Experience all the excitement of your favourite drinking establishment on the bus or in the comfort of your own home, with Pub Darts by Atomic Planet Entertainment.

The game is played against a large dartboard that can be scrolled around, as you select which target to aim for. Once one has been chosen, to take a shot you must then use your skill and dexterity to stop a moving power-bar at the right moment, to throw the dart with maximum power.

There are many skill levels to choose from, determined by you and your opponent's drinking level. If your character is sober, you can line up you shots with ease, but with each "virtu-ale" you drink the target will start to sway more and more before your eyes, making it harder to line up each shot.

Pub Darts will have many game modes to choose from, and you will have many virtual drinking buddies to play against, each with their own unique drinking personalities. You can even play multiplayer games against your friends, if you are prepared to trust them not to run off with your phone as they pass it around after each shot.

With Pub Darts, never again will you have to worry about last orders, or change for the taxi home, because you can take your local with you wherever you go.

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