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Blades of Avernum 
Character Faq 
By Deathknight1728  
True Rogue, or ďBullyĒ Character Guide 
Little Intro to this game-Blades of Avernum is the 
offshoot scenario editor to the awesome game series 
Avernum. Avernum 1-3 are great games and while I like 
them a lot, this game is my favorite of the games made by 
Jeff Vogel. I have played nearly all of Jeffís games and 
like each of them but Blades was always my favorite 
because it just has everything you could want. Blades of 
Avernum is based on scenarios, not one big world like 
Avernum 1-3 and I think thatís why it is so amazing. To 
this day, people are creating scenarios that almost force 
Jeff Vogel to don the Redbeard, heh. Anyway , thatís all 
I can for intros. If you like it fine, and just the same 
if you donít.  
Brief Reason for why you should read this guide- This is 
by no means, a regular character guide for the game-
Blades of Avernum. This is more or less a way of playing 
that I find to be a lot of fun and seeing as there are no 
character guides for Blades of Avernum; I thought it made 
sense to make this one for blades of Avernum. This guide 
while exclusively for blades of avernum, can be played 
for Avernum 1-3 pretty well too. So without further talk, 
let me explain this type of playstyle. 
Iíve always liked playing games different and in a game 
like Avernum, you can only play so weird before getting 
devoured by something vicious. This will detail a 
particular character in your party. I will not be giving 
ideas on how to make your entire party, but instead will 
give you an idea for how to play the game in a neat and 
fun way. Enter the True Rogue or Bully character. This 
character was made somewhat famous from a user on the 
spiderweb forums named- ValdaintheKing. The skill 
assassination has always been a cool skill. So how do you 
maximize its potential, by getting to a higher level than 
almost every creature. At that point, you will be 
assassinating almost everything while only lethal blow 
characters (very few of them) that they are, can come 
So how do you do this. Its actually kind of simple- 
disadvantage traits. Already I can hear the shouts of 
rebellion as gremlins and people storm my house each 
holding pitchforks screaming youíre nuts! But no, the 
disadvantage traits actually give a different advantage 
to this unique character guide. The disadvantages start 
out slow but eventually you will be ďbullyingĒ most 
monsters if you took the right traits.  
Disadvantages give you experience bonuses like no other. 
And when you take the least lethal of them, you become 
very powerful in a game like blades of avernum. 
Especially since there is no level cap, so yes you will 
by mid/endgame be assassinating everything even bosses, 
which is so cool. 
Firstly, assassination is a very dominant skill. It 
activates for most fighters on most low monsters and for 
True Rogueís, on almost all monsters. This is excellent 
when you think that you can save so many points to level 
other things as assassination is pretty much maxed at 7-
10. You can increase anything else that you desire and 
that makes you stronger than your other melee comrades as 
they are 1 of lower level, and 2 need to get blademaster, 
anatomy and lethal blow to be as effective. This is not 
to say that lethal blow is useless. It actually is more 
powerful, but also a real you know what to 
unlock. Likewise, this is not a powergaming thread.
The traits that you need to be less impaired-Pick at 
least 1 (and possibly 2 if you are a masochist). NOTE-
Sickness Prone (20% bonus exp)- This trait is almost too 
good. If you die from poison it will be regardless of 
having this or not. Why? Because endurance hardiness and 
luck are needed anyway. You need all three and they 
offshoot this trait. An easy 20% bonus and a must for 
this guide. 
Cursed from Birth (20% Bonus exp)- This trait is kind of 
meh. Although you take a little more damage, which sucks, 
Its not really that bad as I have used this trait with 
sickness prone with little problems. Its usually a good 
go to trait giving you 40% bonus exp if you took sickness 
prone. I would say a good 2nd choice. (For avernum 1 and 2 
players, this trait is glitched. It actually doesnít 
increase damage and instead just gives you a negative 
chance to hit of 10% which can be offshooted by 2 easy 
points of weapon mastery and a small negative chance to 
clouding magic. Thatís really not so bad if you are 
playing that game.) 
Sluggish (30% Bonus exp)- This trait is only if you donít 
want to take cursed by birth and I still wouldnít 
recommend it. I mean its not really that bad as it will 
knock you up to 50% if with another. Still, it makes 
things much harder. Itís actually not bad to people that 
know the game. If you know the game, you can easily get 
items that give you 1 ap, making the trait non-existant. 
