FAQ/Walkthrough by Kaitengiri

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Lone Survivor

The Survival Guide
By Kaitengiri
5/24/2012  Version 1.0


Lone Survivor is an indie survival horror game written by Jasper Byrne.  It's 
stars You as the protagonist, who is holed up in an apartment room.  Having 
just freshly run out of supplies, he decides he must escape from the city, 
no matter what, in order to survive.  It follows from examples of such games 
as Silent Hill, Deadly Premonitions, and just a tiny bit of Resident Evil.  
It's a $10 game with a bit of replay value, and probably the only 2D survival
horror game I've seen thus far that just works.  It's this guides purpose to 
make sure that you know what you're doing and how to do it.


Though there's a tutorial in the game along with written instructions 
regardless, I'll go over them briefly here

Arrow keys: Moves You around.  Though you can press up and down and You will 
react, they mostly do nothing.

X: Action command.  This key is used to interact with almost everything in 
the game.  Whenever you walk by a door or an item, the X key will appear above
You's head.  Stand still for a moment, and text will display telling you what
pressing X will do, from picking up items, to opening doors, to examining 
pictures, to hiding, to unhiding, almost the entire game is played through 
the X key.

C: Combat Stance on/off.  Once you obtain the handgun, this will make You pull
out his piece, or hide it back in his bag.  When you have your hardware out, 
X fires a shot, and R will reload.  You can aim up and down as well, 
specifically aiming for the head or the legs.  While your weapon is drawn, 
You cannot turn around, he will only strafe backwards. 

F: Flashlight on/off.  Exactly as it sounds.  Also, if F is pressed when the 
flashlight is out of power, You will automatically pop in a new battery

P: Pause.  Pauses the game.

Spacebar: Opens up the inventory, which you scroll through with the arrow keys
and use with the X button.  Pressing space at anytime puts your inventory 

Q or W: Affects the aspect ratio negatively or positively respectively.  
Meaning the size of the screen being displayed will either shrink or enlarge.

A or S: Affects the Gamma ratio negatively or positively respectively.  
Meaning the brightness and contrast. . .I think.

E: Turns Expert mode on or off.  After playing around with it for a bit, all 
it seems to do is to turn off the action icons from appearing above your head.
If for some reason that annoys you, then by all means.

M: Map button.  Probably the most important button in the game right after the
X button.  Brings up the Map.

1: Flare hotkey.  Drops a flare rather than having to go through your 

2: Rotting Meat hotkey.  Drops a piece of rotted meat on the ground, rather 
than having to go through your inventory.

3. Health Tonic hotkey: Chugs a Health Tonic, rather than having to go through
your inventory.

Esc: Quits the game.  For some unbeknownst reason, this doesn't work on the 
title screen, so the only way to quit from there is to hit alt+F4

Saving the game: Simply sleep in the starting apartment.


Flashlight:  Powered by batteries, will illuminate a small area ahead of You.
Keep in mind two things.  The first being that You will not pick up or 
examine anything shrouded in complete darkness, so the flashlight is required
for that.  The second being that the flashlight eats batteries like a 
like-like eats shields.  Your battery will last maybe a total of 3 minutes 
per battery.  It's important to have light on you, but it's equally important
to know when you have enough light or not.  Also keep in mind that the 
flashlight's light will attract attention of monsters, and prevent you from 
hiding.  So if you want to sneak around, it's best under cover of darkness.  
You start the game with this.

Batteries: You find these hovering around the place.  One battery is all 
that's needed for a Gamejoy game, or to power up the flashlight to 100%.

Handgun: "My only friend in this place".  The only weapon in the game.  Not 
even melee is allowed here.  Holds 10 rounds, and seems to be okay at 
stopping and killing enemies, but there's nothing to compare it to.  You get 
this shortly after starting.

Ammo: A single clip[sic] is 10 rounds.  You find these scattered around the 
game.  You can also trade them for flares, or you can trade pills or health 
tonics for a single clip[sic].

Flares: When you drop one, a blinding light flashes around for several 
seconds.  Enemies nearby are drastically affected, allowing you to get by 
them.  You find them scattered about.  You can also trade 10 rounds of Ammo 
for 3 flares later on.

Pills: The are three of them.  Red pills wake you up from being sleepy.  
Taking the blue pill or the green pill makes you more sleepy, and makes you 
have a strange dream.  You can always get a fresh supply of these from the 
bathroom sink in your home apartment.

Food and cooking supplies: More on this later

Plush cat: Found in Your apartment.  You can talk to it, and it might help
keep your sanity.  

More items: More on this later as well.

Mirrors: Not something you can pick up.  Gazing into one of these mirrors 
will "warp" you back to your home apartment.  Gazing into the one in your 
home apartment will take you specifically back to the LAST mirror you used 
outside.  You will be using these quite often.


You:  It's You.  Not much is known about You.  You're just a Lone Survivor 
trying to escape the city and find out what's going on.

The Man Who Wears A Box: Or MWWB for short.   A mysterious figure who haunts 
your dreams.  He seems to just stand there, staring off into space.  You can 
meet this figure by consuming a green pill before going to bed.  After 
meeting him, he'll either fully heal you, give you some food, or give you 
more batteries for your flashlight, depending on what you need most at the 

The Man in Blue: A mysterious figure who haunts your other dreams.  He sits 
juxtaposed to you in a chair as he asks probing questions. You meet him by 
consuming the blue pill before going to bed.  After meeting him, if You're 
out of ammo, You'll generally find about 20 more rounds inside Your inventory.

