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Walkthrough by Jerrynsteph4eva
Version 1.0
Copyright 2013 Jerry Martin

I dedicate this guide to my beautiful fianceť, who is incredibly supportive
and without her love and support this guide would cease to be.




Back in 1993, Cyan Worlds released one of the most immersive games of all time.
It was truly unlike anything else on the market at the time and it quickly
became the best selling game of all time.  However, it began to show it's age
after Riven was released and so Cyan graced us with a remake in 2000: Real
Myst.  Rather than walk through pre-rendered environments, Real Myst allows
you to explore everything in fully rendered 3D and added in several
enhancements including a new age: Rime.  This guide attempts to cover Real Myst
dependent on it's puzzles and simply looking up answers completely ruins the
gameplay (the game can be beaten in a mere two minutes with the answers).
However, this guide hopes to help the struggling adventurer on their quest
through Myst's five ages and will help you not only with the puzzles but their
logic as well.

This guide should be compatible with the iPad version, as well as any other
version of Myst on the market (as long as you ignore the Rime part and change
the frequencies on the Selenitic age).  Make sure that you read the rules
before contacting me.  If you're planning on asking to host this guide, don't


-Feel free to send in any information that is missing from this guide or any
strategies you find easier than the ones I've mentioned.

-Please notify me if there is any misinformation or errors with my guide.

-You may use this guide ONLY for reference or to help you beat this game.
Feel free to print this guide out and use it for yourself or give it to your
friends.  You may NOT sell this guide or give it away to anyone in any
promotional deal with or without the game.

-You are NOT allowed to use any part of this guide for your own work.

-You are NOT allowed to plagarize this guide, calling any part of it your own
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-Do not ask for or send me cheats, roms, money, job offers or anything that
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-Please at least put Real Myst Walkthrough in the subject line when you e-mail

THE TEXT GUIDE IT WILL BE DELETED.  You'd be surprised how many people don't
read this and still think it's OK to ask.

This guide also makes use of keywords.  In the table of contents, you will
find a word enclosed between two brackets next to each section of the guide
(i.e. [word]).  Just hit CTRL + F to open up your browser's handy dandy
search function.  Enter the keyword for the section you'd like to visit
and hit Enter.  KAPOW!  You're now at the section!


                               LEGAL INFORMATION


Real Myst is copyright 2000 Cyan Worlds Inc.  All other trademarks and
copyrights are the property of their respective owners, all rights reserved.
This guide is copyright 2013 Jerry Martin.  By using this guide, you agree to
the terms and conditions outlined in this section.  If you do not, please exit
from this page.  This guide may only be used as a reference for personal use
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personal use.  You may not use any part of this guide for your own work, be it
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Martin, reserves the final say in the contents and use of this guide.  This
guide is protected from plagarism by international copyright laws and may not
be hosted on any website other than www.gamefaqs.com or its associates.  This
guide was written as a fan based work and Jerry Martin does not have any
affiliation with Cyan Worlds, Ubisoft, Broderbund or any other companies
associated with the game.


                              VERSION INFORMATION


-Version 1.0 (May 12, 2013): This guide should be complete (aside from the
 video walkthrough, which will be uploaded soon).  This should help anyone
 playing this game find the answers they need to get in and get out.


                               TABLE OF CONTENTS


I.    Things You Should Know         [THING]
II.   Hints                          [HINTS]
III.  Walkthrough                    [STORY]
      -Myst Island                   [MYST1]
      -Stoneship Age                 [STONE]
       *Red Page 1                   [REDP1]
       *Blue Page 1                  [BLUE1]
      -Myst Island 2                 [MYST2]
      -Mechanical Age                [MECHA]
       *Red Page 2                   [REDP2]
       *Blue Page 2                  [BLUE2]
      -Myst Island 3                 [MYST3]
      -Selenitic Age                 [SELEN]
       *Red Page 3                   [REDP3]
       *Blue Page 3                  [BLUE3]
      -Myst Island 4                 [MYST4]
      -Channelwood Age               [CWOOD]
       *Red Page 4                   [REDP4]
       *Blue Page 4                  [BLUE4]
      -Myst Island Final             [FINAL]
       *Red & Blue Final Pages       [RBFIN]
       *Ending 1                     [END1]
       *Ending 2                     [END2]
       *Ending 3                     [END3]
       *Ending 4                     [END4]
      -Rime                          [RIME]
IV.   Puzzle Tips & Answers          [PUZZL]
      -Myst Island                   [MYSTP]
      -Stoneship Age                 [SHIPP]
      -Mechanical Age                [MECHP]
      -Selenitic Age                 [SELEP]
      -Channelwood Age               [WOODP]
      -Rime                          [RIMEP]
V.    Video Walkthrough              [VIDEO]
VI.   FAQs                           [FAQS]
VII.  Thanks To...                   [THANK]
VIII. Closure                        [CLOSE]


                           I. THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW                   [THING]


First of all, Myst can be a very hard and frustrating game for some.  Even
though I wrote this guide, I wrote it to be a last resort.  This game is unique
in that it has no penalties, other than you might be stuck within an age until
you can figure out the puzzles within it.  However, you cannot die nor can you
mess any puzzles up so they cannot be completed.  You also cannot be trapped
within an age because of necessary information that can only be found outside
UNAIDED BY A GUIDE.  Since you cannot die, mess up or have any real negative
consequences for playing through it on your own, there's really no reason to
play through it the first time on your own.  However, this guide will attempt
to hint you towards a solution without spoiling it, just in case you're at
your wit's end.  However, it is strongly suggested that you take a breather
and attempt it on your own.

Below, I've compiled a list of helpful information that will aid first time

*Have a loose sheet of note paper nearby for notes.  Use it to write down
 anything you see or feel.  Be liberal in your notetaking.  You may feel
 something is unimportant, but find out later it was necessary for a puzzle
 and have to backtrack to find the info again.  You can use these notes
 later (as you'll likely find the objects they're refering to later).

*If you're on Windows, you can press the print screen button to copy the
 contents of your screen to your clipboard.  You can then open up Paint and
 paste it there and save it as a screenshot.  Sometimes this is more helpful
 than trying to draw something, though you'll have to switch between windows
 to do it.

*Explore!  Exploration is the key to figuring out puzzles in Myst.  Nothing
 on Myst is big enough to get lost in and you may find clues for puzzles
 later on.  You should always do a thorough exploration every time you enter
 a new age.

*Remember: Myst was designed for immersion and freedom.  Therefore, there
 are no ways to lose.  Mess with everything you see and write down what they
 do.  You cannot lose or mess up a puzzle so it cannot be completed, so feel
 free to try out everything you see.

*Most of Myst's story is contained within the journals found in the ages and
 in the Library.  It's certainly interesting stuff and will help you better
 understand each age when you travel to them.  In fact, you may find out
 something that will help you later.

*In each age are two pages: a red and a blue.  While it's only necessary to
 bring back one type of page, I suggest you bring back both just so you can
 see how it affects the story.

*Unfortunately, you can only hold one page at a time.  I suggest that you
 replay each age after returning one page so you can get the other.

*Don't give up!  You may get frustrated at the puzzles in this game, you may
 even get stressed out.  Walk away, take a breather and come back in a little
 while.  You may find something you never noticed before or may find the
 answer after you've cooled down.

*The game can be beaten in a mere two minutes with the answers.  Again, TRY

*If you have hearing problems or are deaf, you will want to consult a video
 guide, since the Selenitic age is heavily based upon sound (even getting in).


                                II. HINTS                              [HINTS]


Welcome to the hints section.  This should help you with the puzzles by giving
you gradually more help, so you can get just what you need to solve it.  This
section will not give you the answers to any puzzles (aside from a few
stubborn puzzles).  However, it will give you the information you need to
solve the puzzles on your own.  Go down to the puzzles section for information
on the puzzles answers.

Be forewarned, however, that there are spoilers from here on out in the guide.


                              MYST ISLAND HELP



Q: What am I supposed to do?
   1. Search around for a minute.  You'll see several things you can do at
   2. Get a feel for the island and explore it.  You're likely to find things
      and places as you go.  Write them down in your notes.
   3. That note at the top of the hill is pretty specific.  Why not take it's
      advice and see what Atrus has to tell Catherine?
   4. Count the marker switches and put them into the imager.  If you can't
      find anything that looks like an imager, search some more.
   5. Perhaps near the start?
   6. The number of switches is 8.  Put it into the imager behind the door
      nearby and listen to the message.

Q: So I got the message.  What's this about a tower rotation?
   1. If you explored the island, you should have found four open buildings.
   2. One of those has a diagram of the island in it.
   3. Try searching the library nearby.
   4. The diagram is on the wall.  Why not try clicking on the red circle?
   5. Try holding down the mouse button on it.

Q: So the tower rotates but won't stop on anything.  What gives?
   1. Is there something near the landmarks shown in the diagram?
   2. Perhaps we need to SWITCH something on?
   3. Flip the switches near the landmarks and the tower will stop on it.

Q: So the tower is rotated towards one of the symbols.  Now what?
   1. Make a note of which symbol it's currently on and explore the room.
   2. See anything else in the room?  Perhaps something that looks like the
   3. There's two paintings on the wall of an open door and an open pathway
      behind the bookcase.  Try clicking on them.
   4. Once you've collapsed the bookshelf, use the elevator and write down
      the information on the plaque at the top of the ladder BEHIND the
      elevator (with a key symbol).  Put it next to the symbol you rotated
      the tower to.
   5. Repeat until you have information for all the tower rotations.

Q: How do I leave the library?
   1. Check out the other painting near the bookshelf.
   2. See how it's of an open door?  Click it.

Q: Anything else important in the library?
   1. Yes!  Try reading the books in the bookshelf.
   2. Take note of any diagrams in the books.
   3. In particular, make a drawing of the diagram in the Channelwood book,
      the rotating tower diagram in the Mechanical age book and the piano
      diagram in the Selanitic age book.  Don't worry about the Stoneship
      star diagrams, we'll come back for those (unless you have plentiful
      paper and are good at drawing).
   4. Also try checking out the red and blue books.
   5. They should be self explanitory and should give you an idea of what
      you're looking for in the ages.
   6. The books contain Sirrus and Achenar, who want you to find the red
      and blue pages in the ages.

Q: So I have the information from the tower rotation.  How do I use it?
   1. Those symbols directly correlate to the ages you read about.
   2. Those symbols also directly describe several of the ages.
   3. Haven't you seen that rocket ship in a book before?
   4. Each of those symbols relates to the age and contains the info needed to
      unlock that age's linking book.
   5. The boat relates to the Stoneship age, the tree to the Channelwood age,
      the cog to the Mechanical age and the ship to the Selanitic age.

Q: Is there an order I should go to the ages?
   1. No there isn't.  Just explore them to your leisure.
   2. However, I suggest doing Stoneship first, due to it being rather easy.
   3. I also suggest doing the Mechanical next.  This should help with the
      Selanitic, which should be next (don't want that info to get forgotten).
   4. Do Channelwood last as it contains a rather big spoiler if you do it
      directly after Stoneship.

Q: How do I unlock Rime?
   1. You won't get to until after you beat the game.
   2. The evidence will present itself after you beat it.


                             UNLOCKING STONESHIP

Q: So I have the dates from the tower rotation.  What do I do with them?
   1. Did you find anything nearby on Myst that you could put those dates
   2. There are only four buildings.  It's not terribly complicated.
   3. The building next to the library contains a chair and a machine to input

Q: Found it but what do I do with it?
   1. Make sure the lights are off.
   2. Try using those dates you found.
   3. Notice the star pattern?  Write it down.
   4. Repeat with the other two dates and write their patterns down.

Q: What do I do with these star patterns?
   1. Have you ever seen them before?
   2. Perhaps in the library?
   3. Check the books one last time.
   4. Specifically, the back of the Stoneship book.  You should find each one
      relates to a symbol.
   5. Write down all three symbols.

Q: That's great, but where do I use them?
   1. Do some exploring and come back if you're lost.
   2. There's a stone pond nearby.  Anything interesting around it?
   3. There are poles straight ahead from the library with symbols on them.
   4. Press the symbols you got from the book and see what happens.

Q: That's awesome!  A stone ship came up!  What do I do now?
   1. That's not the only ship on the island.
   2. Wasn't there one near where you started?
   3. Head back that way and check out the docks.
   4. The real ship has risen out of the water too.  Check inside the door
      for the linking book.


                            UNLOCKING MECHANICAL

Q: I got a time and some weird numbers from the tower rotation.  Where do I
   use it?
   1. There seems to be something nearby that tells time.
   2. Notice anything in front of it?
   3. Twist the wheels and see what they do.
   4. Notice how the wheels change the clock's time?
   5. Use the big wheel to change the minute hand and the small wheel to
      change the hour hand until you have the time you wrote down.  Press the
      button when you're done.

Q: Cool it made a path!  What now?
   1. Look inside to find cogs with numbers on them and three cords.
   2. Notice how your notes have a second part to the answer?
   3. Pull the cords and see what they do.
   4. Notice how the cogs shifted?
   5. Keep in mind that you can hold down the mouse button to rotate the
      middle cog independently from the other two.

Q: The cog inside rotated when I aligned the weights.  What does that mean?
   1. There's another cog somewhere else on the island.
   2. Go see if it's changed as well.
   3. Remember where it was?  Near where you started?
   4. Go back to the docks and up the stairs to the cog to find it's rotated.
      Inside is the linking book.


                             UNLOCKING SELENITIC

Q: So I got a volt measurement.  Where do I use it?
   1. Again, there are only four buildings and we already know what two of
      them are.
   2. This one is closer to the clock.
   3. Go down the stairs in the tunnel close to the clock.
   4. You should find a machine that measures volts.

Q: So I found the machine.  How do I put the volts in?
   1. Try experimenting with the buttons and writing down what they do.
   2. Each button adds a number of volts to the machine.  Write down how much.
   3. If you go over your volt limit, you'll have to reset it.
   4. You can reset it by going outside and climbing the ladder nearby, then
      throwing the switch on the power line.
   5. Add up the numbers you got from pressing buttons until you hit your
      number and press those buttons.

Q: What good does this do?
   1. Remember the diagram that represented Selenitic?
   2. It was a giant space ship.  Anything resemble that nearby?
   3. Seems to be a space ship behind the library.
   4. Go inside the space ship now that the doors are open.

