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                WARCRAFT 3: The Frozen Throne
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                     Shadow Orb  Guide
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              typing and research by noZedive13

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 07.09.2003 - Guide Creation
              Got off my lazy ass to write this thing


 A lot of people might say, "Who cares? It's one stupid
 item." Where I come from, we spend all day trying to
 find every single secret in a game. Doesn't matter how
 retarded it may be, if it can be done, it should be
 done. Just to spite the programmer who didn't think
 any one would take the time to care.
 This FAQ is also here for the few people who would
 refuse to maphack or use codes to reveal all the places
 on the map.
 I'm also using this as a little excersize to make a FAQ
 with pictures because I'm really interested in making
 PDF based strategy guides so kids don't have to shell
 out 15$ for some printed piece of crap that never


 The optional quest to find the fragments of the
 shadow orb is in the Night Elf campaign, the mission
 titled "The Tomb of Sargeras"
 Once you complete the quest, you'll have the Shadow
 Orb +10 which increases the wearer's attack damage by
 10, armor by 3, and grants enhanced hit point
 The warden will have this for as long as you have her,
 then it will eventually be passed on as the story
 progresses. It is still unclear wether or not the orb
 can be passed to Illidan.


 There's a statue of a huntress that you'll come across.
 Past that, there will be two staircases you can walk up.
 (1)From the top of the lower stair case you'll be able
 to see a ledge with a rune. (2)Just Blink over to that
 ledge. Keep going down that path until it comes to an
 end. (3)From the end of that path you'll see another
 ledge straight across that you can Blink to. (4)At the
 far end of that ledge you'll find a piece of the orb.

 Screen shots:
 (2)First Ledge:
 (3)Second Ledge:
 (4)Orb Fragment:


 Right after you save the Druids of the Claw, enter the
 area they were in. (1)Directly to the left and right
 there are rocks inbetween the temple walls and the
 surronding caves. Blink across the left set of rocks.
 Keep exploring down that path as far as it goes. (2)It
 curves around and you'll find another piece of the orb.

 Screen shots:
 (2)Orb Fragment:


 After you climb the three staircases that are near the
 huntress statue, (1)there is a piece of the floor that is
 glowing. Step on that piece of floor with the Warden.
 It will open a door. The door is located to the south of
 the top of the first staircase. (2)In that room Blink
 to the platform in the middle, then Blink to the ledge on
 the left. (3)There will be a piece of the orb.

 Screen shots:
 (1)Floor Piece:
 (2)First Ledge:
 (3)Orb Fragment:


 There will be a narrow area that looks like a bridge.
 (1)You will be able to see a rune on your left as you
 pass. Blink to the rune and then follow that path to the
 left. (2)There will be a little area south of the main
 room. The orb fragmment is there.

 Screen shots:
 (2)Hidden Room:


 You'll be going through the caves for a little while.
 Eventually in the north west most part of the map
 you'll be able to go up a hill and fight a giant turtle.
 (1)If you bring the Warden to the south west most part of
 that ledge you should be able to see a rune. Blink to
 that area and there will be a number of barrels and
 crates. The piece of the orb will be there.

 Screen shots:


 Just south of the hill where you fought the giant turtle
 I just spoke of in the previous entry, (1)you'll find a
 tree. Use a huntress owl sentinel on that tree. It will
 reveal a ledge to the south east that you can Blink up
 to. (2)There will be a piece of the orb.

 Screen shots:


 As you head eastwards and into the level, you'll come
 across another tree. Use another huntress owl sentinel
 on that tree. (1)It will reveal an area behind the wall
 that you can Blink to. Kill the turle in that area to
 recieve another piece of the orb.

 Screen shots:
 (1)Hidden Area:


 After you get back into the temple, there will be an
 area to the north that you will enter and find a (1)ledge
 overlooking a flooded floor. Blink down to the floor and
 head north. (2)There will be a ramp to the right that
 leads to an area. When you walk up there, it will reveal
 an area to the left with a rune. (3)Go back to the
 flooded floor and Blink up there and there will be
 another piece of the orb.

 Screen shots:
 (3)Orb Fragment:


 You'll destroy a gate with two huge states next to it.
 When you enter there will be a path leading north and
 then east towards some crates. On your way there you
 will see a rune. Blink to the rune and then head north.
 You will uncover another rune. Blink to that rune and
 then head to the west. You'll find another piece.

 Screen shots:
 (1)First Rune:
 (2)Second Rune:
 (3)Orb Fragment:


 Using the same gate as I mentioned in the last entry as
 a reference point, head south. (1)You'll discover an
 area to below that ledge to south east with a rune. Blink
 to the rune then head south and then to the east.
 (2)There will be the final piece of the orb.

 Screen shots:
 (2)Orb Fragment:


 This is traditionally the area where I answer frequently
 asked questions reguarding my guide. But I find it pretty
 hard to believe there will be any questions seeing as how
 I'm not only describing where this stuff is, but giving
 you pictures as well.
 If you have any questions, please make sure you've read
 this guide very closely before asking me.


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