The Director: A strange man who comes by all sorts of strange items and 
artifacts.  He will occasionally find something and pass it along to you, 
informing you through his special radio channel.  He also will trade certain 
items.  It's good to keep an ear to the radio.

Hank: A gunshop owner who is slowly becoming one of those. . .things.  You 
don't meet him until later on.  He hates the light, so it's best not to 
approach him with the flashlight on.  He's willing to trade medicine for 
ammo to ease his suffering as he begins to turn.

Party Goers: A strange group. Chie, Benizido, and Kenny.

Her:  You feel like you know Her. . .but from where?  And why can't You ever 
see Her face?

Tips before starting:

Keep the flashlight off for as much as possible.    As said before, it's dark
out there, but your battery won't last you the whole way.  Find and ration 
batteries, and when you can still see, make sure that light is off.  It also 
prevents warning monsters to Your presence.

Rather than any actual meter, your character will simply narrate how he feels.
You, during the course of his survival trial, will need to stay Healthy, 
Eat, and Sleep.   When he's close to dying, the screen will turn redder and 
redder, and you will hear his heart beating faster and faster.  To stave of 
death, he only needs a health tonic or a drink, or even sleeping in his bed.
When he's hungry, however, sleeping will not provide the rest he needs.  
It's important to find and consume food you scavenge from the apartment and 
the city.  It's also important in order to keep his mental health levels 
higher, as the higher they are, the better it is for You in general.  It's 
better to not let yourself become exhausted, so it's important to find a safe
haven every now and then to rest up.

You also want to keep aware of your mental health in general.  Doing things 
like killing an enemy or eating bad food or becoming exhausted, or popping 
pills, or other traumatizing events will lower Your grip on reality.  
However, things like talking to plush cats, taking care of plants, eating a 
well cooked meal, doing the right thing, answering the right questions, will 
keep Your sanity high, and good things come to those who stay positive.  
Although not much is known about how to actually raise or lower the mental 
grade level in game, it's always a generally good idea to keep them higher, 
and to go by the things You say.


Part 1 - 2F Apartment building

Apt. 206: Your Home

After waking up from the dream sequence, you'll be standing in your bedroom 
in your apartment.  Or, apparently, it's not Your apartment?  Either way, to 
the left of the bed is a pill you can pick up.  To the right of the bed is a 
radio, and a diary.  You can examine both of these, and each of them change 
after events in the game transpire.  To the right of that is a cabinet that 
has the controls of the game written down on them.  There's two doors in the 
room.  One is the fire escape, which is currently locked, and the other leads
out into the apartment's hallway.

Out there, you'll find a mirror, and three more doors.  To your left, you'll 
find a battery on the floor you should probably take.  The translucent door 
on the south wall leads out to the rest of the game, but it's locked.  The 
door directly to the east leads to the master bedroom, and it is also locked.
Head instead towards the north door on the left, and you'll find yourself in 
the living room.

In the living room, on the couch, is the key to the front door.  Pick it up.  
Over to the left is a fridge, a stove, and a washing machine in that order.  
In the fridge, you will find rotting meat.  You use this as bait throughout 
the game, and the fridge has a limitless supply of the stuff.  You can only 
carry around 6 pieces though, so make sure you restock often.  Grab some meat.
The stove doesn't function (yet), but it can be used to cook food and provide 
a better meal for You.  On top of the washing machine is a Plush Cat.  You can
take it if you like, and talk to it every now and again to help keep you sane.
The washing machine itself doesn't work.  There's also a diary page on the 
floor that you can take.  In order to read it, open up the inventory, find 
the page, and select read.

After grabbing the key and the meat, head back out to the hallway, and then 
to the south door.  Once it's unlocked, You is going to give a message about 
going to sleep.  This is just a tutorial on how to save the game.  You can, 
and in fact, it's better if You do, ignore this message and head out anyways.

Special notes about Apt. 206: You will be coming back here often, as this is 
your central hub.  Make sure you spend a bit of time to understand the 
functions of the items like the diary, radio, and stove.  Later on, the other
room will also open up, and you'll have access to more supplies.  

Wing Court South Hallway 2F (Left Side.)

Directly outside and to the left, you'll find a floor map hanging on the wall.
Take the map off, and after a cutscene, it becomes apparent that you'll be 
needing to head to Apt. 203.  The fire door on the left is locked.  To the 
right of your home is a plant sitting in the dark.  Talking to and/or Feeding
Chuck the plant is a good idea for mental health, so be sure you at least 
wave at him as you walk on by.

Right of Chuck is an alcove where you can hide by pressing X.  While hidden, 
you cannot be discovered.  Right of that is the first enemy of the game, the 
Thinman.  He loiters around the front of the Apt building you need to get to, 
so we'll need to get him away.  Go back and stand in front of Chuck, then drop
a piece of rotted meat on the ground.  IMMEDIATELY run to that alcove, and 
hide until the monster walks by you.  While he's feeding, run out and over 
to the right to enter Apt 205

Special notes about West Wing Hallway 2F:  If you are NOT going for the green
ending, you'll want to kill this Thinman as soon as possible.  Once you go 
into Apt 205, he resets his position back to the right side, and makes it 
impossible to sneak by him again without killing him or wasting a flare.  
If you want to avoid that, you'll have to go the long way around him.  
Otherwise, make sure to end him as soon as possible.

Apt 205:

You'll notice another Thinman immediately to the right of You, and the door 
directly to the north is locked.  So the only option is to head into the 
room on the Left.