Some people think itís the best to choose. I think its 
only good if you are a pro and willing to sacrifice until 
you get something to offshoot the loss of ap. I used 
sluggish on one character and it worked fairly well. I 
was assassinating some bosses in quite a few scenarios, 
which was cool as I only had a 30% experience bonus.  
+ValdaintheKing- makes mention that a decent level of 
quick strike will offshoot the penalty of both speed and 
ap problems, making this actually not bad at all.  
The types of True Rogues 
I will now go over the types of true rogues that you can 
do for successful characters.  
Assassins-This type of rogue is amazing against human 
types as the bonus to damage against any humanoid is by 
percentage which rocks. You can get damage to a high 
level with this type of character. The good thing about 
this rogue is that assassins are also good at healing 
with first aid. That might seem useless, but not when 
your healing 200 hp per shot, something that healing 
magic wont do, especially when out of mana in dungeons. I 
recommend 10 in anatomy. Just remember that this build is 
only extremely powerful against said enemies. This 
character against humans is capable of 1 shotting quite a 
few tough humanoid characters and some bosses as well. 
Rebel- This type is more like an oldschool rogue. He is 
good at missile weapons giving him the ability to shoot 
arrows or thrown at people, something the assassin cant 
balk at. He does less damage than the assassin against 
humanoids, but is more viable overall as he can do ranged 
and still assassinate with the best of them. I would 
recommend a high dexterity to take advantage of ranged, 
making him more finesse than the assassin.  
Mage-Killer: This is not really a class but always has 
been a favorite of my roleplaying types of characters. 
This character is all about 1 shotting mages-
assassinationís favorite targets. Because of that, 
Resistance is a must, along with high dex and endurance 
just to get the skill. Besides that, a fair amount of 
parry. Other than that, this rogue is a mages worst 
nightmare although is not as powerful as an assassin, or 
as viable as a rebel. Still my favorite. Gymnastics 
The Brute or ďCommon BullyĒ- This is the fighter rogue 
build that I will go over. It is the most common bully 
both in real life and in the game, heh. Just a big, tough 
jerk that rushes up to enemies and annihilates them. Any 
that are left and in melee range are destroyed  from a 
decent level riposte. Riposte makes this guy very good 
against melee. While the assassin can deal more damage (I 
think), this guy has some nice defensive capabilities. 
Riposte and parry make this guy nasty against against 
people in melee and parry also helps against some ranged 
and magic. The mage-killer still is better at killing 
mages though, at least to my knowledge. 
The BeastLord-This is the 2nd to last build so far and I 
have found it is a very ďdifferentĒ form of rogue. 
Sacrificing some bit of assassination ability allows you 
to take the beast master trait which is a positive trait. 
Now run with me on this. Thoukiyides on Spiderweb 
Software, has tested beastmasterís summon beast and has 
found that every 15 levels you get new beasts to summon 
up to some very nasty and powerful enemies. Because you 
gain levels so fast, Every 15 levels allows your 
character to gain summons that would normally be 
unavailable to mages and priests in the same predicament. 
Add on top of that, a still decent assassination and you 
have-The Beast Lord. I will go into more about this lower 
down if anyone is interested.
The Sniper-This is the last build and only one where I 
will go all ranged. This build should focus on either one 
of 2 types of characters-A Pure finesse sniper and a mage 
killing sniper. The finesse one will have the highest 
chance to hit and damage and will likely just pick one 
disadvantage to keep from crippling the character. 
Likewise sickness prone is the best one to choose. All 
points in dex and bows or maybe throwing allows this 
character to clear house with damage. The other choice is 
to make a character that can be adept at fighting mages 
and other creatures that deal elemental damage. This 
sniper is more focused on luck, intelligence and 
hardiness, all of which make your character tough as 
nails at the otherworldly creatures.

How to Make it Work
 The problem right away with this guide is that most 
people wont know how to make it work the right way. So I 
will give you the stats that you should base this off of 
in the beginning. I am not going to mention this later, 
so instead I will now-ALL OF THESE CHARS WILL NEED TO PUT 
THERE. The rest is up to how often it activates for you. 
You should not put more than 10 into it as there are 
items that do the rest.
