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 |_ |_  | |_|  | |  |   |  | |      ||_    _|| |___ | |_| |
   |  | |   ___| |  |   |  | |      |  |  |  |  ___||  __ \
 __|  | |  |     |  |__ |  | | |\   |  |  |  | |___ | |  \ \
|_____| |__|     |_____||__| |_| \__|  |__|  |_____||_|   \_\

 _____  _____  __     __
|  ___||  ___||  |   |  |     __
| |    | |___ |  |   |  |    |__|
| |    |  ___||  |   |  |     __
| |___ | |___ |  |__ |  |__  |__|

 _____  ___    ___ ______  _____  __  __  _____    _____  _____
|  ___| \  \  /  /|      ||  ___||  \/  ||  _  \  |  ___||  _  \
| |___   \  \/  / |_    _|| |___ |      || | |  \ | |___ | | |  \
|  ___|   \    /    |  |  |  ___||      || |_|   ||  ___|| |_|   |
| |___    /    \    |  |  | |___ | |\   ||      / | |___ |      /
|_____|  /__/\__\   |__|  |_____||_| \__||_____/  |_____||_____/

 ______  ______  ____
|  __  ||  _   ||  __|
| |  | || |_|  ||_ |_
| |  | ||   ___|  |  |
| |__| ||  |    __|  | __
|______||__|   |_____||__|

                                   | Title: Splinter cell: Extended ops|
                                   | System: Mobile phone              |
                                   | Guide type: FAQ                   |
                                   | Guide version: 1.5                |
                                   | Writer: Punisher_x2               |

Table of Contents

Section A: Guide introduction

1. Introduction

2. Version history

Section B: Game introduction

3. Story

4. Controls

5. Items

6. Objective

Section C: FAQ/Walkthrough

7. Walkthrough

8. FAQ

Section D: Credits and info

9. Credits

10. Contact and info

====================|Section A: Guide introduction      |====================

1. Introduction

Oh boy! My second mobile FAQ. Well, I really like the Splinter cell games and I
was hoping to write at least one guide for one game. I manage to find this
exclusive mobile Splinter cell that was just crying for a guide. Well my wish
came true and I am ready to tell you everything that I know about this game.
Let's get in shape shall we?

2. Version history

History of updates for this guide:

Version 1.0 (09.07.09) - Guide created and uploaded

Version 1.5 (06.03.10) - Added Myspace, Twitter and Facebook account ULRs at
the contac and info section

====================|Section B: Game introduction       |====================

3. Story

You are Sam Fisher, a highly skilled stealth agent working for the NSA. You are
left alone in a base located somewhere in the desert. Your mission is to
infiltrate every room and floor of the facility and reach your ultimate goal.
Good luck!

4. Controls

Here are the controls for this game:

Move - Joystick

Run - Press joystick twice

Jump - Key 2

Crouch - Key 8

Suspend - Press key 8 twice

Shoot, stun a guard or activate the computer - Key 5

Change weapon - Key 7 or 9

Hide - Key 2

Activate goggles - Key 0

5. Items

Here is a list of all the items in the game:

Health pack - Restores your health

Ammo pack - Gives you extra ammo

6. Objective

Your main goal in each stage is to reach the exit without being detected. If
you are seen by an enemies, the alarm will go off and you will get attacked by
guards. Make sure not to be seen unless you want to reach the exit in one
piece. Give it your best shot!

====================|Section C: FAQ/walkthrough         |====================

7. Walkthrough

Your mission begins. You know what to do, now let's do this!

Note: This is the 1.3.7 version of this game

Mission 1: Perimeter defense

 When you begin, jump over the wall then the mine. Then crouch to go under the
platform with the boxes. Jump on the boxes and you will see the first guard.
You can either kill him, or stun him but you decide. After him you will
encounter a sleeping guard. Fall on his head and then climb the lader. Take
out the guard and go down by the next ladders. You can fall directly off the
ladder and stun the guard. After him go right and go for the exit.

Mission 2: Infiltration

 As you start you should notice the light and a sleeping guard. The light comes
from the camera. If it sees you, the alarm will go off. So, go through and kill
or stun the guard. Continue. In the next area there are two guards. Kill the
first one then stun/kill the other one. Or you can take the first one hostage
and kill the other one. OK, after that go right. Kill the next sleeping guard
and go up by the ladder. Watch out for both the mines and the guard. Jump down
and proceed. Now, you are inside the base. Go up the take out the guard. Go
down again and fall on the guard's head and clear this level aswell.

Mission 3: Outer facility

 Things get a little more interesting from here. You will spot a lazer coming
from the ceiling. If you go through it you, the alarm will go off and a guard
is going to come from the door next to you. Go up and kill/stun the guard then
proceed. Use the computer to call the elevator to escort you up. Move left.
Avoid the camera and go up by the box and the platform. Before go continue, a
turret will move left and right to search for you. Go when it has turned left
and run for your life. Go down and take care of the two guards. Go down. But
before you do that scan the place with your goggles. A turret and a mine. Don't
rush to much here do everything very slowly so you don't get hit by the mine.
Go down and take some ammo and procced. Once you are down there is a area with
two boxes and two mines. To avoid death simply go next the edge of the box and
jump on the next box. Jump on the pipe and fall down the guards head. I should
warn if you go down somewhere else where the guard is standing you will get
blown away by ten mines. Go up and go through the shaft. Go up and look out,
another turret. Go right and kill/stun the guard. Take the elevator and kill/
stun the next guard. There is on more waiting. Go down and avoid the camera
then go left. Jump down and quickly get passed the turret and the gun. Go right
and then go down and take one of the guards hostage so you won't get killed. Go
right and reach the exit.