Q: There's no linking book!
   1. There was another clue that related to the Selenatic age.
   2. It was in a book.
   3. Particularly the Selenitic age book in the Library.
   4. It contains a diagram of something in the ship.
   5. Within the book is a diagram of a piano.  Play the notes on the
      diagram on the nearby organ.

Q: So I played the notes on the organ but it didn't do anything.
   1. Those notes are a reference for something nearby.
   2. There's only two devices in the stoneship.
   3. Perhaps beneath the large crystal orb?
   4. Try adjusting the sliders and see what they do.
   5. You have to match the sliders to the notes you found in the Selenatic
      book.  Then you can pull the lever and get the Selenitic linking book.


                            UNLOCKING CHANNELWOOD

Q: So I found a three digit number for Channelwood's hint.  Where do I use it?
   1. You've explored three of the four buildings.  Time to explore the last.
   2. It's near the giant tree and Ti'ana's grave.
   3. You should have already been here to turn on the marker switch.
   4. Inside you may find something that needs a combination.
   5. Like that safe in the corner.
   6. Try using the number you have for the safe combination.

Q: The safe is open!  But it only contains a match!  What now?
   1. Inside the room is another interesting device.
   2. Try messing around with it for a minute and see what you can do.
   3. It seems to turn on something but it won't go.
   4. Perhaps if we light the pilot light?
   5. In the bottom left corner of the boiler is a small square.  Use the
      match on it to start the pilot light.

Q: OK, so it's lit.  Now what?
   1. Try adjusting the nearby wheel again.
   2. It works now doesn't it?
   3. It seems to be making a weird thud ever few seconds.
   4. Check outside and see what's making the sound.
   5. That tree is suspicious.
   6. Turning up the pressure on the wheel causes the tree to rise, revealing
      a hidden doorway.

Q: That's great but I can't reach it when it's way up there!
   1. Well, increasing the pressure makes it rise...so...
   2. Maybe decreasing it makes it fall?
   3. Turn the wheel down until the PSI meter starts to fall.
   4. This causes the tree to collapse.
   5. Move quickly and hop into the doorway when it gets close and wait till
      you reach the bottom to find the Channelwood linking book.


                               STONESHIP AGE

Q: I found a book in a big ship and now I'm in a weird place!  How do I get
   back to Myst Island?
   1. How did you get to Stoneship?
   2. Through a book right?
   3. I imagine there's a book that links back to Myst nearby.
   4. We'll find the Myst linking book after solving this age's puzzles.
      Until then, just enjoy the new scenery.

Q: OK, so how should I start this age?
   1. Explore and then explore some more.
   2. Document everything you find nearby and how it works.
   3. In particular, there are two things nearby you want to take a look at.
   4. One's on the top of the mountain.
   5. The other is to the right of the start.
   6. Make sure you examine the telescope and the three button machine.

Q: So the telescope really doesn't have much in it.  What am I looking for?
   1. The Stoneship book mentions something that was built to help the
      citizens of Stoneship find other people.
   2. It's rather large and can't really be missed.
   3. What helps ships avoid crashing into islands at night?
   4. A lighthouse perhaps?
   5. Search the telescope for a lighthouse and write down the numbered
      degree you find it at.

Q: So I have the degree the lighthouse is at.  Where do I use it?
   1. You'll have to solve another puzzle first.
   2. One that relates to the machine with three buttons.
   3. Figure out how this machine works first, then we'll use this info

Q: How does this machine work?  I don't get it.
   1. It alters something nearby.
   2. Press one of the buttons and check your surroundings.
   3. It may help to listen to the sound it makes.
   4. Check the stairways in the nearby entrances.
   5. The buttons drain the water in the nearby stairwells.  Try and figure
      out which button drains which.
   6. The first button drains the staircase near the front of the ship that
      leads to the captain's quarters.
   7. The second button drains the two staircases down into the hull of the
   8. The last button drains the stairwell inside the nearby lighthouse.

Q: Cool, it drains the water.  But what can I do with that?
   1. It's actually pretty integral to the age.
   2. Explore each area and see what you come up with first.
   3. Each area has it's own specific puzzle that you'll have to figure out.
   4. I suggest starting at the lighthouse.

Q: I'm stuck in the captain's quarters!  It's way too dark in here!
   1. We'll have to light it up somehow.
   2. There's something that can light up dark places.
   3. Unfortunately, there's no lights in the captain's quarters, unlike
      the hull of the ship.
   4. We'll have to find an alternate way to light up the captain's quarters.
   5. It's in the hull of the ship.

Q: I tried going down into the hull, but it's too dark!
   1. You'll need to light it up somehow.
   2. Notice the dark lights on the top of the ship?  We'll have to power
      those with a device somehow.
   2. It's not in the hull of the ship.
   3. It's not in the captain's quarters either
   4. Check out the lighthouse area first and see if you can find something
      in there.

Q: So the lighthouse won't let me up the ladder, but the key won't reach!  How
   do I get up there?
   1. Draining the water might help you get a clearer picture of what to do.
   2. What's on the bottom of the staircase that you can traverse when the
      water's drained?
   3. There's a chest there.  Is there a way to get it up to the top?
   4. It's too heavy to carry.
   5. Try twisting that handle on the bottom corner.
   6. It drains the water inside, but leaving it open wouldn't help.
   7. Close it back up or water will enter it when you undrain it.
   8. Make sure that you drain the water with the handle and close it back
      up, then go back to the button device and press a different button.
      Then see if it affected the lighthouse.

Q: Wow!  The chest floated right up!  How do I open it though?
   1. There's something right next to it that always helps open a LOCKED
   2. A key perhaps?
   3. Use the chained key on the chest to open it.

Q: So the chest contained a key.  Where do I use this?
   1. Another lock is nearby.
   2. Most new people think the chained key goes to this, but it's really the
      key you hold within your hand.
   3. Open the padlock on the ladder with this key.

Q: There's a strange device up here.  What is it used for?
   1. Try cranking the handle and see what it does.
   2. It seems to raise a bar on the device.
   3. Maybe this affects the rest of the age?
   4. Like perhaps the hull?
   5. This device is a generator that powers the lights in the hull of the

Q: I still can't go into the captain's quarters, even with the generator
   powered up.
   1. That's because there are no lights in the captain's quarters.
   2. You'll need some other kind of light.
   3. Check out the newly lighted hull first and see if you can't find
      something in there.

Q: Is there anything of interest in the hull?
   1. Several things!  Explore and see if you can't find them.
   2. One thing of interest is at the bottom of the stairwell.
   3. Depending on which side you came in on, you'll find either a fancy room
      or a scary room.
   4. The fancy room is almost completely red.  What is have we seen that was
   5. The red fancy room is Sirrus' and the one with a skeleton is Achenar's.
      See if you can't find anything interesting.
   6. You can find the red and blue pages in their rooms, as well as a half
      torn page.

Q: Anything else?
   1. There's also another thing of interest about halfway down the stairs.
   2. A mark on the wall perhaps?
   3. Click it and see where it goes.
   4. You'll find a secret tunnel that leads to a compass on the ground.
   5. There are quite a bit of buttons.  This will take some logic.

Q: So where is the red page?
   1. Explore everywhere and see if you can't find it first.
   2. The red page belongs to Sirrus' book.  Perhaps his room has answers.
   3. It's the red one with all the fancy stuff.
   4. It's not out in the open.  Try snooping around.
   5. I wonder what Sirrus wears when he's not trapped in a book?
   6. The bottom drawer of his dresser should have the red page.

Q: What about the blue page?
   1. Explore everywhere first.
   2. The blue page belongs to Achenar's book.  Again, why not see if his
      room holds answers?
   3. Unlike Sirrus' page, this one is in the open.
   4. Feeling tired?
   5. It's on Achenar's bed.

Q: So what do I do with this compass in the secret hallway?
   1. It's the main puzzle of the age.
   2. You'll have to understand compass directions to figure this out.
   3. Each cardinal direction is represented by 90 degrees.
   4. North is 0.  East is 90.  South is 180.  West is 270.
   5. Using that logic, we can assume that adding 45 degrees gives you the
      combinations, such as Northwest, Southeast, etc.
   6. Have we seen any degrees somewhere else?
   7. On the top of the island?
   8. In a telescope?
   9. Where did we find the lighthouse?
   10. Use the above method to figure out which direction the lighthouse was
       in and press the button that represents that compass direction.

Q: Wow!  It light up some underwater lights!  What do I do with those?
   1. There was one area we haven't got to explore yet cause it was dark.
   2. It didn't have any overhead lights in it.
   3. Press the first button on the three button machine and see what drains.
   4. It's the captain's quarters near the start.
   5. The button lit up the captain's quarters which allows us to explore it.

Q: So I'm in the captain's quarters but there's nothing here.
   1. There seems to be a lone object sitting near the windows.
   2. It may be empty, but isn't it a cool desk?
   3. It'd be the perfect place to write a book.
   4. Try clicking on it to see what it does.
   5. Click on the desk to find the hidden linking book back to Myst.

Q: Alright, so we found the book.  Anything else in this age I should look
   for before I leave?
   1. YES.  Search around for another object.
   2. It's a half torn page.
   3. It's in one of the two rooms.
   4. It's in Achenar's room somewhere.
   5. Wonder what Achenar wears when he's not trapped?
   6. Check the second to last drawer in his dresser to find it.
   7. Write down the note as best you can for later and link back to Myst.

Q: Where's the other half?  In Stoneship?
   1. No.  It's in another age.
   2. Keep your eyes peeled for it when you explore the other three ages.
   3. Specifically Channelwood.


                               MECHANICAL AGE

Q: I'm here!  What now?
   1. Explore.  That's the #1 rule to starting any new age.
   2. You should find many things of interest near the start, as well as
      inside the fortress.
   3. Check these things out and see what you can make of them.

Q: So what's this device for near the beginning?  With the four symbols and
   1. It's the main puzzle of the Mechanical Age.
   2. You'll find the answers within the age.
   3. Remember what the main feature of the fortress was?  In the Mechanical
   4. We'll have to rotate the fortress for our answers.

Q: I found two rooms: one with a blue throne and one with a red throne.  Any
   importance in these?
   1. Besides feeling like royalty?  Yes.
   2. Specifically Achenar's room.
   3. Remember that Sirrus is associated with red and Achenar with blue.
   4. Near the blue throne is a device.
   5. It has two levers.
   6. It's a simulator for rotating the fortress.

Q: Cool, but what good does this do me?
   1. Loads!  Practice using the simulator until you get a hang of it.
   2. The first lever is an ON/OFF switch and will play a sound when you turn
      it off.
   3. The second rotates the tower.  Practice until you have a good idea how
      long it takes to rotate it one direction.
   4. The sounds it makes when you pull down the first lever is important.
   5. Each sound represents a direction.
   6. Make sure you write down the sounds for each of the four directions.
      You'll need this multiple times in not only this age but other ages too.

Q: So I've practiced rotating the tower but I want to do it for real.  Where
   is it at?
   1. Inbetween the two thrones is an important device.
   2. It's a round glass cylinder.
   3. Kinda looks like an elevator, doesn't it?
   4. The glass is in the way.  Why not see if you can find some way to move
   5. Perhaps that button nearby will help.
   6. Press it to create a staircase that leads to a single rotation lever.

Q: That's fine and all but this one doesn't rotate the tower.  What do I do
   with it?
   1. Look around and see if there's anything that gets affected when you
      use the lever.
   2. That diagram next to it looks suspicious.
   3. It rotates when you use the lever.
   4. Rotate the diagram until the two circles match up and turn red.
   5. Make sure to use small motions (such as simply clicking the lever)
      so you don't risk overdoing the rotation.
   6. When the circles line up, press the button at the top of the stairs
      again and see if something's changed.
   7. The elevator should be rotated, allowing you to go up top.
   8. If the circle is red and the elevator is not there, you rotated it
      after it clicked into place.  Re-rotate it until you line it up
      again and stop immediately after it clicks into place.

Q: So I went up the elevator but there's nothing up here but gears!  What
   1. There's more than meets the eye.
   2. Have you looked everywhere?
   3. Including above you?
   4. The tower rotation is on top of the elevator but we're gonna have to
      get it down.
   5. There's something strange within the elevator.
   6. How many elevators have middle buttons that trap you between floors?
   7. Press it and see what it does.
   8. Make sure to exit before the beeping stops!
   9. The controls should be accessable now.

Q: So I can rotate the fortress now.  What good does that do me?
   1. Make sure you remember the sounds from the simulator and rotate it.
   2. Press the button to return the elevator and see if anything's changed.
   3. Try going back to the start.
   4. It leads you to a different place right?
   5. Rotate until you reach both islands.
   6. They're in the east and north.
   7. West is simply water.  Don't bother rotating in that direction.

Q: What's so special about these islands?
   1. Explore them carefully.
   2. Notice anything on them?
   3. Perhaps a plaque?
   4. These plaques have symbols on them.
   5. Anywhere else you've seen these symbols?
   6. Like the device near the start?
   7. Each island contains half of the code for the device.  Copy them down
      until you have both parts.
   8. Make sure that you put them in the correct spots.  The symbols are in
      very specific places on the plaque.
   9. East contains the second half, while north contains the first.

Q: OK, I've got the code.  How do I return to the device?
   1. Rotate the fortress some more until you reach the start point.
   2. It was the first direction you got the sound for.
   3. Rotate the fortress south.
   4. You should be able to find the device easily now.
   5. Press the green buttons to match the symbols until you have the correct
      code and press the red button.

Q: Wow!  A hidden staircase!  Where does it lead?
   1. You just solved the main puzzle of the island.  It leads somewhere
   2. Another island.
   3. It contains the Myst linking book.

Q: But wait!  I still haven't gotten the red/blue pages yet!  I can't leave!
   1. There was a diagram found in the Mechanical age book that should help.
   2. It's a drawing of the inside of the fortress.
   3. There's two things on there that aren't obvious in the fortress.
   4. Like hidden doorways.
   5. Check near the two thrones, they're kind of obvious on Real Myst.
   6. There's a hidden door to the right of Sirrus's throne in the wall and
      one to the left of Achenar's throne.
   7. Use them to find hidden alcoves containing the pages.
   8. The blue page is on the shelf in the hidden passage near the blue
      throne, next to the large cage.
   9. The red page is in a large box next to some gold bars in the back of
      the hidden passage to the right of Sirrus' throne.


                               SELENITIC AGE

Q: Now I'm in the Selenitic age.  What do I do?
   1. Explore.  You shouldn't be asking this anymore.
   2. Most of the objects in this age are pretty obvious and aren't quite
   3. You're looking for large devices.
   4. Like microphones.
   5. Search the area for several microphones with buttons.