-An assassin rogue should have 4 strength, 4 dexterity, 4 
intelligence and 4 endurance in the beginning. He should 
spend points to get 6 intelligence sometime around level 
5-10, after heís spread his points out in major things 
like melee or spears. He has to decide if he will go 
spears or melee as he wont be using both and getting 
blademaster. This build should focus a bit on first aid 
as he should be decent at it too. Defense and hardiness 
are a must though too extreme. This is an offensive 
build, not a defensive. A marginally decent parry but 
should focus more on defense and dexterity for defensive 
measures. By level 10, this character will be fair but by 
15-20, he will start to notice anatomy kicking in as you 
fight ogres, sliths, humans and nephils. From that point 
on, you will want to start putting points in anatomy once 
it reaches 15-20 skill points. From then, maximize your 
defense and minor offensive skills like melee and 
dexterity. Remember that this class will be more about 
getting that 1 shot attack and thus, will need to 
maximize his movement. Quick strike will be necessary and 
I do NOT recommend using sluggish trait. Whenever you are 
fighting humans, this character will shine, especially at 
high levels.
-A rebel rogue should start out with 2 or 3 in strength 
so you can carry a bit. 5 or 6 in dexterity as its your 
bread and butter, leave intelligence alone, and endurance 
at 4 or maybe 5. The rebel will want dexterity to be 
focused on almost exclusively, every 2 points in dex 
gives you 1 level of damage for bows and chance to hit in 
melee with blades. Focus on melee instead of spears as 
you wont have the strength to lug around spears/halberds. 
You can use daggers quite well for assassinations and 
will also be able to shoot from afar. You could use 
razordisks but I would recommend using bows as they are 
easier to use/less weight. Focus on bows and 
assassination with a few spare levels in melee. You wont 
need as much melee as you will hit with assassination 
which boosts damage nonetheless. You wont need as much 
hardiness and defense as your dexterity will be high. 
This class will be ready to use from the beginning. Itís 
the easiest rogue/bully build to use as it requires 
little to be effective unlike the others which require 
unlocking skills. I would say that itís the most 
adaptable rogue build as whenever things get bad, you can 
jump out of sight and shoot a few arrows allowing your 
warrior or tank to get in there and take over. Once your 
attack skills are maxed, focus on endurance. Forget about 
parry. When you are higher in level and melee (20), get 
quick strike which will give you 2 attacks for bows and 
maybe 2 attacks in melee. Remember, donít be afraid to 
use the bonus action points to get out of sight and take 
a shot with bow. This class of rogue will have less 
health than the common fighter and thus will be more 
susceptible to taking death blows. He will need be a 
secondary fighter and primary archer. An ideal way of 
thinking about it is like baldurs gate 1ís kivan. Kivan 
is primarily an archer, but can still fight alright as a 
secondary combatant. Thatís how this class will work.
-A Mage-Killer Rogue should start with 3 strength, 4 
dexterity, 3 intelligence and 5 endurance. Points should 
be spent to raise endurance and dexterity to high levels 
along with hardiness close behind. This will be needed to 
get resistance. Resistance will make this char shine and 
luck at level 5 wont hurt either. Too much luck is 
practically cheating as you wont die almost ever. I say 
stick with resistance as it provides help against 
clouding magic. This char will want to focus on defense a 
little but more on the 3 main skills and melee or spears. 
Spears offer more damage while swords offer benefits 
being lighter and some swords/daggers give assassination, 
a good bonus. You can do either. Once resistance is 
reached, this character is going to be a mages worst 
nightmare as assassination mixed with an extremely higher 
level fighter that is almost immune to magic=a dead mage. 
This class will need to be fast and will require a 
different style of playing. You will want to take the 
attention off of your rogue and onto your tank in the 
party. They will divert the attention by 
luring/attacking/skirmishing the enemy while your mage 
killer moves in. Because your endurance and resistance 
are so high, regular enemies wont be able to do as much 
and thus, this rogue is a decent tank at times.
-A brute or ďCommon BullyĒ should start with 5 in 
strength, 4 in dexterity with more focus on strength. 
None in intelligence and high endurance. Parry is a must, 
as is blademaster and riposte eventually. This char 
should put a decent emphasis on parry as it is your bread 
and butter. This char can barely be called a rogue as it 
is more fighter than any of the others mentioned. These 
chars you see going up to brutes and killing them in 1 to 
2 shots while other enemies kill themselves attacking 
your character. They are not bad to divert mageís 
attention either as magical attacks get missed with a 
high parry. Mostly, these characters are good with 
allowing the rest of your party destroy the enemy with 
spells and arrows/ranged weapons. They are more or less 
just a regular fighter that has a decent assassination 
ability and high level which makes it deadly. They still 
donít come close to the amount of assassination damage an 
assassin can do. Nor are they as viable as a rebel, or as 
tricky as a magekiller. They are mostly just a good 
choice for someone that wants to beat people up and 
assassinate punks that the party could do without. I 
would say a bully is good as using spears to make him 
more deadly. A good halberd makes these fiends nasty and 
their attacks go far. Make this character like a regular 
fighter and you should be fine. Quick strike at a few 
points is not bad, but donít spend too much in it.
