The first game of the Wizardry series was called "Wizardry - Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord" and released in 1981 for Apple computer by Sir Tech Software.
A computer game legend was born and seven sequels sold more than seven million copies worldwide! We thought it's about time to bring this legend to mobile devices!!
The land of Llylgamyn is the basis of many legends. It is the center of commerce throughout the land, and home of the academy where some of the bravest hero warriors are trained. In it's early days it was a monarchy ruled by the royal family, but as time passed the power shifted to aristocrats and theocrats, and eventually the royal family became more symbolic then anything else ...
To become a hero you first will have to create your own game character. Use the sword or magic to defeat the ultimate evil! You will meet other characters in the game and you will be able to control them. Use them to discover the secrets and defeat the unrighteousness! This world needs a hero to be saved from the ultimate evil. Enter this world, escape, explore and become a hero!

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