Q: I found a weird door with several sliders on it.  What's it for?
   1. That's the entrance to what many players consider the hardest
      puzzle in Myst.
   2. The sliders open the door, but we need the combination.
   3. We'll get the combination after solving the microphone puzzle.

Q: So I found something that looks like a microphone with a button.  What
   1. Press the button to turn on the microphone.
   2. It won't be immediately obvious why you're doing it.
   3. Check the age to see if there are any more.
   4. You should find several others.
   5. There should be five microphones: one for five different types.

Q: Where are the microphones at?
   1. You should find them on your own through the course of exploring.
   2. However, there are some tricky ones.
   3. The first one should be the water one, just past the door near the
      start and to the left of the stairs nearby.
   4. The second one should be the fissure and it's up the staircase you
      just in front of the door.
   5. The third one should be the clock and it's just to the right of the
      staircase in front of the door.
   6. The fourth one is the crystal one and is up ahead where the path forks.
      Take the right path to find the crystal microphone.
   7. The last is at the end of the left pathway above a ladder and is the
      wind one.
   8. When all five of these are activated, do some exploring and see if you
      can find these symbols elsewhere.
   9. Like through the tunnel the ladder leads to?
   10. Follow the ladder down and turn on the lights, then go up the ladder
       on the opposite side to find a device.

Q: So what do I do with the device?
   1. There are several buttons on the device to play with.  Try them out.
   2. Notice how each symbol has it's own button?
   3. We'll have to match each symbol with something.
   4. Like the microphones we turn on earlier?
   5. Use the green buttons to align each symbol to their matching microphones
      by adjusting their frequencies.  Then you can press the big E button at
      the bottom to hear the door combination.

Q: I've tried and tried but I can't match them up without getting tons of
   static!  I give up!  What's the frequencies?
   1. Make sure each microphone is turned on first then try again.
   2. Try going through the frequencies slowly until you can vaguely hear the
   3. The green buttons will blink to show you which direction you have to go
      when you get close.
   4. The water frequency is 122.1 (This only applies to Real Myst.  Other
      versions have different frequencies).
   5. The fissure frequency is 99.4
   6. The clock frequency is 44.3
   7. The crystal frequency is 18.7
   8. The wind frequency is 196.3
   9. Press the button to hear the door code and write down the sounds in
      order (NOT THE FREQUENCIES).

Q: So where do I enter the door code?
   1. Head back to the start and see if you can't find it.
   2. It's near the water & clock microphones.
   3. It should be just after the rocket ship.
   4. Put the sounds in the door in order.
   5. Make sure you don't mistake the last sound for one higher on the slider.
      It's actually very close to the bottom.
   6. Press the button afterwards to open the door.

Q: So I opened the door.  Where does it lead?
   1. It leads to the age's main puzzle.
   2. It's also a doozy and takes a little while, so make sure you're ready
      to leave Selenatic before you go down there.
   3. It leads to an underground submarine that runs on rails, which
      eventually leads to the Myst linking book.

Q: But I haven't even found the brother's rooms yet!  Or the pages!  I can't
   1. The brothers don't have rooms on this age due to the erratic nature of
      the age.
   2. The pages were left elsewhere.
   3. Places you should have already been. 
   4. Like the microphones.
   5. Check the microphones for the pages.
   6. Achenar's blue page is on the water microphone, while Sirrus' red page
      is on the crystal microphone.

Q: So I'm ready to tackle this underground puzzle!  How do I start?
   1. Once you have the door opened, head inside and press forward on the
   2. Listen carefully to the sound it makes.  If you need to hear it again,
      press the red button on the speaker to play it again.
   3. It sounds familiar doesn't it?
   4. Like something we heard in the Mechanical age?
   5. The sounds correspond to a direction.  Turn to that direction and press
   6. Sometimes you'll hear two sounds at once.  This corresponds to a combo
      of their directions (i.e. N + E is NE).
   6. If you get stuck or there's no sound, press reverse a few times until
      you get back on track.  You can also press it until you return to the
      start if you want to get back.

Q: This is SO frustrating.  Which way am I supposed to go?  I give up!
   1. If you're not hearing sounds, hit reverse until you hear them again.
   2. If you're not sure which sounds are which, the first few trips really
      help figure it out.
   3. The first direction you should go is north.  Remember this sound.
   4. The second direction you should go is west.  Remember this sound.
   5. The fourth direction you go is east.  You should be able to make your
      way now.
   6. Write down each direction you go in so you'll know where you hit a
      dead end.
   7. If you're still stuck, the path is as follows: N, W, N, E, E, S, S, W,
      SW, W, NW, NE, N, SE.  This should take you to the Myst linking book.


                              CHANNELWOOD AGE

Q: So what...
   1. You should already know by now to explore first.
   2. Particularly, you should notice several things near the start.
   3. Like pipes and levers.
   4. Or elevators.
   5. And generators.
   6. Try following the pipes up the mountain.

Q: I'm here in this house with a giant tank.  What do I do here?
   1. There's not much in the area.
   2. Look around and you should already see what to do.
   3. Where does the hose lead?
   4. Try turning the valve to turn on the water.

Q: Great!  I hear water flowing.  Now what?
   1. Well, the water leads to pipes right?  Try messing with the pipes.
   2. Each pipe has a lever that points the water in a certain direction.
   3. Maybe we can point the water into a direction with a generator?
   4. Follow the sound of rushing water to the left until you find where
      it's leading.
   5. It's leading out to the ocean, so pull the nearby lever to change
      it's direction.
   6. Pull the handle on the nearby generator to raise the bridge.

Q: I'm at the bridge.  Now what?
   1. Explore what's on the other side.
   2. There's an elevator, but it can't receive power because the pipe is
   3. We have to restore the pipe.
   4. Turn the handle to extend the pipe out so we can power the elevator.

Q: OK, should I redirect the water to the elevator?
   1. Not yet.  It leads somewhere we've already been.
   2. An island.
   3. Myst Island to be specific.
   4. The elevator specifically leads to the linking book.  We still have work
      to do here, however.

Q: OK, so what should I do now?
   1. There's something else here that can be powered.
   2. Something that we can actually go through.
   3. Like another elevator.
   4. Adjust the levers on the pipes until the water flows to the other
      elevator and take it up.

Q: So now that I'm up here, what's there to do?
   1. You're looking for something in particular.
   2. Explore and see if you can find it.
   3. There's an elevator that leads up to the third floor.
   4. Problem is we can't go down and power it up without losing power to the
      elevator that leads us back up here.
   5. There's a door next to it that leads down to the pipes.
   6. Unfortunately it's locked.
   7. We'll have to find a way to unlock it.

Q: How do I unlock the door?
   1. We'll need to find a lever to unlock it.
   2. The location of it should be in your notes.
   3. Remember that diagram in the Channelwood book?
   4. It shows a bunch of squares and circles that look an awful lot like the
      area we're in now.
   5. Like they represent the buildings and huts up here.
   6. Doesn't one have a dotted line leading to another square?
   7. The one that represents the elevator and door?
   8. That particular hut has the lever that unlocks the door.

Q: So how do I get there?
   1. Follow your map.
   2. Right most square above two circles is the elevator you start on.
   3. Try and figure it out on your own first.
   4. If you still can't figure it out, go straight from the elevator into
      a circular hut.
   5. From there, go straight again until you're in a square building.
   6. You're very close now.
   7. The directions from the start are as follows: straight to circle hut,
      straight to square building, right to square building, right to circle
      hut.  Straight to circle hut with lever.

Q: What now?
   1. You have to use your map again to make your way to the door and
   2. Backtrack to the square building and see if you can make your way there.
   3. You've already been to the square building to the left.  So go ahead to
      the circular building to the right (if you're coming from the lever
   4. From there, head right to the square building.  Almost there!
   5. From the lever, the directions are straight to the circle hut, straight
      to the square building, right to the circle hut, right to the square
      building, straight to the square building and right to the elevator.

Q: So I'm at the elevator.  What good does it do me?
   1. The door is open now.  Where does it lead?
   2. To another door at the bottom?
   3. Problem is it's locked so we can't return if we leave.
   4. How is it locked?
   5. Pull the lever to open it.  Then redirect the water to this elevator
      so you can go to the third floor.

Q: What's on the third floor?
   1. Explore a bit and see if you can't figure it out.
   2. There are two directions to go in this area.
   3. Each one has a room.  Sound familiar?
   4. Sirrus' and Achenar's rooms are up here.
   5. Explore them for the pages to their books.

Q: Where's the blue page?
   1. Explore!  That's what this game is about.
   2. But try exploring the area straight ahead of the elevator.
   3. You should find a room.  Look around it.
   4. Try near that weird imager machine that plays several messages (one
      of which is semi important).
   5. It's on the floor next to the imager.

Q: Where's the red page?
   1. You should know by now to explore.
   2. Specifically, you should turn around from the elevator and follow
      the path behind it.
   3. This leads to a room.
   4. Perhaps Sirrus' room?
   5. Snoop around his drawers for anything interesting.
   6. Specifically the one with a quill and strange globe in the left
   7. It's inside the drawer of the desk to the left of the bed and entrance.

Q: I have the pages.  Anything else before I hightail it outta here?
   1. YES.  Search more thoroughly for a clue.
   2. Specifically in Sirrus' room.
   3. You should know by now that Sirrus has interesting things in the
      drawers in his rooms.
   4. Feeling tired?
   5. Search the second drawer under his bed for the second half of the torn
   6. Write it down with the other half of your note to see the full message.
   7. If you don't have the other half, search Stoneship more carefully.

Q: Cool.  How do I get outta here?
   1. It's somewhere on the ground floor.
   2. We'll need an elevator.
   3. Like the one across the gap, where we extended the pipe.
   4. Redirect the water to the extended pipe and cross the bridge we
      extended to get to the elevator.
   5. Ride the elevator up to the Myst linking book.


                             MYST ISLAND (FINAL)

Q: So I've found all four red/blue pages.  What now?
   1. They both mention a very specific clue.
   2. Involving a burnt book on the shelf of the library.
   3. The last burnt book on the middle shelf?
   4. They also mentioned a pattern.
   5. Specifically Pattern 158.
   6. Find pattern 158 and copy it down.

Q: What do I do with the pattern I found?
   1. The brothers also mentioned this.
   2. There's a specific place to put it.
   3. In the Library.
   4. Are you cold at all?  Perhaps a fire would help you think.
   5. Go inside the fireplace and press the button.
   6. Copy the pattern on the fireplace and press the button again.

Q: Whoa!  It took me to a secret area with two pages and a book!  What do I
   do here?
   1. The brothers again had specific advice.
   2. Grab their final page and return.
   3. Don't touch the green book.
   4. Take either the red or blue page and return it to the brothers to
      release them.

Q: Who should I release?  Sirrus or Achenar?
   1. It's all a matter of personal preference.  I suggest you release both
      eventually, but pick one first.
   2. Only problem is one of them is lying and evil.
   3. Which one though?
   4. After releasing one of them, you'll find out which is evil.
   5. Release the other brother.

Q: Hey!  They're BOTH evil!  What do I do now?
   1. Well, since they both lied to you, you can assume that something they
      said was a lie too.
   2. Very recently when they told you about the pages.
   3. About a green book.
   4. Does it really trap you?
   5. Try opening the green book to see if they were truly lying about it.
   6. Don't link to the age or you WILL be trapped for eternity.

Q: Whoa, there's a guy in here!  He says to bring him a white page.  Should I
   trust him?  His sons were shifty.  Besides, I don't know where a white page
   1. Only one way to find out!
   2. Only problem is we don't know where the white page is, so we can't
      bring it to him.
   3. Or do we?
   4. Think back to what we found in the ages.
   5. Specifically Stoneship and Channelwood.
   6. There are two pieces of a torn page that explain where to find the
      white page.

Q: I don't want to go back to Channelwood/Stoneship/I can't read what it says
   anyway.  What do I do?
   1. The notes are integral and I suggest you get them.
   2. However, if you can't be bothered, the white page is on Myst Island
   3. Specifically the marker switches.
   4. You have been turning them on right?
   5. ALL of them?
   6. Try turning the one on the docks off.
   7. Specifically, the note says to turn on all the marker switches on the
      island then turn off the first switch we saw on the docks.

Q: It opened up!  What do I do now?
   1. Return to the green book with the white page!
   2. Once inside, Atrus should ask for it.
   3. Congratulations on beating Myst!  Get ready to play the new age: Rime!


                               UNLOCKING RIME

Q: Hey!  There's a stray book on the floor when I linked back!
   1. Take a look at the book.  What's it for?
   2. It's the Rime book but something's different about it.
   3. Specifically the back of the book.
   4. Someone wrote some clues down in the back of the book.
   5. Write down the clues and diagrams.

Q: This is all fine and dandy, but where do I use it?
   1. That diagram showed something we haven't used in a long time.
   2. Something Atrus used to give a message to Catherine.
   3. Probably the first real puzzle you solved.
   4. Near the starting point?
   5. Go to the imager and use part of your clue there.

Q: OK, how do I use it?
   1. It has a specific number on the imager.
   2. Put it in and see what happens.
   3. We're also supposed to press a button.
   4. Like the button on the imager.
   5. Except this one is on the back of the imager.

Q: Wow, it opened up the imager controls and has a diagram on it!  Should I
   copy it?
   1. No.  Try interacting with it.
   2. Doesn't it remind you of something?
   3. Like in the Mechanical age?
   4. A rotating piece?
   5. Click on the rotating piece to rotate the circle towards us.

Q: What did that solve?
   1. Well, the diagram showed a curved bridge near something.
   2. A space ship specifically.
   3. Sound familiar?
   4. Try going under the bridge.
   5. The circle opened up a section under the bridge near the Selenatic age.
      Go through it and see what's in there.

Q: So...there's a machine.
   1. Yep.  You have another clue from the Rime book.
   2. A number.
   3. Isn't there a spot on the machine for four numbers?
   4. Isn't your number four numbers.
   5. Input the number into the machine and press the button.

Q: What does that do?
   1. Well, you're directly below another building.
   2. One that's featured prominently in the game.
   3. With lots of books.
   4. Go to the library and you'll find the linking book to Rime.



Q: What gives?  The linking book is right in the first area!
   1. This shows you how short the age is.
   2. It's mainly information that ties to Riven.
   3. However, there are still puzzles so search the hut thoroughly.

