Boss FAQ by Gedio

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Version 0.2



1. Introduction
2. Updates
3. Helpful Hints and other stuff
4. The Bosses
  a. Black Color
  b. Running Man
  c. Hind-D
  d. Red Blaster
  f. Predator
  g. Night Sight
  h. Dr. Pettrovich
  i. Metal Gear D
  j. Gray Fox

1. Introduction

First and foremost, this Guide is NOT a WALKTHROUGH!
I'm going to tie this in with the actual walkthrough
that I am currently writing.  This is only to get
those in dire trouble past the many bosses that inhabit
Zanzibar Land.  Now then, on with the show!

2. Updates with version 0.2

-Included additional info on METAL GEAR D

-Added Gray Fox Stragtegy

-Added BIG BOSS Strategy

3. Helpful Hints

- The bosses in Zanzibar have a tricky, yet learnable attack
pattern.  You might have to fight a certain boss multiple times
before you learn their patterns and habits.

- Whenever a boss or the screen starts to flash white, then
the boss has been hit by your attack. When he flashes red, 
he is on the verge of death.*  Also, the boss will make a noise
when hit.  When the boss is about to die, the noise will become
much more high-pitched.

* This does not apply to NIGHT SIGHT. Read his strategy for 

- Be sure to check your life meter as often as you can, and bring
multiple rations before you fight, so this way you aren't out of 
luck if you are on the wrong end of enemy gunfire.

4.  The Bosses

A. BLACK COLOR - A member of a secret NASA space strike team, he has
ability to teleport to different areas in a room.  The best way 
to beat him is to wait for him to stop and toss out three throwing
stars at you.  He has excellent accuracy, so be sure to dodge immediate-
ly after you fire a hand gun round at him.  If you try and fire at him
while he is teleporting around the room, he will most likely dodge and
catch you off-guard.  The key to winning this fight is patience and
excellent timing.


1. Hand Gun with at least 30 rounds of ammunition
2. At least one Ration (any Kind)
3. Card #1

B. RUNNING MAN - He is the "fastest mercenary in the world", so don't 
bother trying to outrun him.  Firearms are useless in this battle, so
you need to outsmart him to win.  In the lower right-hand corner of his
room, there is a narrow passage.  Set one mine in this passage and then
chase after Running Man.  He will start retreating, going the same 
direction as you.  Chase him into the narrow passage and let him step 
over the mine.  Be sure to go outside his room every once in a while, 
since his room is filled with nerve gas.  It helps if you have a gas
mask, but even a gas mask won't save you from eventual asphyxiation.
Just repeat this process:  Plant, Chase, Breathe.  Don't worry if he
somehow dodges the mine, keep chasing him!


1. At least 15 to 20 M-78 land mines
2. A Gas Mask
3. Card #2

C. HIND-D - The Hind-D Gunship is a staple of all three Metal Gear
installments.  This battle is relatively easy if you come prepared.
If you are a first-time player, however, things can get a little 
more difficult.  The Hind-D flies in a counter-clockwise pattern, 
and If you happen to be in the same screen as it's shadow, it will
open fire.  If you are hit three times by the Hind-D's gunfire, you
will DIE.  The battleground takes up four screens.  Move so that 
you are about 3 screens away from the Hind-D and equip the Stinger
Missiles if you have them.  A target crosshair should appear in the
radar screen.  Line up the crosshair with the Hind-D on the radar
(it is the white blip) and fire a missile about 1 second before it
enters the center of the crosshair.  If you hit it, then the entire 
screen should flash white.  Hit it four times, but try hard not to 
miss because you only get a maximum of 6 Missiles!


1. 6 stinger missiles, no more, no less!
2. 1 ration (in case you get caught off guard)

D. RED BLASTER - This guy reminds me of Spider-Man.  He will hide
behind the northern wall of his room, crawling sideways and toss
grenades at you.  Not only that, but his room is blocked off by 
wires, which CAN be broken, but you risk getting hit.  Equip your
grenades and toss one when he is in or close to the target cross-
hair.  Try and toss about 4 at a time to make the battle go quick
and be sure not to get cocky and walk into his grenades, since 
the blast has a wide range, and your range of movement is SEVERELY
hindered with the wires blocking your way.  Just stay out of the 
way of his grenades, then counter with your own.


1. At least 40 grenades
2. 3 rations (in case you get caught in the blast)

E. ULTRA-BOX - A four-member hit squad specializing in close-
quarter combat.  Use your Sub Machinegun here for it has a 
wider spray of fire than the Hand Gun.  The two ULTRA-BOX
members to the north and south are trigger-happy, they will
fire off 2 rounds when they jump down.  Take them out first,
then go for the two on the east and west.  Bring a good amount
of rations for this fight, for you can get caught by their 
attacks very easily!


1. SubMachine Gun with at least 150 rounds
2. 5 to 6 rations (any type)

F. PREDATOR - Not to be confused with the movie monster of the
same name, this vietnam vet is an expert in guerilla combat. 
His room is filled with tall grass and weeds, which he uses to
hide from sight AND radar, leaving you virtually blind.  Your
best method of attack is to stay behind the wall of crates near
the entrance to his room.  When he rises to open fire at you, lob
a grenade at him.  When he disappears, don't worry, he won't be 
able to get behind the crates, but watch where he pops up because
he STILL might be able to get a lucky shot in with his rifle.
Keep calm, and use rations whenever neccessary, although they
shouldn't be necessary too often.


