Galaxy Hero

The year is 2122 and you are a pilot assigned to the 82nd Galactic Squadron which is based on the planet Masavon. Your unit's primary mission is to seek out and destroy a relatively small but effective group of bandits under the leadership of Leahcim. Leahcim is well funded and has pockets of attack groups scattered in your patrol area. While out on duty, your base it attacked and nearly destroyed.

Fight your way through 9 different side scrolling levels, each with unique enemies and end level bosses. Collect power ups to repair your ship and money to purchase new ships and upgrades. Upgrades include shields, accelerations, and a variety of weapons. Survive enemy ambushes and escape through tunnels and asteroid belts. Go up against enemy prototype and eventually face the creator of terror in your galaxy. Galaxy Hero brings excitement and stunning graphics never before seen by your mobile.

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