Q: I found a door!  But it won't open!
   1. What's the main defining trait of Rime?
   2. That happens when it snows?
   3. It's cold outside.  What happens when you leave the doors open when it's
      cold outside?
   4. For a long time?
   5. It's frozen shut.  You'll have to heat it back up to melt the ice around

Q: So how do I unfreeze the door?
   1. How do you warm up on a cold day?
   2. With a heater right?
   3. There's a heater in here, but there's no gas going to it.
   4. Perhaps it's outside.
   5. Turn on the valve outside to power the heater.
   6. Turn it on with the button.

Q: The door still isn't unfreezing!
   1. It's on, but it's not heating things properly.
   2. What happens when it's cold outside and you turn on the heater?
   3. More specifically, when you try and heat a large area of space?
   4. The door is open.  Close it so the heat can spread through the room and
      unthaw the door.

Q: So I found an elevator that leads to a machine.  Is it important?  This
   CAN'T be all there is to Rime!
   1. Well, the machine isn't specifically important.
   2. It's only there to confirm what Atrus wrote in his journal.
   3. It's an aurora maker and is only there for special effects.
   4. However, there is more than meets the eye to Rime.
   5. Take a good hard look around and see if you notice anything important.
   6. Like a button?
   7. There's a new button on the side that rotates the elevator, giving you
      access to a new room.

Q: It's just a journal!  Are there no real puzzles in Rime?
   1. The journal is just a beginning.
   2. Elevators go two ways.
   3. This one goes four.
   4. You rotated the elevator to see the back of the top floor.  Why not
      check the back of the bottom?
   5. Go down to the bottom floor and you'll have access to another new room.

Q: What do I have to do with the crystals?
   1. There's something pretty specific nearby.
   2. Catherine's handwriting is pretty illegible, but the message is clear.
   3. Specifically the order of the crystals and their colors.
   4. Click on the crystals on the imager to change their shape and hover over
      them to change their color.
   5. Match the crystals on the imager to the crystals on the note.
   6. Congrats on beating Rime and Real Myst!


                            III. WALKTHROUGH                           [STORY]


Welcome to the walkthrough section!  This section is a full fledged
walkthrough that will take you from beginning to end with full puzzle help.
If you haven't already beaten it, please DO SO or use the hints section

|                                                                  |
|                           MYST ISLAND 1                   [MYST1]|

You start on Myst Island on a dock, unaware of your surroundings
since you were just in the Starry Void moments ago.  Start by going
forward and turning on the MARKER SWITCH.  Go up the stairs to a
large cog and turn on the second MARKER SWITCH.  Follow the path up
to a small area with several buildings, where you'll find a NOTE
from Atrus to Catherine.  Perhaps we can use this for the Myst
Enquirer to spread some gossip about the two, so let's read it.

Hmm...no juicy gossip.  But it does mention a video he left for her
at the imager.  He says to input the number of marker switches into
the imager to get the message.  Since we're being nosy, let's go
count and turn on the other marker switches we can get.  The third
MARKER SWITCH is right in front of the building closest to your
right.  A fourth MARKER SWITCH can be found by following the path
straight to a curved stone bridge that leads to a space ship.  Did
we teleport to Wallace and Gromit's labratory?  I doubt it since
there's no cheese around.

Anywho, continue back across the bridge and you'll find MARKER
SWITCH number five near a stone circle and a bunch of symbols.
Maybe we're in some sort of people museum and we found the Egyptian
section.  But let's press on.  Continue down the path and you'll
find MARKER SWITCH number six to your right.  Take the path to the
left to find MARKER SWITCH seven near a colossal tree.  Good thing
George of the Jungle isn't here or he'd hit it for sure!

You'll also see marker switch eight across the pond on the base of
a clock, but we can't quite reach it yet.  At least we have our
lucky number: 8 marker switches!  Return to the beginning dock and
to where we started our journey.

Next to it, you'll find a doorway to the direct left of our starting
location.  Head through it and go down into the room, where you'll
find the imager in question pretending to be water.  We're onto
your tricks!  To the right on the wall is a memo on how to use the
imager.  We're gonna ignore it for now, since it's not really
useful.  Change the number to 08 and hit the button and the imager
will show a close up face (whoever recorded this needs a better

Well, this will certainly make the cover of the Enquirer!  Only
problem: there's no one on Myst island to read it!  Guess we'll
pass.  But we did learn that Sirrus and Achenar, Atrus's two
sons, burned his books and he hid them and to remember the
"tower rotation".  We'll head there next.

Leave the room and head back up to where we found marker switch
#3.  There's a large, open building just in front of it that
contains a bookshelf, three hanging paintings and two mysterious
books in opposite corners.  Go ahead and open the books and see
what they have in them.

People inside books?  That'd be one way to get people to read!
But they mention they're the Sirrus and Achenar in question
(through very thick static) and they want you to bring them
red and blue pages to complete their books.  We'll see if we have
time to get to their needs.  We still need to figure out where
we are and how to get back home so we can get back to our lives
(try explaining to your boss that you missed all your shifts
because you teleported to an island when you touched a book!).

Next, you'll want to read the four non-burnt books on the shelf
(ignore the Rime book, which is the blue one).  Each book
details the history of each age and offers you a clue to the
age within it's pages.  In the Channelwood book is a diagram
of squares and circles you'll want to copy.  You'll also want
to copy the piano keys in the Selenitic book and the fortress
diagram in the Mechanical age book.  The Stoneship book has
a bunch of star diagrams, but we'll leave that there for now.

Next thing you should search for is a diagram of the island (it's on the
left side).  Click on the red tower and hold the button down and you'll
rotate a line.  Wait for it to line up with one of the symbols and take
note of which one it landed on.  You'll need to remember this to figure
out which clue pertains to which age.

You should also notice portraits of a hallway and of an open door.
Either the owner is really concieted or is extremely bored here, since
they're hanging pictures of hallways and doors in the buildings they're
part of.  Click on the portrait of the hallway and the bookshelf will
collapse, allowing you to go back to an elevator.  Once you've reached
the top, head around the elevator to the back and climb up the ladder
with a key symbol on it.  You should find a clue written in a plaque
(odd place to put a reminder.  Why not use a sticky note?).  Write it
down and head back down.

Repeat rotating the tower until you have four different symbols and
clues.  It's actually quite easy to discern which clue corresponds to
which age due to their symbols (and you could have went up the opposite
ladder to see what the tower was pointed at).  For those who are lazy,
the Stoneship clue is three dates: October 11, 1984 at 10:04 AM,
January 17, 1207 at 5:46 AM and November 23, 9791 at 6:57 PM.  The
Mechanical clue is 2:40 and 2,2,1.  The Selenitic is 59 volts.
Finally, the Channelwood is 7,2,4.  We'll be using these to get to the
ages in question.

So let's start by going to Stoneship!  The suggested order of the ages
is Stoneship, Mechanical, Selenitic & Channelwood.  While many suggest
doing Channelwood second, I highly recommend doing it last (as it's
easy and contains the second half of a page that would otherwise spoil
some parts of the game).

To start, we have to find a place to enter these dates.  I can
understand how 1984 could be a significant date for the developers,
but who could possibly have significant events happen to them in 1207
or 9791?  Well, irregardless, head out of the library by clicking on
the boring painting of an open door and go to the left near marker
switch 3.  Just behind the switch is a building that consists mainly
of a chair.  Oh great...I wasn't expecting to have my teeth cleaned
when I came here.  Turn off the lights and sit in the chair.  Pull
down the device and you'll see a place to input dates and times.
Input the first date, October 11, 1984 at 10:04 AM and it will give
you a star constallation for it.  Write this down and repeat for the
other two dates.

Remember the constallations in the Stoneship book?  Let's head back
there and compare them to our notes.  Hopefully you were able to
copy them down somewhat accurately, as you'll need to cross reference
them.  Look up the three constallations and you'll get a symbol for
each.  You should have a leaf symbol, a snake symbol and a
spider/beetle symbol.  Let's open up our first age, shall we?

Head outside to where we found marker switch #5 (next to the stone
circle) and look next to it to find a bunch of buttons with the
symbols from the Stoneship book on them!  Wonder what we should do?
Oh, right, we have three symbols!  Press the Leaf, Snake and
Spider/Beetle buttons and watch as a miniature ship rises out of the
stone circle.  Awesome!  But I wonder if it means anything...
Actually, it does.  Head back to the dock and you'll find that a
real ship has risen out of the water.  Go check out the inside to
find a linking book to Stoneship!  Head there.

|                                                                  |
|                           STONESHIP AGE                   [STONE]|

Welcome to Stoneship!  Contrary to what you might believe, this age
is ship that got buried within some stone.  ...Or, it's pretty
self descriptive.  One of the two.

First things first, head to the left and follow the path upwards to
a TELESCOPE.  You may wonder what a telescope is doing up here when
there's really nothing to look at.  But when you look through, keep
your eyes peeled for the top of the lighthouse.  Write down the
degrees that the top of the lighthouse is at (135) and then head
back down to the start.

This time, go right and you'll find THREE BUTTONS.  If you play
around with these, you'll soon find that they drain the water
within the three areas we can visit.  The first drains the
captain's quarters of water, the second drains the hull of water
and the third drains the lighthouse of water.  For some reason,
you can only press one at a time, so press the third button and
head across to the lighthouse.

In here you'll find the drain has emptied the lower part of any
water, allowing you to traverse a narrow staircase around the
edge.  Luckily, you can't fall or injure yourself, or Cyan would
be sued by the many people who "actually" linked to Myst.  Once at
the bottom, you'll find a TREASURE CHEST!  I knew there'd be a
reward!  Unfortunately, it's much too heavy to carry and you'd
likely slip trying to carry it up that narrow staircase anyway.
So go ahead and twist the handle to drain it of water and twist it
back to seal it shut.  Head back to the buttons and press the
second button and return to the lighthouse.

Whaddaya know...it floated up with the water!  Sure enough, the
chained key nearby fits the treasure chest and unlocks it.
C'mon gold...a KEY?  That's strange.  Who locks up a key with a
key?  Can you imagine that conversation?  "Hey honey, you seen my
keys?" "Are they still locked in the underwater treasure chest?"
"Oh yeah, thanks!".

Anyway, use your new key in the lock at the top of the stairs.
This allows you to go to the upstairs room, where you find a
GENERATOR.  Use the crank until the bar on the right fills all the
way up.  Remember that if you dilly dally too long, the lights will
shut off on you and you'll have to recrank the generator (if you
already did the compass puzzle, you also will have to redo it).

|                         RED PAGE 1                       [REDP1]|
|                                                                 |
|If you're looking for the first red page, you won't have a very  |
|hard time finding it.  From the three buttons, head left into the|
|first hull entrance and follow it all the way down.  The lights  |
|are on now so it should be easy to find your way to the bottom.  |
|Once there, you should find Sirrus' room, which is elaborately   |
|decorated in red.  Head over to his dresser and search the bottom|
|drawer to find the RED PAGE hidden within.                       |
|                                                                 |

|                         BLUE PAGE 1                      [BLUE1]|
|                                                                 |
|This page is found in an almost identical spot as the red page.  |
|Instead, you'll want to take the second hull entrance from the   |
|three buttons (the one near the walkway to the telescope).  Head |
|all the way down and go through the room at the bottom.  You     |
|should be in a room decorated with skeletons (if not, you went in|
|the wrong entrance).  Look over on Achenar's bed to find the     |
|first BLUE PAGE.                                                 |
|                                                                 |

Irregardless of which page you choose to find, head down the second
hull entrance to Achenar's room.  There's one more piece of
evidence we'll need to take from his room.  Go over to his dresser
and open the second to last drawer to find half of a TORN NOTE.
Carefully write down what's on it and keep some space on the right
side for the other half (which we'll find in Channelwood).  We've
got one thing left to do before we finish Stoneship: find a way
out (you could argue that's the most important thing).

Luckily, we have all the info we need.  If the generator has shut
off on you, go ahead and crank it back up and return to the hull.
About halfway down, you'll see a "not obvious" SECRET PASSAGE,
marked with an "invisible" square.  Click on it (if you can see
it) and head down, where you'll find a giant COMPASS on the floor.

To figure out this puzzle, you need to understand which directions
are which degrees.  North is 0, East is 90, South is 180 and
West is 270.  Since each direction is 90 degrees, you can safely
assume that the inbetweens are 45 degrees.  Northeast is 45,
Southeast is 135, Southwest is 225, Northwest is 315.  Do we have
any degrees that match this?  Right, the lighthouse is at 135, so
Southeast!  Hit the SOUTHEAST BUTTON on the compass (represented
by a red arrow) and it will light up some underwater lights, which
illuminate the room.  If you pressed the wrong button, it will
completely drain the generator of it's power and set off an alarm.
Go back up and crank the generator and return to try again.  You
will also have to do this again if you let the generator run out
of power.

Now that we have underwater lights, head back to the top and go
to the three buttons.  Press the first one to drain the captain's
quarters, which is to the right of the path to the buttons, and
head down.  You'll see that there are more underwater lights here
that illuminate the quarters.  Unfortunately, the only thing
down here is a DESK.  How droll.  Try and knock on it to see if
it's even real wood.  Surprise!  The Myst LINKING BOOK appears
out of the desk, ready for us to use.  If only they could hide
their "secret passages" as well.  Click on it to return to Myst.

|                                                                  |
|                           MYST ISLAND 2                   [MYST2]|

Welcome back to the library!  Now that you've brought back your
first page, return it to the appropriate book.  I would also suggest
making your way back to Stoneship and grabbing the other page, just
so you can get the complete experience.  Once you do, you'll find
out that talking to Sirrus and Achenar is a pretty droll, boring
experience.  All they want to talk about is red and blue pages!
Not "hi, how are you?" or "welcome to Myst".  I guess it's better
than being completely alone though.

The next age we'll be visiting is the Mechanical age.  To start,
let's look at the clue.  2:40, 2, 2, 1.  Hmm...seems like a time.
Oh, perhaps that old clock down where the last marker switch was?
Head all the way down and you'll see the clock in question, as well
as two WHEELS and a button.  These wheels adjust the time on the
clock: the big wheel adjusts the minutes by five and the little
adjusts the hours by one.  Twist the little wheel twice and the
big one eight times to set the time to 2:40 and press the button.
Whamo!  A bridge made of cogs!  Walk across and flick the final
MARKER SWITCH on, then enter the room, where you'll find several

There are three cogs and each has a number between 1-3 on it.
There are also three levers here.  The left one rotates the bottom
two cogs, the right one rotates the top two and the far right one
resets the puzzle.

