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Chauster Reflects on Esports Glory Days in His Current Life, Says Current Scene Lacks Old Personality
11/29/15 - 6:23
Darshan on Getting Randomly Drug Tested at IEM San Jose and CLG's Second Place Finish
11/28/15 - 7:20
PowerOfEvil on Joining Origen, Working With xPeke, and the 2016 Season
11/24/15 - 4:44
Doublelift on TSM's IEM Performance, Fans Voting Him and Aphro for All-Stars, More
11/22/15 - 7:20
Huhi on His Debut as a CLG Starter, the Current Team Atmosphere, and More
11/22/15 - 5:15
Xpecial on Leaving Team Liquid, Piglet's Feelings, and His LCS Future
11/13/15 - 11:17
Travis Interviews Marty - the Owner of the New LCS EU Team: Follow Esports
11/11/15 - 12:30
Pobelter on Leaving CLG, Chris Let Go, the Doublelift Drama, and His Future
11/09/15 - 8:33
Travis Meets the Original Veigar at the World Championship Finals
11/04/15 - 3:49
YamatoCannon Talks His Time on the Analyst Desk and His Experience at World Finals
11/03/15 - 4:27
Travis Interviews Sjokz About Hosting Worlds in Her Home Country and Her Riot Feature
10/30/15 - 4:54
Dash Interview - From Acting to Analyst Desk, Balancing Esports and All Chat, and Working With Sjokz
10/29/15 - 16:59
Smeb: "Given Our Form and the Way We're Playing Right Now, I Think We Have a Great Shot"
10/29/15 - 7:07
Easyhoon (Mostly) English Interview: "We Know About Koo More Than Fnatic, so I Prefer Koo"
10/28/15 - 5:49
Deilor Explains Why Fnatic Lost + "I Think Everyone's Going to Stick Together"
10/26/15 - 4:50
Bengi: "The European League Has Gotten so Much Better" + Talks Match vs Origen
10/23/15 - 8:31
Amazing Says He "Isn't Afraid" of SKT - Interview
10/23/15 - 7:57
Deman on Casting for the BBC and the Rumors of His League Return
10/20/15 - 8:18
Rekkles on FNC's Match vs EDG + "KT and KOO Are Equally Good"
10/17/15 - 9:14
Huni Shifts Worlds Goal From Proving He's "The Best Player in the World" To "The Best Top Laner in the World"
10/17/15 - 5:48
An on Facing SKT and His Personal Hopes for Worlds
10/16/15 - 6:03
Travis Interviews Local British Historian Duncan Shields at his First Esports Event at Wembley Arena
10/16/15 - 8:01
xPeke on Facing Flash Wolves: "I Think We Can Beat Them"
10/15/15 - 6:41
SwordArt on Flash Wolves Entering Quarters and a Special Message in English for Western Fans
10/15/15 - 7:59
Piccaboo English Interview: "If We vs SKT, We're Gonna Win"
10/13/15 - 5:54

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