If you think you're a bit of a party animal this game is right up your street.

In Arky Types you impersonate animals, that's right, all kinds of loveable and not so lovable critters. Players are arranged into two teams and the phone generates a cute animation giving players specific animals to impersonate.

Each team takes turns to nominate a player to impersonate the selected animal. Each team has 30 seconds in which to guess the animal and if they are correct they get two points. If they fail, the opposing team is allowed one guess; a correct guess earns them the two points.

Once a turn has ended the second team takes it's turn. The phone keeps track of both teams' scores so no pencils and paper are required.

Arky Types is a game that gets people together and starts conversations. It's lively, interesting and will certainly make any party a memorable occasion. Whatever the event, birthday, dinner party or boy's night out, Party Games are designed to help you have a laugh!

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