Pull the right lever down twice (let go of it as it rotates) so the
numbers align as 223.  Pull the left lever and HOLD IT down until
the center cog stops on 2.  This will align the cogs to 221, which
causes the large cog on the bottom to rotate sideways, leaving a
gap.  Unfortunately, there's nothing in there (not even a note that
says 'Good Job!'), but it does remind me of something else.  Near
marker switch #2?  Head back to the beginning and up the staircase
to the giant cogs.

You'll see that this cog has also rotated to it's side and unlike
it's little brother, it actually rewards you with the LINKING BOOK
to the Mechanical age!  Say thanks as you link! 

|                                                                  |
|                          MECHANICAL AGE                   [MECHA]|

Welcome to the Mechanical age!  This, like Stoneship and Myst, seems
to be on an island in the middle of nowhere.  I guess Atrus likes
places where he can be alone and antisocial.

You'll notice a device with five buttons nearby, but there's nothing
we can do with it at the moment so go ahead and enter the fortress.
Inside, you'll find that it's not a very large area.  Instead, it
only has four rooms: an entrance hall, two throne rooms (one for
Sirrus and one for Achenar) and a room with a big glass sphere.

|                         RED PAGE 2                       [REDP2]|
|                                                                 |
|If you copied down that diagram I asked you to in the Library,   |
|you may notice some discrepancies with the actual version of the |
|Mechanical age.  In fact, there really isn't, there's just more  |
|"hidden passages" that aren't so hidden.  For the red page, head |
|to the left when entering the fortress to find Sirrus' throne    |
|room, which contains several large paintings, toys and a large   |
|red throne.  To the right of the throne (when facing it), under  |
|a painting, is the hidden passage.  Head through it and go to the|
|back, where you'll find this RED PAGE in a box with some gold.   |
|Unfortunately, the game does not intend for you to become wealthy|
|so you cannot pick them up (though for a person that cannot carry|
|more than a piece of paper, that's to be expected).              |
|                                                                 |

|                         BLUE PAGE 2                      [BLUE2]|
|                                                                 |
|Like in the Stoneship age, if you know how to find the red page, |
|you can find the blue page no problem, as it's in a very similar |
|spot.  From the entrance, go right to Achenar's throne room.  It |
|has a bunch of skeletons, pelts, covered windows and a large blue|
|throne.  To the left of the throne is a hidden passage.  Click on|
|it and you will find a bunch of morbid scenery (such as cages and|
|bloody knives).  To the left of the cage is the BLUE PAGE, in a  |
|box with some wine.                                              |
|                                                                 |

With the pages in hand, we again only have to find a way out of
the Mechanical age.  This will involve the key feature of the
fortress that was mentioned in it's book: rotating the tower.

Head to Achenar's throne room and search the area for a device with
two levers.  This is a ROTATION SIMULATOR.  There are two main
reasons we'll want to use this first.  The first reason is to get
a feel for how long it takes to rotate the tower one direction.
The second is to figure out which sounds represent which directions.

The first lever is the ON/OFF switch.  Pulling it up and then back
down allows you to hear the sound for the current direction
you're facing.  Go ahead and do that now and take note of the sound
for south.  It's kind of a tinny sound, like a cowbell.  Pull the
first lever up and then pull the second lever up until the arrow
rotates to the east and pull down the first lever.  You'll hear
a sound that sounds like pressure being released.  Do this twice
more and you'll have the sounds for north (metal ding) and west
(cricket chirp/high pitched frog chirp).

We're done with the simulator.  Now it's time to use the real
thing.  Head to the glass sphere between the thrones and press the
BUTTON on the wall nearby.  This will collapse a STAIRCASE to an
underground area containing a single rotation LEVER.  Next to it
is a diagram showing a circle with a smaller circle within.  Slowly
click the lever and let it rotate until the two circles match up
and turn red.  Don't touch it after you hear the thud, otherwise
you'll have to redo the rotation, even though it shows up red.  Head
back up the staircase and press the button again and you'll see
that the ELEVATOR is ready for use!

Go up the elevator to the second floor.  Why in the world would we
need a middle button in an elevator?  For those times we're
pretending the world's collapsing outside and want to act as though
the power's out?  Well, we'll figure that out momentarily.

When you get up to the top, search around for the tower rotation.
Of course, it's not there.  Try looking up.  Why would anyone build
a fortress rotation on the top of an elevator?  Perhaps they were
worried that someone would rotate the fortress too fast and cause
the invisible inhabitants to get sick and throw up.  But I'm sure
you're beginning to piece together what this revelation could
mean already.

Go back into the elevator and press the MIDDLE BUTTON and quickly
exit before the doors close.  Watch as the elevator slowly descends
into the floor and lowers the FORTRESS ROTATION.  Neat!  ...Except
that we can't leave now!  We'll figure that out in a moment.

Now it's time to remember the sounds from the simulator.  Rotate the
tower until you're facing east.  Remember, that's the pressure
release sound.  Once you hear that sound, go ahead and press the
button in the lower right corner, which raises the elevator back
up and head to the ground floor and back to the start.

Except the way out doesn't lead back to the start.  Nope, it
actually leads to an island with a PLAQUE on it.  Seriously, was
someone so bored that they engraved key passwords into plaques
then hid them around for ANYONE to find?  I guess Atrus was the
kind of guy that has 12345 as his password.  But it helps us so
it's not a big deal.

However, notice that the plaque only contains two symbols out of
the four and that the symbols are on the right side.  These are
actually the last two symbols we need, so copy them down to your
notes and leave enough space for the other two.  For the record,
the last two are a circle over three triangles and the left half of
a circle.  Head back to the tower rotation at the top of the

This time, rotate the tower to the north and head back outside.
This takes us to another island with a PLAQUE on it.  This time,
the first two symbols are on it.  Copy them down in front of the
other two.  For the record, it's an upside down U (looks like a
donut with a bite missing) and two mirrored triangles with a
rectangle between them.

So we've got the code now and can skip rotating to the west (this
only leads out to water).  Go ahead and rotate the tower to the
south again and return to the start where we found the BUTTON
MACHINE.  Input the code into the machine by pressing the four
green buttons and press the big red button to finish.  If you
forgot or didn't copy it down to your notes, the combo is upside
down U (looks like a donut that Homer could have gotten into when
he linked from behind the bookshelf), two mirrored triangles with
a rectangle between them, three triangles with a circle above them
and finally the left half of a circle.  This will lower another
stairway that leads to the Myst LINKING BOOK.

|                                                                  |
|                           MYST ISLAND 3                   [MYST3]|

Again, the first thing you should do is return the page you got to
the owner of that book and return to the age for the second one.
Again, Sirrus and Achenar beg for more pages, but they seem to be
more talkative now.  Though I wonder if Sirrus knows we already
found his gold when he offered us his reward.  If we really wanted
it, we could just steal it and leave him in the book.  But that
wouldn't be very friendly would it?

The next age is the Selenitic age and is considered by many to be
the toughest age in Myst.  However, in my opinion, it's very easy
and is more drawn out than anything.  To prepare, head down to where
you found marker switch #6, which has a building to the right with
a descending staircase.  Take it down to find a machine that needs

Remember our notes?  We need 59 volts to make something operational
and these buttons add volts to that total.  Below is a chart of the
volts that each button adds in their correct order:

                           10     1
                            7     2
                            8    22
                           16    19
                            5     9

                        BUTTON NUMBERING

                            1     2
                            3     4
                            5     6
                            7     8
                            9    10

Now the puzzle becomes little more than addition.  While there may
be several correct answers, the one I tend to go with is pressing
buttons 1, 5, 6 and 8 (10 + 8 + 22 + 19 = 59).  This will give you
the precise voltage you need.  However, if you accidentally go
above it, you will have to go outside and climb the ladders leading
to the wires and use the levers to reset the voltage.  Once you're
done, you can go back outside and follow the wire, which leads
to...the space ship!  Looks like we're gonna go to space!  Don't
tell the personality core from Portal 2!

However, the correct voltage allows the door to open where another
puzzle awaits you.  Remember the piano notes we had written down
from the Selenitic book?  Now's where we have to use them.  Play
the notes in the correct order from the diagram and...nothing.
This is where the hard part comes in: you have to match the notes
on the machine behind the organ.  The best advice I have is to
hold down the note until you remember it and slide the sliders to
their correct positions.  If you still need help, check out my
video walkthrough in the [VIDEO] section.  There's no way to
describe it through text, so I wish you the best of luck.

Once you've sucessfully copied all five notes, press the button and
the LINKING BOOK will appear in the crystal orb above the machine.

|                                                                  |
|                           SELENITIC AGE                   [SELEN]|

Wow, ANOTHER barren wasteland!  If we didn't have our best buds
Sirrus and Achenar to talk to, we probably would be making a
volleyball friend right now.  But anyway, head out the doorway
to a door with several sliders (yes, it IS another sound based

|                         RED PAGE 3                       [REDP3]|
|                                                                 |
|Believe it or not, they changed it up with this age!  The        |
|brothers don't have rooms here, so we have to find their pages   |
|within the age.  From the doorway, take the right path at the    |
|three way split and keep walking past the clock until the path   |
|splits again.  Go to the right and follow the path down the      |
|stairs to find a large crystal next to a microphone.  The RED    |
|PAGE is on top of the small podium with a button.                |
|                                                                 |

|                         BLUE PAGE 3                      [BLUE3]|
|                                                                 |
|The blue page is actually easier to find this time than the red  |
|page.  From the doorway, turn left (further left than the stairs)|
|and follow the path up a staircase to a remote area with running |
|water and a microphone.  Look for a small podium with a button   |
|and you'll find the BLUE PAGE on a small bench to the left of it.|

You may notice that both of these pages are next to microphones
with buttons.  There's a reason for that: it's one of the main
puzzles of the age.  There are five in total and we need to activate
all five to successfully solve another puzzle.

From the doorway, head to the far left and past the left staircase
to find another staircase (where we found the blue page).  Follow
the path up to a microphone with rushing water.  Hope you haven't
had much to drink recently!  Next to it is a PODIUM with a button
on it.  Hit the BUTTON to activate the WATER MICROPHONE.

Head back down the staircase and up the stairs to your left (the
ones we could see from the doorway).  Up here is a second PODIUM
and button, this time next to a fissure.  Hit the BUTTON to
activate the FISSURE MICROPHONE.  Go back down the stairs and go
just past the doorway to find a third PODIUM on your right.  Hit
this BUTTON to activate the CLOCK MICROPHONE.  Only two more to go!

The fourth PODIUM is further up on the path where the path splits
again to the right and left.  Take the right path (where we found
the red page) and follow the pathway to the fourth podium.  Press
this BUTTON to activate the CRYSTAL MICROPHONE.  Return to the
split and take the left path and you'll find the fifth PODIUM just
above a descending LADDER.  Press the BUTTON to activate the WIND
MICROPHONE.  Now that all five are activated, head down the ladder.

Boy it's dark down here!  Where's the light switch?  Oh yeah, it's
right there on the wall.  Turn it on and avoid the bats flying at
you (don't want their diseases do you?) and take the path to the
end, climbing up the ladder there.  You should emerge next to a
giant machine.  Click the doors to open it up and you'll be tasked
with another puzzle.

The object of this puzzle is to align the five symbols with their
appropriate microphones by adjusting the frequencies to the right
or left.  Once you get close, you'll vaguely hear the sound and
the green arrows will blink in the direction you need to go.  Keep
in mind that because Real Myst uses real rendering, the positions
have changed and therefore, so did the frequencies.  After you've
found the appropriate symbols, hit the next one to change to that

For those who just want the answers, align the water to 122.1, the
fissure to 99.4, the clock to 44.3, the crystal to 18.7 and the
wind to 196.3.  This should eliminate all static from the
frequencies and allow you to hear a clear representation of the
door solution.  Press the giant E button near the bottom and listen
carefully to the order of the sounds.  In order, it's Crystal,
Water, Wind, Fissure & Crystal.  Write this down and return to the
door near the start.

With your trusty combination in hand, you must now align the SLIDERS
with the appropriate sounds.  The order is sixth sound, bottom
sound, the first sound, the seventh sound (just beneath the
crystals) and the eighth sound (just beneath the fissure sound).
Be careful not to mix up the clock sound with sound 2.  Once you
have all five, hit the BUTTON on the DOOR.  If it's successful, you
will gain entry to a puzzle that will have novices tearing their
hair out.

Inside the door is the main puzzle, which leads us to the linking
book.  However, to get to it, you have to traverse a long,
underground passage in a submarine/mine cart by sound alone.  Sound
fun?  I actually enjoyed it (though many will not).

So traverse down the stairs into the GIANT MACHINE and sit down at
the controls.  Press FORWARD to descend onto the minecart tracks
and start the puzzle.  The basic concept is this: as soon as you
start a new area, the sub will make a sound to signify the
direction you should go in.  Keen observers will notice that these
sounds are the exact same as in the Mechanical age (which is why I
suggest you go there first).  On a side note, if you were like me
and played this age first, you can actually decifer the directions
pretty easily, as the early stages of this puzzle block nearly all
directions but the right ones.  If you happen not to hear a
particular sound, press the RED BUTTON on the speaker to play it

Another thing to note is that if at any time you get stuck or don't
hear any sounds, press REVERSE until you hear sounds again.  If you
REALLY feel stuck, you can keep hitting reverse until you come back
out at the top.  This puzzle isn't too hard, but later on they
start to play two noises at once (i.e. the N and E sounds...which
makes NE) and can get confusing.

So perhaps you're just plain stuck and don't want to do this puzzle.
Maybe you want to make sure you're going the right way.  The
directions to the linking book are as follows: North, West, North,
East, East, South, South, West, Southwest, West, Northwest,
Northeast, North, Southeast.  Got it?

After you successfully traverse the maze (and stop kissing the
ground outside the sub), hit the red button near the sub door to
open it and follow the path to the LINKING BOOK.

|                                                                  |
|                           MYST ISLAND 4                   [MYST4]|

Time to turn in those pages!  Yes, going back to get the other one
means you'll have to traverse the caverns again, but hey, with the
answers at your fingertips and with the experience of doing it once
under your belt, you should be good to go!

The brothers start getting really specific and seem to be jealous
of each other.  Maybe they thought the other had better toys than
them growing up or something.  But the good news is we only have
one age left!  Channelwood, here we come!