Mission 4: Underground laboratory

 The problem here is, that you can't use your weapon. Go down by using the
elevator. You will see a sleeping red guard and a scanner next to him. Grab
the guard and take him to the scanner. Press the 5 key and the door will open.
Go up and then right. Take out the guards too. The guard that is on the big
blue box, take him hostage then take him to the edge of the box. Make him gall
on the other guards head then continue. Do the same with the next guard so you
can block the laser. Go right. Like the previous level, three guards will be
waiting for you at the exit. Grab the one hostage and go for the scanner. Use
the elevator and go up. Move left and jump on the boxes. Use the scanner and go
up by using another elevator. Grab the guard and make him fall to block the
laser. Yes, but there is one more laser and a mine. Make sure not to turn on
the alarm or die. Climb the ladder. Look out for the turret above you. Go up
and stun the next guard. I prefer you make the guards fall and die because they
might annoy you when they wake up. Go down and watch for the turret and the
guard. Make the guard fall on the other guard's head so you can pass the turret.
Move left and stun the next guard. From there you will meet the next guy and
the next turret. You can't stun him without being killed so, grab him hostage
and the turret won't shoot at you. After that climb the ladder and take out the
next guard. Jump atop the blue box and make the guard fall to stun the guard
beneath you. Use the scanner and go up with the elevator. Great, you reached
the exit.

Mission 5: Warehouse

 From here, you can use flash grenades. Crawl under the platform and use the
grenade on the guards. Great, now move! Use another grenade to take out the
camera. Go right and climb the ladder. Throw the guard off the platform and
jump on the pipe. When you reach the next platform take some grenades. Use them
on the guards in front of you. Continue and take care of the next guard. Climb
the ladder and go right. Use another grenade to wipe out the guards and the
camera. Jump on the red crate and stun the guard. Go up and hide in the dark to
avoid getting shot by the turret. Go up where the lasers are. Go and don't get
caught. Then jump on the box then jump on the platform in front of you. Take
out the guard and take some grenades. Use the pipe and continue. From here, a
laser is beneath you. To avoid it hide in the dark and then run for your life.
Take the elevator and go down. Use the grenades on the camera and guard.
Continue. Go down and go through the exit.

Mission 6: Headquarters

 When you begin, you will immediately spot a red guard above you. Use the
scanner and proceed. From here you can use the sniper rifle. If you want, use
it to kill the guards in front of you. The sniper is the most useful weapon in
the game. Move right. From here you will meet the black guards. The good thing
is that they don't rise the alarm. Go up and kill a few of them. Another
turret? When you jump on it's platform, immediately go up and jump on the
platform with the laser. Climb the ladder. Use a flash grenade to wipe out the
camera, then go up again. Kill the guard and take the health and grenade packs.
Go where the mine is. Jump across the platform and go down. Oh boy, another
turret. Carefully do down without being killed. Use the shaft. When you are out
go and make the guard fall on the laser. The next laser can't be blocked. Use
the shadows and hide in them. Once you made it, go up. A mine and two laser?
Give us a break. This should be easy if you are standing in the right spot.
After the laser you will have to worry for the mine in front of you. Jump
down an stun/kill the guard. Before you go down use the goggles to scan the
area. Go through the laser then take the guard hostage. Go through the second
laser and use the scanner. Go down by the elevator and go right. Jump up and
avoid the turret. Kill the black guard and proceed. Going down might be tough.
Two turrets await you. Go down slowly without jumping and die. Go for the
exit and well done.

 Congratulations! You beat the game and unlocked a new difficulty level.

8. FAQ

Here you can find all kinds of questions related to this game:

Q: Is there a console version of this game?
A: No. This is an exclusive mobile title.

Q: Is this game hard?
A: You first beat it on recruit difficulty. Then you can unlock a harder
difficulty with objectives.

Q: I want to use this FAQ on my site. What should I do?
A: Ask me about it first.

Q: Can I help you make your guides better?
A: Of course.

If you have a question and want it to be shown in this FAQ,
please see the contact and info section.

====================|Section D: Credits and info        |====================

9. Credits

Thanks goes to:

Tom Clancy - For crating Splinter cell

Gameloft - For publishing and making this game

Special thanks goes to:

My family - For supporting me

My friends - For all their great advice

You - For reading this guide

10. Contact and info

If you want to ask/tell me something, inform me of any spelling mistakes,
want permission to use this guide on your Website, then send me an E-Mail to
this address: the_punisher_x@mail.bg

Don't forget that Punishing X Guides is on MySpace too:

Follow direct updates at our Twitter:

Make sure to become a fan at our Facebook page:

Important: If I missed anything (Item info, area etc.)
please tell me.

Support: Support me by giving me a E-mail saying that you want me to make
more guides.

Copyright: If you see this guide anywhere besides GameFAQs or Gamespot,
inform me immediately!

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Tom Clancy or Gameloft.
Splinter cell is property of Tom Clancy and the game is made by Gameloft

Thank you for reading this FAQ

- Philip

Copyright 2009 Philip Petrov
All rights reserved