In there, you'll be in a large bedroom.  On the floor, you'll discover an 
Old Note.  Head over to the right to find another door leading into a 
bathroom.  Inside, you'll want to turn on your flashlight and notice the 
LARGE GAPING HOLE in the side of the wall.  Investigate, go through the hole,
and just walk to the right.

After surviving that ordeal, you'll be in the master bedroom on the opposite 
side of Apt 205.   A mirror will be situated on the left side, along with two
different food items.  Go ahead and look deeply into it to warp back to your
apartment.  You can save or eat, whichever you need to do.  Then gaze back 
into the mirror to return to the bedroom.  Over on the right side is a door 
that leads to the other end of the hallway that had that Thinman in it.  The 
door to the north is again locked, so this time, head out to the south door 
to wind up in the hallway.

We'll be returning here to this apartment shortly.

Wing Court North Hallway 2F (Right Side)

To the right is another Thinman.  This time, in order to sneak by him, you'll
need to simply wait until he walks away.  Then, sneak in behind him, and 
you'll notice he was standing in front of a hiding spot.  Press X to hide, 
then use the arrow keys to slide along past him.  Wait until he walks out 
from the right side, then pop out and head right.

Special notes about West Wing Hallway 2F Right Side:  If you aren't going for
the green ending, you'll also want to kill this one as fast as possible.  
It's not necessary, but it will save you a great deal of time.

Also note that the Apt 204 door is locked.  We will be coming back to this 

Fire Escape:  

The stairs are broken, and there's a diary page on the floor.  Other than 
that, there's nothing special to mention here.  Head over to the left door and
go through it.

Wing Court North Hallway 2F (Left Side):

On the floor nearby you should find a green pill.  Just head straight into 
Apt 203.  We'll be doing more in this area later on.

Apt 203

There are three doors in here.  The one directly north of you on the right is
currently locked.    The one directly right will lead to a Master Bedroom.  
The one on the left will lead into the room with the Party Goers.

Head into the Party Goer room first.  Talk to whomever you like, but make sure
you talk to the woman on the right most. She asks you to bring her a doll.  
Head back out and go into the master bedroom.  In here, you'll find the doll 
in question.  Pick it up, and head back into the Party room.  Go into your 
inventory, find the doll, and select Give, and she'll open up the fire escape 
door.  Go through there.  To the right is a handgun.  Pick that up, and 
immediately, the party and the atmosphere will disappear.

When you head back into the room, a cutscene happens, and You immediately draw
your weapon.  This is a perfect opportunity for target practice against two 
Thinman, but unless you're going for the blue ending, or if you already know 
how to use the gun, just press C again and walk out the door.

The door to the north on the right is unlocked now, and there's also a box of 
beef jerky lying on the floor.  Head into there and you'll find a bathroom 
with the key to the Master Bedroom in 206 and a mirror.   Take a gaze into 
the mirror, as You head back home

Special notes about  Apt 203: If you talk to Benizido and Kenny before you 
head outside, and talk to Chie before you pick up the gun, it positively 
impacts your mental health score, so keep an eye out for that.

Apt 206 Master Bedroom

Once back in your house, save, eat, and then head over to the right to unlock
the master bedroom.  Inside on the right, you'll see a leak.  You'll be using
this later with a bucket and a bottle to get water to brew certain things. 
Over to the left, you'll find a tin of pickles, some ammo, and a box of pills
with instructions on usage.  The Red Pills will wake you up, the Green and 
blue pills will put you to sleep.  Note that the Green pills will give you 
dreams about the Man Who Wears a Box, and the Blue pills will make you meet 
the man in blue.

Over inside the door is a bathroom.  On the floor is a diary page, and if you
investigate the sink, you'll find pills.  

Special notes about the bathroom sink and pills:  This sink replenishes your 
pills every time you run low.  So if you need more, be sure to head back here
to restock.  Keep in mind, that the Blue pill will give you ammo if you run 
out, and the green pill will give you food or batteries.  But at the cost of 
lowering your mental health.

Apt 205 Revisit.

If you slept in your room, or if you listened to the radio, you might have 
discovered a note pertaining to a door in 205 being unlocked, so we're gonna 
head over and check that out first.

Head out the door and over to the right to Apt 205.  This time, the door 
north of where you come in is unlocked.  Head in there to pick up the 
can-opener, the rice pudding on the floor, and in the fridge make sure you 
pick up the Delicious Ham.  Now, you'll notice that there is a hiding alcove 
next to the table on the left side.  If you haven't killed that Thinman 
outside yet, then drop a piece of rotted meat in here, and hide inside that 
alcove.  when he rushes past, exit the alcove and run back out into the main 
portion of Apt 205.  The Thinman will not exit this room again, and is 
officially taken care of.

Now you can enter through the middle door that the Thinman was hovering 
around.  Inside, you'll find a strange message and a pair of sharp scissors.
Take these, and leave the room again.  Now we'll be heading back to Apt 203.

Apt 202 and 203 revisit

Once you get to or in front of Apt 203, head outside back into the hallway, 
and head all the way over to the left to Apt 202.

All three doors are locked in here, but the door on the left has a hole where
you can see a Thinman, and a butcher's hook.  If you want the green ending or 
to simply save ammo, stand in front of it, go into your inventory, and use 
the Delicious Ham.  The Thinman will reach out for it, moving away from where
you need to go to.

Head back to the Master Bedroom of Apt 203, make sure the flashlight is OFF, 
then move the bedside table on the left, and enter the hole.  Move over to 
the right to inspect the cupboard.  Inside the cupboard is another hole.  
Move through that, and you'll be in another room.  In here is a stove that 
has rotted meat you can resupply on and a tin of beans.  In the middle of 
said room is a large, skin like sheet covering another hole.  USE the scissors
from your inventory, and go through the hole again.

