• Cheat Codes

    Although it spoils the game, cheat codes aid you in your conquest to victory. These codes can only be used in a single-player game. They are also not case-sensitive.

    Directs to that particular missionMotherland (race) (level)
    Disable requirementsSynergy
    Enable research (regardless of requirements)Whoisjohngalt
    Fast death or decayIocainepowder
    Gives you % GoldKeysersoze %
    Gives you % Gold and % Lumber (If not specified gives you 500 each)greedisgood %
    Gives you % LumberLeafittome %
    Instant LossSomebodysetusthebomb
    Instant WinAllyourbasearebelongtous
    No damage inflicted to you and you 1 hit KO (Does not apply to your allied units)Whosyourdaddy
    No defeat, no matter whatStrengthandhonor
    No Victory, no matter whatItvexesme
    Performs spell instantly (Mana cost applies)Thedudeabides
    Plays a special song while playingTenthleveltaurenchieftain
    Re-enters the last code you had entered=
    Remove Fog of WarIseedeadpeople
    Removes food limit (It is still capped at 100)Pointbreak
    Sets to dawnRiseandshine
    Sets to duskLightsout
    Sets your time to % hours (In a 24-hour day format)Daylightsavings %
    Speeds up construction of buildings, units, and reasearchWarpten
    Unlimited ManaThereisnospoon
    Upgrades automatically goes up 1 level (no money needed)Sharpandshiny

    Contributed By: Ben del Raichu.


  • Campaign Modes

    These are the unlockables that are in the Campaign Mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    "The Crossing" Secret CampaignPlay in Human 3rd Mission. There are 3 sheeps, step onto them in the order "Bah-Ram-You".
    Play Pandaren Brewmaster in the 4th Human MissionComplete "The Crossing" Secret Campaign.

    Contributed By: Ben del Raichu.

Easter Eggs

  • Animal Sabotage

    Simply click on any neutral animal at least 25 times for it to explode

    Contributed By: Ben del Raichu.

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