Snowball Fight is the mobile version of the most popular Shockwave game on the CleverMedia Shockwave arcade. Featuring rich color graphics, entertaining animation, and fast action, this game is loads of fun for all ages. Your objective in Snowball Fight is to throw snowballs from behind a snowblock wall to hit a variety of enemy snowballers as well as unwary creatures that may walk (or fly) by. You must use the left-right controls of your PDA or phone to move left or right and to avoid enemy snowballs. You control the trajectory of your snowballs by the length of time you hold down the fire button. It takes some practice to get the distance just right. The more enemies and creatures you hit, the more points you score. But you can only be hit by enemy snowballs so many times before you're laid out on the ground for good. It's a good thing your trusty dog comes to lick the snow off your face at the end!

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