This time, you'll be in another room.  A Thinman will be directly to your
right, the door in front of you will be locked, and there will be a door on
the left leading out.  You can sneak around the Thinman to find a battery on
the right side of the room.   Head out the door on the left to enter a fire
escape, which connects you with the next room over.

Apt 201

As you enter through the fire escape, on the ground you'll find some Soda and
Instant Coffee powder.  Move onto the door and you'll be out in the hallway.
In here, you'll see a mirror (ignore the mirror for now), three doors, and 
handgun ammo.  As you approach the center of the room, a voice calls out to 
you.  Run over to the right most door against the wall.  In here, you'll 
trigger a cutscene, after which you'll find The Director's card on the ground
at your feet.  This has a radio frequency written on it, and we'll be checking
it out when we get back to our apartment.  In the meantime, head back out into
the hallway.  The door to the north has handgun ammo and a milk bottle, 
however, there's a Thinman in there that you CANNOT avoid.  You MUST kill him
or use a flare to reach the items.  When you're done, leave through the door 
to the south.

Wing Court North 2F (Right Side)

Two Thinmen on both sides stand in your way.  There's nothing in here, so use
the hiding alcove to avoid the one on the right and head out the fire escape

Fire Escape:

IMMEDIATELY head to the Left fire door and go through it.  It unlocks the door
and makes life so much easier.  Head back to your apartment, and listen to the
radio to get The Director's Frequency, who informs you that he has something 
special in for you today.

Apt 204

After hearing the message, just head straight through the hallways to Apt 204,
dodging Thinmen or not as necessary.  You'll discover it to be unlocked.  
Inside the hallway isn't much.  On the left north door is a room.  The room
has the Gas Fuel for the stove, which you REALLY want, and Chalk Drawings on 
the wall.  Looking at them supposedly increases your Mental Health, so be sure
to stop by here every now and then to take a gander.  But not for too long.

In the room on the left is a long hallway with a single man at the end of it 
known as The Director.  After he introduces himself to you, be sure to talk to
him again.  Every now and then he'll have something to give to you, and later
on, he'll be willing to trade items with you, so be sure you pay special close
attention to his radio frequency.

Special note about the Director: The items he gives you are based off of your
mental health.  For instance, in this visit, he gives you a saucepan for 
cooking items.  However, if you have good mental health, he'll give you a 
Cooking pot for cooking delicious hams, and Fruit Drops which increase your
mental health.  However, if you have bad mental health, he'll only give you 
Cheese and Crackers, which you must combine to get the most out of, and I'm 
pretty sure just knowing they exist lowers something.  If you want the better
supplies from him, try and keep sane.

After paying the visit to the director, head back home to take care of what
you need, then head back to the fire escape.  Head down the stairs.  
Congrats, you are officially done with 2F

Part 2- First Floor Apartment Building


Pick up the prawn crackers and head out the door on the left.

Wing Court South Hallway 1F

Just inside, you should find the map, which will point you towards a spot on 
the upper left corner.  Down the hallway are more thinmen and a Tin of Fruit 
Salad, but just before them is a door for Apt 105, which only contains a 
Mirror, some Milk, and Ground Espresso.  Grab those or not, and then head 
back over to the left.  There's nothing else in this hallway, but we'll be 
back for a brief moment.  Head through the fire escape to the door on the 

Wing Court North Hallway 1F

This is a long endurance like hallway containing no less than 4 Thinmen, all 
of which you're probably better off avoiding.  You can take the time to fight
through all of them, or you can follow the set path here.

For the first one, there is a hole in the wall just in front of Apt 101.  
Inside, you'll find hanging meat, and a bucket.  You can use this bucket with
the leak in the ceiling in 206 to get water.  Take the bucket.  You might 
notice that the Thinman outside will sometimes stand in front of that door.
When you seem him in front of it, drop a piece of rotted meat, then 
immediately hide.  He'll come rushing in.  Slide behind the hanging me, come
out of the wall, then exit the door.  That Thinman will never return, so we
can safely move on.

Down the hall  just past the door is a hole for hiding.  Go slightly before
this, drop a piece of meat, then quickly run into the hole to avoid the 
second Thinman.

For the third and fourth ones, it's a little tricky, we'll have to take care
of both of them at once.  Past the first hole is a second hole.  Stand 
slightly before the hole, then drop TWO pieces of meat in a row, then hide
in the hole.  TWO of them will come running for the meat.  As soon as BOTH
of them get by, rush out.  Just past the second door, you'll find the door
for Apt 101

Apt 101

Inside the hallway is some newspaper clippings on the wall about a bomb victim
in a warzone.  In the door to the left, you'll see a huge gaping hole in the 
wall, along with a mirror.  Save and eat if you need to, and then go out the 
hole.  You find yourself in the back ally.  To the left, you'll find some 
instant Coffee and Squid on a Stick.  Then head ALL the way to the right, to 
encounter the White Faced Man.  As soon as he leaves, you'll find a soda can,
but instead of soda inside, it's the key to the fire door.  On your way back,
you'll find that Handgun ammo has also been left at the scene, though it's 
under the cover of darkness.

Head back into the hallway, and take a sharp left to the fire door to unlock
it.  In the stairwell you'll find handgun ammo.  Head over to the right side
to unlock the other door, at which point you through away the key.

