A slice-of-life melodrama that's all about the important parts of growing up: falling in love with another girl, impeaching a corrupt student council president, uncomfortable sex, and not colouring within the lines.

Sketchbook was scripted entirely in Ren'Py, as my entry in 2009's NaNoRenO (which is sort of like NaNoWriMo for visual novels, only with a nonsensical name). Featuring a triumphant return to the crayon stylings of Cell Phone Love Letter to represent the pretentious artist POV, Sketchbook is a highly self-concious, fairly serious-- but never pessimistic-- melodrama about the real important parts of growing up.

As true art knows no boundaries, you can run Sketchbook on nearly any computer. The system requirements are too low to be even worth mentioning. Due to heavy use of free images, samples, and music, Sketchbook is available only under a Creative Commons license.

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