Question from millerb40480

I need to know how to find the number four pad on donkey kongs island?

Its when you fisrt start your game and walk out of the krankys area to the outside island and theres the five transport pad well i need to find the fourth one so i can move on in the game. And its been so long that ive completely forget where it would be at.


linuxuser2006 answered:

If you have beaten Angry Aztec, a platform should have risen at the island next to Bananaporter 1. Backflip onto that platform, then onto the main path. Follow the path until you reach a set of stairs, which should have Bananaporter 4 at the foot.
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Linkfan72 answered:

After you beat the Aztec boss, go to K. Lumsy (I think that's his name) If you dont know what I'm talking about, just use the 1st Teleporter
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Linkfan72 answered:

I need to add something to that. After you give the key to K. Lumsy, he will act all happy and raise the platform on K. Rool's ship. Go up there and follow the path. The 4th teleporter will be there.
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DDG91 answered:

After you've beaten Angry Aztec and given the boss key to K.Lumsey, you'll see a lil scene where the platform rises to the path way of his ship. Just follow it all the way it's pretty straightforward. Eventually you'll see a door that leads to the entrance of Frantic Factory. The #4 pad is right in front of those stairs.
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giratina2345 answered:

K.lumsy will stomp around after getting the key to angry aztec, a door will open on krools big ship. The 4 pad is right there. Find your way up first.
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Sonicfan96 answered:

After K.Lumsy unlocks Frantic Factory and Gloomy Galleon, The Bananaporter is right outside of Fantic Factory, find a spiraling path the leads to K.Rools mouth. Touch the Bananaporter to activate it.
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BrassandSilver answered:

After giving K. Lumsy the key from Angry Aztec, a platform will rise on the mechanical island. Use the high jump to climb up it. This will lead to a narrow path that spirals up the "mountain" to about halfway up, leading to the entrance of frantic factory. The bananport pad is directly in front of this door, which is situated just under the firing gate for the Blast-O-Matic.
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lukesapp279 answered:

First you need to clear the bosses to Jungle Japes and Angry Atzec.
Then turn them in to K. Lumsy's cage. (The giant reptile in the cage.)
Next there wil be a pad that will raise up at K.Rool's Island.Then you climb up that slope. then you will see pad 4 in front of the entrance to Frantic Factory
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shark19 answered:

After sending the second key to the prisoned crocodile, a plataform one rise up allowing you to explore the Kremlings' ship. The number four pad is at the entrance of Frantic Factory level.
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