, Predictions, Style, and More08/08/13
The International Dota 2 All Star Match08/08/13

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