So to get to this final age (well, until Rime when we beat the
game), head over to marker switch #7 (which is near that giant tree)
and at the bottom of the path near the library.  It's to the left
when you get to the clock tower.  Head inside this building and
you'll see there's not much to it (other than another painting of
something just outside the building).  Man, does Atrus not realize
that he can just look around at these things instead of painting
them and hanging them up right next to it?

Look next to the doorway and you should find a SAFE to the right of
it.  The last clue we got from tower rotation was 724.
Coincidentally, this happens to be a safe with three number slots.
Hmm...what can we do...we really outta call tech support, but let's
try using the 724 number first.  Of course, it works.  But...it
contains a MATCH?  Atrus really needs a lesson in what's valuable
and what isn't.  But I guess that's one way to stop your kids from
playing with matches (especially ones as loopy as Achenar!)

Anyway, we can use this match on the big boiler near the painting.
There should be a small square slot on the bottom left corner.
But first, make sure you light the match by rubbing it against the
box.  Next, go over to the WHEEL and start turning it to the right
until you see the PSI meter go up.  Keep turning to increase the
speed.  What's that clunking sound?  If you investigate outside,
you'll see that it's actually pushing up the tree!  Crazy!  But
not as crazy as having a SECRET DOOR in the base!  Unfortunately,
the PSI pushes it too far up, so we'll have to return inside to
lower it back down.  Keep twisting it to the left until the PSI
starts to drop.  Depending on your speed at the game, you can
lower it till it slowly drops or lower it quickly and race
outside.  The main point is that you want to get outside in time to
jump inside the doorway as it lowers to the LINKING BOOK.

|                                                                  |
|                          CHANNELWOOD AGE                  [CWOOD]|

Welcome to Channelwood.  ...Sorry, WELCOME TO CHANNELWOOD!  Is the
background loud enough for you?  At this point, you should notice
that the age comprises of docks with pipes and levers scattered all
over the place.  These power hydroelectric devices, such as the
elevators in the age and bridge extenders.  But as you'll notice,
there's no water running at the moment, so follow the pipe forward
until it leads to a hose running up a hill.  Follow that to the
end to find a LARGE TANK and a VALVE.  Turn on the valve (sorry,
it's just cold water, no taking a shower in Channelwood) and follow
the pipe back downstairs.

You'll notice now that you can tell which way the water's running
by listening to the background noise.  If you can hear the water
running, it's currently in the pipe you're near.  If not, head back
and adjust the lever to redirect it to the other side.  But for now
just follow the sound of running water to it's end.  You should be
on the other side near the start point.  However, the water is
running into the sea and we don't need to add to it, so let's
redirect it.  Backtrack to the three way pipe junction and look
down to find a PIPE SPLITTER and a LEVER.  The lever is currently
blocking the water from going right.  Click on it to redirect
the water and follow this pipe to it's end.

You should be at a GENERATOR with a HANDLE.  Pull the handle down
to extend a BRIDGE and head across.  You'll soon find an elevator
on the left with a pipe that leads to the right.  Follow the pipe
and you'll see that there's a gap between it and the next one as
well as a HANDLE.  Guess we have to do some plumbing work while
we're here!  Go ahead and twist the handle to extend the pipe.

If we really wanted to, we can leave now by redirecting the water
to this pipe and taking the elevator behind it up to the linking
book.  But we still have stuff to do in this age.  Go back across
the bridge and head up to the hill where we turned on the water.

Follow the pipe to the first splitter and follow it left and to
another splitter.  Pull this LEVER to redirect the water to the
right and follow the pipe again.  Pull this LEVER to direct the
water right again and follow the pipe again, pulling one final
LEVER.  This should power up a generator near an elevator.  Take
it up to the second floor.

Now, if you copied down the diagram from the Channelwood book, now
is the time to use it.  We have to find a lever to open the door
on the other side of the second floor, which is next to a third
elevator.  The diagram shows this as a square with a half circle
(which represents the stairs that lead from the door down).
Currently, you're on the first square on the right, which has two
circular buildings beneath it.  Our goal is to get to the square
building with a dotted line connected to the staircase square.
This contains our switch.

For those who DON'T have said diagram, here are the directions.
Head straight into the circular hut then turn right and head to a
large square building.  Turn right and head to another square hut
then go right again to a circular hut.  Go through the left side
to find the building with the LEVER.  Simple huh?  Throw the lever
to open the door.  Now we have to use the diagram once more to get
to the elevator area.

Head back through the circular hut into the square building then
go right to a circular hut.  Go to the right to another square
building, then straight to another one.  Head right to the
elevator area.  Awesome, now we can go back and forth to the second
floor without powering the elevator!

Head down the stairwell and throw the LEVER to open the door
permanently and follow the pipe up to the first splitter (near the
hill we went up to turn on the water).  Turn the splitter so it
redirects the water to the doorway and head back up the stairs to
the ELEVATOR.  Take it to the third floor.

|                         RED PAGE 4                       [REDP4]|
|                                                                 |
|For this page, you're gonna want to do a U Turn after heading    |
|forward to find a path that leads behind the elevator.  Follow   |
|this path to find a more extravagant hut, filled with wines and  |
|cheeses.  On the left side of the hut is a desk with a drawer.   |
|Be nosy and open it to find the RED PAGE.                        |

|                         BLUE PAGE 4                      [BLUE4]|
|                                                                 |
|We return to the two rooms, two pages in similar places concept  |
|found in Stoneship and the Mechanical ages.  This time, take the |
|path straight ahead of the elevator.  Ignore the room with a     |
|silver door (it only contains a projection of a man speaking a   |
|"foreign language" most Myst fans will recognize) and keep going |
|to a brown wooden shack.  Inside you'll find a hologram projector|
|on the left side.  Just beneath that is the BLUE PAGE.           |

Before you head back down to the second floor, there is one more
thing we have to do in Channelwood.  If you remember back to
Stoneship, we found a torn page there that only had half of the
info on it.  The other half is here in the room with the red page.
From the elevator, do a U turn and head into the hut.  In the back
of the hut is a bed with two drawers under it.  In the second
drawer is the other half of the torn page.  This is an integral
clue to what we will be doing to wrap up Myst.  For those who
didn't write it down, the note is as follows:

|       MARKER SWITCH VAULT ACCESS           |
|           Island of Myst                   |
|                                            |
|The vault is located in very plain view on  |
|the Island of Myst and access can be        |
|achieved very easily if the simple          |
|instructions are followed.  First, locate   |
|each of the Marker Switches on the Island.  |
|Turn every one of these switches to the     |
|"on" position then go to the dock and,      |
|as a final step, turn the Marker Switch     |
|there to the "Off" position.                |
|                                            |

Now you can safely return back to the elevator.  Take it down to
the second floor, then take the stairs down to the first floor.
It's time to leave this age and finally wrap this game up!

Head back to the first splitter and turn it back to the original
location (allowing water to go right).  Follow the water and ignore
the second splitter and third splitter but switch the lever on the
final splitter on the right to redirect water to tne extended pipe.
Make your way back over to the bridge and cross it, going into the
ELEVATOR to the left at the end.  Take this up to find the final
LINKING BOOK and return to Myst.

|                                                                  |
|                         MYST ISLAND FINAL                 [FINAL]|

Welcome back to Myst Island...for the final time Buzz Lightyear!
Well, kind of.  Return the page to it's owner and grab the final
page from Channelwood (you can simply switch the first splitter,
which will power both the third floor elevator and the linking book

The brothers are very specific now.  They explain their backstories
and offer you specific advice on how to find their final pages.

|                      RED & BLUE FINAL PAGES              [RBFIN]|
|                                                                 |
|Both the brothers offer specific advice on how to retrieve the   |
|final page of their books.  Luckily, they're both in the same    |
|this time.  Go to the bookshelf in the library and find the last |
|green book on the middle shelf.  It contains a bunch of patterns.|
|Find pattern 158 and copy it down to your notes and head over to |
|the fireplace and walk in.  There's a button here.  Press it and |
|a steel cover falls down and blocks the exit.  However, if you   |
|notice, you can click on it to add squares to it.  This is where |
|you need to copy the pattern to.  If you forgot, here is the     |
|pattern (X represents a depressed square, O an untouched one).   |
|                                                                 |
|                             XXOOOOXX                            |
|                             OXXOXOXX                            |
|                             XOXOOOXX                            |
|                             XOOXOOXX                            |
|                             XXOOXXOO                            |
|                             XXXXXOXO                            |
|                                                                 |
|Once you copy this down, press the button and the fireplace will |
|rotate to a secret room.  Here, you can find the two pages and   |
|a green book (though they both warn NOT to touch it).            |
|                                                                 |

Here is where your personal choice comes in.  There are multiple
endings for who you decide to release and unlike before, we can
only free one of the brothers.  One of them is certainly lying, but
the problem is...who?  Go with your gut instinct and return the page
of the brother you think is innocent.

|                             ENDING 1                      [END1]|
|                                                                 |
|Head into the fireplace and grab the RED PAGE lying there.       |
|Return it to Sirrus and you'll find he gets released.            |
|Unfortunately for you, you're now trapped within the red book.   |
|Sirrus shows no sympathy and laughs at your downfall, calling you|
|a stupid fool as he rips out the pages of the red book.  Just as |
|he's ripping out the final pages, he wonders where he can find   |
|Achenar and tells you goodbye.  You then get trapped in a black  |
|void forever (or at least until you reload your save).           |

Well, THAT didn't go as planned.  Perhaps Sirrus wasn't so innocent
after all.  That must mean Achenar is the innocent one, even though
he's crazy.

|                             ENDING 2                      [END2]|
|                                                                 |
|Head into the fireplace and grab the BLUE PAGE instead.  Return  |
|it to Achenar and soon you'll see a similar scenario.  Achenar is|
|freed and laughs at the fact you're trapped in the book now.  He |
|then proceeds to taunt you while giggling madly as he tears out  |
|the blue pages.  He wonders where Sirrus is and mocks you by     |
|saying that someone may rescue YOU someday, right before telling |
|you that you lose as he tears the final page out.  You're then   |
|trapped in the book for eternity (or until you reload).          |

Hmm...well, if BOTH of them are guilty, what do we do now?  Well,
we could check out that green book they warned us about.  If we're
gonna get trapped either way, we might as well get trapped in a
better age...one that isn't dark and void!  Head into the fireplace
and open the green book.  ...Well well well...weren't THEY the
little liars!  Inside the green book is Atrus, their father, whom
was trapped in the book because the two took a single white page
from his linking book.  He begs you to find it and return it to
him so he can deal with his sons.  I dunno guy...you aren't exactly
really trustworthy right now.  Besides, where can we find a white
page?  And why should we listen to you when you say not to link to

|                             ENDING 3                      [END3]|
|                                                                 |
|Ignore his warning and link into the green book.  You'll appear  |
|in an exquisite ruined building (K'veer for those who are        |
|curious) with nothing but a desk where Atrus is writing in a     |
|book.  Wow, a real person!  In the flesh!  We have to go shake   |
|his hand.  But as we approach him, he eagerly welcomes you before|
|realizing you didn't bring him the white page.  He calls you a   |
|fool and asks why you didn't listen to him.  He then tells you   |
|that this place is D'ni (technically a part of D'ni) and the two |
|of you are forever trapped there.  You can explore as Atrus      |
|shakes his head at you, but there's nothing here.                |

We better listen to Atrus.  At least until we can figure out if he's
good or not.  But where could we find a white page?  Perhaps in a
Marker Switch Vault?  The contents of the torn note describe the
answer to the final puzzle in Myst.  Leave the library and return
to the dock.  Since we already have all the marker switches turned
on, all we have to do is turn marker switch #1 off, which causes
a miniature door to open, revealing none other than the WHITE PAGE.
Return to the hidden library room and link through the green book.

|                             ENDING 4                      [END4]|
|                                                                 |
|You'll appear in K'veer (aka D'ni) where Atrus will eagerly ask  |
|for the white page.  Hand it to him and he'll reattach it to the |
|linking book and explain he has a difficult choice to make.  He  |
|links back to Myst momentarily (wait for him to come back) and   |
|exclaims he has finished the task.  He tells you that he can't   |
|stop writing (fans of Riven will recognize the book and know why |
|he can't stop) and asks for your help with defeating a greater   |
|foe than his sons could imagine (Gehn).  He mentions that there's|
|no reward but we're free to explore the ages to our leisure.  He |
|then directs us to the linking book, where we're free to explore |
|Myst, where the two books have been burned and nothing but two   |
|charred marks remain in their spot.                              |

Congrats on beating Myst!  If you're playing through the original
version, this is where your quest ends.  Those who are playing
Real Myst, prepare for one final age: Rime.

|                              BONUS                              |
|                                                                 |
|With all the clues and answers, you could do a speed run of this |
|game now in less than 2:00 minutes.  All you have to do is turn  |
|on the eight marker switches (make sure to do the clock tower    |
|puzzle to get to switch #8) and turn off switch #1 at the docks  |
|to get the white page.  Use the fireplace pattern to return the  |
|page to Atrus and beat this game in record time!  For an example,|
|see the Video Walkthrough section.                               |

For you Real Myst players, you'll notice there's a new book on the
floor of the library: the Rime commentary book.  It's also changed
since before we linked to D'ni (if you read it before then) and the
diagram at the end of the book should be copied down.  Hmm...why
does that look so familiar?  It's a picture of something we haven't
used in quite some time.  ...The imager at the beginning of the
game!  Head back to the docks and go through the door to the
imager.  Set the imager number to 40 and go around to the back of
the imager.  There's a button on the very back of it, straight
across from the front button.  Press it and the imager control
station will lean forward, revealing a PLAQUE behind it.

On this plaque is a small CIRCLE.  Wonder if it does anything?
Click it to rotate it around.  This looks familiar too.  Perhaps
the bridge near the rocket ship?  Head there and instead of
following the stone path to the ship, go to the left of it and
follow it underneath it to the newly opened passageway.  Cool, a
secret underground passage!  Follow it to the end and you'll find
a MACHINE with four digits.  Look back at your notes and you'll
find a four digit number just waiting to be entered: 2735!  Enter
it and hit the button to raise it directly above you.  Luckily, we
just happen to be beneath the library, so return there and you'll
see the Rime LINKING BOOK quite clearly.  Go ahead and link.

|                                                                  |
|                               RIME                         [RIME]|

This age is cool, but extremely short.  Start off by heading over to
the house and going to the left of it.  Just on the wall of the house
is a valve that turns on the gas.  Do so and enter the house.

