Sir Roderick from Nargard was always too downright and morbidly honest. His career at imperial court of Arkspire has finished at the very beginning when he found that one of courtiers takes bribes and challenged him, he was drided and killed the offender with one hit of armored fist.

He was exiled to his estate, without any hope to see Emperor's favor, he behaved as knight, devoting all time to studying of military arts and knight's Code but unfortunately he couldn't read.

His foes remembered dull-witted knight when orcish battle drums resounded again at western borders of Empire. The Empire had no troops to protect all the territory, and someone had to stop green-skinned, protecting imperial settlers escape and probably, to die.

When he was going to fight with orcs, and kissing his wife at parting, Sir Roderick couldn't imagine with whom he will fight, he couldn't know who will be his real enemy.

The enemy of whole world he knew and loved.

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