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Before Crisis - Final Fantasy VII Script Ver. 1.0
For 900 Series iMode Mobile Phones
By: Suzaku (AKA NeoStrikedramon) 2004

 Unpublished work Copyright (c) 2004 Jesse Stuart 

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 The Final Fantasy series is (c) Square.


 1. Introduction
	- Author's Note
	- The Story
	- Revision History
	- Special Thanks

 2. Game Script
	- Episode 1 (Incomplete)
	- Epsiode 1 Notes

 1. Introduction

 Author's Note

 I'm creating this for all the people who won't be able to play the
 game, or those who want more information about the storyline. Special
 thanks to my good friend Pazuzu, who has helped me translate a great
 deal of it. The story for the game is told through mission-based
 episodes, which will be released on a regular basis by Square.

 For more information on the game, characters, etc., please refer to
 my FAQ/Walkthrough.

 The Story - Turks vs. AVALANCHE: The Night Before the Final Battle!

 Before Crisis is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII, detailing information
 on the past histories of Shin-Ra, the Turks, and AVALANCHE, beginning
 six years before the original. The story is unveiled as you play
 through mission-based episodes, with various cinemes and characters.
 New episodes and missions will be released on a monthly basis.

 The story begins shortly after the war between the Shin-Ra Company and
 Wutai comes to a close, the Legendary Hero, Sephiroth, having lead
 Shin-Ra to victory. However, Shin-Ra's hold on the world is not so
 definite, as an insurgant terrorist group known as AVALANCHE appears,
 waging a virtual civil war against the corrupt monopoly. This is where
 the heart of the story lies.

 Revision History

 Ver. 1.0 (9-24-2004)
 - Began FAQ, there is still more to do for the first mission, but until
   it's done, I'll upload what's been done so far.

 Special Thanks

 Pazuzu - My good friend and a skilled translator, who has helped me
	  with this. Without him, I couldn't have done it.
 FFVII Reunion - - An excelent Japanese website. - Probably the best Compilation of FFVII site!
 Excite - For offering the best machine translation service out there.

 2. Game Script

Episode 1 -  "Those Who Slither Through the Night"

 ['tse'] - 'epsilon gamma lambda' 0001/02/30

 AM 2:15

 Midgar Sector 8

 In Midgar, there are those who avoid public sight. Their group is made
 of a large number, possibly even masses... They gather in an alley,
 lining up in front of their leader, a man wearing a camouflage
 bandanna, and listen as he delivers a speech.

 Sears: "The time to raise our weapons is here! This is the start of the
  battle to defeat the Shin-Ra Corporation!"

 AVALANCHE Member: "Down with Shin-Ra!"

 Sears: "Commence Operation!"

 With these words, they disband and proceed to carry out their mission.

 AVALANCHE pair: "Yes, we must secure the main force, let's go!"

 The two proceed through the back alleys of the city, until they happen
 upon two guards dressed in familiar blue uniforms.

 AVALANCHE Member: "Shin-Ra Troops?! Anyone who interferes will be

 Shin-Ra Troops: "Entry is prohibited from here."

 AVALANCHE Member: "Down with Shin-Ra!!"

 The pair attacks and defeats the two troops.

 Shin-Ra troops: "Graaahhh!!"

 AVALANCHE Member: "Right! From here, we split into two groups. You will
  remain here and await the arrival of the main  force."

 Here, we cut away to your player character, having just arrived in
 Sector 8. Your PHS (Personal Handset, AKA Mobile Phone) rings, and you
 promptly answer it.

 Tseng: "Your mission is to secure Sector 8."

 Protagonist: "Secure? Isn't there anything more important to do?"

 Tseng: "Your first job in the Turks is to secure Sector 8. That is our
  tradition. Your superiors, Reno and Rude, and of course me, also began
  with this job. Also, because the war is over and the sector has become
  peaceful, I don't think there will be any major problems. This job
  will get you used to the duties."

 Protagonist: "Roger."

 Tseng: "Before you start, check your Materia equipment. If you're not
  equipped, return to Headquarters. From the Headquarters Menu, choose
  "Materia Create" to be able to create Materia. If you are equipped
  with Materia, you can use magic in battle. If you use magic, the
  battle becomes easier to win. Make use of it."

 Protagonist: "Roger."


 As you make your rounds patrolling the city, you will eventually
 witness two members of AVALANCHE talking.

 AVALANCHE member: "The time has come to dispel many years of resentment
  towards Shin-Ra! Do not fail! Down with Shin-Ra!"

 Other AVALANCHE Member: "Down with Shin-Ra!"

 Protagonist: "What's this? They... what are they planning?"

 Your PHS then rings, alerting the AVALANCHE members to your presence.

 AVALANCHE Member: "Who's there?!"

 Protagonist: "Damn it, they found me!"

 AVALANCHE Member: "That outfit... One of Shin-Ra's Turks?!"

 Protagonist: "And what if I am?"

 AVALANCHE Member: "You heard our plan, so you must die!"


 Tseng: "What happened? Why are you fighting? Do you know the
  battle mechanics?"

 [Choose - Listen/Don't listen]

 Tseng: "You're certainly unprepared, aren't you?"

 You defeat the two rebels in battle, when another arrives.

 AVALANCHE Member: "You bastard, how dare you do that to my comrades?!


 After the battle, Tseng contacts you.

 Tseng: "Report the situation to me."

 Protagonist: "I was attacked by suspicious people. It seems they resent

 Tseng: "Resent Shin-Ra...? Who could they be...? Investigate to see if
  they have any other comrades."

 Protagonist: "Roger. If I find others, I will dispose of them all."

 When you have found and disposed of the remaining insurgents, you
 return to the Turks HQ.

 -Turks Headquarters-

 Tseng: "Verd, sir! Some people in Sector 8 are planning to attack

 Verd: "What?! Individuals? Is it an organization? How do they plan to

 Tseng: "I have sent someone to investigate."

 Verd: "Just sending a newcomer worries me. Make a plan of the possible

 Tseng: "Understood."

 HP Restored ([Choose] Go on the next mission?)

 Back in Sector 8, more rebels are sneaking around.

 AVALANCHE Member: "I'm in charge of the front watch. You go behind."

 It cuts back to your character, arriving in Sector 8 again, and you
 receive a call from Headquarters.

 Tseng: "Capture a suspect and extract information from them."

 Protagonist: "Roger."

 Following orders, you search for a suspect to interrogate until you
 find another group of the rebels. 

 AVALANCHE Member: "We will protect this route. Don't let anyone get

 AVALANCHE Member: "Turks! The one who got away before!"

 AVALANCHE Member: "You won't escape this time!"


 AVALANCHE Member: "We won't suffer because of Shin-Ra! If this works
  out, they won't come back!"

 Tseng: (Phone) "What's the situation?"

 Protagonist: "It's the worst. There are a lot of enemies."

 Tseng: "!! If there are a lot of enemies, use magic! Do you want to
  hear how to use magic?"

 [Choose - Listen/Don't listen]

 Tseng: "It's a bad situation, but deal with it for a while!"


To be continued...

 Episode 1 Notes

 First Line: 'tse' is a cryllic character, and epsilon, etc. are Greek.

Before Crisis - Final Fantasy VII Script - END
Copyright Jesse Stuart, 2004