1. At least 60 grenades (you will miss him a LOT)
2. 3 rations (B2s, preferraby, you need the B1s for the acid pools)
3. Card #7

G. NIGHT SIGHT - Arguably the toughest boss in the game.  You
can't see him, he's invisible to radar, and he carries a gun 
that makes little or no noise!  The ONLY true way to beat him
is to wait until he opens fire, then return fire to where the
sudden spray of bullets came from.  Keep on your toes, for he 
can catch you off-guard and tear about 6 to 7 holes in you be-
fore he's finished.  Whenever you hit him, he will become 
visible for a split-second. If you manage to connect once
and make him visible, then OPEN FIRE and hit him as hard as
you can before he shoots back!  When he is about to die, he
will start to make a high-pitched noise when hit. 


1. Submachine Gun with at least 400 rounds
2. One ration, any type.
3. Card #8

H. Dr. PETTROVICH - A complete PANSY, Dr. Pettrovich will latch 
onto your back and try to strangle you for all that you're worth.
The best way to beat him is to use Remote-Controlled Missiles if
you have them.  If you don't, then you'll have to use M78 Mines
instead. Since the good (yeah, sure!) doctor is attached to your 
back, anything you throw or plant will hit YOU as well, so make 
sure you bring a good number of Rations!

1. 20 Remote-controlled missiles
2. 30 M-78 Mines (Only if you don't have the missiles)
3. At LEAST 9 Rations (any type)!
4. Card #9

I. METAL GEAR D - Yes, the biggest, baddest, meanest tank ever to walk
on two legs is back, and he is REMARKABLY TOUGHER than his daddy, Metal
Gear TX-55.  He has two kinds of weapons, a Vulcan Cannon between his 
legs (bet he's a BIG hit with the ladies ^_^) with a 360-degree spray
of fire, as well as heat-seeking missiles.  Not only that, but he can
just step on you, killing you instantly.  Shaking in your boots yet?
The best way to beat him is to make SURE you have a full capacity of 
grenades and rations.  As soon as Gray Fox stops his jabbering, Metal
Gear will rush forward.  Have the Green ID (cards #4,5, and 6) on hand.
After Metal Gear fires about seven or eight rounds from the Vulcan 
Cannon, It will move backward and fire two heat-seeking missiles.  The
good thing about the missiles is that they can only turn one way after
being fired (left or right), but the best thing to do is throw a grenade
at the legs before it has a chance to fire, then HAUL ASS out of the
room and apply a ration if needed, then go back in and IMMEDIATELY toss
another grenade.  Keep in mind that Metal Gear can move only backward and
forward, but always keep an eye out for the Vulcan gunfire when he moves
forward to attack!  Just toss one grenade, exit the room when he moves 
backward to fire the missiles, then re-enter and toss another before he
moves forward.  This method works well, yet there is still the risk of 
getting stepped on when Metal Gear moves either backwards or forward.

Another strategy is to attack from the sides, which DOES work, but there
is too much risk of being torn apart by the Vulcan.  Not only that, but
Metal Gear will also have a better chance of nailing you with the heat
seekers if you keep to the sides.  There is NO definite pattern to beat
this boss, and you will have to fight it several times to figure out 
which plan of attack is suitable for you.

4. Green ID card
3. An extremely high threshold for PAIN!

J. GRAY FOX - As soon as you destroy METAL GEAR D, then Gray Fox will
challenge you in a hand-to-hand match.  The room itself is surrounded
by mines along the edges, however they WILL show up on the radar screen
even after you are forced to give up ALL your items before the fight.
Gray Fox will give another one of his long-winded speeches and then he 
will start to attack you.  He will run around the room in a circle, and
then he will move in and punch you.  Whenever he starts to move in, get
in a quick jab and then watch how he moves across the room.  When he 
turns to try and punch you again, then just hit him and he will run 
around the room.  If he manages to catch you off-guard, then he will
slam you with three HARD punches!  Whenever you punch him, he will
run around the room until he is ready to attack again.  Just remember:


What items?  YOU HAVE NOTHING!

K. BIG BOSS - Supposedly played by Sean Connery?  I swear, don't the
faces on the transciever screen look like famous people?  Pettrovich
looks like Einstein, Master Miller looks like Denzel Washington (well,
not really but if you use the power of makebelieve...) well, anyway..

BIG BOSS and Snake will argue for about 5 minutes (with some really
good dialogue) and then the fight begins.  This is like the Predator
fight only you have no weapons and BIG BOSS has no grass to hide in.
Go around the room, there are three B1 rations lying about, but DO
NOT USE THEM FOR YOURSELF!  There are acid pools in the room and one 
of them blocks the door to the gas canister you need!  Go around the
room, testing the different doors to see which one will open.  Get the
cards in each progressing room until you can open the rooms with the 
lighter and gas canister.

Equip the Gas Canister, then press the spacebar.  A HUGE blast of fire
will come from the lighter!  This can go through the crates in the room.
Try and get BIG BOSS in front of one of these crates and press the Space-
bar to fire the lighter's flame at him.  Make sure you don't cross his 
line of sight because he will mow you down with his rifle, and he is not
as nearsighted as the Preadator, so expect 7 out of the 10 shots he fires
to definitely hit you!  Stay behind the crate, keeping him lined up with
your homemade flamethrower and fire away!  NOTE: the lighter has infinite
ammo, so don't worry about losing it.  About 10-12 well-placed shots 
will leave BIG BOSS in flames, screaming in agony.... (ugh, creepy.)

5. Conclusion

As tough as this game is to get through, you'll be smirking for a good
2 days after you finally beat it!  Just look at me!  Oh wait, you can't,
can you?  HA HA! Well, you'll know what I mean when you finally get there.

Good night, kiddies....

-Gedio, leader of BLOODFORGE


-E-Mail me at if you have any questions or 
gripes about me or this lovely (IMO) FAQ.