Head out the door you just unlocked, and you'll be back in the south hallway.
Head right until you get to the door to the lobby, but before you encounter
the thinmen stationed in the hallway.  Head inside, and you'll see a BIG
monster guarding the entrance, and an elevator on the right.  Approach the
monster, and you'll back up.  Try the elevator, and you discover it's broken.
Exit, and then REENTER, approach the monster one more time, then leave.  You
will resign himself to his fate of entering the basement.  Head over to the
stairwell, then take a deep breath as you head down the stairs.

You're now done with the first floor.  That wasn't so bad, was it?

Part 3 - The Basement

WARNING: The Basement has a plethora of unavoidable enemies that you will
have to either fight, or to use a flare to get by.  (But I don't have flares
yet!)  This is actually the stage where they become available.  If you needed
something from the thinmen rooms above, after this stage is the time to get 
them.  If you decide to fight them, keep in mind the Thinman will have a new
attack of crawling up onto the ceiling.  You can't damage them when they're 
up there, so just make sure you avoid wasting ammo pointlessly.

East most hall.

In the stairwell you'll find a battery on the floor, and that the left door is
sealed shut thanks to. . .something.  Leaving through the right door, you find
yourself in a hallway.  This part gets a little confusing, because you're 
gonna go quite a distance without the map, so just make sure your light is 
off, and that you head right.  On the floor, you'll notice a distress flare. 
What these do is cause a blinding flash of light to go off for several 
seconds, allowing you to walk by Thinman, and to instantly down fatman, so be
SURE you grab this.  On the way right, you'll also notice a door.  In here is
a Mirror and a Squid on a Stick.  We'll be visiting here later.  More towards
the right at the end of the hallway, is an entrance, and an unavoidable 
Thinman standing over a Tin of Beans.  It's just better off to skip him and 
head through the entrance next to him.

North most hall.

Just head left until you find a map on the wall.  Wasn't quite such a long 
distance after all, was it?  Good thing you didn't make the mistake of going 
down the wrong hall and getting lost and almost dying. . .like . . .I did. . .

At any rate, the only other thing in this hallway before the big gaping 
Silent Hill hole is a doorway.  Inside here is an important Fuse item guarded
by an unavoidable Thinman.  You'll have to use that flare we just picked up or
simply shoot him.  But make sure to pick up the fuse, then head back out into
the East hall.

204 Revisit

Back in the East hallway, head left until you run into the door with the 
mirror in it.  Go inside, and if you haven't already, pick up the Squid, then
vanish through the mirror.

Back in the apartment, go back into the bedroom and listen to The Director's 
radio frequency, and he'll inform you on a new update.   Head over to his 
place and check out what he's offering.  He hands you three flares, and tells
you that if you bring him 10 rounds of ammo, he'll trade them for 3 more 
flares.  This is a deal you should pay attention to.  A room with 1 Thinman
that you're going to walk by once becomes a question of 3-5 bullets, or 1 

He'll also hand you a kettle, which you can use in combination with a bottle
of water to brew that coffee, which will give a nice mental health boost and 
remove tiredness in one stroke.  If you happen to be in good mental health at
the moment you talk to him, he'll also hand you the Espresso brewer, which 
you can use to make the much more effective and delicious Espresso.

Once you have all that, head back to your apartment, and return to the 

East Most Hall

Back here, head out the door to be in the east hallway.  Head left until you
cross back across the stairwell entrance, and you'll notice a sign hanging on
the wall nearby.  Check this out, and you'll mark a location on your map.  
We'll be heading down there eventually, but for right now, just head through
the hallway entrance directly left of the sign.

Middle Lateral Hallway

This hallway is a little bit more dangerous.  There three Thinman that are
unavoidable in this hallway, and one door.  Behind the door is. . .a writhing
heart.  It has nothing you can do other than interact and look at it.  
Shooting it or using a flare on it does nothing.  It's generally best to 
avoid going through this door due to the cost of running in and out of it.

Instead, get as close to the three thinman as possible, and drop a flare.  
This will stun all three of them at once, and you'll be able to get by safely.
There's no need to come back down this way, so don't worry about the return 
trip.  If however, you're attempting to get to the blue pill path, it IS 
recommended that you kill all three of them.

Central Hallway

The perspective gets eschewed a tad, so be sure to follow closely along with
your map.  Directly to your left is the way to the generator, but it's cut 
off by another SH Canyon.  But on the ground is some more Ground Espresso.  
Over to the right, you'll come across 2 more unavoidable Thinmen.  Light up a
flare, or shoot them for the blue ending, and quickly run past them.  
Immediately to the right of them is a door that is marked with a ? on your 
map in red.  Make SURE you enter through here.  Inside is a Thinman, and a 
maw in the wall.  Kill the thinman if you wan to avoid taking damage.   
He also has some handgun ammo by his feet if you're having second thoughts 
about ammo usage.

Investigate the maw in the wall.  Go ahead and do the stupid thing by sticking
your hand inside, and you should get the Generator key.  Take your leave, 
then head directly right outside the door, making sure your flashlight is off.
If you head down the corridor on the right, you wind up on the west side of 
the north corridor, where you'll find prawn crackers in.  Leave back the way
you came, and head through the archway.

Down the Northwestern hallway is a single door which contains a mirror and a 
bottle of milk.  Save your game if you need to, then press on down to the 

West most hallway a.k.a. Hall of Doors

Special Notes The Fatman:
This hallway contains the first appearance of a new enemy, the Fatman.  
The Fatman is slower to react and attack you, but does more damage and takes
several shots to put down.  It also has two "phases", the first one in which
it's standing where it acts normally.  The second one occurs if you use 4-6
bullets, where it's "helpless".  It falls deformed on the ground and acts 
dead, but can slide around at high speeds and still attack you while making
freaky sounds.  However, while it is in the helpless state, you can simply
walk by it.  Not only that, killing a downed Fatman will negatively impact
your mental health, but will affect your path to the blue pill.  Keep this in
mind as you encounter them throughout the rest of the game.