You'll find the LINKING BOOK quite clearly, which shows you how
short it really is.  However, there's also a door nearby that's
frozen solid.  Luckily, we just turned on the gas to a HEATER
nearby.  Turn it on and feel the warmth sooth you.  But remember
what your parents always said about the AC: close all the doors and
windows first or you'll let out all the cold/hot air!  We can see
that the FRONT DOOR is clearly open, so close it and watch as the
OTHER DOOR slowly thaws itself out.  Open it and head to the back
of the hall where you'll find an ELEVATOR.  Take it up to the top
floor and you'll find a machine.  Unfortunately, all this does is
make Auroras in the sky.  Rime complete!  Time to head back home!
...Just kidding.  There's still one last thing.

On the left side of the elevator, you'll see a newly appeared
BUTTON.  Press it and the elevator will rotate around to a hidden
room that contains a JOURNAL.  You can read it if you want, but
it mainly talks about how they made crystals to view Riven.  But
all elevators have two stops: up and down.  This one has four,
so go ahead and lower down to the bottom floor for the second
hidden room.  This one contains a HANDWRITTEN NOTE from Catherine
(yes, I know, her handwriting is very hard to read).  The main
thing you should be concerned with is the crystals and their

Coincidentally, the machine that goes with this clue is right next
to us.  Click on each slot to change the crystal type and hover
over it to change the color.  Remember that several crystals look
alike (namely the long one).  The order goes like this: Red V
shaped crystal, a green crystal that's tall and has a flat top,
a light blue crystal with many spikes, a small yellow triangular
crystal with a base and a tall violet crystal with a V shaped
slit down the middle.  Check the last video for exact shapes
and colors (in the video section).  Hit the button to view the
Riven linking panel.

That wraps it up for this game.  Thanks for using my walkthrough
and hope you enjoyed Real Myst!  (Yes, this is truly the end.
Rime is really that short.)


                         IV. PUZZLE TIPS & ANSWERS                     [PUZZL]


Welcome to the puzzle section of my guide!  Not only does this section detail
puzzles, but it also lists where to find the answers, the logic behind them
and flat out tells you the answers.  It's not to be used at all unless you've
already beaten it or need help with a specific puzzle.  There are four

*WHAT IT IS: A basic description of the puzzle and what it unlocks.
*FOUND: Where the answer to the puzzle can be found in game.
*LOGIC: How the puzzle works.
*ANSWER: The answer to the puzzle.

|                                                                  |
|                            MYST ISLAND                    [MYSTP]|


                               ATRUS' MESSAGE

*WHAT IS IT: A message that explains some backstory.  It requires
             you to find the number of marker switches on the island
             and put it into the imager to get a message from Atrus
             to Catherine.

*FOUND:      In a note to Catherine at the top of the hill, near the
             projector room.

*LOGIC:      You simply have to count all the marker switches on the
             island and find the imager to put it in.  Not tough to

*ANSWER:     There are 8 marker switches (one on dock, one by cog,
             one by projector room, one by the space ship, one by
             the round stone circle, one by the entrance to the
             power room, one by the channelwood entrance and one
             by the clock tower).


                               TOWER ROTATION

*WHAT IS IT: Atrus mentions rotating the tower.  Inside the library,
             you can find a diagram where you can actually rotate a
             red tower.

*FOUND:      In Atrus' imager message and through exploration.

*LOGIC:      Of the eight marker switches, the four near the hidden
             linking books switch on markers for the tower to rotate
             to.  Rotating the tower to these markers gives you a
             vital clue to unlocking each age, with the symbol you
             rotate to representing the age for the clue (the three
             dates show up when you rotate to the ship.  Naturally,
             this clue unlocks the Stoneship age).

*ANSWER:     Turn on all the marker switches on the island (that
             you can reach).  Then head into the library and rotate
             the red tower until you stop at a red line.  Take note
             of where you stop and press the open hallway painting
             to lower the bookcase.  Head up the elevator and jot
             down the clue that's on the ladder behind the elevator.
             The ladder in front of it shows you the structure you
             rotated to and represents the age the clue is for
             (Stoneship for the ship, Selenitic for the space ship,
             Mechanical for the cog and Channelwood for the tree).

             Stoneship gives you three dates: October 11, 1984 at
             10:04 AM, January 17, 1207 at 9:46 AM and November 23,
             9791 at 6:57 PM.

             Mechanical gives you two numbers: 2:40 and 2,2,1.

             Selenitic gives you a voltage: 59 volts.

             Channelwood gives you a number: 7,2,4.


                             THREE DATES PUZZLE

*WHAT IS IT: The three dates found by rotating the tower to the ship
             must be inputted somewhere to get three more clues.
             These in turn give you three more that unlock the
             Stoneship linking book.

*FOUND:      By exploring and within the projector room to the left
             of the library.  The second clue is found by reading
             the Stoneship book.  The third clue is found by
             exploring near marker switch #5.

*LOGIC:      There's no real logic to this puzzle.  It's merely
             exploring until you find objects that give you the
             answers.  However, you do have to disable the lights in
             the projector room to see the stars.

*ANSWER:     Enter the projector room and turn off the lights.  Sit
             in the chair and enter the three dates to get three
             star constellations.  Find the matching
             constellations in the Stoneship book to find three
             symbols: a leaf, a snake and a beetle/spider.  Find the
             three matching symbols near the stone circle at switch
             #5 and you'll raise the ship out of the water near the
             docks.  Head inside for the linking book.


                             TWO NUMBERS PUZZLE

*WHAT IS IT: The two sets of numbers you get by rotating the tower to
             the cog must be used somewhere on the island.  Doing so
             will rotate the large cog near switch #2 and open the
             Mechanical age linking book.

*FOUND:      By exploring around the clock tower and playing with the
             options nearby.

*LOGIC:      The two wheels near the clock tower control the hands on
             it.  The large hand is consequently controlled by the
             large wheel, while the small hour hand is controlled by
             the small wheel.  The cogs inside rotate in sets of
             twos.  However, if you hold down the lever, you can
             rotate the middle cog independently.

*ANSWER:     Head down to the clock tower and spin the big wheel eight
             times to change the minute hand to 40, then turn the small
             wheel twice to change it to 2 (2:40).  Press the button to
             create a pathway to marker switch #8 and a door that
             contains three rotating cogs with the numbers 1-3 on each
             piece.  Pull the right lever twice (223), then pull the
             left lever and HOLD it until the middle cog rotates to 2.
             This should rotate to 221 which rotates the large cog near
             switch #2 and opens it up.  It contains the linking book.


                               VOLTAGE PUZZLE

*WHAT IS IT: A voltage limit that you get by rotating the tower to the
             space ship.  It has to be used somewhere on the island to
             unlock the door of the space ship.

*FOUND:      By playing with the buttons in the power room.

*LOGIC:      Each button in the power room adds a set number of voltage.
             If you go over, you overload the breaker and must reset
             it outside by climbing the ladder near the wire and
             throwing the switch to reset the power.  You have to find
             a combination that adds up to 59.

*ANSWER:     Head to the power room near switch #6.  There are ten
             buttons here.  If you label them from the top left from
             1 to 10 (with 2 being the button next to 1 rather than
             below it), you have to hit buttons 1, 5, 6 and 8 to get
             59 volts exactly.  This unlocks the space ship near switch


                            SOUND MACHINE PUZZLE

*WHAT IS IT: Inside the space ship is an organ and a machine.  The
             correct notes must be replicated on the machine to open up
             the linking book to the Selenitic age.

*FOUND:      In the Selenitic book in the library.

*LOGIC:      You have to play each note on the organ from the diagram
             listed in the Selenitic book.  Then you have to replicate
             them on the machine in the order listed in the diagram.

*ANSWER:     Unfortunately, there's no easy way to describe how to solve
             this puzzle.  I can only help you find the answers yourself.
             However, if you're desperate, you can try and replicate the
             positions found in my video walkthrough.  Check the section
             for more info on how to unlock the linking book.


                              ONE NUMBER PUZZLE

*WHAT IS IT: The tower rotation puzzle for the Channelwood age gives you
             a single three digit number.  We have to find somewhere to
             use it so we can unlock the Channelwood age.

*FOUND:      By exploring Myst, especially the building by switch #7.

*LOGIC:      You simply have to find the place to use it in the building
             near switch #7.  Naturally, you have to light it's contents
             before you can use it and there's one logical place to use
             it (at least to someone who has a water heater).  Increasing
             the wheel increases the pressure, which in turn pushes up
             the tree.  Decreasing the wheel decreases the pressure,
             lowering the tree.

*ANSWER:     Inside the building by switch #7 is a safe.  The number is
             the combination.  Unlock it to find a match.  Light it on
             the side of the box and use it to light the pilot light in
             the bottom left corner of the water heater.  Turn the wheel
             to increase the pressure until the noise stops then
             rotate it the other way to decrease it.  Run outside and
             hop into the door in the tree stump to find the linking


                              FIREPLACE PUZZLE

*WHAT IS IT: The fireplace contains a surface that allows the player to
             touch panels and make patterns.  It will eventually lead to
             a green book and the final two pages.

*FOUND:      By giving Sirrus/Achenar all four pages from the ages.

*LOGIC:      You find the answer in a burnt book, told to you by the
             brothers.  The fireplace has a button that lowers and raises
             the panel and by pressing it with the correct pattern, it
             will rotate to a hidden room.  The panel has six rows of
             eight squares, each of which can be on or off.

*ANSWER:     Go to the bookshelf and the last book on the middle shelf
             is a puzzle book.  Find pattern 158 and copy it down.  Go
             to the fireplace in the library and press the button, then
             copy down the pattern, which is below (X is depressed, O
             is untouched):



                              WHITE PAGE PUZZLE

*WHAT IS IT: The final puzzle of the game (in regular Myst) is to find
             a white page to give to Atrus.  He can then link back and
             we finish the game.

*FOUND:      The first half of the note is in Stoneship in the second to
             last drawer of Achenar's room.  The second half is in
             Sirrus' room in Channelwood, in the second drawer under his

*LOGIC:      Each marker switch has to be turned on, which they should
             already be from exploration (and to help with the Tower
             Rotation puzzle).  By turning off the marker switch at the
             docks, you complete the conditions for the vault to open.

*ANSWER:     Turn on all eight marker switches (to get to #8, see the
             above puzzle entitled "Two Numbers Puzzle).  Go back to
             the docks and switch off #1 to get the page.  Take this
             to Atrus in the green book.


                               SECRET PASSAGE

*WHAT IS IT: A puzzle that is found in the imager room.  It unlocks
             a secret passage near the space ship.

*FOUND:      In the Rime commentary book found after beating the

*LOGIC:      The answer is told to you by the commentary book.  No
             need for logic on this puzzle!

*ANSWER:     Turn the imager to 40, then press the button in the
             BACK of the imager.  This will lower the imager
             settings to reveal a diagram.  Click the circle to
             rotate it and unlock a secret passage near the space


                             FOUR DIGIT PASSCODE

*WHAT IS IT: A code found in the Rime commentary book that needs
             to be used.  It unlocks the Rime linking book.

*FOUND:      In the Rime commentary book found after beating the

*LOGIC:      The answer is told to you by the commentary book.  No
             need for logic on this puzzle, aside from finding the

*ANSWER:     After solving the above secret passage puzzle, head
             down to the bridge near the entrance to the Selenitic
             age (the space ship).  Instead of heading across it,
             head to the left of it and go under.  You'll find the
             secret passage there, which leads you to a giant
             machine.  Hit 2735 and press the button to raise it
             to the library and unlock the Rime age.

|                                                                  |
|                           STONESHIP AGE                   [SHIPP]|


                               THE KEY PUZZLE

*WHAT IS IT: A key is found chained to a dock in the lighthouse.
             Above it is a padlock, which appears to be the matching
             lock to the key, however, it won't fit.  It eventually
             leads up to the generator room, which will power the

*FOUND:      Exploring the area and critical thinking.

*LOGIC:      There are three buttons to the right of the start.
             The first drains the captain's quarters near the
             start.  The second drains the hull to the left near
             the start (across from the captain's quarters).  The
             last drains the lighthouse.

             At the bottom of the lighthouse is a treasure chest.
             However, it's filled with water having been under
             the water for likely a great while.  There's a handle
             on the side of the chest that drains it.  However,
             if you leave it open, naturally water is going to
             flow back into it.  So close it back up after it's

*ANSWER:     Upon entering the stage, go right and press the third
             button.  Go across to the lighthouse and down the
             stairs to a treasure chest.  Use the handle on its
             side to drain it and close it back up after you're
             done.  Press the third button again (or a different
             one) to refill the lighthouse.  The chest floats up
             to the top just in reach of the chained key.  Use it
             to get the real key that unlocks the padlock above you.
             Inside is a generator that powers the lights to the


                               COMPASS PUZZLE

*WHAT IS IT: A compass is found in a hidden passage in the hull.
             It has a ton of buttons.  When the wrong button is
             pressed, the power stops working.  When the right
             button is pressed, it lights up the captain's

*FOUND:      By using the telescope and from exploration.

*LOGIC:      The telescope above the ship is an integral clue.
             You're looking to find out which direction the
             lighthouse is in, which is an integral clue.

             The compass puzzle basically functions just like a
             real compass in that there are four cardinal
             directions: N, E, S, W.  There are also inbetweens:
             NE, SE, SW, NW.  A red arrow represents a cardinal
             direction and an orange one points to the

             To understand this puzzle, you have to understand
             how to chart directions based on degrees.  Each
             cardinal direction is 90 degrees, going in a
             clockwise direction (N=0, E=90, S=180, W=270).  Each
             inbetween is 45 degrees from the cardinal (NE=45,
             SE=135, SW=225, NW=315).  See if your notes have
             clues that help you with this.

*ANSWER:     Head to the top of the ship by following the path to
             the left of the start point all the way to the top.
             Up here is a telescope.  Search for the direction of
             the lighthouse and write down it's degrees (135).
             Finish the above key puzzle to power the generator and
             press the second button on the mechanism to drain the
             hull.  Head back across and go left into the hull.
             About halway down, look to the left/right for a red
             square.  Click it to open a secret passage and head
             in to find a large compass.

             Use the data you got from the telescope to figure out
             which direction the lighthouse is in, which happens to
             be Southeast.  Press the Southeast button (the one on
             the orange arrow) to turn on the lights in the
             captain's quarters.

             Be forewarned that pressing a wrong button leads to the
             compass shutting off the generator.  You'll have to
             recrank it to try again.  Also, if you let the generator
             run out, you'll have to do this puzzle again.



