According to Mayan hieroglyphics, Akhuna - the Goddess of Vegetation - drew her power from fruit. The animals regularly brought offerings in exchange for her wisdom and the care and protection she afforded the little forest spirits.

These spirits disappeared from the forest. The Goddess herself made this decision when one of the spirits had eaten the offerings, causing an unprecedented disaster in the forest. In a fit of anger, Akhuna turned all her servant spirits into stone.

But the forest fell victim to strange, harmful creatures, becoming an unbearable place for the animals to live. Now Akhuna's very existence is threatened.

The Goddess decides to awaken Gulo and give him a chance to repent and save his fellow animals. He must free the forest from the strange creatures' domination and take an offering of fruit to the Goddess to restore her beneficial power.

Gather as much fruit as you can for the Goddess' powers to return. At the same time, try to drive away the forest intruders. Thus, you will be able to bring the forest back to life and revive the spirits, who are still petrified in the form of statues.

Use amazing powers on your way: create bubbles to move yourself through the air, but also to imprison your enemies, or throw them as projectiles! Jump on your enemies and you will flatten them!

Gulo's Tale will also offer you bonus levels... Play the Time Attack mode to unlock them !

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