The GridBloc Game is:
networked & 2-player - turn-based - persistent - strategy game,
implemented with community and skill ratings, and language-independent game-play.
NEW: integrated SMS messaging between mobile players (WAP or html/PIE/SPV/wi-fi/wireless PocketPCs)

All GridBloc Games are between real people, anywhere in the world, regardless of device or platform. When u join or create a game (ie, click "Play Now"), the creator of the game will receive a SMS or email message if they have provide a valid contact address.

In this way, and as a turn-based game, you do not have to be logged-in all the time to be in games(s)

Win by running further before being blocked, and remember: the destination is not as important as the length of the journey. Players swap Runner/Blocker roles between Round 1 and Round 2.

Runner :
Moves 1 tile per turn (gains 1 point if a new tile, can backtrack but earns no points)
any direction including diagonal, but cannot move through walls.

Places 1 wall per turn
Enter "tile coordinate" PLUS "wall coordinate" (ie: m42 = tile m4 + wall 2)
Wall coordinates: imagine the selected tile is the 5 button on your phone, then
Top wall = 2
Left wall = 4
Right wall = 6
Bottom wall = 8

the gameboard is a single imagemapped PNG. you must click first with the image highlighted, then you will get a crosshairs, which using the d-pad, you move to where you want to run or block an click again.

To really take advantage of turn-based mobile gaming, a valid contact should be used. It is not compulsory of course, and we pledge to never SPAM you. Check our policy at

(c)2002 GridBloc,Inc. All Rights Reserved, Patent(s) Pending.

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