Captain's Log: March 31, 1942

Final Entry

So this is how it will all end. The enemy has decimated our entire fleet, save for my ship. What cruel fate has led to this, that I should have to guide my crew into a hopeless battle, with little chance of ever returning home? Home. Such a distant concept now... the furthest thing in the world for this condemned crew.

Alas, we must play with the hands we are dealt. If only precious minutes remain, then those shall be minutes well spent. For country and honor, we will sail towards the great unknown. And if we're to go down, we'll take as many of the enemy down with us as we can.

Navigate the high seas as a captain of a destroyer.
Battle wave after relentless wave of enemy submarines and bombers.
Dodge enemy mines and bombs, and counterattack with depth charges and anti-aircraft artillery.

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