To your right in this hallway are two fatman, which you can use a single 
flare to put both of them down, or simply kill them.  However, you'll also 
notice that there are 8 doors in this hallway besides the entrance and exit.
Their contents from left-to-right:

1st Door: Handgun ammo
2nd Door: is locked
3rd Door: Is unlocked, but do not enter under any circumstance
4th Door: Battery
5th Door: is locked
6th Door: has a can of gasoline.  You NEED this to continue, so make sure you
pick this up.
7th Door: is Locked
8th Door:  Beef Jerky and a rat.  

Special note about the Rat: You may have noticed a rat scurrying around every
now and then.  If you take out your gun and shoot it, you can pick up a rat.
You can eat it raw or you can cook it.  Either way, it negatively and 
drastically impacts your mental health.  There is no reason to do this by the
way.  Just pointing it out.

After the 8th door is a short hallway, which contains a Rice Pudding.  After 
THAT hallway is another short hallway with nothing in it, so just proceed to
the left.

South hallway:

To the left of the entrance, guarded by an unavoidable Thinman is some handgun
ammo.  If you wish to take it, keep in mind that the gunfire will attract 
other enemies from down the hallway, so get ready to run.  Otherwise, just 
ignore him and head right down the hall, where you'll run into two fatman in
close proximity.  If you play your cards right, you can hit both of them at
the same time with 1 flare, instantly putting them helpless.  You can run by
or take advantage of the light.

Heading further to the right, you'll find a tin of fruit salaad lying on the
floor.  Further right, you'll come across the doorway out.  If you head to
the right of that, you'll find an uncontested flare lying on the floor, so be
sure to grab that before heading through that door.

Elevator and Back Room:

You'll find yourself face to face with the elevator to the top floor, but if 
you press the button, you'll also find that the power is out.  We're going to
fix that real quick, so head to the right door.  You'll come out in a 
completely dark hallway.  Head to the Left and you'll come across a mirror.
Save if you need to, then when you return, head left down the other end, and
you'll unlock a door.  Stepping through it, you'll find yourself back in the
East Hallway you began in. 

Slightly to your right, you'll find an archway.  Even slightly righter is a 
Thinman, but there's no reason to challenge him, so just head through the 

Generator room and hallway:

Straight down this hallway, all the doors are locked, so just ignore them and
move down the left.  You'll come across an unavoidable Thinman.  You'll have
to come back down this hallway again, so unless you have two flares and are
specifically going after the Green Pill ending, it's simply better to kill
this one.

Past him, you'll come across a small section of the hallway with a door.  The
door is locked and requires the Generator Key, which you should have.  Inside
the generator room is a gigantic statue.  Examine it, and you'll go into a
long cutscene detailing a few plot points.

When you wake up, you'll find yourself standing in a (relatively) normal 
generator room, though now there's an Irradiated Orange sitting for you down
on the left side.  In here, you'll want to use the Giant Fuse in the box on
the right, and in the middle next to the lever, use the Can of Gas.  Then
flip the switch, and the generator will be fully running.  Or at least enough
for the elevator.

Head back through the unlocked door, and on your way back, I highly recommend
using the mirror and saving your game.

Chase Scene

Just go up to the elevator, press the button, and get your running nikes on,
cause you're about to go on a basement wide tour.  As soon as the elevator
activates and after the cutscene, You're going to automatically run to the
left, so you'll be in the Southmost hallway.

The direction you need to run in order is

Left to the entrance
Right to the entrance
Left all the way down the hallway
Left past the 8 doors to the entrance
Right down the hallway
Left to the entrance
Right straight down the hallway
Then finally right to the first door you see

If you get lost, don't worry, it's not an instant game over, but if you get
actually lost and don't know which way to go, it might as well be game over.
Thankfully, though, all the enemies except in the last hallway have vanished,
so you need to not fear for any vengeance from old enemies.

Once you make it to the stairwell footing, take a moment in real life to
catch your breath.  The basement is now permanently off limits.  So just head
back up the stairs and to the right.  You'll be on the 1F South hallway.
Simply enter through to the lobby where the beast was, and you'll find it's
now clear.  There's a mirror to your left, but ignore that for now, and simply
exit through the doorway out into the Streets.

Congrats.  The Basement, and subsequently, the entire apartment complex,
is officially complete.

Part 4 - The Streets

Thinman notes:  The Thinman now has a new attack in lieu of it's ceiling
climbing.    It will now barf on you.  If you see it stop approaching you and
rear it's head back, move!

Apartment Street (aka 32rd Street)

Now that you're outside, the reason for you ignoring the mirror.  Head
directly Left, and you'll find the Fire Escape Key.  Directly to the right of
the building, you'll see some stairs.  Go past them into the ally.  You'll
find a comic lying on the ground.  Pick up the Sleepy Cat Comic, then run back
out.  You should see next to the building a set of fire stairs.  Simply go up
them, and you'll use the fire escape key and wind up back in room 206!  
If you flip on the director's channel, he'll mention he has an update for you!
Pay him a quick visit.