-A Beast Lord Rogue should start with obvious points in 
dexterity and a little in endurance. The rest is up to 
you. Strength can make this more like the common bully, 
you can add anatomy to make him more like the assassin. 
Its easily the most adaptable rogue that you can make. 
Here is what Thoukydides has said on this ability-
Thoukydides- I have to say that I was very surprised at 
some of the creatures I got using the summon beast 
ability. The lack of a level cap certainly helps it 
because in the first trilogy Summon Beast is outclassed 
by the mage spell Call Beast. In Blades of Avernum 
though, at around level 70 I was able to summon ogre 
mages, shamblers, centaurs, vampires, and flame hydras. 
This is equal to a mid- or high level summon aid spell, 
except the spell summons 4 monsters. Also, my level 118 
character can summon a fetid zombie, a skeletal warrior, 
an efreet, or a rakshasa with the ability, so it does in 
fact increase with level. I don't know if it will go 
higher than that, but I assume it can depending on the 
types of monsters available. I suspect that a 120+ 
character may be able to summon a drake lord or a dark 
So, yes the summon beast ability does increase with 
level. Every ~15 levels will give a new tier of 
creatures. So at 1-14 you summon monsters from group 1, 
and at 15-29 you summon monsters from group 2 and so on. 
At 60-74, or group 5, you get the same creatures I listed 
above, and at 105-120, or group 8, you would get the 
efreeti, rakshasa, and high level undead. 
So yes, the beastlord is the most interesting class even 
if you only get to use it once a day, its very 
interesting with some of that information on there. I 
would suspect that you can build that class as I stated 
earlier, any way you want. 
And thatís pretty much it. I didnít expect this to be a 
big guide and im sorry to disappoint if it wasnít what 
you wanted. I would be more than happy to answer any 
questions at my email. Its definitely been something that 
I always wanted to do and for once, I had some actual 
knowledge in a video game worth playing. If you have any 
ideas for other builds, I would be more than happy to 
upload them on the site. Thanks for reading and hopefully 
we will all stay safe from Redbeardís gaze.  
-A Sniper should have low strength 2 or maybe 3 to start, 
5-6 dexterity, 4-5 endurance and possibly some 
intelligence. The cool thing about this build is that you 
can play pure finesse sniper and go all out with 
dexterity or focus a bit more on intelligence and other 
things that raise your magic resistance. The reason that 
you do this is that snipers are naturally a burden to 
mages. And when your sniper has high spell resistance, a 
dexterity so high that melee and ranged cant hit, the 
rest of your party can stay from the other end going for 
the kill on the mage while you distract with shots. I 
like that as an idea and if you go with that, a high 
(maybe 70% resistance to all magic) is nice. However, its 
just as nice to go with the finesse sniper, focusing on 
defense, dexterity, bows or thrown, and some hardiness 
and luck. You really donít need parry, but a skill of 5 
might not hurt. This finesse sniper character will be 
extremely powerful as those skill points add up. Either 
character can benefit greatly from 2-3 points in priest 
spells. Shielding and Battle Blessing are excellent for 
these characters as they do less damage than the melee 
Copyright Rant 
Im just going to be blunt-I donít really care about 
copyright. You can take my guide and send it to the New 
York times, only to get 5 million dollars, that fine: I 
donít care. This is a minor project that I had fun doing 
and anyone that wants to use it can. I donít own the 
company of the games Iím writing about, nor will I ever 
own any of the company so take it up with the man. 
Spiderweb Software is the owner of the games I am talking 
about, not me.
Dedication-I dedicate this page to everyone thatís ever 
supported me at writing. I donít have to list people, you 
should know who you are and thus why I am doing this faq.  
My email is as follows if you have something to contact 
me about-   
Note-I will not respond to emails that donít make sense, 
are about how much you hate my faq, or hinder me in any 
other way. I donít believe that I am being a jerk by 
offering my time to give you, the reader, another way of 
looking at the game. If you cant deal with that, then you 
probably shouldnít be reading this to begin with. If you 
have any questions feel free to ask them, also character 
guides (that relate) to this type of character are always 
helpful. I am hoping to do a magic run with priest and 
mage rogues in the future to find new ways and characters 
to play this great series.