*WHAT IS IT: We teleported to Stoneship, but want to leave at some
             point, right?  The linking book has to be somewhere.

*FOUND:      Exploring the area.

*LOGIC:      No real logic here, other than solving the previous

*ANSWER:     After solving the compass puzzle, press the first
             button to drain the captain's quarters.  You'll notice
             that it's now lit up, but appears to be empty.  Check
             the desk to make the book appear.

|                                                                  |
|                          MECHANICAL AGE                   [MECHP]|


                               THE ELEVATOR

*WHAT IS IT: Between the throne rooms is a strange glass circle.
             Perhaps it can lead us up if rotated correctly.

*FOUND:      Exploring the area.

*LOGIC:      The lever beneath the glass rotates it.  The two
             circles represent the outside glass and the elevator.

*ANSWER:     Between the two throne rooms sits a glass circle.
             Near it is a red button.  Press it to lower some stairs
             to a rotation lever.  Use this slightly to rotate the
             elevator until the two circles are aligned and turn
             red.  Make sure that the machine doesn't move after
             the symbol changes to red, otherwise you'll have to
             re-rotate it.


                            ROTATING THE FORTRESS

*WHAT IS IT: A fortress rotation simulator is found in Achenar's
             throne room.  There must be a real one somewhere.

*FOUND:      Exploring the area & using the simulator.

*LOGIC:      The first lever turns the power on and off.  It also
             plays a sound that represents the direction you're
             facing.  Write these sounds down by using the sim
             first.  The second lever rotates the tower as long as
             it's held up (and the first lever is up).  The button
             raises the elevator.

             The elevator also has a middle button, which traps it
             inbetween floors.  However, if used on the top floor,
             the button will give you a three second head start
             before retracting.

*ANSWER:     Finish the elevator puzzle and head up to the top
             floor.  Press the middle button and exit the elevator
             before the doors shut to reveal the tower rotation.
             Listen to the sounds closely to reveal which direction
             you're facing (these sounds can be replicated in the
             rotation simulator).


                             THE SYMBOL MACHINE

*WHAT IS IT: A symbol machine appears at the beginning of the
             level.  Perhaps it leads to somewhere...like Myst.

*FOUND:      Exploring the area and using the fortress rotation.

*LOGIC:      None really.  Just exploration.

*ANSWER:     After finding the tower rotation, use it to visit the
             islands to the East and North.  You'll find two
             plaques there.  The East plaque gives you the last two
             symbols and the North plaque gives you the first two.
             Write these down and go back to the South to find the
             entrance.  Enter the code: Upside down U, two mirrored
             triangles with a rectangle between them, three
             triangles with a circle above them and the left half
             of a circle.  This will open a staircase to the Myst
             linking book.

|                                                                  |
|                           SELENITIC AGE                   [SELEP]|


                                 DOOR CODE

*WHAT IS IT: Near the entrance is a large door with slide buttons.
             There are several large machines scattered around the

*FOUND:      Exploring the area.

*LOGIC:      Each button adjusts the frequency you're searching.
             You have to align the symbols with their correct
             microphones to eliminate the static.  When you get
             close, press the flashing arrow until there is no
             static.  The large E button plays the correct door

*ANSWER:     There are five microphones scattered around the area.
             The water one is to the far left from the door (with
             the blue page).  The fissure is straight ahead, up
             the stairs in front of the door.  The clock is to the
             right of the door.  The crystal is further up, to the
             right of the two way junction.  The wind is to the
             left of the junction above a ladder.  Press all five
             buttons to turn on the microphones.

             Go back to the wind microphone and take the ladder
             down.  Flip the switch to turn on the lights and go
             up the ladder on the other side to a machine.  This
             will have you search for the above mics.  Press the
             symbols and match them up with their mics.  The water
             frequency is at 122.1, the fissure at 99.4, the clock
             at 44.3, the crystal at 18.7 and the wind at 196.3.
             Press the button to find the correct order of sounds:
             Crystal, Water, Wind, Fissure & Clock.

             Take these to the door and slide the sliders until
             you've got them in the correct order and press the
             button to open it.


                           UNDERGROUND NAVIGATION

*WHAT IS IT: A large machine has us explore the underground of the
             Selenitic age.  It eventually leads to the Myst book.

*FOUND:      The sounds can be found in the Mechanical age, at the
             fortress sim.  Otherwise it's from listening to the
             sounds as they play.

*LOGIC:      Forward takes you in the direction shown in the bottom
             right corner.  Reverse takes you back one direction
             (until you get to the beginning).  Each stop plays a
             sound that represents a direction you have to go.  Use
             it to figure out which way to go.

*ANSWER:     After solving the above door puzzle, you'll find a
             large sub.  Hit forward in it to start this puzzle.
             You'll need to listen carefully to the sounds it plays
             to determine which direction you need to go next.  If
             it plays two, combine the two sounds to figure it out.

             If you get lost, the correct path is: N, W, N, E, E, S,
             S, W, SW, W, NW, NE, N, SE.  This will take you to the
             linking book.

|                                                                  |
|                          CHANNELWOOD AGE                  [WOODP]|


                                ELEVATOR #1

*WHAT IS IT: There's an elevator to the second floor near here.
             If we could figure out how to use those pipes first...

*FOUND:      Exploring the area.

*LOGIC:      A central tank gives water to the pipes around the
             area.  Each pipe has a junction with a lever that
             controls which way the water flows.  The water powers
             up generators and allows you to use their devices.

*ANSWER:     Head up to the top of the hill to find the tank that
             controls the water.  Turn the valve to turn on the
             water and listen carefully to follow the water flow.
             Turn the valves until the water flows all the way to
             the water to power the elevator.


                                ELEVATOR #2

*WHAT IS IT: A second elevator leads to the third floor, but we
             can't return to the first floor to power it without
             losing access to the second floor.

*FOUND:      In the Channelwood commentary book.

*LOGIC:      Mainly exploration, no real logic.

*ANSWER:     Once you get up to the second floor, you'll need to
             power up an elevator to the third floor.  The map is
             in the Channelwood book in the library if you need it.
             Otherwise, go straight to a circle hut, right to a
             square hut, right to another square hut, right to a
             circle hut and straight to another circle hut to find
             a lever opening up a doorway to a staircase.

             Backtrack to the second square hut and head right
             (with your back facing the way you came from) to a
             circle hut.  Head right again to a square hut,
             straight to another square hut and finally right to
             the elevator.  Head down the stairs and unlock the
             door and reroute the pipes to the far right to power
             up the elevator.  Take it to the third floor.



*WHAT IS IT: Gotta get outta here somehow!

*FOUND:      Exploring the area.

*LOGIC:      None really.  More pipes.

*ANSWER:     Reroute the water to the farthest left and change the
             last router to make it go to a generator with a
             handle.  Pull it to raise a bridge.  Go across and
             follow it to find a broken pipe and a handle.  Use the
             handle to extend the pipe and reroute the water there
             to the elevator.  This will allow you to take it to
             the Myst linking book.

|                                                                  |
|                               RIME                        [RIMEP]|


                              THE FROZEN DOOR

*WHAT IS IT: The door that allows us to explore this age fully is
             frozen shut!

*FOUND:      Exploring the area.

*LOGIC:      None really.  Just common sense.

*ANSWER:     Outside the hut is a handle, which powers the gas to
             a heater inside.  Turn it on and turn on the heater
             inside.  However, the cold air is still blowing in
             from outside, so shut the door and let the door thaw.


                                THE ELEVATOR

*WHAT IS IT: There's GOTTA be more to this age!

*FOUND:      Exploring.

*LOGIC:      None.

*ANSWER:     On the top floor of the elevator is an aurora
             machine.  There's also a shiny red button on the side
             of the elevator.  Press it to rotate it around to a
             secret room.  Of course, with it rotated, you can
             visit the second secret room on the ground floor.



*WHAT IS IT: A crystal machine that lets you view ages.

*FOUND:      In a note by the machine.

*LOGIC:      Clicking allows you to change the crystal type.
             Hovering over it allows you to change the color.

*ANSWER:     In the secret ground floor of the age is a giant
             crystal machine.  Find the note near it to find
             the answer and copy it to the machine.  The answer
             is: Red V shaped crystal, a green tall flat top
             crystal, a light blue crystal with many spikes, a
             small yellow triangular crystal with a base and
             a tall violet crystal with a V shaped slit down the
             middle.  Be aware that many crystals look like
             others (primarily #2 & #5) so be forewarned.


                          V. VIDEO WALKTHROUGH                         [VIDEO]


Links to the video walkthrough will be added in a future update.


                                VI. FAQS                                [FAQS]


Q: What is Real Myst?
A: Real Myst is a remake of Myst.  It is in full 3D and has a bonus age that
   ties it to Riven better.

Q: Where can I get Real Myst?
A: Steam is the best place to get it.  You can also get it on the app store
   if you have an iPad.

Q: Any differences between Real Myst and Myst?
A: Aside from it being in full 3D and a new age to explore after the game,
   the only changes I really noticed was the inability to skip actions,
   rerecorded ending dialogue and different frequencies in the Selanitic

Q: Can I use this guide for Myst/Myst: Masterpiece Edition?
A: Yes!  Just keep in mind that the frequencies are different in Myst than
   they are in Real Myst and that there is no Rime age.

Q: What am I supposed to do in this game?
A: Explore!  Explore the game and try to figure out how stuff works so you
   can solve the puzzles and return the pages.

Q: The tower won't rotate where I need it to!
A: Try turning on the relevant marker switch (the marker switch near the
   boat for the boat, the switch near the cog for the cog, etc).

Q: Help!  I'm stuck in ___!/Need help with ____!
A: That's what the above guide is for.  Look for the age you're in and
   see what you're stuck on.  They should have help for you so you can get
   back on track.

Q: This game keeps freezing!  How do I fix it?
A: Navagate to your install folder, right click on the RealMYST.exe and
   click the options for "Run as Administrator" and "Run in compatibility
   mode: Windows XP".  That should fix it.

Q: I really like this game.  Where can I get more Myst?
A: You can purchase the Cyan Complete pack that contains Myst, RealMyst,
   Riven, Myst V and Uru: Complete for a good price.  Myst III and
   Myst IV are owned by Ubisoft and have to be purchased on Amazon/Ebay.
   They also have a free MMO called Uru Live that can be downloaded
   from Cyan World's homepage (just search Google for Uru Live).
   You can also get the three Myst books, which were written from the
   unused backstory from this game.  They're called Book of Ti'ana,
   Book of Atrus and Book of D'ni.

Q: What's the name of the sequel to this game?
A: Riven, which is available on the app store, the PSN, Steam and GOG.


           AGE HELP

Q: Hey!  I powered the generator in the Stoneship age, but the captain's
   quarters aren't lit!
A: That's because there's no lights to be lit in the captain's quarters.
   The only lights are outside the ship itself, underwater.  You'll have
   to light those somehow first (check the compass puzzle).

Q: I pressed the wrong button on the compass puzzle and now there's an
   alarm going off!  Help!
A: You just deactivated the power.  You'll have to go back out and crank
   the generator again.

Q: I lined up the elevator in the Mechanical age, but it's still not open.
A: You likely overshot it.  Sometimes it will still show up red, but
   because the elevator didn't stop completely (you'll hear a thud), it
   will only appear open.  Re-rotate it until it's red and you hear a

Q: I can't find the tower rotation in the Mechanical age.
A: It's on top of the elevator.  Press the middle button on the top floor
   and run out before the doors shut.

Q: I can't find the pages in the Mechanical age!
A: They're in hidden passages near the thrones.  Check to the left of
   Achenar's and to the right of Sirrus'.

Q: Your frequencies are wrong.  Mine are different.
A: You're playing the older version of Myst and not Real Myst.  The
   frequencies are indeed different on Real Myst so just use the proper
   method to find the frequencies.

Q: I'm stuck in the caverns in the Selenitic age!
A: Listen to the sounds to see which way it's telling you.  If there is no
   sound, hit reverse to go back.  If you truly want to start over, keep
   hitting reverse until you get back to the start.

Q: I need help with the Selenitic age cavern puzzle!
A: Refer to the puzzle section for help with this one.

Q: I'm turning the valves in the Channelwood age, but nothings
A: You have to turn the water on first.  Go up the hill to find the valve.

Q: So...red or blue pages?  Which should I choose?
A: Go with your gut feeling on this one.  Releasing them should give you
   more than enough info to understand the game better.

Q: I can't find the white page!  Help!
A: There are two halves of a note that tells you where they are.  They're
   in Stoneship and Channelwood.  But to be specific, you get it from
   turning on all 8 switches and then turning off the switch on the docks.

Q: How do I get to Rime?
A: Beat the game and you'll find the book on the floor.  Pick it up and
   follow the instructions in the back.

Q: Is Rime really that short?
A: Yes.  There are only two puzzles in Rime and the majority of the new
   material comes from the journals found within.



Q: Can I e-mail you this uber cheat?
A: No you may not.  There are no cheats for Myst (aside from someone
   telling you the answers).

Q: Your guide is awesome!  Can I host it?
A: No, you may not.  This guide is only to be hosted on www.gamefaqs.com and
   its affiliate www.gamespot.com.  It's amazing that I still get e-mailed
   this question even though it says no clearly in four spots.

Q: Are you considering writing any more guides for the Myst series?
A: I plan on doing one for at least Riven and Uru, but I may be coerced to
   do the rest of the series (when I play through them enough to become
   comfortable with them).

Q: You suck.
A: I know I don't even need to vacuum anymore but thanks for the observation.

Q: Do you have any other contributed works?
A: For a complete list of my published walkthroughs and reviews, visit
   http://www.gamefaqs.com/users/Jerrynsteph4eva/contributions .


                              VII. THANKS TO...                        [THANK]


-My fianceť for everything she does every day.  You're loved beautiful.
-Cyan Worlds for the Myst series.  I've been hooked since I can remember and
 they're also one of the coolest companies ever (releasing unreleased products
 for free, greenlighting fan remakes and movies, e-mailing fans answers to
 their questions about the series, even if it's unanswered).
-GameFAQs for hosting the text walkthrough as well as helping me through
 countless games.
-http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ for the ascii logo.
-You for reading this guide


                               VIII. CLOSURE                           [CLOSE]


Thank you very much for choosing my guide to help you beat this awesome game.
I hope it helped you understand the nuances of Myst better and hope to see
you in Riven, when I finish that guide.  See ya!