Director's Update: 

He gives you a Gamejoy.  If you elect to use a battery in front of your couch
at home with this item, you waste time just playing video games, which
increases your mental health.  He also gives you a quest to find Sleepy Cat
comics, which you can trade him for cans of Tuna, which you use in yet 
ANOTHER side quest. You can give him one right now, but be sure you read them
before you do, as that increases your mental health score.  If you also happen
to have good mental health, he'll give you the Delicious Ham, the only other
one in the game.  Hope you have that cooking pot.

On your way back out to the streets below, make sure you're stocked up on
rotted meat.  You'll be needing them.

32rd Street again

Going past the allyway, you should run into Hank's shop.  Head inside for a
quick bit

Hank's shop:

Inside the shop is a Thinman standing in the way, but luckily, you can hide 
and sneak behind the weapons rack in the center.  Don't bother trying to pick
them up.  You's autism flares up again and refuses to use any other weapon.
Knocking on the door to the left you'll encounter Hank who lets you in.

There's nothing inside this room but hank.  If you talk to him, he informs 
you he's been bit and infected and starts a sidequest.  If you bring him a 
blue pill, he'll trade you for 10 rounds of ammo.  If you take him up on 
this, however, it'll lower your mental health score.  Instead, you can trade
him Health Tonics which you'll find soon enough.  There's 5 Health Tonics in
the game, but it increases mental health and his physical health.  The choice
is up to you though.

Also, don't approach him with your flashlight on.  The game considered it as
"torturing hank" which drastically impacts your mental health

Leave the way you came out once you're finished here.  If you intend to get
more ammo, then it's suggested to kill the Thinman to save time from hiding.

32rd Street take 3

Down to the right of hank's shop is an alcove and two Thinmen.  You can shoot
them, flare them, or you can place two pieces of meat in a row in front of
Hank's shop than hide to get past them.

Past them before the end of the street is an open doorway.  Go inside.
You'll have yourself a bit of a dream with the Man in Blue before he asks you
a question.  If you claim to know him, that will actually decrease mental
health, where the other option, to claim not to know him will increase it.

Once out of the dream, the interior will change again, revealing a broken 
down shack.  On the floor, you'll find the Golden Key, and a health tonic.
Be sure you grab both before hitting the streets again.  Go right, and you'll
find yourself on.

East Street:

Going down the left side first, you'll find a map posted to the wall.  The
character will comment about how the map is marked, but the way there is
treacherous, and you'll need a few items first.  Keep going left, and you'll
find a door in the wall.  In here is a mirror, battery, and can of beans.  
Head back out and you'll see an opening to another ally.  Skip that for the 
moment and head left to find the Health Drink.  If you keep heading left, 
you'll run into the hospital, and the Cat sidequest as well.

Cat Sidequest:  Required: Cans of Tuna (3)

Next to the hospital, you'll encounter a stray cat.  If you slowly tap the
arrow keys over, you can approach him.  If you go too fast, the cat will duck
down like it's ready to pounce, so wait a bit after that so he doesn't move.
Move TOO much and the cat will scramble.  When you reach him, feed him a can
of Cat Food, which you should have at least one can by now.  The cat will run
off.  The next time you run into the cat, he'll be to the left of the 
entrance of the apartment building.  Do the same thing, and he'll run off 
again.  The THIRD time, he'll appear outside your apartment window in your 
bedroom.  Just use the can of Catfood while standing in front of it, and 
you'll take it inside and adopt it.  Doing the sidequest, naming the cat, 
feeding it, and petting it all drastically improve mental health.

Whether or not you do the sidequest, the hospital is currently locked under a
keypad, so just head back into the allyway.

Hospital Allyway:

In the allyway, there are three enemies stalking back and forth between hiding
holes.  Sneak past all of them, or go guns blazing.  Flares aren't recommended
here as you'll have to come back this way and you won't be able to hit all of
them at once, or even in two.  Don't be afraid to approach the fatmen a little
more closely.  They aren't as reactive as the Thinmen are.  At the end of the
allyway you'll find some Ground Espresso and a Car Battery.  Do what you will
with the espresso, but be sure you grab that Car Battery.  You'll need it. 
Head back out to the street again.

East Street right side:

Head back past the central allyway, and you'll come across a thinman and 
hiding hole, and a store, along with some handgun ammo lying on the street.
Get past the thinman and head into the store.

In here is a brown package that contains a food item.  If you talked to Hank
earlier, you'll know that the package will refill itself with food every 
single day.  The food is seemingly random, and has some items that you might
not find anywhere else.  Sitting next to the box is a sleepy cat comic.  
If you want either of these items, there are two thinman in the way.  To get
past them, you can shoot them (recommended to get to the box faster), or you
can use 2 pieces of meat to go right, and another 2 to go west.  There's 
plenty of hiding places to use for that.

Head back outside when you're done, then head right.  You'll find the entrance
to another street.

North East Allyway:

Smack dab on the floor in front of you, you should find a Sleepy Cat comic.
To the right, further down, you'll see the entrance to a back ally, which you
should pass by for now, and further on, you'll find Two enemies which you can
hide and avoid, standing over and guarding a health tonic, some ammo, and most
importantly, a Crowbar sticking out of the wall.  Make SURE YOU GRAB THE 
CROWBAR.  Be careful around this area.  While you can grab all three items
with no incident, it's particularly difficult to get the timing for the return
trip down, so tread carefully.

On the way back, stop inside the other allyway.  Down here, you'll find 
another Sleepy Cat comic, some enemies you can hide behind, including one 
thinman at the begining where you can slide past by on the arch, some coffee
powder, and the main reason for the trip, a dead body with pliers sticking
out of it.  Disgusting as it seems, you kinda need those pliers, so remove 
them from said corpse, and then travel back the way you came.  Head back 
down the East street and head for the mirror room.  Once back at your 
apartment, save, eat, do what you need to, then head out the fire escape door
and into the back ally.

Apartment Back Ally:

If you haven't already done so, grab the sleepy cat comic lying on the ground.
There are three Fatman down here.  You can probably hit two of them at once 
with a single flare, but don't depend on it.  Getting through them and further
down, you'll discover Superflat World, which you should already have the key 
to, so whip it out and enter.

Superflat World:

This is the last stretch of the game.  Before continuing on, make sure you 
have the Car Battery, the Crowbar, and the Pliers.  If you don't, you missed 
something and should head back.  Otherwise, press forward.  Before you get to
the end of the arcade, you should find the last Sleepycat Comic (#5) on the 
floor.  Make sure you grab that as you go down.  After a short little scare 
from the arcade, just keep heading down.  At the exit, the lights will go 
out, and you'll have another short meeting with the White Faced Man.  
Afterward, the lights come on, and the door behind him remains uncontested.
Exit to find yourself in. . .

North West Ally:

To the Left are two enemies you can hide behind, both guarding some handgun
ammo, rice pudding, and a single flare.  If you want or need any of these,
simply sneak around them.  Otherwise, head right to sneak behind another 
enemy.  Behind him, you'll run into the El Crab Shack.  Duck in hear for a 
little breather

It's just a short run down shack, containing only a soda and health tonic, 
along with a mirror.  If you need to leave through the mirror, just make sure
you don't make the mistake of using another mirror before you get back here.
When you're ready, head out of the shack again.

Directly right of the shack is a Tin of Fruit Salad.  Behind that are THREE
unavoidable Thinmen.  Even if you're normally opposed to it here, starting a
fight with them is not recommended due to the other enemies in the ally.
Wait for them to get scrunched up together, run over and set a flare.  As they
scream, run past them.  You'll find the entrance to the West most ally.  To 
the right of that is another Unavoidable Thinman guarding a soda.  Not worth 
it in the slightest.  Head into the West Ally

West Ally:

This place is quiet, dark and empty.  As you're walking forward, you'll come 
across a health tonic and some handgun ammo.  Pick that up and head ALLL the 
way to the right.  You'll find a Bus just sitting there.  Examine it, and
You'll take the option to hop aboard.   Look around and you'll find the bus 
door is locked due to lack of power.  However, you can move over to the front
panel and examine it.  In order to open the door, you need to use, in this 

Car Battery

Once you use all of those in sequence, head out the door.

??? Ally

Where is this?  No clue.  You'll notice a mirror.  This is your point of no
return.  Be sure you save, gather as much ammo and flares as you can.  Make
SURE you save your game, and finish any sidequest you feel necessary, along
with eating a healthy meal.  When you're ready, head to the right, and you'll
come across a dark, dark section of the game

Where a horrific twin-sickle handed abomination approaches and screeches.
It's name is Mother, and it can kill you in 1 or 2 hits.  Don't bother 
running, there way is blocked.  You MUST confront her.

Blue Pill Path:

Take out your gun.  And just fire away.  Just keep firing and treating her 
like you would a normal enemy.  If she gets too close,  back up, fire at her 
legs, anything to keep her off of you.  Interesting point, you get a mental 
health point for every headshot and torso shot you make, but I can't tell if
it's positive or negative.  Just keep firing as much as you can.

Green Pill Path:

Just use 4 flares.  What?  That's it?  Yeah, but it's a little trickier than
that.  You can't use them in a row, cause that just wastes flares.  When the
first is done, you have to set the second, but while you're doing that, mother
has free range to attack at you.  Do it too far away from her, and it might 
have no affect as she simply won't approach.  Get the timing down just right.
But this is by far the easier path to use if you can figure out that flares 
hurt her.

If you don't care about the ending, then use a flare to distract her while 
you pop off shots into her to make her go away faster.

Once you've dealt enough damage, she turns around and leaves out the backway.
Follow her out, and you'll come across. . .a tragic scene.  After a brief and
bittersweet goodbye, you're handed a keypad code to the hospital, and wind up
back at your apartment.

The Hospital and the End:

The Director's room is locked.  If you happen to have completed the Cat 
Side-quest, you can talk to your kitty and it'll drastically increase mental 
health.  Heal, Eat, play gamejoy, do as you please.  When you're ready, head 
out the door.

Hank has nothing extra to say.  Just walk past him.  If there are any enemies
in the way, drop a flare.  You won't need them anymore.

In the ally with the hospital, just head up to the door.  Even if you don't
read the sheet of paper, You will still punch in the code.

Once inside, you can look around, but the only thing to pick up is a clip
board with an interesting tidbit on it, informing you of the occupant of the
last room.  Take it, and read it if you like.  Then head ALL the way down to
the left.  There's only one door that's open.

Once in there, there's only two things to do.  Take the pill.  It's color
will be dependant on which ending you're going to get.  Then take a nap in 
the bed.

Pat yourself on the back, then sit back and watch your slightly-hard earned 

Ending Paths:

Green Pill Ending:

Simply do two things.
-Don't Kill as much as you can
-Don't take pills very often
-Try and complete the sidequests on a positive note

For the Blue Pill Ending:

-Do exactly everything opposite.


Kaitengiri did this entire walkthrough at his own expense, then submitted it 
to GameFAQs.  It was simply divine.

You can contact him at kaitengiri@gmail.com

Thanks to Byrne and like almost his whole family for making this game
Thanks to GameFAQs for publishing this on a site
And thanks to. . .


The player.

-Transmission end